Southeast Cinemas Alamance Crossing Stadium 16
1090 Piper Ln, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Review №1

Amazing theater with free popcorn refills when covid ends very good movies and comfortable seating with reclining seats made of leather would go again 100 percent

Review №2

Good but a family fully didnt understand the sitting chart so my son and I moved so they could sit together. I shouldnt have to but over all the movie was wonderful.

Review №3

They are following Covid-19 guidelines which was a great plus for me. I wouldnt have gone or even stayed had they not. I love the fact that their seats recline for comfort. Clean theater. Snack selection is good and my daughter liked the mini donuts.

Review №4

Felt very safe watching a movie here today during Covid. Very clean and all safety precautions were taken. Kudos to the manager and staff!

Review №5

Great experience with reclining seats!! Love it

Review №6

Good safe location, good selection of movies. Usually police on hand in case of problems. Governor Cooper needs to open up the theaters. Its ridiculous now at this point. Lets get on with life.

Review №7

Only movie theatre in Burlington located in the the ritzy Alamance crossing shopping center it’s nice if not a little aging!

Review №8

Nice recliner seats, but narrower than other places.

Review №9

We always love this theater. I think I like having assigned seating too... Just know that there IS assigned seating at this theater. They usually have a nice variety of movies to choose from but WOW... The PRICES are sometimes OUTRAGEOUS. Large popcorn and 2 medium drinks was 15.00!! Thats NOT even for the BUCKET of popcorn!!

Review №10

Good service and had a blast with the older movies this week.

Review №11

Most comfortable and enjoyable theater around. The surround sound system is great and the reclining chairs...ooh my! We have enjoyed many movies here with our staff and have been fortunate to get know many of the team members through the years. Management does a fantastic job at ensuring everything is clean and runs smoothly! Can’t say enough good things about this theater and the people who make the experience there extra special! Thanks to David, Bill and the many others there running things!

Review №12

Very clean. Very nice employees and the seats are great. Leather recliners. Very roomy and comfy. I dont know about all their snacks and stuff at snack bar but their popcorn is very Good. They also have a side bar that lets you add several extras to your popcorn if you want. They also have matinee prices and senior citizen prices that are really good. Love this place.

Review №13

Great place to watch a movie

Review №14

Arrived with only ten minutes to spare before showtime, plenty of time to spare. Outside ticket booth closed. Sign says get tickets inside at counter. Plenty of time. Go inside, concession lines are also the ticket line. After standing in line for 10 minuets I ask the person who is obviously the manager, because she is standing there doing nothing. Dont you have a separate line for people that just want tickets for movies starting right now, that do not want any food or drink. NO she said and went and refilled her diet soda as it was getting low. AWESOME attitude. Merry Christmas,

Review №15

It’s a decent theater. I went on a Thursday evening, so it was pretty empty. It took me a while to figure out where to purchase tickets, since all of the ticket windows were closed. The seats recline, but not as far as other theaters seats do. The drink machines are self serve. It’s also a bit of a walk in from the parking lot, due to the orientation of the building.

Review №16

The only movie theatre I ever go to. Those reclining seats are the best! I love having my seat reserved so I am not trying to seat myself with my crew. We are already together. I also went one day when a person was very disruptive and I received 2 free movie passes for the inconvenience! Awesome customer service.

Review №17

Decide to see good boys today. Staff team was more than professional it also very polite during the interactions.The movie theater was very clean along with the leather chairs that could reclined made the experience even more enjoyable.Sadly I dont give credit to the bathrooms because they were dirty. but that does not take away from the experience that you will have when you enter their theaters.

Review №18

A lot of steps to sign in and get an account. I guess it’s the new times and ways to do stuff! I have been before, and loved my experience. Every seat is a good seat. I love that! Also love the recliners. Someone does a great job keeping the theatre clean! THANK YOU FOR THAT! ️

Review №19

I understand when a movie sells out. But they have seats in the very front that they should be ashamed they installed just to make extra money. Looking so straight up you will seriously have neck problems.

Review №20

Nice movie theater. No complaints other than trying to find seat number. Is the number for the seat on the left or the right.... oh and some numbers are worn off so good luck figuring it out.

Review №21

Very nice place. VERY comfortable seating ALMOST too comfortable...I may need to be a little uncomfortable to stay awake during a 3 hour movie. Plenty of space to avoid the claustrophobic feeling and super clean like they called Merry Maids to come clean in between movies. Fantastic job!

Review №22

The place looks remodeled. Its really nice. The seats are comfortable and you can reserve your seats online. Ive never had issues. This is the theater I go to all the time and its usually less of a crowd as long as its not an MCU release. Concessions are really good.

Review №23

We love this theater! We drive from Hillsborough to see movies here. Decent prices and super comfy reclining chairs.

Review №24

Every since I was a kid I have always enjoyed coming here to enjoy great movies. The staff are welcoming and are respectful. I have a lot of great memories and experiences in this place and I plan on having more!

Review №25

I absolutely love this theater. It is always clean and welcoming. The staffs always friendly. The price of a bottle of water is ridiculous but, I will forever go there.

