Cabot 8 VIP Cinema
100 Cinema Blvd, Cabot, AR 72023, United States

Review №1

There is a one of large movie theater in this area. Enough space for parking and enough space for get a tickets. They have a some beverages and snacks but pretty expensive.My theater room was very sweet! Clean and large seats. Also the seat had recliners. So comfortable to watched the movie.

Review №2

Great first time experience. Loved being able to purchase tickets and concessions at the same time! Theater seating was very comfortable! We will definitely come back.

Review №3

We love the theater. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The popcorn was fresh and the theater was clean.

Review №4

Clean theater, comfortable leather reclining seating with adjustable foot rest and adjustable small tables with cup holders, nice screen size, good sound. HOT popcorn, good fointain drinks. Clean restroom. Freindly Staff.

Review №5

Comfortable seating. Friendly service.

Review №6

Seating was nice and the sound system was nice. Enjoyable experience.

Review №7

Couldn’t even get tickets after waiting for 20 minutes. Only two people working on a Saturday night. Dirty place.

Review №8

Concessions gal was great. Enjoyed the seats, everything very clean including the bathroom.

Review №9

Love coming to this theater over any other! Love the leather recliners and the staff is always awesome!!!

Review №10

Great even during the pandemic.

Review №11

Great quality seats and friendly staff.

Review №12

Nice seating comfortable and even recline. Went to watch a late show. Each seat has an ackward table permanently attached to the chair, filled with butter and grease. Could be a great experience if I didn’t have to maneuver around this gross table top. Experience overall was positive.

Review №13

Small local theater. Good prices and amenities but could definitely use some cleaning and remodeling.

Review №14

The theatre is wonderful! Clean, comfortable. Seats are relaxing and allow for maximum enjoyment of the theatre experience. Wonderful selection at the concession stand. The sound is awesome!

Review №15

Its fun to take my boy here.we both have times to remember forever think you.

Review №16

Clean facilities and very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №17

Love the seating and screens. Free popcorn seasoning is nice. Employees curtious. Little pricey but worth it I think

Review №18

Love the chairs!

Review №19

Leather seats. Stsff brought my food to me during the movie which was much appreciated. Comfy

Review №20

This is our favorite movie theater. The lines (if any) are short, we pick our own seats, the seating is very comfortable with the full recliners and our own table, the best popcorn around, the people are always nice, and the bathroom is clean! All of this in a small town, and close to home!

Review №21

Lee is an awesome guy and is a super helpful manager. Plus hes always a delight to talk to or hang out with.

Review №22

Good seating, clean theater. We took my son to a matinee and ended up having the theater to ourselves. He LOVED it. Since he has Autism, he doesnt always do well at movies, but the comfortable seats and smaller theater really made him feel safe.

Review №23

Seats fantastic. Sound great. Good hot popcorn. But bring a blanket its always too cold.

Review №24

Great theater and really appreciate them showing the Christian movies. However, $23 dollars for a movie, a bag of popcorn and a bottle of water is too expensive and the reason I rarely go.

Review №25

I had a wonderful experience at this cinema! The prices for the tickets and concessions were very reasonable. You can even get your drink on with their nice beer and wine selection. You were prompted to choose your seats so you got to guarantee the perfect spot. When you get into the theater youll find the most comfortable chairs Ive ever had at a theater! I loved the little trays too! Additionally the sound quality was awesome. Ill most definitely be back!

Review №26

The reclining chairs were great. Interesting how you have to pick you spot when you buy your ticket.

Review №27

It was great had the whole movie to our selfs on our 13 year anniversary !!!:)

Review №28

Decent movie theater that plays new releases. Food choices are limited to traditional theater snacks and plenty of fried food options. Only (3) stars because the seats my family had at the theater were dirty from a guests snacks from the earlier movie and the staff showed no interest or initiative to clean the mess before our movie started. Also, the staff wasnt very friendly when my not-so-tech-savvy father asked for help with tickets he ordered online. Been to this theater twice in ten years to see movies with family when traveling to visit them, and Ill probably keep my visits to minimal if any and wait to see movies when Im home with an Alamo Drafthouse or Santikos theater.

Review №29

Fine theater. About a dollar more expensive than other theaters if you pay at the counter, there is an additional $2 charge if you use their little kiosk thing. Theater itself was ok not spotless but not disgusting either

Review №30

Pretty good theater, good picture . Sound system could have been better, good but not really a lot bass no thunder lol

Review №31

This theater is great for my 2yr old. She couldnt sit in other movie theater seats because shes too light. Super convenient that we get to pick our seats at the time we purchase. (They also have the option to order your tickets online for people that keep complaining that the lines are too long when you dont purchase food at the concession stands). The refillable popcorn bucket is great. Weve never had any issues with this theater getting tickets, getting concessions, or getting refills during the movies.

Review №32

The seats are nice but you can see an overlap in the screen. The screen is like in 4 or 5 foot overlapped layers and you can see lines down the screen every 4 or 5 feet. I noticed it the whole time I went and watched Spiderman: Far From Home. I now drive to Little Rock to see movies at the Regal in McCain mall to see movies so that I can get a nice movie experience

Review №33

I love this place. My fiancee and I visit often.

