AMC CLASSIC Cartersville 12
1129 N Tennessee St, Cartersville, GA 30120, United States

Review №1

Pretty good Theater (whenever its open).. Great sound, good seating and eating (if you got the extra cash).. Went to watch End Game here nearly 2 years ago, and nearly regretted it, it wasnt bad but I didnt exactly enjoy myself.. I personally wouldnt recommend for a big movie like that, though kids would love it either way..

Review №2

Nice, well kept old Carmike theater thats called an AMC classic now. We enjoy the Stubs Membership rewards, especially the five dollar ticket Tuesdays, and free popcorn refills. I enjoyed the Carmike prices better though, but if I could change one thing besides the pricing, it would be the congestion of the drink area. They do however offer a monthly membership discount program.

Review №3

Loved the movie and the employees were so friendly and fast. My one complaint and why it was 4 stars is the seating really has to be upgraded. We moved here from another state and I was disappointed in the old style seats they have. Everything else was great. Very clean.

Review №4

Nice enjoyed, clean it was great being able to get out of house will differently go back

Review №5

Movie was great customer service great! Buy tickets online to avoid waiting in line

Review №6

As a long standing Stubs Member with over 6 years of buying buckets alone, been going to this theater over 30 years, was denied my Stubs PAID for benefit of free popcorn refill due to Covid.Now lets see, they fill large bag of popcorn to which YOU dump in bucket at concession. Therefore NO contact. Please explain how repeating the same process to honor my free Stubs paid for refill, cannot be honored? And to top it off, while I was verifying with the on duty male manager, the girl who had 1st waited on me smarted off something to attendant next to her while looking directly at me and they both laughed. The manager refused to give me her name! 30 years of loyalty to Cartersville Carmike/AMC!!!

Review №7

Screens and seating are good. However, the last two times I was there, the was in excess of 20 minutes of trailers/ads.

Review №8

Staff attentive, facility clean and Q U I E T!

Review №9

The service could have been better. My husband and i arrived with movie tickets and was informed they would not allow us to use them. I emailed the front and back of the ticket as i was i instructed so that they could be replaced. However, i still have not heard anything about them. But we enjoyed the movie although the food is extremely expensive

Review №10

Not allowing people in without a mask. It isnt the law and there r people who cant wear a mask. Keep that attitude and you wont have a job anymore.

Review №11

Certainly not the best, has good sound but to me it falls a bit short, seating is aight and the food is cheap at least, would recommend if you had nothing better to do and had a little extra money to spend..

Review №12

Great place. Clean. Excellent deals for members. All the top new movies. Fast and friendly staff. Wonderful cinema experience

Review №13

I live in Rome and it is a 30 minute drive to get to this theater. I love it!!!! Except for the 30 minutes of commercials and previews before each movie! I am starting to go to my locally owned theater that only plays 10 minutes max. There is no reason for this and I am looking for other options than this theater.

Review №14

Nice and clean and well lit.

Review №15

So me and my girlfriend goes into amc and walk up to the place to order right we’ll the gm keeps giving us death stares and litteraly rips my bucket from me and give us attitude the whole time not a good time I’ve had better service wouldn’t go if the gm is out!

Review №16

Took my daughter to see frozen. Movie was great even for a kids movie. Popcorn was not quite as good as it could be but no complaintsMy only real beef is we got I line for tickets at the concession part due to the two front spots not being open and after standing in line for 15 minutes they opened up the front one and the back of the line jumped over to them and everyone who was already there and waiting now got stuck in the back of that line. They should gave taken who ever was their first, first. Not a big problem but just annoying when youre in a bit of a hurry.

Review №17

Generally pretty clean, friendly staff, and lots of seating. Movies dont stay for too long here though as it is not a big theater. So if you want to see the popular movies you have about a month to a month and a half window to do so before its rotated out. The seats are not most comfortable either. However, there are plenty of bathrooms. As always concessions are horrifically over priced. Join the AMC club and youll save some money that way.

Review №18

Very nice theater, modern, updated, everything was just as it should be. Friendly employees and popcorn was amazing!! Theater temperature, volume levels and screen image were all perfect. Movie Joker was very good . Fellow patrons were polite and respectful . No complaints whatsoever !

