Beachside Grand Prix Cocoa Beach & Port Canaveral Go-Kart Track
6355 N Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920, United States

Review №1

HAD THE BEST GO KART EXPERIENCE EVER. The extra features they have and the track are so unique. Never seen anything like it. My parents and I had a blast! Very nice and it wasn’t that busy. Got see the beautiful sunset as we topped the track. I’ll never forget this place. I’m a huge Mario fan so I just can’t say enough how great of a time I had. Wish more existed. Can’t wait to come back.

Review №2

A bit pricey but she had fun!

Review №3

This was a blastttttt! We will definitely be back!! As other reviewers have discussed, the mario cart style boosters made it unique and fun, the two stories with turns...the ride time also seemed sufficient I got to do more laps than I thought. Only downside is Im nearly 6ft and it was a bit of squish fitting in and not pressing on the pedals, wish they had an alternate tall person cart

Review №4

So much fun! 3 mini golf courses plus a go cart racing area. You get to see exotic birds and reptile while walking through!

Review №5

Live Action Mario Kart! Soooooo much fun!!!! Long rides, great putt putt and hungry gators!!!

Review №6

The go carts were fun! They were Electric, so there wasnt the smell of gas commonly associated with go carts and it was set up like Mario Cart with power ups and obstacles, so that was cool. My only gripe is the price....$16 for one race! Thats crazy. Other than that, it was fun.

Review №7

Stoped by today with family and the place was extremely clean and service was great and shoutout to chris at the go karts who was amazing, passed by and did not regret very friendly staff. Definitely give it a go if you ever pass by!

Review №8

Fun for the whole family. The wife and I enjoyed the family fun environment. I will recommend your business to family and friends. Thank you!

Review №9

Nice courses! Theres shade and today was breezy. They have a reptile and bird zoo! Theres go carts and a mining experience. Wed definitely go back.

Review №10

My family and I had a blast. Go Kart racing and feeding the gators. Great price and loads of fun! I recommend

Review №11

The Go-karts were super fun! The track operates on power ups similar to those in Mario Kart; there are speed boosts, shields, opponent speed down, and more. The power ups make the race interesting but can be a little confusing at times.

Review №12

This place was amazing! We did putt putt golf and rock mining. The staff were really friendly and the bathrooms were really clean as well. Also the prices werent to bad at all. Highly highly recommended.Also what really surprised me is that you can pet and hold snakes and alligators. Maybe even more I dont know.

Review №13

Fun. Fun. Fun. My moody 15 year old grandson actually smiled as we rode go carts.

Review №14

It was really fun to race my kids, plus it gives you a feel as you playing a video game

Review №15

We had so much fun. Great mimi golf course. The go karts are like Mario kart and a lot of fun!!

Review №16

We went here on a visit with family. Great place lots of fun and friendly staff Kim was very friendly and went out of her way to make sure we had the best experience! Thanks Kim

Review №17

We all had a wonderful time tonight and plus loved learning about the animals was so very interesting.

Review №18

Its in the same place with miniature golf and panning for jewels and a couple more activities. Its a track like Ive never ever ridden on before.....alot of fun.

Review №19

$50 for me to ride with my 7 year old and my 17 in another go kart...two karts ONE TIME for maybe 7 minutes??? Absolutely criminal theft. Trash.

Review №20

I wouldnt pay the price to come here with your money. The blonde older lady at the register has the customer service as a ham sandwich. We waited 10 min in line with 4 kids and a pregnant wife wile the group in front of us filled out their release forms. When it became our turn the lady went full liberal and and acted disgusted when i told her my son was 4 and was going to ride passenger with me. She then made us step out of line to Fill out forms meanwhile the 13 people in front of us held us up while they filled out the forms while not budging out of line. The lady had no clue on how to have customer service, nor how to handle customers with small children. I didnt mind waiting for the people to fill out their forms, but making us step out of line to sign 2 forms was not happening. We drove 45 min to Andretti Go Carts and had a absolute blast. They offer Wrist Bands, and was able to drive, ride everything for 2 hours for less than this place wanted for 1 go cart ride. If your going to bend over, do it with a smile. I would suggest taking the short drive to Andretti, and skip the liberal nonsense here.

Review №21

Fun putt putt, price is really good. 36 holes 13.99. 55+ 8.99

Review №22

Staff was great. Go cart guys rock

Review №23

Truly awesome place! The best go karts I’ve ever been to. They have go karts, putt-putt, feeding alligators & more. All the staff was friendly and did a great job helping us navigate through everything. Would definitely recommend.

Review №24

SO MUCH FUN FUN FUN!!! Both kids and adults, young and old will have a blast!! Best fun place I have EVER been too!! Reasonably priced, plenty of parking, no long wait lines. Great owners, friendly polite staff. I love this place!!! Im sure you will too!!

