Get Air Catonsville
6510 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228, United States

Review №1

Lots of activities but a long way from truly safe. Not enough padding, too much hard floor and metal open to cause catastrophic injuries. Some games are broken or missing pieces and pose a safety risk. Needs work but the people are pleasant and the business is clean.

Review №2

I am looking for a fun place to have my daughters 4th birthdays party, so stopped in to check out Get Air Catonsville. The staff there is very friendly and took time out of their day to give me a tour of the facility and to break down the party packages. This place is huge!! Clean, well lit, but what I like most is that they have an area for toddlers and infants to jump separately for safety. Loved the savings in the party packages too. My daughter and I are so excited. Cant wait for her party!!

Review №3

It was a trip. Went here for my nieces 4th birthday party (2020). It was a trip. Just look at face smh. I mean they have no professionalism at all. It was a whole lotta kids unsurpervised. I mean a whoooole lotta kids. We didnt get everything that we paid for, but after calling corporate office they took care of it. I wouldnt recommend this place for real. Plus this place shouldnt be used to just drop off ya kids. Its not a daycare. I think it can be dangerous. The shortage of employees with that capacity was crazy. My baby was being WATCHED!

Review №4

Dirty, Lame, weak waste of money and time. there is barley anything here to do.... Its so dirty I dont even want to sit down...nothen like skyzone!! horrible... not safe at all... there is class obstacles with ripped up tape around it... I feel bad for even coming here

Review №5

Nice place but poorly managed in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.Socks, empty cans and cups were lying around on the seats and floor. Seemed like a 2 point problem 1. Customers who like to come here and not use the trash bin and 2. Management not able to restrict food consumption to a dedicated area.Overall, the place is pretty huge and its done well and would like to come again once the hygiene issues are resolved.

Review №6

I love everything about it here. Especially when Baby makes an appearance. Finally a place where everyone can have fun in our area. The people that work here are always helpful. Great deals all the time. Facility is well kept. Keep up the great work! See ya again soon!

Review №7

Fantastic experience for the tiny humans. Hard to find something to burn a lot of energy especially for a 19 month old. Great staff also.

Review №8

From the front you cant tell how big it is. It is a very big space lots of areas for the children to play. They have a different area for the smaller children.

Review №9

Fun, inexpensive, the ppl who work there are very nice. Will return

Review №10

Very nice place for kids and adults if theyre jumping. If not participating, bring a book or something to do. The American ninja type jump course is very challenging. The big slide and zip line were a hit. Food purchase is limited:eat before you go. Separate party area . Indulge in the massage chair.

Review №11

The staff was smiling and polite. They explained the online specials and suggested the best option for us. We had a ball. I really enjoyed this place. Definitely going back

Review №12

This is a nice new facility! I hope more people come out. Its fun for everyone, a great family outing!

Review №13

I have fun every time we go here. The people are always friendly and play games with us. This place is clean and fun! Love it and can’t wait to return!

Review №14

Love Get Air! So glad one opened up in my neighborhood. I bring my niece during their toddler time hours. The lifeguards are so helpful and personable. Whenever I come in at least one staff is cleaning, which I appreciate!

Review №15

Place is very convenient for my family but cleanliness is always an issue. Mats always are dirty and there is an unpleasant odor most of the time. Today there was trash on the floor (that I picked up) and what appeared to be spilled soda on the floor. Place could easily be 4 stars but uncleanliness is a constant here. Wouldn’t take much to sweep and mop.

Review №16

My kids and I love this place! The staff members, and managers are very friendly and helpful. The facilities is very nice, and clean. We visit here at least once a week.

Review №17

This is the most amazing place i’ve ever taken my kids. Lifeguards are always attentive and alert, staff is always wonderful and kind, management is phenomenal!! The place is always so clean including the bathroom. I definitely look forward to returning.

Review №18

Just had my sons birthday party here and my kids had a blast! Our party host was amazing! She made sure that my son had a great time on his special day and even played a dodgeball game with the party guests! Highly recommend.

Review №19

I had my daughters birthday party there. I love this place. Especially the section that felt like I was on American Ninja Warrior. My daughter said it was the best day ever!

Review №20

My son loves this place. He loves Get Airs slides and bouncing and I love the nap he takes afterwards! Cant wait to return. Already planning his birthday party!

Review №21

Jerry was very polite and accommodating. I really enjoyed his customer service. I will definitely come back again!

Review №22

Fun place to play once you finally get checked in.

Review №23

We like this place and weve been here at least three times. The kids always have fun and its great to get them some activity on winter days. But I have to give it 4 stars because its always a little grimy around the edges. Even if you get there when it opens there can be lots of junky little things around. When theres little pieces of candy and wrappers you have to watch to make sure your toddler isnt going to eat them. Otherwise, lots of fun.

