Glynn Place Cinemas
400 Mall Blvd, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

Review №1

Great place to go. Saw Monsters Inc. Awesome movie. Stafe was friendly as well.

Review №2

Jumanji my grandson new favorite movie! But we got to come back to see Sonic

Review №3

The cinema has plenty parking spaces. It is clean inside the staff were very pleasant and helpful. You can either get tickets at the kiosk or go to the desk and get tickets. The bathrooms were very pleasantly cleaned. The movie seats are comfortable enough. Aisles are easily navigated.

Review №4

Could be cleaner with an intelligible staff that is more interested in being positive rather than whatever other reason compelled them to leave home for work. Not my opinion. Just go there and try to have a good time at least three times. Youll establish a pattern and realize theres another theater you can enjoy in this county on the island.

Review №5

Empty, but great its open.

Review №6

It was great. The movies are cool and really fun and i love the seats in the blue room

Review №7

I enjoyed the the movie, and the snacks.It a nice place to come and be entertained for awhile. But the snacks can be a little pricey, So I say feed the kids before you come. Lol

Review №8

Great place to take in a movie but the young girls were giving there friends discounts when we visited at the night time. An these young guys came in an out where my grandkids an I were sitting talking on there cell phones an just being disruptive. Plus some one tried to break into my car an I had to make a police report. Lets put it this way I will only visit in the daylight hours if I even visit again.

Review №9

Home away from, attend weekly. Great date nite location, that satisfy both viewing and snacking needs. Comfortable facility with polite staff. Arrive early because it is the place to be.

Review №10

Very nice theater with good popcorn. We enjoyed ourselves. Very clean bathrooms.

Review №11

The GTX theatre is the best hands down. Very comfortable seating reasonably priced also!!!! Bad boys for life a must see!!

Review №12

Nice theater. Not a lot of traffic. Loved it.

Review №13

Been here many times and cant say anything bad about it. It would be better if they had a bigger selection of fountain drinks

Review №14

I love to go the movies but now that they have the reserve seating policy. I no longer go. I notice when reading these reviews that the owner only response to the positive reviews.

Review №15

Really nice, clean theater. I wish they served beer, though.

Review №16

The movie theater seats and floors were not cleaned..Also the Glynn Place mall theater is very under staff and the Sr staff very unprofessional

Review №17

Up to date clean theater with friendly staff. Convenient location. This is where I always go to watch movies.

Review №18

The ticket machine didn’t print my second ticket for my grandson so at the candy counter the sales person ran my card again to get the ticket but I was charged for 3 tickets when it should have been only 2. The theatre owes me $ do I get my money back?

Review №19

Great place to take the lady on a date. Clean theaters and great selection of movies. Not to pricey in my opinion

Review №20

Dont know if it was a bad night or not absolutely terrible service every employee we encountered acted like they were miserable and doing us a favor taking our money... Not a very pleasant Movie experience

Review №21

The theaters are always clean and the staff is friendly. Its one of my favorite places to go to watch movies.

Review №22

The employees was very friendly and nice. Movie was great.

Review №23

Floors are STICKY and bathroom was dirty

Review №24

Clean new theater and staff are friendly.

Review №25

If you want to go to a place to be ignored by staff that is unprofessional and rude this is your place. Best part is the people who were the worst were the ones who appeared to be management. Nothing better then looking for help and having 2 managers within 2 feet of you gossiping only to blow u off until someone else comes over to help. GTC is a solid company they should be concerned by this...

Review №26

Well, thanks for caring. I love it there, especially since 5he gtx was added. I cannot use the older theatres now. Im 67 almost 300 and I need room so the gtx is the way to go for people like me

Review №27

I went last night to watch Knives Out and paid for our tickets online and had done the reserved seating because I cant walk up and down stairs in the dark. Our reserved seating was taken when we got there. Does management reserve the seats or how does this work because that really put me in a bad mood!

Review №28

The theater was great. Just couldnt enjoy our movie bc some kids wanted to continually run around and be loud after being asked to sit down repeatedly. We just ended up leaving. Normally its an awesome experience.

Review №29

Pretty decent movie theater. Screens are much smaller then what I expected but makes sense since its in Brunswick. Other then that good place to go watch a movie

Review №30

Just for relaxing. Only Focus on movie. no more no less. Oh! one more thing, somehow they popcorns are not good at all. It wasnt crunchy... Stale! We asked for new but same as first ones. Way out I saw many popcorns in the trash cans... Other than that... It was okay

Review №31

Clean theater. Staff are professional. The food and drink prices are equivalent to highway robbery. Its almost as if the owner doesnt want to sell concessions to all of his customers. Lower your prices and you will make more money.

Review №32

Nice cinema, but hardly any business. Clean & well kept.

