Coconut Cove
1040 N 950 W Suite 600, Centerville, UT 84014, United States

Review №1

Clean, safe, convenient and SO FUN! Coconut Cove is a perfect place to let the kids get their wiggles out. It keeps my 3 year-old and 6 month-old entertained for hours! Its big enough for my husband and I to join in on the fun, too! Weve been here several times and my family loves it! We only wish they had more healthy food options.

Review №2

My kids played here for hours and didnt want to leave. They wanted to come back again the next day. It is a great place to let kids be active and play. Its great for kids birthday parties. This Coconut Cove also has a pizza cafe. So, you can have lunch or dinner while there.

Review №3

Good for getting the kids out when its cold and theyre bored. My daughter loved the ball play area.It seems very clean. The bathrooms especially. Its fun for little kids/toddlers and older kids.The music is loud. Kids are screaming or loud. Parents had their phone on speaker watching a video playing that was loud. The same music played for over an hour.Its tough to find. My GPS got me close but I spent another 15 mins trying to find it.Front desk seems very bored. You can buy basic food but we didnt get any so I cant comment on that.Is it worth the headache for my daughter to get some play time? Im not sure I can handle going back.

Review №4

Good place for my kids to play. We have been here before and the experience was great but the last time we went, it was not good! The worker had 4 of her friends in there while she was working. And her friends didnt have face masks on properly. They all hung out behind the counter and in the back room where she cooked our pizzas. She was letting kids run up the slides while other kids were trying to go down. She didnt ask if we had waivers filled out or even check. Not happy with my last visit to Centerville location.

Review №5

This indoor playground is so much fun! My kids loved it and it has lots of fun features that Ive never seen at any other indoor playgrounds.

Review №6

We held my sons birthday party here. Hes three years old. It was AMAZING. Such a huge playground with so much to do!!! Plus, there was plenty to enjoy for a wide age range of children (6 mos to 30 yrs old). Well definitely be coming back.

Review №7

We brought our three kids here to play and they had so much fun! There are so many great activities, including swinging toys to play on, climbing wall, tons of slides, ball areas, trampolines, building blocks, and merry-go-rounds. There are two designated areas for babies and toddlers three and under where they can be safe from the older kids. We ordered some pizza that they made right there and it was made quickly and tasted good!! My girls were so sad to leave. We love this place!

Review №8

My boys loved it. It’s huge with 4 levels for the bigger kids to play, a toddler area and a baby area. There are huge slides and other cool amenities like a ball fountain, trampoline, air cannons and a padded climbing wall. Everything is padded, there is only one entrance, and you can always see your kids through the netting so you can take a break without having to constantly check on the little ones.

Review №9

My kids age 0-13 loved this place! My 9yo said he and his friends designated bases throughout the area, and he couldnt pick a favorite feature. He thought the whole place was fun! The play areas looked new and very clean. Utah is often too hot or cold, so these indoor playgrounds are great. And they get cleaned everyday, unlike the outdoor ones.

Review №10

There is so much to do at this location and everything is new and clean. We love the concession which is perfect for the ride home and the staff are great. The one thing we had to work around was how dark it was under the playground. Which is where all of the fun things are with trampoline, merry go rounds and a mini zip line. Our toddler wanted to play but wouldnt go under without an adult. Other than that we will be coming back a lot.

Review №11

My kids love Coconut Cove.Its like a giant labyrinth of fun.There are huge slides, some trampolines, tons of places to climb up and down and around, etc. Its so big with so much stuff to do; it has literally hours of entertainment for kids.What I like is that its nice and clean and new. The employees were in the playground wiping it down with sanitizer just like they said on the website.I also like that theres only one entrance and the employee desk is right by it. You can let the kids into the playground and just chill most of the time. And there is a ton of seating for parents/grandparents.If you have a whole van full of kids the price does add up, but I would say its a comparable price and comparable fun to taking kids to the pool. Although they never ask to go anywhere but Coconut Cove now.

Review №12

I have a 6 month old and a 2 year old and my 5 year old. This place has something that will keep all my kids busy from the baby pit to the slides and even a trampoline for my oldest that loves them we come here often and love it

Review №13

Place was awesome took a lot of effort to get the kids to finally leave. Bit understaffed though.

Review №14

This place is amazing!!! Its so bright, happy, and fun (not to mention CLEAN) and my kids can play for hours! And a FOUR STORY TWISTY SLIDE? Say what???

Review №15

This place is awesome for your kids.... huge indoor playground to go too too best the summer heat. The best part is its new and nobody really knows about it yet. If you live around the centerville area this is a must gir your kiddos!!!!

Review №16

The inconsistent pricing is not great but the kids had fun!

Review №17

This place is awesome. My son was squealing the whole time.

Review №18

We had a family party at Coconut Cove in Centerville and I had a great time. Plenty of fun things for for the grandkids to play on, and tables for the grownups to sit around and talk while eating pizza. Weve had family parties 2 or 3 times a year at the Lindon Coconut Cove, and this was our first family party in Centerville. There were a few tears, though, when the daddies told the children it was time to go home. The grandchildren all wanted to stay and play.

Review №19

Clean. Friendly staff. Kids loved it!

Review №20

I wasnt at Coconut Cove? Thanks for keeping a eye on me, but you are off.

Review №21

Super fun and clean!

Review №22

It was a fun place the spend a couple of hours and tire out the kiddos

Review №23

So much fun for the kids!

Review №24

Super fun and clean.

Review №25

The low stars are due to Coconut Cove not caring about Covid-19 precautions, although their website says otherwise. I pointed out to the woman behind the counter that most of the adults were not wearing masks. She shrugged it off and said “there are signs up. I can’t force people”. I told her that in fact, she could refuse business to anyone and that there was a state wide mask mandate. And as there is a surge in Covid cases in Davis county, it made me very nervous to be there. Again she shrugged it off. It was too crowded for social distancing. The website says they make people sanitize and they clean for a half hour between reservation times, but somehow I doubt this is happening either. I brought my son here because I felt good about the COVID precautions they claimed they were taking. and now we won’t come back. I’m a health care worker so it’s basically a slap in the face when people don’t care about protecting the community. My toddler couldn’t be torn away though and we had a lot of fun, though reckless and nerve racking. I worried about him putting his hands in his mouth the whole time. So though I am very disappointed in Coconut Cove, my son had the time of his life. It’s neat that there’s a place like that in Centerville.

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  • Address:1040 N 950 W Suite 600, Centerville, UT 84014, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 801-874-3599
  • Amusement center
  • Children's amusement center
  • Children's party service
  • Indoor playground
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Playground
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–8pm
  • Tuesday:10am–8pm
  • Wednesday:10am–8pm
  • Thursday:10am–8pm
  • Friday:10am–8pm
  • Saturday:10am–8pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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