Megaplex Theatres at Cedar City
1040 Sage Dr, Cedar City, UT 84720, United States

Review №1

Decently priced movie tickets. For new releases you kind of have to go here, but keep in mind Fiddlers cinemas is down the street and only $2-$3 per ticket.

Review №2

Friendly staff. Tremor seat were awwsome..

Review №3

Super happy Megaplex is open. I could tell they went to great lengths to make my movie experience safe in this pandemic as well as enjoyable

Review №4

Please remember that things are not as fast moving as they used to be. Be patient and probably try to go a bit earlier if you can. They do practice social distancing with the seating arrangements.

Review №5

By far the worst theater l have ever been to. Sat in the back row that has zero leg room & if youre not careful your foot can slip behind the second row when your walking through. As the people in front of you move around, there chairs hit your knees

Review №6

Pretty alright theater, definitely cheaper than up in the salt lake area. Nothing too outstanding necessarily, but thats not to say that its a bad place. I might wait to see things over at the dollar theater a couple weeks later across town since there arent any recliners here. I suppose if you have a rewards plan here then it may be more worth it. Typical movie theater priced food and drinks however.

Review №7

Best movie theater in town. Seats have been updated, screens are in good shape and audio in all theaters is good. Good variety of treats, typical theater pricing. While ads may be necessary, we find them annoyingly placed and of amateur quality. I would rather see movie previews uninterrupted by lower quality ads.

Review №8

Awesome experience day was able to get my popcorn and a refill done a great deal thanks to Alicia and the crew there you guys are rock stars the place is amazing cant wait for it to open thank you again

Review №9

The theater itself is just that, a theater. It smells like popcorn, and has sticky floors. I do wish however, that the employees were a little more friendly. That being said, they were super busy and it seemed the employees were a bit stressed. Maybe more employees would be helpful in certain times or holidays. (We were there Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday).

Review №10

The Megaplex theater is actually pretty great since it underwent its make-over and added things like the luxury seating. The luxury seating is absolutely wonderful and definitely worth paying the extra money for. The added comfort, leg room, and treat tray all add up to a great movie going experience. The consessions were very good, notable was the pretzel and cheese as super tasty. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. My one major complaint about the Megaplex is the bathroom. The wheelchair friendly stall is not that at all. A standard wheelchair only just barely fits in next to the toilet, leaving little to no room to transfer over. This is the kind of oversight that really leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those in the community that *need* good disability access. The stall is right up front, which makes it slightly easier to navigate into- but the sheer tiny size of it is a real problem.

Review №11

Great theatre! Warm and cozy for 13 degrees outside! Wouldve given 5 stars but we spent $26 for 4 drinks, a little outrageous.

Review №12

Love the atmosphere but due to coronavirus we (me, my bf and my mom) went to see an old movie and we were forced to pick the most expensive seats in the theater?? And after we picked a combo popcorn and three (3) candies it was $78!!! I couldve went out to dinner with my whole family for that price! Absolutely insane and very sad :///

Review №13

The movie theater itself was good! the seats were comfy and assigned so we weren’t in a rush to get there early. however, the popcorn was actual confetti. about half of the bag we got was just tiny, hardly edible pieces. ALSO, the big con was that we couldn’t hear the movie at all! we saw frozen 2 and had to ask the movie theater to turn up the sound because we could barely hear it. they said they would “work on it”but we sat through the entire movie with no change and i ended up seeing the movie a second time at a different theater because i missed so much of the audio the first time.

Review №14

Clean theater with friendly and helpful staff.

Review №15

This was ok busy which is good. I got a bucket and they said it came with a free refill and I never go a certificate for it. I guess no refill

Review №16

We love movies so we go to this theater frequently. It is overall alright most the time but the biggest new annoyance is that there are commercials between every single preview!!! It’s absolutely horrible! Previews are fun to see but already long enough alone as it is, so now with the commercials you actually really do wait a full 30 mins for the movie to start. They only started doing this recently but it has made the experience so much less enjoyable.