Review №33

Its expensive and all around its just okay as far as theaters go. The people inside were disgusting. Highly recommend you dont go here looking for an enjoyable time considering the viewers will likely be taking calls and yelling at each other. Management doesnt really enforce the silent rule

Review №34

Conveniently located. Lots of good and convenient parking as theater is on the corner. Not all theaters are laid out the same. Some run cooler during the summer. Clean theaters and rest rooms. Popcorn, candy and soda available. Kiosks available for self serve tickets. Theater entrance from outside of Mall only. Exit into Mall available.

Review №35

Clean, spacious facility. Staff could be a little more welcoming, with a smile.

Review №36

Awesome time, movie was good but not horrifying at all... I watched the nun. Popcorn was okay would have been better fresh. Was laughing my ass off watching my friend jump at every predictable jump scare so I give it 5 stars just for that. Otherwise it would get a 3.5.

Review №37

I wont hold it against the theater itself, cause ive almost always had a positive experience here but its pretty frustrating to go to get my tickets for a 12 noon showing and the theater dosent even open until the movie starts, noon. Or at least, i walked up and thr doors were still locked 10 minites before the movie started. Folks at the counter just stared at me. To reiterate...not opening the theater until the minute movies actually start playing is pretty dumb.

Review №38

This was our first time at this theater and will likely be our last. First, we bought tickets for two different movies and that had to be rung up separate for some reason. Second, the popcorn was terrible and the setup for purchasing and retrieving popcorn or soda is very odd. Third, we saw Captain Marvel in 3D, initially the screen looked off and we realized that the 3D effect wasnt working properly. My husband exited to notify staff. A few minutes later we got up and walked out because I was getting a headache and we were unable to enjoy the movie. We located the manager who offered to restart the movie as the ENTIRE theater had walked out because it was so badly out of focus. She did recalibrate the machine and restart the movie but acted like we were bothering her because we had to notify someone twice that the screening was malfunctioning. Fourth, the seats were very uncomfortable and the armrests come up but not far enough to actually allow a person to comfortably snuggle their other person.

Review №39

Needs WAY better customer service.

Review №40

I will always this place. Good selection of movies.

Review №41

I will never come back to glynn county movie theaters ever agian. You know who you are 1230 it2 gtx crew. I hope this place goes out of business, like the mall.

Review №42

Nice theater and was very accommodating to me as a disabled person. $36 for 2 tickets, 2 large drinks and a large popcorn.

Review №43

The theater was clean and the seats were comfy.

Review №44

You have a phone number... would be nice if so.eone could answer it so people can call for possible lost items instead of having to drive all the way back to ask.

Review №45

Clean, good service, but as movie going has become, $$$$$$$!!!!

Review №46

The GTX part of the theater is so very comfortable. The seats are like Lazy Boy chairs. So big compared to regular seating. And the sound quality is amazing too. I was very impressed.

Review №47

Hello this is Top with In the Bunker with Top. I’m writing this review because of the lack of leadership in your business. I purchased reserved tickets for a matinee showing at 1:30pm on Wednesday July 10th for Toy Story 4. When we arrived at the movie theater, we purchased our popcorn and made our way to our seats. To our surprise our prepaid, reserved seats were taken by the Boys and Girls Club without proper notification to us, the already paid customer. As a disabled veteran with a terminal condition it was and it is imperative to have certain seats at certain times thus the reserved seating option which we chose. The manager on duty, God bless her heart, tried to make it right by offering someone who doesn’t have a lot time another time slot, think about that for a second. Then we decided to take the show at 2:30pm after having to cancel other plans. My fiancé and business partner then asked for a some food voucher so we can have fresh popcorn upon our return. Our request was denied. There was failure in leadership and planning on your business part of this ordeal. The overall manager should have coordinated to have this particular theater and showing block off in order to accommodate the Boys and Girls Club. This means taking the offering off the website. Train your managers in conflict resolution, even though she tried her best, she did not handle the situation very well, which only angered this particular customer even more. When someone tells you their time is valuable, don’t roll your eyes, you may never know what they are going though, in this case your customer has a terminal condition. I’m sure this was not the intended outcome of either us today but here we are. Hopefully in the future you will take some of the points and integrate them in your business practices in order to mitigate your customer’s reaction and possibly not put your managers or shift leaders in this predicament again.Very RespectfullyTop

Review №48

This is a great theater they have a kiosk to purchase your tickets if you don’t wanna wait in line for concessions the only issue I really ever have is they don’t have enough people behind the concession stand there’s normally a long line

Review №49

Help should have enough intelligence to perform their jobs. Concession stand personnel barely above comotose. Sad.

Review №50

A weclomed break from the larger cinemas 12 miles away off the island in Brunswick. It sits need to Harris Teeter and has reasonable prices. If you tastes run to non blockbuster films now and then on a Sunday afternoon they have limited run independent films.

Review №51

It was a very large place with lots of empty space said no backpack aloudbut movies nice and up to date.

