Carson Raceway
3777 N Carson St, Carson City, NV 89706, United States
Carson Raceway

Review №1

Totally amazing. Had so much fun and the manager and employees were super cool. Coming back this weekend with my kids. Thank you for a fun time with my new friend.

Review №2

RUDE! Manager... Drove 3- 12 year olds 45 minutes on a snow day to drive the go karts for first time. Manager says “closed for private party”. We had checked the website prior to leaving and it actually said they were not busy. Obviously we were upset, you’d think if they can update the website about not being busy, they could maybe mention they were closed for private party too? After mentioning this suggestion to the Manager, his response was “maybe you would be happier using another go karting facility in Reno. Wow! No apologies and sending away business at same time, Best Employee Ever!

Review №3

Used to love coming here. Nick took horrible care of us, he was more focused about driving with his friend. Openly talked about how Cart 18 was fast and the other ones are slow, I got 3 non charged carts in a row and simply asked for a working cart at that point he kicked us out. This has happened the past 3 time. DO NOT COME HERE COMPETE RIP OFF WORKERS PLAY MORE THAN THEY WORK. We waited over an hour for less than 5 laps in a half working cart.

Review №4

Staff could have been a bit more organized, but they were very helpful with such a large group, will definitely return again!

Review №5

The most drifterrific kart track Ive ever been on. Dont sleep on this actions. Had a stupid good time with a crew of 10, for $35 a piece. 3 races and they even gave us a warmup session. 9/10 need to go back already.

Review №6

The activity itself, I would give 5 stars, its an absolute blast. But I had to take it down to 3 due to the new managers attitude. We noticed when we came in that there were racers with no helmets on and commented as such. The manager walked by and said something snarky, made excuses for why his employees were not following the safety precautions. We tried to joke it off, but he was a real kill-joy. My husband and I like to race together as part of our dates sometimes, but I wont be so apt to choose this activity in the future if this is how the staff is going to be.

Review №7

Awesome place and awesome employees. So happy I went in tonight.

Review №8

Im a 30 year old, professional female and never expected to find a new hobby of go kart racing. First time in and Im hooked. This place is great for all ages. They have arcade games and a snack/soda vending machine for when youre waiting. Our wait time was only 30 minutes and the staff was fantastic! Ill be back soon.

Review №9

This place is awesome. Me and a few friends were the only ones racing and the staff let us hook up our phones for some music, so thats cool.

Review №10

Cool place for the kids even if its just the for the go carts.

Review №11

NEW OWENERSHIP IS AWESOME! The track is a LOT more fun now and the new staff actually talked and raced with us! Carts were evenly matched but this is now definitely a drift track so forget about lap times, have fun and try not to spin out! Owner and staff are hilarious and helpful! A complete turn-around from the previous owners! Only critique is some of the walls need repair in the high impact zones but it was the end of the night so I give it a pass. :)

Review №12

Great fun for the family

Review №13

We got there and expected a 20 to 30 minute wait judging by the 6 or 7 people there. Instead we had to wait just over 2 hours just to do one race! We had plans to do today but we had already paid and instead wasted half the day waiting to do a single race. The race was fun and all but not even worth a 30 minute wait let alone almost 2 and a half hours.

Review №14

New manager and new employees that treat you better. They actually take care of the track and karts. The track feels so much better from awhile ago. Lots of fun and would recommend.

Review №15

Fun mini track. Unlike a counterpart of theirs, this indoor Go-kart track is filled with tight turns and a fast straightway over the finish line. These karts, looking at the type of tire, are able to drift these corners with ease, giving the you an opportunity to slide right into first place. Not too pricey for one person but definitely worthwhile and the price rate to bring friends.Fun for both adults and youth alike.

Review №16

We had a great time at the race way. They are moderately priced, but the race lasted plenty of laps. If youre looking for something fun to do, give it a try. Its a quick drive from South Reno, so dont let it being in Carson keep you from paying them a visit.

Review №17

Professional and respectful staff. Facilities were clean and equipment operated appropriately. Kids had a blast.

Review №18

Its was freaking great

Review №19

Posted hours of operation are 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.Its 3:47 p.m. at the time if this writing and the place is closed. I guess its my fault for not calling first??

Review №20

I love the place.But I had a difficult time trying to get In.Because their hours say that they are open from 12 Pmto 11Pm On Saturday 11/10/19 and I showed up at 1:00pm and It was closed

Review №21

We took the kids there for a birthday and they had a blast. The staff were great dealing with our teens and pre teens. You get 2 races and then the top 3 drivers get to do a final race. We cant wait to go again.

Review №22

First time there and was great. Spent time with grandkids and staff very friendly

Review №23

Awesome owner. Gave excellent discount to entire party 4 my twins bday.

Review №24

Had a blast! Ron was great! Very nice employee.

Review №25

We had loads of fun! The workers had a great attitude!

Review №26

This is not your fathers go kart track!A big helping of humble goes a long way here and making time to ask for pointers from the professional, knowledgeable staff is recommended.The karts are super-fast and responsive and reward smooth driving with best times. Try to make a date for mid-week to avoid a crowded track and you will have no one to blame but yourself if you cant crank out a low 20s lap.Wishing the organization great success!

Review №27

Its super fun even though Im not good at driving I still had a goofyime

Review №28

My son just had his 12th birthday here. He had a great time. Wonderful staff very helpful very nice.Gave us a room it was their employee lounge not really a party room. But he a blast with the racing.

Review №29

Us and the kids love this place

Review №30

So much fun

Review №31

I love the new direction of the Carson RaceWay perfect place for a party!

Review №32

Excellent customer service during the day! At night they have some teenage boys working there, which isnt a bad thing at all! They just get a little rowdy :) but its a great enviroment for young teens and adults to go hangout and have some fun! I go like twice a week!

Review №33

The handling is horrible, its impossible to drive at faster speeds.

Review №34

I love how fast the go carts go

Review №35

OMG. BRO THE TRACK IS SO GREAT AND THE EMPLOYEES ARE SO NICE. They make sure that your comfortable in the car, make sure that you have the right helmet when racing.

Review №36

It was so much fun it relives stress

Review №37

Carts seem a little unequal, Some charged mpre than others so.......faster. otherwise its a blast, really fun and competitive

Review №38

My kids and I have a great time every time we go!

Review №39

It was super fun you should try it!!!

Review №40

Lots of fun and great staff!

Review №41

Nice place to take the kids but must be 56 in or taller to my daughter couldnt race but she enjoyed watching the racing and playing on the games

Review №42

Track is slippery which has its challenges, but is fun and I am glad we have a local track.

Review №43

Fun place to race go carts

Review №44

Very fun, they dont do practice laps. The saftey video is bad.

Review №45

Very fun.

Review №46

What a great way to treat the family !

Review №47

I love this spot

Review №48

Lots of fun and friendly staff

Review №49

Fun fun fun ! We go every Friday

Review №50

Such a good time!

Review №51

Pretty fun

Review №52

Great time

Review №53

Loved it!!

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Review №56

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Review №57

Loved it!!

Review №58

I didnt race

Review №59

Awesome time

Review №60

Fun place

Review №61

Why you make crash all the time

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  • Address:3777 N Carson St, Carson City, NV 89706, United States
  • Phone:+1 775-350-7888
  • Amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:3–10pm
  • Tuesday:3–10pm
  • Wednesday:3–10pm
  • Thursday:3–10pm
  • Friday:3–10pm
  • Saturday:12–11pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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