Review №17

This place is great to come see all the new movies! One thing that could have been better was the seats they were kind of uncomfortable and the popcorn and drink is like 15 dollars for bolth per person and me and my fam went and got our tickets for 20 bucks for 4 people. But overall it was a pretty nice place to go and see a movie.

Review №18

Purchased 4 senior Tremor seats (G-1 thru 4) online for 1917 at Cedar City Megaplex Jan 13th. Tremor did not work. No instructions. Disappointed. Paid premium price. Employees just shrugged their shoulders. Movie was good. The rest wasnt.

Review №19

We actually ended up not watching a movie because we got there in between shows. So me and my friend just grabbed a drink an tried out the massage chairs in the lobby. We had fun just laughing and visiting there and the staff seemed entertained by us laughing.

Review №20

I really enjoy watching movies here on the weekends, the manager is beautiful and very polite to her guests. It’s kept very clean and not once have I experienced a bad moment here. It’s always a good time

Review №21

Great to be back in a theater!

Review №22

Popcorn was bland and overpriced (even for a movie theater). We got seats in front of their new “tremor” seats that loudly vibrated throughout the whole movie and were very distracting. Nearly $40 for 2 drinks, popcorn, and a matinee that we couldn’t even enjoy fully.

Review №23

Always just busy enough that you get to feel the magic and excitement of the theater again

Review №24

Great theater. The lady at the ticket counter was super nice and remembered which show I went to when I went to fill up popcorn and soda.

Review №25

Theater was clean and employees friendly. The theater seats were set up on steep angle. Very tight leg room between between seats to cross your legs. Prices were great.

Review №26

Had a phenomenal experience at this particular location. Sarah (the manager) went out of her way to be fantastic to my kids and enhance their experience. Toy Story 4 goes down in the books (go see it here.....comfy seats and delicious popcorn)

Review №27

Great movies, customer service, and popcorn is always great!

Review №28

Great experience at every movie Ive seen there.

Review №29

Friendly staff and comfortable seats. Good choice of concessions, but they are movie theater prices.

Review №30

Very roomy seats which slightly recline. Comfortable place to watch a movie.

Review №31

Of course the concessions are way too expensive. The candy 4.50 small popcorn $5. The kids container is actually a fairly decent price at $5 comes with popcorn, airhead and drink. The kids container in the picture (for $5) a red slushy is shown, so thats what we ordered to find the slushy is an additional dollar. Its one thing to charge an extra buck for this slushy, but dont advertise the price with a slushy pictured as $5 then charge $6. Shady. I mentioned it to the employee and she gave me the $5 price so 4 starsThe wait for our snacks was ridiculously long. We ended up missing the beginning of the show which was annoying. Other than that, great! Good movie and comfortable seats. CLEAN! I would have rated higher if it wasnt for the two reasons stated above. I recommend going, but be sure to bring your savings if buying snacks.

Review №32

Very clean. The most polite staff. Seats were comfortable and the temperature moderately comfortable. There was good sound and the movie started on time. Overall a great movie going experience.

Review №33

With this visit it was a poor score a man that was alone paid for a single seat right in the middle where the bars are at and I had to climb all the way to the very top with my whole family. At this time I am handicapped and should never have been climbing stairs I sat in pain during the whole movie and the rest of the night.

Review №34

This is a very good place to come see a movie at any time of the day. Plus it is a fun place to work at

Review №35

Quick service, the room heatre is clean the employees courteous

Review №36

Its a great place to go and see a great movie and get popcorn and drinks.

Review №37

Been to this theatre three times now and none have really been very pleasant. First time the popcorn was old and stale and the manager kept insisting it was fresh. Second time the theatre was nasty. Third time there was a horribly obnoxious family that would not shut up! Once the dad took the most annoying child out the mom spent the next 30 mins on her phone with full brightness while the other kid talked incessantly and kept changing seats (and rows). I complained and an employee came in but of course they shut up for the 30 seconds the employee was in there!

Review №38

Great local place to watch movies. Great service, friendly people. They keep the theaters nice a d clean.

Review №39

Id give it a 0 star review if I could. The most annoying part of this theater is the commercials they have in between the trailers. Its just over the top and unneccessary.

