Roxy Stadium 11
5001 Verdugo Way, Camarillo, CA 93012, United States

Review №1

This is one of my favorite theaters in Camarillo. Some may ask why how $15 worth the price of a movie ticket? Is that sound that much better? Maybe a little. Picture? Probably the same as most theaters. Assigned seating? Nice, but many theaters have that now.

Review №2

Awesome Theatre. Awesome Reclining Seats.Awesome Location. Awesome Concessions.That would be 4 Awesomes out of 4.

Review №3

Favorite stadium seating theater around Camarillo (when COVID wasnt ruining movies). Recently (16 Nov) saw a new marquee sign that told everyone to check the Santa Rosa Entertainment Group website for show times. Signage also indicated theater was closed Mondays and Wednesdays, for now. Hope we get nack to normal soon! Staff is really great here! Always courteous and helpful.

Review №4

Went to the roxy theater for the first time since it closed. Very clean well organized as far as safety regulations. I still took my own lysol wipes for my own sanity. It was nice to see a movie on the big screen.

Review №5

Awesome place to watch a movie. Excellent experience.

Review №6

Love getting back to the movies we missed it very much.

Review №7

We have attended movies at this theater sometimes twice a week for many years. The popcorn is delicious and the seating is very very comfortable :) Movie`s are one of our favorite forms of entertainment and it was the first thing we missed doing when the shelter in place order hit. We look very forward to when you can re-open and we can reclaim some normalcy in our lives. We thank you for many years of entertainment...we hope this closure is short lived and that youll be able to recoup losses quickly when the Virus is controlled. Try this Theatre when it re-opens if you havent already, youll love it as we do :)

Review №8

Extremely great experience here. Probably the only movie theater I go to. Purchase the tickets online and walk right up to print them out and then the workers behind the concessions are incredibly nice and asked if I wanted the popcorn layered with butter so it wasn’t just on top which was very nice. The seats also recline so it’s a very comfortable movie experience at a cheap price. Also can’t beat the prices on Tuesday. They also do throwback movies which I think is really cool.

Review №9

Uncrowded theater. COVID protocols in place.

Review №10

Great place to watch a movie with your friends and family. I only docked them a star because it wasnt clear to me what their policy is on refills. But other than that it is a great place to watch movies. Highly recommended!

Review №11

This was once an ancient Native American Party spot! And 100’s of years later, it’s still a great place to have fun! If you can avoid the ghosts of San Manuel Indians sitting next to you while you’re enjoying popcorn and the latest Marvel flick, you’ll be happy!

Review №12

They have reclining seats and good popcorn staff is decent, the building looks nice on the inside too.

Review №13

Really like this theater. The seats recline and are super comfortable and weve never had any problems getting tickets. Concession lines move quickly and staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №14

Went here with a friend to see Terminator. This is a Multi Screen complex with assigned seating. Automated kiosk check in available. Big clean comfortable reclining seats with room for drinks and snacks. Big large screens and good sound. Plenty of parking.

Review №15

This is a very nice theater with reclining chairs. Very enjoyable to watch a movie this way. The staff was very friendly and the rest rooms were clean.

Review №16

Fabulous seats, dont want to see a movie anywhere else! Love the ability to reserve my seats in advance, and easy to get down the row without making everyone stand up to get to my seat. Great design! Staff at this location are so nice and professional, and the sound in the movie theater makes you feel like you right there in the movie.

Review №17

This is an excellent movie theater

Review №18

Whenever we are in town this is the movie theatre we go to since my family lives close to it. Ive never had a problem here. Every theatre has assigned reclining seats that are big and comfortable. They also have a little table that swings back and forth if you have food.

Review №19

Friendly staff, Clean restrooms, good popcorn & sodas.

Review №20

They have great new recliners and the popcorn was yummy. No long lines which is helpful. And bathrooms were clean.

Review №21

Are you opening tomorrow??????Ventura County gave the go ahead.

