The Body Shop Gentlemens Club
1285 William St, Buffalo, NY 14206, United States

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It is one of the cleanest clubs Ive been to. Good place to hang out for drinks. Its very small though and leaves more to be desired as far as talent and venue.

Review №2

First time here yesterday very nice beautiful club inside all the staff was very friendly all the women were gorgeous beautiful I didnt take anybody in the back I couldnt decide which one I wanted but I really enjoyed myself and I will be back again maybe tonight.

Review №3

Amazing interior, friendly environment, variety of music. Lots of different types of women, all gorgeous! Definitely a couple friendly place, good drink prices. The dances range from 25-175 so everyone could afford to have fun! The 175$ champagne room is really nice its a 30 minute dance with a gorgeous woman of your choice, private room with door closed! Come in and check it out, you wont regret it!

Review №4

I visited Saturday night had a blast. I plan on going back for more.

Review №5

An amazing place to hang out. The women that work here are truly awesome. Masters of the craft. Stage work is phenomenal, they do not disappoint.

Review №6

I really love this club I go here all the time. I think that if I had to actually live in a shelter I would live at THE BODY SHOP. The staff treat me well and the strippers treat me better. All in all, five stars.

Review №7

The body shop is awesome!Manger Jeff is cool. Staff is great and lots of pretty girls!

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Review №9

I went to this one after another strip club while throwing a bachelor party. The Body Shop was a joke. It was near the end of the might but there were some women maybe 6 or 7 on a Saturday so not terrible. They come right up to you which is nice but theyre hard on pressing for the money. I within 5 minutes of being there was going back for a few songs for a private dance. No one seemed to be earning their money but mine was terrible. Fully clothed for half of the time wearing basically a one piece swim suit. Talking to her friends doing nothing for most of it as well. She acted the whole time like she didnt even want to be there. Afterwards she asked for a tip and kept asking until I gave her one. A bad experience really. I wont go back, also the beer was overpriced.

Review №10

I really tried to brush off the negative reviews and see for myself what this place was really about. Soon as I walked in I see why they had bad reviews. No dancers on stage, and there were only maybe 3 total girls to begin with on a Saturday Night! Poor choice of music and it was rather smaller than I expected. I stayed for 40 minutes only to see if the action would pick up. It never did.. Im easy to satisfy and Im not picky at all. That being said... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS PLACE.

Review №11

Worst bar i ever been to. They always force you to buy drinks and some of the dancers smelt like they havent took showers

Review №12

Clean club and beautiful ladies. Had a hot and sexy time with my husband last Friday night. :)

Review №13

Went in to audition there were zero girls there or even in the dressing room. My performance was fine and was even tipped by all of the customers. When I finished my set was told there’s “too many girls”, but not one showed up for work and the business was already opened for over two hours. Overall place is shady, didn’t ID me prior to audition, or even ask me my real name or age.

Review №14

Absolute joke. 3rd time here. 1 dancer. Most I saw on a shift was 4. Dont waste your time unless you are homeless and sleep nearby. Seriously the worst. Every positive review here must have been posted by an employee

Review №15

The body shop is the friendliest, cleanest and most polished gentlemens club in buffalo. reasonable drink prices, a lovely selection of girls & an upbeat, rock n roll vibe. not to mention the monthly events they hold at the club including car shows & live bands. if you havent come out to this gem yet, I highly suggest you do!

Review №16

Lots of fun and very nice people here. Will definitely be back!

Review №17

Love this place! My boyfriend and I went for the first time here and had a great experience! Dancers were cute,sexy,and the staff is amazing! Definitely coming back!

Review №18

It was a great place.the dancers were beautiful. They were friendly and nice. The waitresses were nice. I love the place

Review №19

My girl and I went to the club to audition and the manager was rude and very disrespectful nothing but swearing and being rude because we were taking to long to take our clothes off to get ready. If he treats his girls like that I can only imagine how he treats his costumers. I DO NOT recommend anyone going to this club.

Review №20

The bodyshop is amazing and whoever had anything bad to say must don’t know how to party they have new amazing girls there they also play more varieties of music from the last time I’ve been they have nice featured guests

Review №21

I was in buffalo and stopped by at this place on a Friday night. Decent size parking lot with an attendant, walked in with 20$ special admission which gets you entry free drink and 1 dance. It was not crowded and shocked to see the dancer quality they are all between 5-6 and some are less than 5. Their bartender is ugly looks like she is just out of a rehab or something. This place will not survive long if they dont hire some good looking dancers. Im not going back again. My two cents

Review №22

So went in with the intent to spend money. The overall customers seemed like an ok group. The variety of girls was ok. I wished there was a larger choice more variety. Music is eh, sadly its not like upbeat party type club. The music is just rock and like pop also some old school r&b. Not even some top 40s r&b or hip hop stuff people follow and like. What sells in buffalo is a good mix of it all. When you get rid of one group of clients you miss out on customers who spend. Kinda like myself. Ive come about 4 times sense open. I hope it picks up its a beautiful bar! -M best wishes

Review №23

Had an amazing dance with a smoking hot brunette!

Review №24

Drop dead gorgeous ladies amazing staff great unique door deals .......Hell they also do car shows in the summer cleanest club around and the friday night dj is the man he kept the club rockin all night

Review №25

Too long to get the girls on stage sometimes you dont have enough at all need to hire more girls fall different colors not just one kind

Review №26

I personally think this place is awesome manly pimples on any girls butts or tattooed chicks and friendly staff A+ in my book

Review №27

DO NOT PASS THIS PLACE!!!!Honestly. Ive been to alot of gentlemans clubs over the years, and this one is it. It didnt open too long ago, but man, is it off to a great start. Went there for my cousins stag party, and they treated us like kings, sat us toward the front, im pretty sure we met the owner at the door (who is a very open, friendly, and respectable man, who is very involved and takes his business seriously)the place is sparkling clean, the lighting is amazing, the ladies here are sooo friendly and HOT, HOT, HOT. Even the emcee was funny. Even the fellow customers add to the whole experience. Im defenitly coming back, and so are my friends(who have had, over all, unpleasant experieces elsewhere). We love you all, And await our next visit!

Review №28

One of the cleanest clubs I been to great deals n the girls were great def going back

Review №29

Called on the phone after I went in and saw the whole place empty after 15 minutes, he answered the phone trying to sound busy but the music was just too loud. I asked questions like how much and when do the dancers start and the owner gave off a sarcastic attitude like they are not like other clubs. So why are they just basically a bar??? TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

Review №30

I will not go there again I wasted my time there there was no stripper dancing on stage, drinks are very expensive there is no food .I dont recommended going there.

Review №31

This place takes money away from the dancers when they do dances they do them for free do not goto this club

Review №32

I havent been to it. I hear its the worst. Save your money. Why spend on girls especially if you are up in age.

Review №33

Tones of Illegal activity under age drinking the drugs dancers never get on stage waste of money but the bartenders are nice (: I feel bad for them tho since the manager is perv he doesnt even have the girls in pasties!

Review №34

I never went, but it heard it was fabulous

Review №35

Love itttt!!!

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  • Address:1285 William St, Buffalo, NY 14206, United States
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  • Phone:+1 716-855-1950
  • Adult entertainment club
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