Review №19

There place was pretty nice. But there prices were a bit high. I went there to see frozen 2 and it was $9 for each person including kids and then we had to get popcorn and drinks but we had the bucket and our total was still $60 for 4 people

Review №20

Management seemed to want to help but didnt entirely seem like they could, like hands were tied, but groups of teenagers talked through the whole movie (obviously not the theaters fault) and others were literally running up and down the ramps disrupting the whole experience. The theater is much cleaner than it was before AMC took over and management was in there right when I mentioned the obnoxious children. Everyone working there was very friendly. I hate that the experience was tainted by kids

Review №21

Excellent theater. Great employees and service, and had no problems going to see the movie.

Review №22

Great experience... Though the soft drink prices are Way over the top for a dimes worth of soda. Never again.

Review №23

Good, quick services. Love taking my kids here for Mommy son dates.

Review №24

Like AMC. This theater is not up to o their standards.

Review №25

I am here now and there is no one here to greet any of these guest or to purchase tickets. We have to jump in the concession stand line to get tickets? No sure, what is going on here. This is terrible. Now the movie we want to watch reads unavailable online. Worst AMC ever!!!!

Review №26

What genius came up with the idea to sell tickets at the concession stand??? Its always a very long wait just to get your movie tickets, even if you order in advance online. Today (a Saturday), I got to the theater at 3:50 for a 4:00 movie and was still waiting in line at 4:01 all the way back at the door. I finally left as there is no way wed get in until after 4:20.I wont be back until these idiotic practices are done. There is a box office for a reason.

Review №27

Nice folks. Clean atmosphere. Great seating. Will visit again.

Review №28

Great theater to watch movies. Manager is a very good person.

Review №29

Welcome to our local theatre. Always very clean. I wish they had more matinee times during the week

Review №30

Weve seen a lot of good movies in this theater. It Chapter II was our most recent movie weve seen. Very clean and staff is great!

Review №31

We went and saw The Addams Family movie. It was great. My kids loved it.

Review №32

This place is so much better since its no longer Carmike Cinemas

Review №33

Great theater. Friendly service and good food

Review №34

Small home town theater, not overly priced

Review №35

Great place! Saw toy story 4 with my 7 year old grandson! Very nice. Not crowded.

Review №36

This is the movie theater that me and my family always go to. The employees are very kind and helpful. I wouldnt choose any other theater to go to besides this one.

Review №37

Good service, Great movie, sound was extremely loud

Review №38

Really think they should provide flavor pop corn seasoning by now its about to be 2020. Come on now give us something new.

Review №39

Ok, small but good concession stand choices & prices. Theater roomy, plenty parking. Staff was decent.

Review №40

The theater itself is nice but the process to purchase tickets and snacks is very slow.

Review №41

Isnt as crowded as most theaters. But could definitely be cheaper.

Review №42

Its very close to where I live so perfect. But the line is usually ridiculously long, which isnt their fault.However, MANAGEMENT!! get them the scanners to scan the different apps where we purchase tickets. It wouldnt take so long if they didnt have to type a whole bunch of numbers in!

Review №43

Very clean went to 5:00 show ticket price was good. But the popcorn and drink prices were crazy.It will be awhile before we go back.

Review №44

Like all places we call the movies this one was just as cold as the rest of them. The movie was a lil packed for a early Wednesday movie showing. But it was fine. Godzilla king of Monsters was what we saw n its worth it. Go see it.

Review №45

I went to see Sonic the Hedgehog, such a good movie. They keep the theatre clean.

Review №46

A great place. Always clean and always friendly. It was a great experience

Review №47

Horrible experience today bought tickets online for 3D showing of Endgame. Was shown a standard version. When we went to talk to someone we were told that it was a mistake on the theaters part and they were giving out vouchers to come back. Okay fair enough things happen. She said go talk to the manager. Her is where the fun starts. Guy at counter had to ask another employee how do I get a manger at which point they knocked on the glass so someone would come out. The manage was super aggressive when she was walking up. Was not friendly at all. We explained the problem to her. She said give them a soda and walks off I was like wait we don’t want a soda. We have already watched the movie and had already bought 2 drinks and popcorn. She then came back and told us it was only a 4 dollar difference in correct it was 9 and that is not the point I paid to see a 3D movie because that is the experience I wanted not the ticket price. She acted like I was trying to pull a fast one on the theater. It was literally the must disrespectful I’ve been treated in a long time I will not be going back again. We could have stayed in Rome and watched it in 2d.