Review №34

Not the best but not the worst.Ive never really cared for the movie going experience so perhaps my opinion is overall biased. I dont care for going here. I never have and never will. That doesnt necessarily mean its a bad place. They keep the theatre fairly clean yet it always somehow feels grungy. Their employees are typically well mannered but sometimes apathetic. The popcorn and snacks are always fresh and good. This theatre is really only at its worst busy. Their lobby and parking lot are sometimes too small to accommodate the amount of buissness brought by newer releases. You will, if you go to a day one release, end up in a crowded and noisy mess. So maybe avoid opening nights if you are claustrophobic.All in all there are better theatres in AR but the closest ones are half an hour away.

Review №35

Staff were nice, theatre clean and reclining seats were comfortable.

Review №36

There was not a lot of people packing it, but it was a matinee showing on a Friday. Food is the usual over priced fare, but the popcorn was light, crunchy and salty, so big thumbs up there. Small lobby, and a little disorganized/confusing who I was supposed to show my tickets to. Theater seating was superb. Large leather power recliners with attached tray. Screen had 2 visible seams and I could clearly hear the theater next to mine in quiet moments. Felt over priced at $11 matinee prices.

Review №37

Nice local theater, would like larger 3D screens though.

Review №38

I would have given it 5 stars but they dont notify you if the switch theaters on you

Review №39

Love the remodeling, comfy seats and great customer service!

Review №40

Love the new reclining seats they added. Much more comfortable than the old seats they had.

Review №41

Food was good! The seats are very comfortable.

Review №42

The new seats are very comfy! Watched Jumanji 2

Review №43

A++ movie theater. They have really comfortable reclining chairs. The picture is crisp and the speakers arent destroying your ears like at other theaters.

Review №44

Great seats has a table recline very nice

Review №45

Free popcorn for a small fee on the 2020 buckets not the 2019. There is no free popcorn. After getting the buckets for the past two years for the refills and this is the first time that I am told refill will be $4 and change to refill your popcorn bucket. Ill stay at home thank you. I know its just popcorn but it the principal, miss leading.

Review №46

Grouchy old guy runs it. Its clean and has good seats and screens. Just didnt feel appreciated or welcome even. Been driving to conway to movies....

Review №47

My first time to your movie theater, had a great time with me and my lady. Nice place, great movies, great atmosphere. Will watch movies here again! Escape room was awesome!

Review №48

The actual theaters themselves are great. Reclining leather seats and a layout that makes every seat in the room a pretty good seats. Thats a rare quality. Sound system is good but not the best Ive ever experienced. The lobby and Halls are a bit run down in appearance which sort of steals from the magic of going to the movies. The parking is too small for the demand if its a popular opening night. I dont really do concessions because they are ridiculously marked up but the amount of space is insufficient for lines to form if it is busy and not well structured so a bit chaotic. But for me most of the weight is on the theater rooms themselves, and those are pretty top notch.

Review №49

Watched toy story 4 and it was awesome bought my tickets online and when buying snacks they were fast we had no issues. The theater was as quiet as it can be with half of it being kids but with the big chairs it was really nice and fun.

Review №50

Small and quiet. Very comfortable and never over crowded. Feels like watching a movie at home but with a big screen.

Review №51

Theater was very clean and the recliners were so comfy. I will definitely be going back.

Review №52

Best seats in any movie theater. Leather recliners and a table to hold your goodies. This is the only theater to go to! Great service and awesome food!

Review №53

Very clean. Very friendly. Great screen and sound quality

Review №54

Great seats and nice staff

Review №55

Super good place to have a date.

Review №56

Comfy recliner seats with tray, OK light liquor choices and of course super expensive theater food.

Review №57

Outstanding seating. Recliner chairs. We went to view the Lion King. Everything was great.

Review №58

Other theaters are nicer and support modern features like Fandango ticketing (this theater is neither nice or modern). This place is way overpriced for what it is offering (and for what it isnt offering). There is no nearby competition so this place is just price gouging.Edit: I also had to listen to some high pitched squeal from somewhere within the theater for the last 6 minutes of Bumblebee .

Review №59

Prices are reasonable, especially if you get their popcorn bucket that is good all year and can be refilled for only $4. The new seats are comfortable and make enjoying the movie so much better.

Review №60

Is a small theater but dont let that fool you: they have the best seats ever!!!.Leather and they have a button so you can relax your legs.They have a small room wih arcades.Restrooms are clean.

Review №61

Concession prices are RIDICULOUS but thats not new however, the upgrades to the theaters are awesome...reclining seats a tray for food and drinks.... need prices for everything other than the movies to come down drastically for 5 stars!!!!!

Review №62

We love this theater. The seats recline and the individual tables are perfect. We go most every friday for a movie date and we drive 30 minutes to go to this one! Only complaint is that it is very cold in there.

Review №63

Always have an enjoyable time relaxing and watching a movie, love the reclinable chairs.

Review №64

Love feeling So at home. Comfortable seating and the team member are excellent here... my go to with my family.