Review №22

Really upscale facilities, reclining seats in the theatres, no compromises snack bar, clean restrooms. Staff were friendly an welcoming

Review №23

Its been about 10 years since my last visit, alot of improvements . Again one of my favorite theaters to visit.

Review №24

Probably one of the nicest and cleanest theaters around. All have reclining seats with swivel tables. All movies are $6.00 all day Tuesday. Staff is always friendly. I drive from Moorpark to go here.

Review №25

My family and I enjoy watching movies at the Roxy. They have nice comfortable recliner seats with trays. Such a nice clean movie theater.

Review №26

Love to go see movies here. Nice place

Review №27

I saw Joker right after it came out here at the Roxy. When you buy a ticket it is for a specific seat so you dont have to worry about sitting together when in large groups or having to settle for seats in a spot you dont like. The seats are comfortable because they have a big arm rests, foot rest, recline, and have a tray to hold food.

Review №28

This place is the only Movie theater that I went with my friend or my Gf. The place is to Comfy that even make me Sleepy

Review №29

Just amazing over all, great customer service, and the best seats money can buy, definitely reccomend it.

Review №30

One of my most favorite cinema house, when I lived in Camarillo. Well kept and had stadium seating.

Review №31

It feels a bit older and maybe not as nice as the AMC just from the looks of it, but let me tell you, the seats are way more comfortable here. They have those comfy electronic chairs that recline using the button on the side, theyre so nice.They also have delicious food! I love getting the sausage sandwich!Its very clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.They have throwback cinema here, just saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail, it was a blast.Its also a better deal to go on Tuesdays.

Review №32

My favorite theater ever! Most comfortable, spacious recliner seats in every theater. Small town vibe, but nicely updated. Not big, but it carries all the hit movies ... but only for a couple of weeks it seems like. Love their snack options ... pretzel bites are my favorite. Good rewards program. They also show oldy-but-goody movies periodically.

Review №33

Great theater. Super comfortable seats, fresh popcorn, and staff that will come and tell someone to be quiet if they are disturbing. I only wish they had more than one restroom. Overall a great place to see a movie though.

Review №34

Great place to watch movies .. comfortable seating

Review №35

My kids and I love this theater. We love the reclining seats and table that they have to put your snacks on instead of having your snacks on your lap. It makes it more convenient and enjoyable.

Review №36

Love this place! Small yet large enough. Extremely comfy seats and surrounded by great eating spots! A hidden gem

Review №37

The flavored salt for the popcorn is FREE! The seats are comfy too and its always clean.

Review №38

The greatest theatre Ive ever been to. The reclining seats make sitting in the front row hardly even a hassle. Always have the Carmel popcorn powder stocked up (my favorite). The only place Ill ever go to for movie night never again.

Review №39

Good place to watch a movie. Seats are comfy.

Review №40

Was great too enjoy I still believe

Review №41

This is my favorite theater in our area. The seats are comfy, and rows are extremely roomy. You can get up and go to the bathroom without worrying about kicking people on your way out. Tuesdays are discount days, so try and buy your tickets early at the box office if you plan to go in the evening.

Review №42

Best service ive ever experienced! All employees are very curtious, I will definitely be back!

Review №43

Really comfortable seating. Very polite employees.

Review №44

Theater was clean and the recliner seats were so comfortable!

Review №45

Best place too watch The Lion King its as if youre reclining in your living room! And the best with great company!

Review №46

Comfortable seating, and stadium style seating provide for unobstructed views of the screens.

Review №47

Very comfortable and clean. Great place to watch a flick.

Review №48

Love Roxy... Always very clean and Great Seating!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Review №49

Love this theater. have been since it opened. still fun after all these years.

Review №50

Like the Sunday prices. But the staff is very unfriendly. Never a welcome, thank you or have a nice day. Just rude and very unwelcoming young staff. I can say Nice theatre seating and shows

Review №51

Comfy seats and discounted Tuesday tickets!