Review №25

Electric go carts combine a video game interaction... Cant explain it but you have to try it...I laughed the whole two races which by the way were really good as far as how long you got to race...

Review №26

Loved it, great experience and staff was so friendly!

Review №27

So much fun, best go kart place ever! A real life Mario Kart experience. Fast cars, more to it than just driving fast. You can mess with other drivers by sending turtle speed and you can get more speed by collecting coins. It was awesome!

Review №28

The cart track was a ton of fun

Review №29

Fun times, cool employees, and everything was reasonably priced. Go Karts were a little pricey in my opinion but they had a cool power up/slow opponents thing added to the racing which made up for it. They should advertise that aspect more.

Review №30

Kids loved the mini golf and go karts. Its awesome the have the mini alligators everywhere and you can feed them!

Review №31

While on a family vacation, we stopped in for a go kart adventure, and an adventure it was. Unlike all of your other go kart experiences, this one was like a video game experience ( Mario Kart). The staff was great and very personable. My family and myself had an absolute blast and would highly recommend. Best go kart experience that I have had.

Review №32

This was a nice place with lots of exotic animals.

Review №33

So cool real life Mario cart kinda. Also expensive to me 16.99 for one race lasted 7 minutes but also worth it

Review №34

It was so cool. I was able to drive with my son as a passenger. It was like Mario cart, complete with power ups, if you can believe that.

Review №35

Very fun! Cart got disabled and they let our whole group race again. Thank you for a fun night!

Review №36

We loved this place! The gokarts were so much fun!! We rode, and our 4 kids, 19, 18, 16 & 13. I thought it was overpriced until we rode! They were sooo fast! There are squares you have to run over to get power boosts that make your car go faster. It was a blast and worth the cost! We also enjoyed the animals and got to hold a baby alligator. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №37

You should go here. It is super fun! The people are nice and the fun is great.

Review №38

Alligator Todd was very friendly and knowledgeable. He helped our son hold and pet the alligator. Gators and golf is a worthwhile stop in your vacation in/near Cocoa Beach.

Review №39

First and last go cart experience ever. On black friday we visited and were going to ride twice. On the very first ride I was rear ended multiple times but grown adults and my 13 year olds car malfunctioned when he tried to exit and he hit a wall. He severely injured himself and has major burn Marks from the seat belt and a fracture in his foot now that he needs crutches for for 3 weeks. Only one staff member offered any assistance with his injury despite him limping. Was provided an ice pack and an offer for free mini golf, which is way too little too late.

Review №40

Fun go-cart track. All the folks working were extremely nice except one old crabby guy. Theres also gators you can feed with a pole and string. Kids enjoyed that and some of the other things. Didnt play on the putt putt coarse.

Review №41

Great fun. A bit pricey. Need some repairs

Review №42

10/10, thrilling, fast, family fun go karting experience with insane power ups. Just like that wacky karting game my kids play with the plumber!

Review №43

Great fun good price very friendly staff

Review №44

You have to check out the newest attraction on Cocoa Beach. Its like real live Mario Kart! Races are budget-friendly they also offer race and golf packages. There is something fun for everyone of all ages.

Review №45

Best go kart place in Florida

Review №46

Absolutely one of the coolest tracks around and its so close to the beach!! At most maybe a 5-6 minute drive from most hotels in the area. Definately beats driving an hour to a sub-par go kart track in Orlando. All the staff is incredibly kind and seem to like their jobs

Review №47

I went here with a group of friends to gokart and we had a blast. The facilities were clean and the staff were all very polite and helpful. The gokarts were new and drove pretty smoothly. We paid for one race and they gave us an extra one for free. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №48

Fun time with friends and family

Review №49

Best place for a good time racing

Review №50

So much fun!! Like Mario kart in real life

Review №51

Was great fun. Kind of pricey but fun

Review №52

Super fun! Both kids and adults will have a great time here!

Review №53

We had been waiting a whole week to wait for a time where it wasnt raining at our Mamas house(usual florida) and the last day we finally had the chance. We went in and asked about what we needed to do and were asked about ages. A ten year old, thirteen year old, six year old and Adult. Apparently the well above height restriction 10 year old couldnt drive by himself which seems very unfair because he is very capable of being by himself and it would be no fun at all for him to be drove around for 5 minutes. But even if he was fine with that we couldnt have let him because you need to be 18 or older to drive in a double kart. We were ready to do this all week and were ready to pay even if it was a bit over priced. But unfortunately these restricted us from having fun.

