Marquee Cinemas - Coralwood 10
2301 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral, FL 33990, United States

Review №1

I went with my girlfriend and it was a very good experience. The food was also really good. She even PAID! I will definitely go again. My girl was misbehaving during the movie so I have to give it a 4 star.

Review №2

Great theater. First time here and enjoyed seeing Back To The Future on the Big screen as part of their Flashback Cinema series they run.I dont mind paying more for a ticket when every seat is a recliner Very comfortable and made watching the movie even more enjoyable.Their popcorn was some of the best movie theater popcorn Ive had. They pour the melted butter on top Staff was friendly and accommodating as well.Will definitely be going back to see The Big Lebowski on the big screen too The Dude Abides.

Review №3

Good movie prices. Comfortable chairs. Clean facilities.

Review №4

Havent been to the movies in a while and this place is pretty nice. I think $13 is a lot for a movie, but you do get recliner seats which are very comfortable. I guess Im the type of person that just likes to watch movies at home. Bring food and drink into the theater as the prices are astronomical.

Review №5

I drive out of my way to enjoy this cinema. It starts with the great staff, clean premises and of course, good popcorn. The seats are so comfortable, I want one at my home. The picture quality and sound are very good. Good time. Good experience.

Review №6

Power reclining chairs are absolutely the best feature of this theater. Seating is reserved and you have the choice of selecting online. Slightly smaller than most around the area, but well appointed and qualified screens and sound. A lot of guests bring blankets, which is kind of cool. My only disappointment at all is the standars theater food selection. If they would add some higher end selections or even set up a takeout arrangement with the restaurants in the mall this place would be unbeatable.

Review №7

Super glad they are open BUT they have issues with online ticket sales, they staff don’t all wear masks correctly, and the theaters are not being cleaned 100% (tickets from 24 hours earlier were still in the cup holder at my assigned seat and hand prints from greasy popcorn were on the armrests).

Review №8

Awesome place to see a movie! It’s super clean and reasonably priced. They have good concessions and they aren’t too over priced. The movies have plenty of time slots so you will definitely be able to make it to the movie you want to see. They recently renovated the theaters and they have the comfiest chairs! They are leather and recline, not to mention they heat up! Bring a blanket, get a popcorn, and get comfy! I would definitely recommend visiting this theater!

Review №9

Clean and friendly their popcorn! Always enjoy watching movies at that location. Visited it yesterday with my auntie to see “DoLittle” movie. I’d like to mention that Adrian who took my order at the counter was very polite Its always such a pleasure to see a younger generation being so respectful and patient.Thank you for making my movie night more special

Review №10

Was nice to get back to a real movie date after so long (Coronavirus) ..seats were so luxurious & recliners r electronic so u feel like a king/queen.. it was $13. per person (a bit expensive) ..near the end of the movie the AC kicked into high gear & froze us.. The place was clean & the staff friendly.. Get ur seats early so u can pick ur seat & bring a jacket (just n case)

Review №11

Clean and updated facility, if you havent been lately you need to check it out.

Review №12

Great plush seats, everything was great!! Very Grateful for a good Theater in these crazy days!!

Review №13

Great reclining seats, nice facility--BUT--if you like a mostly dark experience, go elsewhere. Four big round lights line each side of each theater--and they do not go out. They were brighter than the movie I saw--and very distracting.

Review №14

Great theater! So comfy especially being 8 months pregnant and sitting through a 2 hr movie. Definitely will be back!

Review №15

This has to be one of the most comfortable movie theaters ever. The seats are fantastic they recline and not just a little. Really great when your watching a long movie. They have reserved seating. One of the cleanest theaters Ive been to. Snack bar is great more choices than most theaters. This has to be at the top of the list for theaters in this area.

Review №16

Excellent movie theater! Since they upgraded their seating with leather powered recliners its like a whole new place! They are so comfortable, also with reserved seating you dont have to worry about getting there early to get good seats in time which is a great idea. It was so nice and relaxing to come and watch a movie here, if you havent been here since the remodel I would definitely suggest you check it out!

Review №17

Wonderful, remodeled theater! Reclining, leather seats, and friendly staff! A couple of nice restaurants next door!

Review №18

Ive been spoiled with the reclining seats, how am I suppose to go to other theaters now?! Our go to theater for movies now, prices are eeeh when it comes to the concession counter,but its like that at most theaters.