Review №24

We had very bad experience at the birthday party there. First of all according to their party event details . A person was supposed to be there with us to assist and to setup, cleanup etc. but there was no dedicated party helper. We had to run to them for each and everything. The party started a little late since there wasn’t anybody taking us to our party area and we went ourselves by finding the table number and that appeared to be different from what they told us! The socks etc came in late and all kids waited for sometime to get that. The activity area is superb but the parry hosts will have to run a number of times to make sure you get things ready. No one really came to us to say it’s time to stop activities and go to party area table for food. We had to go and check with them and they said yeah, that was time! That was my first experience having no one to remind about the end of activity and the start of food time. Again during food time, we were having less number of plates and we had to run to front desk to get more! Finally when we were cutting cake they told us they were out of goodie bags. Which made us really shocked and worried . We had to run to party city to get all the goodies and to decorate table as it appeared they don’t do that either . They reduced some fee amount because of all these problems.. Only because party city was closer, we could manage it all ! Every minute of party we were running here and there to get things or arrange something. Had such a big headache when we thought they would do it all ! Horrible experience! I will never ever advice anybody to book a birthday party there!!!During the party time, there was absolutely no supervision from any of their staff!! Parents and guests had to make sure that kids played safe! We told there there itself that we are going to put our experience in reviews!! I wish they had a party helper with us throughout to make our party tension free! I didn’t even get time to speak with guests as during the cake serving time I had to rush to party city to arrange goodie bags for all and other times to watch kids running here and there!!

Review №25

Well I had an amazing time, my kids had fun as well Tayveon was such a good helper Great customer service. I will always come back and recommend this place .Be back Soon thank you again for being such a good help & patient. You Rock !!!!!!!.

Review №26

Love this place! My daughter and I go at least once a week! The staff is always so friendly and park is always clean, including ladies room. Our favorite is the ninja course :)

Review №27

The kids enjoyed themselves but it’s extremely cold in that building. The cashier was very rude and obviously doesn’t like her job. I went on a Tuesday night which was nice because it’s buy one hour get one hour night. Thts the only reason I gave it two stars.

Review №28

Loved this place at first. Unfortunately, lately it has gone down. I was taking my littles there weekly for toddler jump but have noticed overtime how very little was getting cleaned. There has been a ton of “trash” on the trampolines and throughout the facility. They also recently upped the prices for toddler time. I’m not sure why considering nothing has gotten better. I mentioned my concerns last time I was in, they did begin cleaning. One employee mentioned they clean after toddler time.. It doesn’t make much sense to have toddlers in a dirty building when they are the ones most likely to put things in their mouth.

Review №29

Attentive staff and more fun things to do than your average trampoline park. Zip line, mirror maze, etc. Not too busy yet..I suggest visiting soon before the crowds find out about it!

Review №30

Employees are amazing and attentive, had a great time with baby shark. The place is always clean and everyone has a great time. I love all of the activities. All around great service. Def will be back.

Review №31

I went last week and I know I am going again because I loved it so much. It is great for all ages because of all the activities there. Even my father wants to go. Great place to go for a party, get together, or just for fun. Amazing.

Review №32

I had a nice time. It’s a cool place for kids and adults. Tayveon was wonderful

Review №33

We had a great time. The staff was friendly and helpful. We would recommend this park to anynody.

Review №34

This place is great. Its much bigger than Sky Zone or ninja be and it has a lot more things for people to do. Definitely the kids loved it

Review №35

Finally a trampoline park closer to home. My daughter enjoyed herself. Massage chairs available

Review №36

I took my Camp here. It was clean and social distanceing was in place

Review №37

Finally a trampoline park close by! Lots of fun activities, and friendly staff. My kids enjoy the zip line, and have fun making memories with their friends. No need to go to another trampoline location, Get Air has it all.

Review №38

So much fun, everyone any age can enjoy the trampoline park especially with the ninja training section, very well priced

Review №39

Tayveon is a very pleasant person and this site was very clean and safe I loved it and me and my family will be back Again Again

Review №40

I had my sons birthday party today. The kids had fun at the party, its new so all equipment was in good condition and it wasnt as busy as typical trampoline parks but the service was very disappointing. The party host was very inexperienced, we were serving the guests while she was standing watching, gave us very few plates and on asking for more it took forever to get additional and again very few. The worst part was the damage to the cake by keeping fruit box over the cake box, as if never handled cake in life. Be careful with the billing as well, I had booked with 50$ off coupon but the bill forgot about it, luckily I paid attention among all the party windup activities. Last but not the least, there were hardly any guards in the play areas to ensure rules are being followed.

Review №41

I take my kids to Get Air Catonsville weekly for Toddler Time. The staff is great . The facility is clean. We always have a great time!

Review №42

Tayveon was cleaning very vigorously all day while jabari was being very attentive while we were jumping

Review №43

Good for parties and afternoon fun! No food or drinks on site is the only downside. Hopefully, they will be included soon.

Review №44

Tayveon is the greatest along with the rest of the get air staff at the Catonsville location our experience was great!