Review №54

A very fun go kart track with a touch of Mario Kart

Review №55

Omg the power ups

Review №56

Worst go-kart experience ever... And I looooove go karts! To say that I was disappointed in this experience would be an understatement. Warning: novel ahead. Short summary at the very bottom.I was visiting family, and decided to treat myself and 6 others, ranging in age from 6 to 18 to an evening of go karts, because... well... Go karts are awesome.We arrived at the facility, and it was moderately busy, as expected for a Saturday night. The track looked awesome, as it was twisty and elevated, and the karts are shiny and new. We got the package deal for 3 rides each, without much delay, and after filling out the appropriate paper work and paying a little more than I had anticipated (about $45 per person), we were in line to ride.While in line, we are asked if we had ever been there before. When we replied that we had not, we were given the normal rundown: no bumping, collisions, stopping on the track, getting out, keep your seat belt on, etc. Then, it was revealed to us, for the FIRST TIME that this is an interactive, video game-like experience with boosters, power-ups, virtual speed bumps, and other virtual obstacles on the track, as well as the ability to effectively stop or slow your opponents depending on who ran over what at what time. I double checked the front counter, the paperwork, all the outside signage... The first mention of this is when you get in line to ride the karts.I was not happy. I like to race. I enjoy the skill of driving and charting a logical, efficient line that keeps your fellow racers trying desperately to pass you. But, I was locked in for 3 rides, so I sucked it up. Long story short, the course, power-ups, and obstacles are confusing, dont work consistently, and take all the driving skill out of the race. Many of the obstaclesvthat slow you down are on the inside line of the track, ensuring your kart will get slowed to a crawl, and Youll get passed if you drive a good line.Further, the karts have a tendency to bounce uncontrollably; the front end loses traction and slides out, not the rear; the seatbelts retract and lock, digging into your shoulder, eventually making it difficult to steer; then couple that with seats that are so hard that every person in the group, including my 6-year-old niece, had the same bruises on our spines for days. To add insult to injury our 3 rides of about 5 minutes a piece took a total of 3.5 hours to complete.Now, if all this wasnt bad enough, despite a generally friendly staff, one lady in particular (middle-aged, dark curly hair, working the track area) was quite rude to me and one of my nephews. We were in line for our next ride for over 30 minutes after just riding, and there were a number of people behind us. He had to go to the bathroom, and offered to watch the youngest who wasnt riding that lap, so he started to hop over the railing onto the empty sidewalk (obviously not a great choice on his part). This lady yelled at him like he had just stolen her purse while pushing her baby in front of a moving car, before he even lifted himself over the rail. I asked if this was an issue earlier that I hadnt witnessed with this group of boys, and she replied that they had been very well behaved. So, I walk him to the restroom, we find the youngest and I return just in time to get back in line with our group to ride. She refused to let me jump the line. So without protest, I sighed, took a deep breath, and went and found the rest of the group. Apparently, the people behind me in line raised a stink, because one of the other track workers hunted me down and got me in on that heat. To her credit she apologized for that.In summary- if you want uncomfortable seats that bruise, seatbelts that hurt, a driving experience that penalizes skill, a strange and unpredictable virtual Mario Kart experience that makes little to no sense and comes with zero warning until you are in line on the track, and a staff that will yell at your kids, this is the place for you!

Review №57

Lots of fun.

Review №58

This place was horrible, the prices were extremely to high and I could go to another go-cart place and pay a quarter of the price for better go-carts if you want good business you should lower prices to about 5 bucks a lap then you could see people on the track from the streets. Go somewhere else for your go-carts

Review №59

My son and I went and the facility was nice as we have always enjoyed golfing there but we were go karting for the first time my son kept getting deliberately put in the wall when he told the workers they said they would keep an eye on the other racer well in the second race it happened again and they said they had not seen anything my son was also insulted and cussed at by the racer the track was nice and everyone besides that one racer was nice we will be back but we hope to not see another racer like this

Review №60

Highly entertaining for our party of 10 from 2 to 42!!!!

Review №61

Its super fun they have nice people working

Review №62

Fun for the whole family

Review №63

I did like the power ups and the coins thing but I gave you a 4 star review because the track was bumpy

Review №64

Very fun place with lots to do

Review №65

These are a blast but they are expensive.

Review №66

Fun place, loved holding the alligator!

Review №67

Super fun and unique experience unlike any other go carts!

Review №68

Very kool an Fun Place

Review №69

Me and my granddaughter had fun racing

Review №70

Go cart fun

Review №71

Cool fun electric gocarts and cool mini golf

Review №72

Fun, relaxing place for a casual, family, or group outing.

Review №73

Fun fun fun

Review №74

Great place to take family and friends to have a blast.

Review №75

Fun 4 all the family

Review №76

Lots of fun. Go carts and gators.

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Review №79

So much fun!!!

Review №80

Cheap fun

Review №81

Good track

Review №82

Simply sucks

Review №83

Awesome putt putt course !

Review №84

Lots of fun.

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  • Address:6355 N Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920, United States
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  • Phone:+1 321-799-4545
  • Amusement center
  • Go-kart track
  • Amusement park
  • Amusement park ride
  • Racecourse
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–9pm
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  • Friday:10am–10pm
  • Saturday:10am–10pm
  • Sunday:10am–9pm
  • Women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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