Review №52

Great seats, though the tables get Im the way if you arent eating. Go Tuesdays, all tickets are just 6 bucks

Review №53

Downton Abbey: comfy seating, reasonable Fri late afternoon pricing.Family member left phone in seat. They recovered and held it for us. TYVM

Review №54


Review №55

So I found The Roxy while searching for early showings of The Force Awakens and I have not gone to another theater since. The theaters come complete with reclining seats, nice quality video and sound. Its always clean and comfortable; even when its crowded. The staff have always been pleasant too. One of my favorite parts is how that it is supported by local business. It keeps that small town feel to a growing community. To top it off, its right next to easy freeway access and a couple of quick bites to eat. I would definitely recommend this place. The only con: you cant order tickets off Fandango. But really, who cares? The people at the booth are more than ready to give you fast, friendly service with your ticket.

Review №56

Comfortable seats! Great popcorn! Free jalapenos! Overall my favorite place to go to the movies.

Review №57

Totally awesome! Seats are like recliners to die for!!Has a large drink holder & big enough table attached to recliner for snacks or even a small meal. Plenty of room for people to get in and out and walk by. The $9 matinee worth every penny. Food & drinks are waaay overpriced though, so sneak yours in =)

Review №58

Great theater. Comfy reclining seats.

Review №59

Great comfortable seating. Small theaters. Staff is very nice.

Review №60

Really nice movie theater with comfy chairs and its real roomy, typical yummy movie theater snacks. Its not cheap to see a movie anymore but if you do want to see one this is a great theater. Theres eating places within the plaza like Thai and smoothies, also Starbucks and Jack in the Box.

Review №61

Best thing is those comfortable recliner seats!!

Review №62

We like coming to the Roxy over the other place...seating is better and its closer to home. Tonight we saw Aqua man...the movie graphics are better in the movie than on the door! :)

Review №63

Great seats and sound is great but smaller stadiums and snack bar is average

Review №64

The concession stand needs an up grade but my favorite theater

Review №65

Wonderful service clean comfortable theatres

Review №66

We absolutely love our Roxy here in Camarillo. Extremely comfortable seating. GREAT service from the entire staff. Warm and welcoming! Theatres are awesome too. For a very relaxing environment The Roxy is the very BEST.

Review №67

This is a great theater. Has reclining seats, stadium seating. Usually not crowded unless its a new release that weekend.

Review №68

We are addicted to Roxy !! Their recliner seats are legendary and the theatre is in a great condition. keep up! Have not gone to any other in the vicinity in the last several years

Review №69

Reclining seats, great sound.

Review №70

Absolutely love the comfy, wide cushiony, reclining chairs they have in this theater. You can actually fall asleep in one of those chairs; so dont go in sleepy to the movie. They also have a swivel table to place your snacks on. Pretty nice . If youre in Camarillo check it out. Popcorn a little too salty for my taste, but maybe it was an off day.

Review №71

We love this family owed theater. Always clean and recliners are a plus. Best thing about this place is they host safe and sober after prom parties which is so great! Love this community committed theater.

Review №72

The theater itself is pretty old, dated snack bar, visually. The snacks are really good. They have great quality. The theater rooms are Awesome, the recliner is a great comfy addition. The screen are sharp and sound is stellar! Just needs some visual updates.

Review №73

Nice place to see a good movie.Clean and very nice people that work there. Food is somewhat prices.

Review №74

I love their seats!

Review №75

Doesnt have I max does have 3d smaller theatre but still good usually less crowded next to a few restaurants and Starbucks upfront parking goes fast but lots of parking near the side. Tuesday $5 tickets for students

Review №76

Good cinema. Seats were outstanding. Audio was good. Picture quality was good but could be better. In darker scenes, the theatre lights are too bright and you can see some of the room light reflecting off the screen. Hardly noticeable unless youre looking for it or already noticed it.