Review №40

I was busy and I thought that the movie would start before we got our tickets. But the staff worked quickly to help everyone as quick as possible and we got our tickets and popcorn with time to spare. Will be going back for sure.

Review №41

Needs to be updated to a more modern display.

Review №42

Once the seats are upgraded, it will get 5 stars.

Review №43

I love going to movies with my boys.

Review №44

Great facility for the latest movies. They have comfortable seats and delicious popcorn and drinks.

Review №45

Great parking, great snacks, good screen, great sound!!!

Review №46

Its ok. Like most theatres, dont be dragged into theatre food and youll be ok. It could use and update and some more parking. Matinee prices are great.

Review №47

As theaters go, this is a fun one!

Review №48

Service not the best management but the recliner seats excellent

Review №49

I love that its clean and friendly

Review №50

Upsides: Clean theater with friendly service. They have good, comfortable seats. The rewards program is very worthwhile if you go to the movies very often at all.Downsides: the snacks and drinks are ridiculously expensive--$4 for a box of Junior Mints. Would not recommend getting snacks there.

Review №51

Really nice staff, good place to watch a movie.

Review №52

Easy self-service ticket options, fairly-priced concessions, comfy seats and cute staff!

Review №53

We needed to exchange tickets for an earlier show, they exchanged, no problem. Great, friendly service!

Review №54

Small but decent theater. There was some crud on the screen when we saw End Game so I cant give it 5 stars.

Review №55

Great movie theater, loved the experience I have every time I go to see a film!

Review №56

Kept nice and has good workers

Review №57

This place gets better all the time and they have a rewards system that makes it more affordable for the family.

Review №58

Nice movie theater, very clean and convinent

Review №59

Great just the wifey on her birthday watching Aladdin nobody at the movie had the room for ourselves

Review №60

Best customer service friendly staff I would come back again

Review №61

So, I bought a movie ticket online and accidentally bought it at the Logan, UT location and not Cedar City. I called the theater and they were able to sort it out between the two locations so I could get the ticket at the correct location. Then, I was delayed getting to the theater as I was coming from Beaver, UT and they were again able to push my ticket to a later showing. I was shocked by the staff and managers ability to quickly and easily deal with my curveballs. All I heard from them was “It’s not a problem.” I was super impressed. Once I got to the theater the folks were very friendly and things were very clean.

Review №62

Prices were ok, the seating was very nice m, reclined and comfortable.

Review №63

Movie was great but the theater was miserably cold. Husband and I both were wearing jeans, closed toe shoes and were literally zipping up our winter coats in the middle of the movie wishing we had more warmth. My nose was freezing, my toes were freezing, pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Review №64

Very nice place, the seats are set up well so viewing is great, the prices arnt to bad compared to other places I have been. All in all its a movie theater tho so come check out the movies and enjoy yourself or time with friends.

Review №65

Love it when you can buy an assigned seat. No need to get to the movies extra early. Popcorn was great and soda perfect, best part doesnt cost an arm and leg.

Review №66

Best theater in town!

Review №67

Best place in town for movies wish they had imax and Dolby. Needs more luxury seating as well.

Review №68

Seats were fairly comfortable. The speakers sounded like one was loose or blown out. It could definitely be cleaned better! The food from the snack bar was decent, but the bread sticks twists were still doughy when I got them.

Review №69

I havent been in a few years and will probably be a long time before I come back. Twenty minutes of ads and previews before the actual show is ridiculous.

Review №70

Clean. Good little place to catch a movie.

Review №71

Im a member here. Good place for a movie and great people.

Review №72

No complaints from me.

Review №73

We had a great evening just dont like the fact that 2 tickets and 2 drinks and big popcorn cost us 50 dollars this is why we wait for the movies to come out on redbox

Review №74

Nice theater great employees and the seats are great too!

Review №75

Excellent theater. Everything went smoothly especially the concessions line. Management was present and resolving customer concerns and even helping in concessions. Great experience.

Review №76

Terrible seating. Very close together. Why would they put the stair railing so far up the side of the isle of seats that a person has to squish through an small gap to get past it and into their row? Not even enough foot room. When people got up to leave everyone in the row had to file out of the row. Then they came back and everyone had to file out of the row to let them back in.