Review №52

Fun for a nice day out really enjoy going to the movies just wish they could get realistic on some concession prices. Little bit out there

Review №53

Black Panther is this years Must See film. My only issue was not enough cash registers opened and there should be a line for ticket holders only wanting to purchase snacks. Otherwise todays viewing was smooth sailing.

Review №54

I love the upgrade! Im glad the old theatre was kept as well.

Review №55

I give this place 3 stars because they wouldnt let me bring a bottle of water into the theaters. I understand no outside soda, but no water either?!?! Seriously? Fine, but they dont even sell bottles of water. So I cant even buy a bottle of water even if I wanted to. And they only give you these tiny cups for water. Basically, its drink soda or nothing. Besides that, its your average theater.

Review №56

Okay theater if youre stopping out of town for a quick movie showing. No reclining seats or seat reservation. Dont expect it to be one of the big movie chains, but its definitely serviceable and clean.

Review №57

Only go to the GTX theater, well worth ita

Review №58

Daughter loves the movies.

Review №59

Theater is nice, wierd staff situation though. Plenty of staff around, but nobody seemed to man the counter.

Review №60

A wonderful place to watch movies from G to R, and if you want, GTX Theatre, which is a HUGE screen to watch your movies on. Enjoy!!

Review №61

The gtx is pretty nice. The regular theaters do have a tendency to get a bit....musty sometimes. Still, we go regularely.

Review №62

The theater smells like urine and I mean strong urine. They have assigned seating with no purpose because it doesnt have the AMC experience. The seats are right and uncomfortable. They also have someone at the entry checking tickets again, which has no purpose. Assigned seating is due to items being brought to the seat. The chairs are stained. The carpet stained, and ticket prices are the same as AMC. I guess the community has no options so, if you travel here mark this off your list of great experiences.

Review №63

Love the new additions, like picking your seats. 9h and the seats in theater 1 were comfy.

Review №64

Staff and management needs additional training. Three times during my 8 or 9 trips there, lights were left fully on in the theater and I had to leave my seat to ask someone to turn them off. Management justified this by saying a customer turned them on before leaving but gave no response when I asked if staff was trained to clean the rooms and readjust lights between showings. Online email comments or phone calls to theater owners (GTC) went unanswered. Ill continue going since its closer to me than the alternative theaters and and easy way to entertain my son for a couple of hours.

Review №65

The movie froze before it even started, which was 10 minutes of that. Then you had to wait over 15 minutes for the previews. I talked to the young man to get the manager. She was too slow, so I got up to find her. Plus the movie next to it was very loud. This is not good at all !!!

Review №66

If you have a number for public use, perhaps someone should answer it in case people call about lost property, so people dont have to drive all the way back to the lovely foot smelling theater to find out if they might have lost items there. and till then this will stay a one star.

Review №67

Clean comfortabl3Good movie. Adriana. Was great.

Review №68

Typical theater for a rather high price. Regular seats with little room in the aisles.

Review №69

Pretty good family night out

Review №70

Good place nice and clean.

Review №71

Great place to catch a movie!

Review №72

Real Nice!️️️

Review №73

First of all, the movie that we watched - Captain Marvel - was fantastic, and the experience of watching it in the theater was excellent. The seats in the theater, for instance, were extremely comfortable, and the sound and video were also quite good.Of course, I guess they should be good considering how ridiculously expensive the movies are at the theater. Or at least this one was tonight. I know I dont go to that many movies in theaters, but I find it hard to believe that all theaters are this expensive. Maybe Im just an old guy pining for the good old days (though I really dont think so!), but I have been to other theaters within the last few months, and Im pretty sure they werent THIS expensive!I also had a very frustrating experience trying to pay for our tickets and concessions tonight. I leaned my phone over to the credit card machine to use Samsung Pay, and even though it worked, somebody who apparently must have been some sort of supervisor told the girl that allowed us to do it that we are not supposed to use that. When I assured her that its just like using a credit card, she was not really snotty about it, but she said her I.T. people told them they werent supposed to allow it. First of all, I find that hard to believe, but if it is true, then as I told her, they need to quit being lazy and catch up with the rest of America that can function perfectly well using Samsung Pay. I totally understand that a huge amount of the population doesnt know about Samsung Pay, and I even get being afraid of the unknown. But to be told that theyre not supposed to use it is just so backwards. As the saying goes, get with the program, people!

Review №74

This is a great movie theater. The seats are comfortable and clean. We enjoy going to this theater. Glynn Place Cinema is about an hour drive for us, but worth it.

Review №75

Theater is modern and clean. They do their best to deal with a lower class of customers to help ensure a positive experience for everyone. Most negative Google reviews are likely from that lower class being encouraged to behave. Im glad to see that the theater makes a good effort to prevent minors from seeing adult movies (apparently Hollywoods rating system and the legal system are too struck for some parents!). Keep up the good work, employee training, and law enforcement.