Review №45

It was incredible from the very nice manager who greeted us when we arrived to the great staff. Mr. Malik in particular was so sweet to my Josh there were no other children there during the time frame we went so Mr. Malik played Dodge ball with Josh helped him zip line... Lifted him up so he could reach all the monkey bars, etc etc he was super friendly and made Joshs time there a blast... We will be returning what a great place to play thank you

Review №46

Place was well lit and very clean. The check in process was easy and the attendant was nice and helpful. The kids had a great time

Review №47

Tayveon was AMAZING HONEY. Go see himmm

Review №48

Nice And Fessional

Review №49

I booked a group event here for Arlington Summer Blast Camp. They were very accommodating, and the staff did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend this place to any size group. Danielle, the event coordinator, was a huge help! Thank you

Review №50

Lots of fun for the whole family. The place was clean and the staff was helpful and friendly.

Review №51

Staff was personable and very attentive to our kids. High safety standards, clean, and so much fun!

Review №52

Very nice time. Grandchildren had a lot of fun. Will definitely be coming again soon!

Review №53

Me and my kids had a great time the staff are amazing specially the lifeguards including this one lifeguard named Leo he played dodgeball with my 10 year son and helped my daughter on the ninja stuff we love this place more stuff to do much bigger will be coming back again

Review №54

Place is cool and really fun for kids. However, floors and bathroom where extremely dirty.

Review №55

Not impressed. Although they had lots of activities for the kids, several of the staff watched as rambunctious children acted inappropriately. Older kids were seen targeting really younger kids during dodgeball and the staff would just watch. Several kids were pushing others. There is a foam bat battle post but the mats underneath barely cover the area. It is only a matter of time until a kid hits the concrete floor and seriously hurts themselves. Several kids were jumping in on top of each other at the foam pit, with no supervison. Not all aspects were bad, and some staff went out of their way to assist some smaller kids with proper jumping techniques to not get hurt.

Review №56

The park was great but, to make it perfect is to have a CONCESSION STAND and also LOCKERS!!!!

Review №57

I love this place..Great Staff. Great Atmosphere. Great Energy!.

Review №58

I love it because it is big and fun there is a zip line and trampolines.

Review №59

First time here - alot for kids to do. Seats all around to sit. This could be go spot cost 2 hours of air time plus those socks was $15 50. $3.00 of that amount was for socks. You keep them for next time. Restrooms clean snack area just ok I will bring drink next time. Good fun for small kids alot of staff to help here.

Review №60

My grand daughter had a great time at this establishment yesterday, when one of the life guards played with her she was so nice, I do wish I knew the young lady name . I will be coming again

Review №61

They just opened the business yet don’t seem concerned with customer service ... 1 person checking people in with a long line while other employees meander around doing nothing. Not impressed.

Review №62

Very fun! Wish there were more activities.

Review №63

Good place to get the boys some exercise and stay cool at the same time

Review №64

Pretty nice place tbh, I wish the staff would be a little bit more attentive but it was awesome with the zip line and all the obstacles. And plus the prices are decent.

Review №65

This location gets a 1 star for me. I went to this location with my neices, my nephew and my son. We came in and to signed the waver, then we told them we had our own grip socks from another location. We was told it was fine, but after the kids went on the floor they was saying that they couldnt use the socks. So i went to the supervisor and she said she was going to tell all the staff that it was fine to use the grip socks but they was trained to encourage customers to purchase their socks. So pass that the kids started playing, the young guy that was a lifeguard kept following the kids around telling them they was breaking the rules which i think he was mad, because i went to his supervisor about the socks. My 2 year old was really enjoying himself but the same lifeguard kept saying stuff to him. My son wasnt doing anything extra that the other kids was doing. So basically i was ready to get my money back but the kids didnt want to leave. So we let them continue to play. Then the young guy blew the whistle in my 2 year olds face and grabbed him by the back of his shirt. This in turn had me to get up and have some rather not nice choice words to him. That was very unacceptable you do not touch no ones kids, especially because he had an adult right there with him. I will not be returning to this location or this company again. I will stick to sky zone or the many other trampoline spots. I know they just opened up this location but that was still unacceptable. I will be taking this matter up with you guys corporate office because this matter needs to be resolved.

Review №66

On Wednesday September 25 around 6:00 my niece had a birthday party and they had 3 employees working one on cashier, one doing my niece party and one watching the whole park by herself . If y’all can’t get more employees then y’all should not be open at all!!!!!

Review №67

Great fun, clean atmosphere, great prices

Review №68

Best unopened business yet :). I love all Get Air Trampoline parks.

Review №69

Friendly and inexpensive.

Review №70

This will the place for my kids parties and to get them out of the house!!! Will be comimg back

Review №71

Im mad the prices went up

Review №72

Kids enjoyed themselves.

Review №73

Great place, service and staff

Review №74

My girls had a ball

Review №75

Awesome place

Review №76

Very good

Review №77


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