Review №77

The theater is much improved since being purchase by Megaplex! Better snack bar, more options, and good service.

Review №78

Really nice theater, seats are comfy, the popcorn could be a bit more buttery

Review №79

First time ever here, but the best of Megaplex is in Cedar City. Reserve your seat and have a personal Pizza Hut pizza with an icy Coke.

Review №80

Very good movies to see and tasty food to eat and drink to consume.

Review №81

I love the people at this location. They are so friendly. However, through no fault of theirs, they are sometimes understaffed a bit at night. I always come in for movies after 9 and they usually have one person selling tickets and getting concessions. Even when they have a second person, that person is usually just the helper and there is still only one register for selling tickets and for getting concessions. So, it just takes a really long time to get through the line. You really need to come to this location a good 15 or 20 minutes before your showtime. I would also not recommend the new tremor seats. It costs like 4 bucks more and all it does is just buzz a bit during really weird times. I felt like I wasted my money.

Review №82

Welcome to Megaplex Theaters red-headed step child of a theater. They obviously are taking care of it, but they have other priorities. When you walk in the front lobby looks like its a couple decades out of date, but they were able to install one of those Dyson hand dryers in the bathroom. The screening rooms, themselves, are in better shape. Obviously this was the target for the renovation, and I admit Im glad for it. I just wish when I entered it didnt feel like I was walking into a $1 Theater. I feel that with the amount of money that Megaplex brings in that they could easily do more to this theater to appeal to the masses. Cedar City may not be bustling like The District, Jordan Commons, or Jordan Landing, but I feel that it has a big enough population that they could do more. From what I understand, Megaplex owns the two theaters in town, and depending on what youre wanting to see depends on what place you go to. Why not just consolidate the locations and make a new facility. Something modern. Something appealing. Something to bring other businesses to the area. I feel that Jordan Commons really brought Sandy city to life, and helped it grow! Come on Megaplex, you can do better! Get that 5th star!TL;DR: Lobby looks like a 90s $1 Theater, Screening Rooms are fantastic!

Review №83

$5 Tuesday in a luxury seat, you cant beat that!

Review №84

Great little theater. Snack bar prices are super high but all theaters are so thats not a surprise. The workers are always friendly and welcoming.

Review №85

Theyve always been good to me, no problems here.

Review №86

The movie was great but charging $5.50 for a drink is crazy.

Review №87

A cute little theatre that playa the most popular movies. Armed officer present!

Review №88

They are kind and very well staffed professionally. I know them as friends and fam. Best movie of 2018 is Alpha. Good quality Not offensive to anyone.

Review №89

This movie theater definitely needs a bigger upgrade/remodel then what theyve clearly attempted to recently have. Why does it still have the same size theaters as it did in the 90s? Is it necessary to feel like a three year old is kicking your chair every three minutes when its really just an average female adult? Lets grow like everything else does in the economy & really upgrade the theaters. Its time.

Review №90

Lines are slow and its pricey every day but Tuesday. But its all we have!

Review №91

Clean theatre. Nice comfortable seats.

Review №92

Loved the Mega plex! Great seating! Great surround sound!

Review №93

Great movies.some of the theaters have been updated to stadiums seating with reclining seats.popcorn is always fresh as well as the staff.

Review №94

The environment is family friendly. The staff is efficent, but sometimes things like (3D glasses) are missed.

Review №95

Good people. Good business policies and value.

Review №96

Nice, small with good amenities and helpful staff

Review №97

Since these theatres became part of the Larry H Miller brand, quality has gone down and prices up. They do have comfortable seats, are well staffed, and get the latest movies. But you are going to pay for it.

Review №98

The theater itself is clean and comfortable. Audio and visual quality is wonderful, as expected. Only changes I want are the concessions prices (which are to be expected) and I think they should shut the lights off in the theater during the opening movie trailers.

Review №99

Cozy seats.

Review №100

Love the reserved seating option, especially the upgraded recliner seats!

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  • Address:1040 Sage Dr, Cedar City, UT 84720, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 435-867-6236
  • Movie theater
  • Event venue
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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