Review №26

Movie great! Seats comfortable! Ticket booth guy awesome. Staff inside dead no life and not a smile behind the counter. Need to invest in central air for the theater.. Even ceiling fans would help.

Review №27

The staff was courteous. Large recliner seats are wonderful. The ticket booth was closed for a 5:40 movie so tickets had to be purchased at concessions. When previews began playing there was no sound through most of them. I happen to like previews so I was disappointed. Since no one in the theater could enjoy the previews I called the office on my phone from my seat and reported the problem. They said they were trying to fix the problem.

Review №28

Recently went to see the Elton John movie called Rocket Man. We reserved our recliners in the theater. The seats were so comfortable with lots of legroom. You could put your feet up and relax, just like at home. There were plenty of popcorn and candy. Fantastic theater with a large variety of current movies to choose from.

Review №29

Saw a good movie this afternoon, would recommend anyone to go see Little Women.

Review №30

Really nice facility and comfortable seating. Staff wasnt the best though.

Review №31

Very clean theater. They have updated the facility and you have nice big reclining seats with cup holders on either side. I had a very pleasant movie experience here.

Review №32

Best theater ever!

Review №33

First time here, we loved the reclining seats, we saw Godzilla. We will return again, we live in the connecting city of Greensboro just wanted to try a different theater. Service was good as well.

Review №34

Good place to go watch a movie, they have reclining seats

Review №35

Great place friendly atmosphere

Review №36

Awesome, the lounge chairs make any movie a breeze. A bonus was no issues with my service animal.

Review №37

Seats r AMAZING popcorn fresh feet didnt stick to floor staff good easy in & out

Review №38

Saw it part two me and my buddy loved. Reclining seats kick a$$

Review №39

Great theater! Awesome renovation!

Review №40

Wow! What a movie theater. I love the new renovations. I used to go to the $2 theater but didnt quite feel safe. Its worth the $10 a person fee. Very comfortable chairs and security on the weekend really helps out. I refer to this theater as the Cadillac and that is a good thing

Review №41

Great seats and very relaxing. Its kinda pricey but you pay for the quality of the seats and snacks. Every seat is a recliner. Dont fall asleep, its very easy to do.

Review №42

Alamance Crossing cinemas have come a long way since they started with reserved seating and lounge chairs that make the cinema experience quite enjoyable. Kudos to the management and staff. Now if theyd only get some better menu items.

Review №43

Incredible theater! I have to say the seats and the experience overall is amazing. They did a fantastic job on the redesign

Review №44

Very clean, staff very helpful, overall great experience.

Review №45

Clean and refreshing. Like all theaters its expensive.

Review №46

Prices are decent for movie. Food is not worth it. Wife and I plus two kids $38. Kids each got a candy and water...$14 . They charged for water. Crazy. Gave two stars for comfort of the seats, thats about all this place has going for it.

Review №47

Overcomer-the movie was awesome! Atmosphere great...loved the recliner to sit in...felt homelike...refreshment counter quick and efficient...If you havent thought about seeing a movie this place will change your mind...Overcomer had so many life lessons for all of us...

Review №48

Always have good experiences with my grdchildren!

Review №49

Love the reclining chairs. Missed part of the movie though cause I was so comfortable I feel asleep. Hahahahaha.

Review №50

The atmosphere of being able to recline while watching a movie was great! We dropped something on the floor and the floor was so dirty and sticky underneath and behind the chair that it was absolutely disgusting! Great price!

Review №51

Very clean and comfy, but I got a little hot in the theater. I dont know if it was just me, or a/c wasnt low enough.

Review №52

Nice. The seats are so comfortable

Review №53

Love this place. Quick and good customer service.

Review №54

Good seating but hope they had USB ports

Review №55

Clean, with great employees from the front desk to the snack area to the ones who take your tickets.

Review №56

Close to home, clean environment. Great place to go to spend time with the family and see all the new movies. Can shop and go eat in he same area.

Review №57

The reclining seats are awesome, I had no trouble sleeping through Angry Birds 2.

Review №58

Good seating. Plenty of parking. Online reservations. Decent screens.

Review №59

Great reclining seats, glad they offer beer now, traditional movie snack menu

Review №60

Disappointed in the cleanliness of the theater and lobby. It was a busy day and the staff were obviously frustrated by that. I probably wont go back.

Review №61

Love going to movies here! They really move people through quickly and in a friendly manner.

Review №62

The renovations of the theatres has made this place awesome. All seats recline :)

Review №63

The makeover this theater got recently includes assigned seating in recliners. This alone is worth five stars!

Review №64

I would give 5 stars but this place is in serious need of renovation. However I can say each time I go its a pleasure dealing with the associates behind the counter. They are always smiling and very friendly. Also I wish every theater had seats like this theater. I would jump at the chance to go watch a chic flick with my wife because I would have the satisfaction of knowing that I can always doze off if the movie was horrible because the seats are sooo comfortable.

Review №65

I cried! The movie was so touching! Heartwarming. Overcomers

Review №66

It had been awhile since Ive been to this theater. They now do a pretty good job at online tickets and reserve seating. The new seats in . Audio levels were a bit loud for the show we just saw, but that could just be my inner old man coming through...