Review №65

Besides the prices being a little steep, the experience was great not many people in theaters so u get good seats. The theater was clean and comfortable, chairs have little pull over tables for your food and the chairs also reclined and have cupholders as well.

Review №66

Very friendly staff and clean theaters. Down to earth environment and causal.

Review №67

Moved here 4 years ago and was not very impressed but in the last for years the owner has put back money into his theaters... Nice upgrades, cares about their business, and takes pride being part of the local community!

Review №68

This theater has made huge strides forward in the last 2 years. The seats are now those awesome reclining type that are assigned so no more struggling to find a seat. The place is clean and smells nice (this too is a big improvement over 2 years ago).Somehow, even the Popcorn tastes better, not sure what they changed, but it really does.I used to drive to Little Rock to go to the movies, but no longer. I now stay local and am loving it.Have watched my last 3 movies right here in Cabot and will keep going back. Great job guys, keep up the fantastic work.

Review №69

They upgraded their equipment and chairs from last time I was there. The prices have gone up but its worth it. Good snack selection, you can book specific seats online, and the new seats are fully reclining.

Review №70

Great service. Comfy seats. Very clean. Ive never had a problem going here. Definitely reccomend

Review №71

Good managment, ticket price was fair.

Review №72

The service and workers were very polite! The cinema itself has very nice and comfortable chairs, and the popcorn is lovely!

Review №73

Good theater it has electric reclining seats and people will bring you food that your order. Although i didnt like that they make you pick which seat you want to sit in before you go into the movie, but then no one is there or there is no system to make sure people actually sit in the seats that they picked out.

Review №74

I would love to give it 5 stars since the remodel but what happened to the movie previews? That was half the experience. Staff is friendly and helpful but all the previews seem to have been replaced with local ads and commercials.

Review №75

They have been renovating and it made a big difference. They now have the reclining seats, which is awesome! Its a lot closer to home for my family and they have a great deal on their popcorn. I only wish they had the walls separating the rows like the theatre in LR.

Review №76

Loving the new recliners. People are very friendly . FYI....if you have not seen The Hate U Give, please do so. Best movie we have seen in years.

Review №77

The new seating is awesome, however they really need to separate the ticket and concession stand lines. Not sure why they think combining these are a good idea?

Review №78

Nice place to watch a movie.

Review №79

Love this theater!! They replaced all of the seats with very comfortable motorized recliners with with a table for holding your popcorn and snacks. A change of indoor paint color and an outdoor bicycle rack would be great!

Review №80

Great movie, nice facility and friendly staff.

Review №81

Extremely clean. Lots of smiles!

Review №82

Great service with descent pricing for food.

Review №83

Great time spent with my girls

Review №84

Love the new VIP section with the recliners to watch movie. But its way over crowded in the ticket and concession area. They need a separate line for ticket purchase and a line for concession orders. And maybe a separate employee or 2 to fill concession orders in order to keep line moving better and more efficiently.

Review №85

A great place to take your kids enjoy a movie . I love its clean and sanitize !

Review №86

Its my local theatre. I go every week because its convenient they play most first run movies. Most days its run competently. Only when the teenagers are left unsupervised is it not a good experience but thats not very often. They have recently renovated the seats and the menu. Its a decent experience for local theatre

Review №87

Aswome seats great service

Review №88

Great location great place down town. Restrooms were clean. Place was very clean and well kept. Hot food and cold drinks. All the employees were very nice and friendly, very helpful and happy. Comfortable chairs. Sound was really nice. Picture was very nice as well. Would recommend the local movie theater to any of my friends. Sometimes there’s no need to drive to the big city to watch a movie. This place has everything you need.

Review №89

Went to see Toy Story 4, good movie.

Review №90

Boyfriend, his sister, and I were the only ones watching a movie and were late. The manager started the movie over for us. So that was pretty legit.

Review №91

I was pleasantly surprised by my last visit to the Cabot cinema. They have revitalized the inside with reclining seats and tons of walking room. It was so nice for our family. We will definitely be back!

Review №92

The new recliner seats are AmaZinG! Flavor your popcorn yourself is great.

Review №93

Very comfortable recliner chairs with small table, very cool temp wise and the staff was friendly

Review №94

Love recliner chairs.

Review №95

Definitely has improved from a couple years ago just saw endgame in 3D and it was very good picture

Review №96

Very friendly and comfortable chairs

Review №97

This theater is LEGIT! The new renovation makes this place top notch. For the first time in years, I watched a movie here the other night and wow! This place has reclining seats with your own mini table on your chair. Excellent movie experience but 4 stars because it the popcorn and drinks are Soo expensive. Overall, I 100% recommend this place, just make sure dont go hungry or you will leave with your wallet hungry.

Review №98

Loved the Adams Family movie

Review №99

Really good. Havent been disappointed by the staff and the place is pretty clean. They have reclining seats now too so thats cool

Review №100

Love the reclining seats and the trays a couple of the seats were broken and would not set all the way up and the trays need it to be wiped, Matinee for children should be cheaper than adults, but other than that the sound quality and screen quality were outstanding.

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  • Address:100 Cinema Blvd, Cabot, AR 72023, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 501-843-7469
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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