Review №48

Clean facility, friendly staff, well laid-out. Easy to find anything, plenty of parking.

Review №49

The volume of our movie was horrible. no one answered the phone. will not be coming here again.

Review №50

They dont have a separate station to purchase movie tickets but funnel everyone to the concession stand. We were in line for almost 15 minutes. This may work at slow times, however not on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Review №51

Had a premiere member pass for 2 years and every time we come when theres any kind of a line it usually goes 3 standard guests to 1 premiere why do we even have this or why is this even a option its definitely NOT worth paying for!!!!

Review №52

I go here to see movies all the time. Good place to go for a movie with friends.

Review №53

Great movie

Review №54

At 1.40 pm on a Saturday afternoon we had to stand in line for 25 minutes to buy movie tickets (at the concession stand) because this theater is TOO CHEAP to pay someone $10 an hour to sell tickets at the ticket booth near the front door! NOW I remember why I wait for movies to come out on pay per view! This wait was SO Ridiculously long, we forgo any concessions (where they clearly make their money). To boot, they only had 2 people working concessions and the workers were only waiting on the premier memers (another line of customers). Horrible customer service!!!

Review №55

The ticket line takes a min but great movie theater

Review №56

The worst customer service I have ever had. I have been there countless times and it is always terrible service. The managers are rude and disrespectful. I will never step foot in there again.

Review №57

They need later shows like after 10pm and recliner seats. Other than that this theater is great :)

Review №58

Go early in the day during matinee. Its less crowded. The place is fairly clean over all, bathrooms included. Prices are always going up. $50 for three people for tickets, drinks, and popcorn. But the sound and picture quality was good. I would rather go here than to either of the theaters in Rome.

Review №59

Its has alot of great movies!!

Review №60

The largest size fountain drink doesnt fit in most car cup holders. You have been warned.

Review №61

Better than before but still needs updating

Review №62

Love Carmichael Cinema in Cartersville!! Its plush, has gourmet food & popcorn and when you use Rakuten to buy a Groupon special to go there, its almost free LOL

Review №63

Line was a bit long. But the movie was good

Review №64

High prices but wide range of food choices and Coke machines and icees you can get yourself. Also, comfy seats and good Cinema experience. However, there are way too many commercials!

Review №65

Amazing movies love it go there definitely

Review №66

1 star says it all. Id leave it blank if I could. Go to the IMAX in acworth, at least they keep their doors open later than 8pm and dont hide in the back room when they see someone coming up to buy something.

Review №67

Very disappointed that they are not selling tickets when you enter the door. You have to wait in a very long line to buy your ticket at the concession area. It turns out to be a very slow process.

Review №68

Been here several times since AMC took over only one person selling tickets. Wait time is way to long to buy tickets each time 25 plus minutes.Theater is clean movies are good need to improve on wait times.

Review №69

Theater is nicely kept with nice lighting when you go in. Popcorn and drinks are good. The theater seating is nice with a raised section behind a bar and then seating up front-the standard set up. Bathrooms, at least the mens I know about, are nice and clean. They do parties there for kids too and there are some video games as well for b4 and after the show.

Review №70

Customer service is NOT a priority. They have some of the rudest staff I’ve ever encountered in America. Having spent years loving and working in the Middle East, I was extremely dismayed by the treatment that my family of 5 received.It’s no wonder why it looks like this place is going out of business.

Review №71

I am always impressed by the cleanliness of this location. Staff is always helpful and live the selection of movies.

Review №72

I normally enjoy my time here. This was not the case on Sunday 3/31/2019 at the 8:30 movie. The concession stand was not fully accessible. Less than 1/2 the menu items were available.

Review №73

Love seeing the movies shown, but I like 11 or12 oclock times and the outside of building could use some remodeling

Review №74

I went in the theater and I asked for a movie ticket for the new Halloween movie. I wasnt able to see it because I didnt have an id. Im 17 so why do you need an id for a pg13 movie. This made me very damn salty. Dont go to this place if you dont have your id or if your younger than 18. Im never going back to this place.