Review №19

My son and I watched Spider Man Far From Home today at Marquee Cinemas Coralwood location and had maybe the best movie experience ever!The manager on duty, Caleb, was a big reason why. While trying to order tickets I was forced to call the theater directly as Marquees website was not functioning properly. Caleb was courteous and professional at every turn and helped me find an alternate way to order the tickets.After the movie my son and I asked to speak with Caleb so we could thank him personally (and tell him how incredible the movie was, seriously maybe the best Spider-Man flick yet) and he went out of his way to find/give my son a Spider-Man Far From Home movie poster!! Thank you for the awesome experience Marquee and Caleb both!! My 6 year old son will remember the awesome experience he had today for a very long time!! And we will certainly be visiting the theater again soon.

Review №20

It’s a good theatre, very clean

Review №21

Went here a couple of times and I really enjoyed every time. A bit pricey but totally worth it. Everyone is friendly and works really hard to make sure your experience is a good one and unforgettable, overall the best cinema Ive been to hands down. Keep up the good work.

Review №22

Most comfortable theater chairs ever. Friendly service and clean facility.

Review №23

Nice people and good snack bar. Reclining seats are fantastic

Review №24

Owe man this place is so comfortable, i just had back surgery and didnt think i would make it through a hole move. I could have stayed for another!

Review №25

Most comfortable movie experience ever! Recliners are great, except for the snoozing they promote as they engulf your body into complete relaxation!

Review №26

This is a really Queen theater and very clean. The seating has lazy boy style, pleather seats with electronic recline feature. Very relaxing very comfortable to watch a movie in this theater. Insider tip: to save some money, order one large popcorn in one large drink because they come with refills. Dont mess around with the expense of combos.

Review №27

Great recliner seats for a comfy show and no fear of someone sitting in front of you blocking part of the screen. Everything was clean and the staff were all very friendly.

Review №28

The reclining seats are fabulous. The staff, while very friendly, were not terribly efficient and were too slow for the amount of people in line.

Review №29

Love going to the movies with their new reclining chairs. So much more comfortable!

Review №30

Seats are comfortable and recline with foot rests. The employees are friendly. Popcorn and soda for 2 costs about the same as 2 movie tickets. Discounted movie tickets on Tuesdays for everybody .

Review №31

A little spendy, but isn’t every movie theater? Love the lounge seating! Decent popcorn.. don’t like how they have the soda fountain behind the counter.

Review №32

Love this theater! Comfortable seating, no long lines. Nice place to take the family!

Review №33

Great experience with very friendly employees and helpful. Would recommend this theater to everyone. Get there early to get a seat.

Review №34

The last three times I have been to this theater with my family, I have purchased the tickets online. There is a $1.50 convenience fee that goes along with knowing that you will have good seats for the feature. All three times we have arrived to the theater to find people occupying our reserved seats and had to ask them to move to other seats. Each time, the request is received with grumbling and mumbled curses. This last time, we found a family of five spread out in our seats, reclined and stuffing their faces with popcorn. Why should we feel like we have to fight for the seats we took the trouble to reserve in advance. Would it bankrupt the cinema to have an usher assist guests with seating before the movie?

Review №35

Very clean theater and restrooms. Very friendly staff. My kids like the small arcade games as well. It is an older place but not bad.

Review №36

Movie date night with the Bad Boys for life at a clean relaxing theater. Great movie, a must see

Review №37

Loved the new seats! Made it so much easier for my two year old and I to sit through a movie since he likes to sit on my lap. Worth the extra money to me!

Review №38

Seating is great, always clean and comfortable. Great sound

Review №39

Great movie house with comfy theatre seating. Sit back, out up your feet and enjoy.

Review №40

My son and I went to see Bumblebee at Coralwood. They completely renovated and it is fancy! Everything looks so nice, neat and clean. The cushy recliner seats are over the top awesome! Good job guys! Also, the movie was worth watching. Thank you for a great evening

Review №41

Big reclining seats, very comfortable, not expensive.

Review №42

The theatre itself is very nice. Its clean and the new seats are comfortable. The reserved seating is chaos though. New arrivals were continuously asking people to move out of their seats, some just as the movie is starting which is annoying. My reason for only 3 stars is the final cost for the movie, soda and popcorn. Just shy of $25! For 1 senior. Large popcorn was $9.13. Small soda was $3.89. Thats crazy. So no more for me unfortunately.

Review №43

Love the new powered recliners.Need to fix the dirty or torn screen. Dirt on screen was definitely distracting from the second row.They were advertising movies from last month. Dont need to see ads for Dec movies in middle of January.

Review №44

Seriously my favorite local movie theatre, including all those in fort Myers. The seats recline and are super comfy. The staff members were super friendly and informative, which was truly a bonus since most employees are bland. The location is great. Ticket prices were only a $3 extra compared to the theatre on pine island for the evening show time. There is no food such as cheeseburgers but theyve nachos. The bathrooms were clean. Small arcade area with actual seating. Popcorn prices are average.