Review №76

It has all kinds of movies and popcorn is good

Review №77

Amazing seating great staff big theater great gtx movies

Review №78

Nice cinema. Need to update the old part but overall a good cinema to take your family to.

Review №79

We love this movie theater! The employees are friendly and fast. The movie selection is always good and the summer movie program is great!

Review №80

A great reasonable place to spend the afternoon.

Review №81

Very nice establishment. The refreshments were delicious and the seats were plush and comfy not to mention the awesome sound.

Review №82

The manager, Rob Styn has poor customer service and didnt want to help resolve my sons problem altogether it wasnt costing him or Glynn Place Cinema anything. All he needed to do to assist was make a phone call to Fandango and he refused to do so. I asked if he would allow me to make the call for him to talk, reluctantly he did and Fandango refunded my sons money. I will never allow my son to patronize Glynn Place Cinema again.

Review №83

Convenient. Newer. Easy access. Fairly priced. Comfortable seating

Review №84

Small screens for a large price. I didnt feel like I got my value out of the price I paid. Went to see a movie had cold popcorn and the smallest movie screen Ive ever been to.

Review №85

The past two times I have went to this theater over the past two months, the air was out in both theater rooms. The first was on a cold day so it was not so bad, but last night on a popular movie it was so hot and so crowded it was all I could do to stay. Last year on opening night of a popular movie, the projector went out every 10 minutes the entire movie! No one was in the theater booth, and a customer would have to go retrieve a staff person every time. We did receive movie passes during that fiasco, but they seriously need to get their theater rooms fixed or do not show movies in theater rooms that are not up to par! Very disappointing!

Review №86

I hate having to wait in their long lines due to the sole ticket seller having to serve food as well.

Review №87

Very Nice! Clean! New Projectors and sound throughout most of the theater.

Review №88

Great set up for purchasing movie tickets! And they have matinee movies! They also have a GTX theater with stadium comfy seating!

Review №89

I am from out of town and today happened to choose visiting your theater at tge Glynn Place mall. My 1w year old daughter was carrying her purse that happens to be carried on her back for her money and female hygen priducts. We where told by both your door peraon and manager that it was not allowed in. And that i would have to put it in the car. This is completly disrespectful! Your theater made my daughter feel ashamed because your manager said she would have to carry things in because the purse was not allowed at all and rudly. And being we are on Vacation i stated i did not want to have a purse or anything in my car not knowing the area and ever your staff who look shady. Can break into my car. And asked your mannager if it was would ahe be covering the cost of damage to my car due to them making us but tge bag in the car making it tempting for theifs and again rudly was told no. I work in the customer care and entertainment business and the treatment that we recived from your staff and especially your mannager who would only identify herself as Morgan, was anything but professional and very discriminatory. I will allso be posting this review on Google, Trip Advisor, and anything else i can think of so that other do kot have to go through this. Poor business. I also attempted to call your courprate office and speak to a live peraon and only go machines durring your posted office hours. Worst theater experience.

Review №90

Overall great place. They were busy but the lines moved quickly with a friendly staff.

Review №91

Love the new GTX theater. So comfortable to sit and watch a movie. Some of the other theater seats have been updated so they are comfortable as well.

Review №92

Very friendly staff, very clean theaters, and great concessions

Review №93

This is the best theatre I have ever been to. Its clean. Rob the manager does an awesome job making sure customers are happy and his staff seems to really enjoy working there. We love the GTX seating! Plus its a nice feeling of security knowing that the Glynn County Police Department is in the lobby for our safety.

Review №94

Bought reserve seat tickets thru Fandango. Got to theater and power was out. Theater wouldnt refund our money and neither would Fandango. Theater gave us tickets for another show. The problem is in order to get a good seat you either have to reserve on line or go to the theater hours early to pick out your seat. On another day I dropped my empty cup face down on the floor. Yes I am a klutz. Traded it out for a new one. My husband watched as the Manager waited for me to turn the corner and put my dirty cup back in the sleeve. That doesnt seem sanitary.

Review №95

Awesome experience w/family! Everyone was great. Even felt safe as the GCPD is there late night.

Review №96

Food and drinks are over priced. They left the lights on for the whole movie and seemed to have great on not sure if Ill come back at all

Review №97

Enjoy every time i go. Nice and courteous employees

Review №98

I liked my experience at the Glynn Plaza Theater because there was no long lines to stand in and the staff was helpful and friendly.

Review №99

The employees really need to get better attitudes

Review №100

Very clean place. I love the new look. When ever me and the wife visit Glynn County.We stop by the movie theater. The best tasting popcorn!We live in Macon, Georgia .Semper Fi!

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  • Address:400 Mall Blvd, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 912-265-7600
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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