Review №67

Nice and clean. Pricing for food and drinks were high, but thats expected

Review №68

This place spent so much money getting new chairs that are great but skimped on the air conditioning! By the end of the movie Im covered in sweat and miserable. Its like this everytime I go!!

Review №69

Just saw Aquaman at this Theater. Great Prices on the Concession Combos. The Reclining Seats give you adequate room for enjoying the Movie Comfortably. Family Friendly Atmosphere!

Review №70

Love movies. Seating comfortable

Review №71

Nice and spacious, reserved seating. Tradeoffs-popular releases sell out sooner with the fewer more spacious seating. So go early or buy online if you expect a crowd.

Review №72

Adjustable chairs, good ambient, nice place to chill with family

Review №73

Great theater and a place to hang out with friends or family

Review №74

My friend an I love Alamance crossing, great movies prices, food prices and refills and the Great chairs

Review №75

Usually in pretty fast, so I can continue to cut it close to the showtime.

Review №76

Good movies and ok price at the matinee times.

Review №77

The movie theater was very comfortable. Yes the food prices were a bit steep but thats needless to say. My main complaint was when I went to pay for tickets to see Upside; the kiosk showed that majority of the seating was sold. You could hear people ordering tickets for other movies but the same seats Im looking at with the ticket person were being sold. As we watched the movie you could notice that half the seats were empty, so please pay attention to what youre paying for.

Review №78

Have been several times and I always enjoy it. The bathrooms are always clean and the staff is always friendly.

Review №79

The new assigned seating is different but nice if youre able to purchase in advance. Theater is clean and new reclining seats are comfortable.

Review №80

Loved the comfort of being able to sit back and lounge to watch Poppins. Excellent quality and sound. Its like being at home, except no interruptions!

Review №81

A very relaxing experience. Comfortable chairs.

Review №82

Theyve installed big uncomfortable reclining chairs, cutting the amount of seats in the theater almost in half. Then they went and started assigning seats, which is absolutely ridiculous. I demanded a refund and went to a different theater.

Review №83

Other than showing an Endgame spoiler rich Spider-Man Far From Home trailer in front of Endgame, this time here has been great.

Review №84

Update: As of January 2018. Im happy to say, Southeast Cinemas has upgraded their interior &now has self-serve soda machines! No more racing to get there before the concession stand closes. &No more walking out of the movie for a refill only to find the place empty &nobody to give you a refill you paid those big bucks for. Very happy about this new change! And all sizes are now refillable as well. Along with new reclining seats!

Review №85

Always clean. Comfy seats.

Review №86

Me and my friends night just got ruined. We decided to go to the movies after such a long day. We reserved seats to watch “us.” As we walk into the movie theatre we noticed our RESERVED seat have been taken. So, we politely asked to the manager to fix our issue. The manager was unable to give us our reserved seat for some reason?!?! My friends and I separated to sit down to watch the movie. After, 10 minutes the manager approaches me and my friend. He told us “these seats have been reserved.” “You can either seat somewhere else or leave and we will defund you your money.” I’m so upset because we drove 40 minutes away to watch “us.” Our seats were reserved and the manager did not bother to fix our issue. This movie theatre has poor communication and organization.

Review №87

Friendly staff. Clean theaters and restrooms. Always a good experience.

Review №88

A lil pricy for popcorn and drinks and ticket prices are also a lil high. But great environment!

Review №89

I enjoyed my first visit there a few days ago. Loved the movie and the theater too

Review №90

Quick and easy to get our tickets, popcorn and snacks are overpriced as any movie theater, but the cashier wouldnt let me use my Samsung Pay since they dont have a terminal and they have to swipe the cards on their pos. The seats are very comfortable, they have a motorized reclining function. Overall a good and fairly clean theater, definitely would visit again.

Review №91

I love this theater it is well priced and comfortable.

Review №92

Good popcorn. Spacious comfortable seats, clean, polite and helpful staff. Hot foods (hotdogs pretzels etc) were pretty good

Review №93

Hadnt been there for some time. They had did the upgrade to the nice seats that recline. Fair price on tickets. Enjoyed

Review №94

The only real issue i had was finding it in the maze of windy roads that comprises this megalopolis of stores. It is clean has comfy seats friendly staff.

Review №95

At this particular time, the smoke alarm wanted to go off when we went to see The EndGame, but its was because the popcorn was burning...other than that, movie was great and My FAMILY and I had a good time!

Review №96

Excellent selection of food items

Review №97

Great theater. If youre an Elon student, you can go to the SUB office for tickets to some films. They also have a good selection of early or midnight release films, but you have to get there early because it gets packed.

Review №98

Sound Quality was great. The seats were comfortable but I didnt understand why they only had a select few Reclining seats and half of them couldnt recline because of the railings! (Bad planning there guys)

Review №99

Loved new recliner stadium seating and reserved online seating.

Review №100

Always a great place to go see a movie in Burlington the Tesla superchargers are also in the parking lot so you can charge your car and enjoy a movie at the same time

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  • Address:1090 Piper Ln, Burlington, NC 27215, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-538-9900
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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