Review №45

I love the new confortable big chairs! They have made some renovations and it is much better now. It is a convenient place to go to see a movie. The new seats are so much nicer!

Review №46

Theyve always been a great theater. But they upgraded their seats and the concession stand. Decent enough prices and has some good deals this time of year.

Review №47

Everytime I go to this theater. People are so rude & Im upset that they dont have employees checking in the movie to see if anyone is misbehaving.. Pleasant workers just SUPER disappointed that people dont make rounds in the movie room. Im over it. I wouldnt recommend it until they start kicking people out for upsetting others trying to watch a movie.

Review №48

They have rehabbed their theater and it is very comfortable... Reclining, spacious loungers and reserved seating.

Review №49

Yes, it’s all renovated with wonderful new reclining seats - even the popcorn is better. They should put up signs and mention that they now have assigned seating. As the movie was starting, I was thrown out my seat by a party of 8, had to read my ticket in the dark, and found people in my assigned seat- of course I didn’t disturb them and just took an open seat, but no one knows of this rather important change.

Review №50

The new recliners are nice but not all work the same. Some have more leg lift.. Temperature in theater is inconsistent. Last time we went it was freezing and we saw many folks come in with blankets. Brought ours today and it was not even cool in the theater.

Review №51

Clean, comfy seats. Recliners! Friendly staff, clean restrooms as well.

Review №52

My favorite place to watch a movie. They did a good job renovating this theater.

Review №53

Nice theater seating, not quite enough staff to ruin add smoothly as it should.

Review №54

WOW--what an upgrade! We love theaters with recliners, but we never had any close by. We always went when visiting other towns or had to drive South to Naples. Not anymore! I havent been to Marquee since grade school days. I saw a Facebook ad showing they had reclining seats newly installed so I rushed to book a showing through their website. Literally any movie... I just wanted the experience. The prices were the same as it was without recliners, which I appreciated. We walked in and were told it was the first night they opened with the recliners, too. They had some more renovations going on at that time so Im not sure if theyre all complete. Either way, its going to be totally renovated and upgraded! Cant wait to go back.

Review №55

This was our 1st theater visit in the area. It is an older theater so clearly not the most awesome experience that you can have but honestly I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. Everything was clean and the staff was friendly. Reasonably priced on the movie tickets and a comfortable seat. I only wish we could have gotten some freshly popped popcorn but we did wait to long!. We will definitely return for an early evening movie that is close to home.

Review №56

The recliner seats have ruined any other movie theater for me. This is the only theater I can go to now. Simply amazing

Review №57

Nice theater! Choose your seating when purchasing a ticket. Seats were very very nice large plush recliners. Was not busy at all. Maybe 3 other people watching the movie. Nice, clean, and comfy place to catch a movie!

Review №58

So much nicer than it used to be. Would be smart to charge 50 cents for the games instead of a dollar though because Im not going to let my kids spend a dollar to die in 30 seconds, but probably would for 50 cents.

Review №59

Very nice Cinema. Very comfortable reclining seats. Awesome sound effects.

Review №60

Best theater around. Reclining leather seats, stadium seating and quality sound. Concessions are expensive just like everyone else.

Review №61

The remodel is great. The new lounge chairs are comfortable. The bathrooms are clean. The customer service is great. Well worth the price of admission. If you get cold easy, bring a sweater. The A/C definitely works.

Review №62

Service is always amazing, the people are always nice and chipper whenever I go. On a Saturday blockbuster premiere night, or a Wednesday matinee, and you’ll get the same amazing service.And with the recent renovation, they have the reclining assigned seats, which takes all the guesswork out of the movies.

Review №63

I like this theater. Its been nicely updated and the staff is very friendly. Reclining seats are nice and comfy.

Review №64

Had a blast watching the new joker movie with my family. Great environment!

Review №65

Comfy new reclining leather seats and the bathrooms have had a facelift too. The staff is friendly and you can tell theyre trying harder to compete. Perfect- Id rather be able to stay in the cape.

Review №66

Chairs recline, clean, and friendly staff. Best deals of a theater food.

Review №67

So nice and comfortable. Love being able to reserve seats. Staff is friendly and helpful. Always clean.

Review №68

Very nice theater we love to go there. The reclining chairs definitely great. The place is very clean very nicely kept

Review №69

Since the renovation this is the best movie theater I have ever been to. Very comfortable recliners and so spacious that you dont have to move your feet away for others to walk by you like in other theaters. And they have the best popcorn.

Review №70

What a great theater very clean and I love the recliner chairs everybodys very polite I would recommend at 100% for any of your viewing pleasure!!

Review №71

Great seats very comfortable. I only wish the food was better.