Review №77

This theater is clean, well maintained, and reasonably priced. The reclining seats and tray tables were a great bonus to the steering screen quality and amazing audio. Definitely recommend.

Review №78

Comfortable seats for a decent price!

Review №79

Super comfortable seats, almost fell asleep they were so comfy lol. Pricey drinks and candy though, I suggest you sneak your own food and drinks in.

Review №80

This theater is kept up really well and the staff are friendly.Tha recliners are simply the best.

Review №81

Comfortable seating and clean atmosphere.

Review №82

Love the seats great atmosphere friendly people good showing movies

Review №83

Love This Movie Theater !!! The Only One I Go To !!!

Review №84

Nice recliners and better ticket prices. Would be good if they support atom

Review №85

Seats recline. Nice and cool. Great snacks!

Review №86

Amazingly comfy chairs that recline nicely. Almost like you are sitting in your own personal lazy boy. Everything else is great too, except they should have healthier food options here! Just your typical crappy movie theater food that I wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pole. On the plus side, they dont appear to be sticklers about bringing your own food inside which is seriously important because otherwise I would probably never go there. Took off one star for the quality of their bathrooms...some stalls are missing purse hooks and it seems pretty outdated.

Review №87

Im so glad they offer great prices here. My husband loves the movies. They even offer senior and military discounts! We are here almost once a week.

Review №88

This place is great! Well maintained since their latest renovation. Theyve even recently increased their outside self serve kiosks to print your online tickets.Popcorn is actually popped fresh, and not ordered in a giant bag and then put into the popper and warmed. (Yeah, theaters do that to cut costs.)The kids combo is just the right amount of popcorn and tiny drink for one person if you really cant afford it but are treating yourself.Tuesday they have discount day ALL DAY, which is nice because otherwise I can not always afford to go with my friends who work daytime office jobs.

Review №89

Very homey, fun theatre. Its great!

Review №90

This theater has roomy and comfortable recliners. This means each theater has fewer seats, but there really isnt a bad seat in the house. The ticket prices are reasonable, and on Tuesdays all tickets are $6 all day! Tickets can also be purchased online for an additional dollar. The assigned seating means if you buy your tickets ahead of time you dont have to get to the theater early to get a good seat.

Review №91

Clean and comfortable seniors discount and rewards program. We go during the week and are often the only couple in the theater.

Review №92

My favorite theater, comfiest seats around! I love the built in tv tray so you can stuff your face with popcorn quite easily!

Review №93

Great place, but a little to cool in the theater, bring a coat. Sound system to loud !!

Review №94

Friendly staff and the best lounge seats in town. Fresh popcorn with flavored toppings. Tuesday $6 all day. Wednesday free popcorn. Bathroom remodel is superior and kept clean. You cant go wrong here. Great places to eat nearby. Freeway close.

Review №95

Best seats you can have as far as a movie theater they are not the best they have to be the second most comfortable ones I have sat on. They all have these lazy boy seats that have a little table on them. With the push of a button you can recline back and prop your feet up so you dont have to put your feet on top of the chair in front of you like you would in other theaters LOL. I dont know if its a coincidence or not but never has my son been able to stay seated in the movie theater but we went to go see Coco and I know he wanted to run up to the screen and get as close as possible to watch the movie but he sat there comfortably the whole time just relaxing I was really surprised but I really do think it has something to do with the seats so that ought to tell you how comfortable they are

Review №96

Great small neighborhood theater with good adult oriented movies.

Review №97

Very comfortable seats and plenty of leg room, my preferred theater in the area.

Review №98

Great customer service and very comfortable seating. It doesnt get much more comfortable than recliners.

Review №99

Great theater, bring your family and friends. Seats recline and are extremely comfortable. Ticket prices are super affordable.

Review №100

Excelent place. Very comfotable seats.

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  • Address:5001 Verdugo Way, Camarillo, CA 93012, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 805-388-0532
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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