Review №75

The change to AMC is good. Remodel, cool lighting, and better concession stand. However, staff are teens who care more about having fun & talking to coworkers. Customer service is lacking. Bathroom smelt bad & needed cleaning & refilled!! Food outrageously expensive. $10 for regular size popcorn. $6 or higher for drink. Tickets are $10 for an adult and $8 for a child on Friday night. I spent $50 for 2 ppl for the movie and food.

Review №76

Very clean, comfortable seats and great employees!!!

Review №77

Great theater! Popcorn is too salty.

Review №78

Rambo last blood AWESOME clean theatre friendly and fast

Review №79

Nice and love it that they have a caption box for the deaf.The onlybdraw back. Is the premise line isnt suppose to wait but the other line comes before .the premire

Review №80

They always serve you quickly and efficiently.

Review №81

Went to see the early premier of Aquaman. Theater was nice & clean but the snack bar just about broke me $22.00 & change for a large pretzel 1.5 lbs much bigger than I expected came in a box youd expect a medium pizza in & 1 large drink. Thats approximately $11.00 for a pretzel & $11.00 for 1 large drink. Outrageous!! Ill not visit that snack bar again

Review №82

HORRIBLE. They overcharged my sibling, and didn’t give them a receipt. $25 for two candy’s, a regular popcorn, and a regular drink. And $5.26 for a pack of twizzlers. The lines were extremely long. Not enough people on staff, and half the people in the VIP/ member line weren’t members. The movie was good though!!!!

Review №83

Love going to the movies but wish prices werent so crazy high on food and tickets

Review №84

Seat was uncomfortable and the popcorn was. Greasy

Review №85

Nice theater with clean restrooms.

Review №86

The movie was great but we had to wait 15min in line to buy tickets. Kids working behind the candy counter were very nice.

Review №87

Great screens and atmosphere. Tickets prices ok, concessions very over priced, like most theaters

Review №88

Cant wait till they start severing alcohol.

Review №89

Lines take a long time on a busy day but you can never go wrong with a movie night. Recommended to come 30 minutes earlier then the show if your coming at night if it’s a weekend

Review №90

Always CLEAN & Friendly Young Staff, but I wish that the concession stand was quicker, I always stress about being late for the previews because they move at a slow pace. But other than that, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALWAYS GREAT

Review №91

It needs a sign for new or old customers saying to buy tickets at the concession stand. I was standing near the counter right as you walk in and since I have not been there in years I was unaware that you buy tickets at the concessions stand, until a young man told me about it.

Review №92

Weve been here 3 times in the past month and 2 of the 3 times it was so hot we just about got up and left!! Im cold natured and I was about sweating it was that hot!!

Review №93

Excellent great Preview showing of the Downton Abbey movie.

Review №94

Not sure why they have two desks to purchase tickets at the front when you have to get in line for snacks to buy tickets. Wouldnt have been so bad had they put a sign up instructing people to go to the snack bar to get tickets, but instead about 12 of us sat there for about ten minutes at the desk waiting for someone to come so we could buy tickets.Just put up a sign. Or not, youre the only theater in town so its not like I can take my business elsewhere.

Review №95

Amazing buttered popcorn and caramel popcorn combo!

Review №96

Super fun day out with my kiddos. Saw lion king

Review №97

Great experience. Very quiet in the theater, clean and everyone friendly.

Review №98

Was ok theres a theatre across town that cost less with recliners. So this place only gets e stars

Review №99

Really nice staff theater was clean no sticky stuff on the sea like some theaters

Review №100

Its a clean, neat theater that looks beat up on the outside in an abandoned parking lot!! However, the inside is just fine, friendly staff, online ticket booking is convenient too. I think the best part about it, is this movie theater is never really packed but does enough business to keep the lights on and popcorn popping. Youll see lines form for big name films, so if you plan on going to this theater for the next Avengers with Captain Marvel, it wont be any different than any other establishment, get there early.

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  • Address:1129 N Tennessee St, Cartersville, GA 30120, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 770-382-5156
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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