Review №72

The theatre is nice and clean and close to home and I love the reclining seats! My only complaint is the sound of the movie was not loud at all - I expected that good theatre surround sound but felt like I was watching a movie on TV - I wish the theatre had better sound quality

Review №73

Great movie theater in town

Review №74

Awesome theater! Seats are so comfortable! Feels like youre in your own living room!

Review №75

The new setup is amazing. Beer/wine and comfort is what everyone wanted and they delivered

Review №76

Very good. I dont live here but come here every winter for at least 1 month. Come to this theater often. love it. Very comfortable seats. I live in Chicago Illinois. Have been here 4 times in one month now.

Review №77

All new power leather recliners seating. They are doing a great job of bringing this older theater up to date. Pretty reasonable pricing for the reserved seating on the website.

Review №78

Wonderful comfortable seeting. Disappointed in snack quality especially since cost was more than expected. Over $6 to buy my son a slushie. Pretzel >$5 and was microwaved.

Review №79

One of the best Movie Theaters we’ve ever been, check them out!

Review №80

Its clean and nice. Nice theater seats.

Review №81

Make you reserve seats online for reclining chairs then you arrive and your seats are taken. Got stuck in the front row unable to enjoy the movie because it the angle caused dizziness had to sit in the lobby waiting for my husband to finish watching the 3 hour movie. Why have people reserve seats if its complete chaos when you get there. Should have an usher making sure people sit in the seats they picked out. Wasted money on a ticket.

Review №82

It is very nice and a great atmosphere. The Theater is very comfortable and nice..This is our favorite movies theater. The only one we will go to.

Review №83

Excellent movie experience

Review №84

Love the remodel the chairs are almost to comfortable. I felt like if had a blanket I would have fallen asleep.

Review №85

Nice surprise to find recliners as my seat; so relaxing and comfortable!

Review №86

Makes for an awesome movie experience. Only wish would be to add a different soda fountain for more choices of drink would make it a 5 star for me.

Review №87

Horrible customer service. Been a customer for 13 years even when horrible seating. Saw Ad Astra and could hear my own heart beat. Asked three times to turn up audio. Said they did. But still could hear my earings, the customers behind me breathing. Even chairs being moved as clear as day 4 rows behind me. As a matter of fact the concession was louder then movie. Completely un-submersive. You will do better to watch tv/movie at home or AMC in N . Ft Myers cheaper and great Customer Service.

Review №88

Very nice place with several movies to choose from. Something for every member of the family. Great place to take a date or go with a group of friends or one friend or why not just take yourself out for a treat!

Review №89

They updated and created a super comfortable place to go to watch movies.

Review №90

A place where you can watch and enjoy a movie like a critic and a couch potato. Too dam comfortable! Kick back, act like a teenager and take Atlantis Morrsets song advise. Ask her if she would go ......Bringing your living room into the theater

Review №91

Seats had been updated since I last went and you choose your seating as well. Everything else is the same. Only downside is that ticket prices have gone up.

Review №92

Nice new seats, the snacks and drink are way overpriced. They have a huge lobby, friendly staff, its in a strip mall and we had leftover pizza that they put in the fridge for us. I dont go to the movie often but Ill come back here.

Review №93

This theater is awesome! I have not went to a theater in ten years. The seats recline very comfortable.

Review №94

Some theaters are way too small. Disappointed when it was renovated as the theaters had several complaints on air conditioners not working.Nothing is cleanThey over sell tickets to where I had to walk out and get a refund. They said they do this to make sure that they sell enough tickets Incase some people leave or don’t show up. I’d rather commit to the bell tower theaters where you’re guaranteed a nice theater. No one wants to make a movie night to pay to get in get your food and have no where to sit then have to leave. Try explaining this to your kids

Review №95

Reserving seats here proved to be simple online.

Review №96

Electric recliners, able to choose seat when purchasing admission tickets. Very comfortable theater.

Review №97

Great seats.. Best way to enjoy a movie.

Review №98

The newly remodeled stadium seating here is fantastic. Recliners with assigned seating. Fresh, up to date and clean inside. If youre from Cape Coral and been driving elsewhere for a movie give this a try now. Book online ahead of time to get your seats, avoid the line!

Review №99

Very nice and priced well!! The seating is the best ever!!

Review №100

Decent movie theater with fair prices for tickets. An older theater thats been refurbished, Update 3/29/18 They recently put new recliners in and they are very comfortable also some other parts of the theater rebuilt which makes it my favorite local theater . If youre not into going to crowded places this theater is rarely packed, its especially empty during weekdays in the late morning and afternoon. Ive been to shows with nobody there except the person I was there with. Highly Recommended!

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  • Address:2301 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral, FL 33990, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 239-458-2543
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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