Get Air Trampoline Park
2940 Boca Chica Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78521, United States

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This is a great place. Prices are fair and the service is great unlike other trampoline parks. Kids and adults have a lot of fun.The place is big so you dont feel crowded like other places around the valley. My kid has so much fun here its hard not to bring him by. Keep up the good work. Have fun.

Review №2

Great place for the whole family. The reason I’m giving a low score is lately this place has been filthy. The staff is lacking in customer service and in clean up. The AC is on 89 which is way to hot. Food is everywhere, trash cans overflowing, bathrooms disgusting and so on. Employees talking and texting while working on the floor. I am canceling my membership until this place gets better.

Review №3

Place is good for any time in the day. Prices are fair and good for kids. I would have gave it a better score but the workers slack off all the time and dont care about what you do. But still a good place to go..Go at night, it is fire

Review №4

Fun place for all the family

Review №5

It was my 1st time came from Houston to visit my 3 boys. HADES, BANE & ROBYN We all had a blast...and it felt like more than just 1hr of fun...

Review №6

So much fun. Its great for quality time with your kids.

Review №7

Great place for the kids. my daughter loves it there and the staff is friendly

Review №8

Its a really nice place for kids to enjoy themselves only downfall their is no food.

Review №9

This is a fun place to jump and have fun with friends and family. Get air makes a great place for kids parties, you can truly see happiness in every kids face .

Review №10

Its really fun especially when I have a party or go with friends/family.

Review №11

Was not a good experience do to the fact they RAN OUT OF SOCKS! We jumped with regular socks on but it isnt the same and could cause injuries.

Review №12

Super hot, AC was not working at all, everyone sweating. They could at least put fans. Only a few machines for snacks work. Whomever is in charge of this establishment should make sure the facilities work and air conditioned.

Review №13

10$ bucks per kid, 12$ if you didnt bring your own socks. Exercise for the kids: PRICELESS

Review №14

Girl at the counter was not friendly or helpful..Kids did enjoy playing at this location..

Review №15

Went yesterday with my little family and we definitely had so much fun! My husband and I jumped so much with our 2 year old. My 2 yr old jumped non-stop for 2hrs and weared himself out. Its a great place for kids, and parents. Would definitely recommend to other family and friends.

Review №16

Good place. It has a large area to jump. If your kids are into other things theyll have e ough with 30 min to an 1hr.

Review №17

Good place for the kids, but they need to sell food plus they need to add more RTUS the place is real hot.

Review №18

Great place for friends and family definitely awsome

Review №19

This place is awesome. I thought that my husband and I were just going to make a sacrifice for my 7 children, but my husband and I had a blast!!! We are not in shape at all, but we had a fun workout. The kids had a wonderful time! We will definitely be back.Parents, you have to try it with the kids, it is so much fun, and your kids will not forget the time u spend with them having fun together.

Review №20

Its good for what it is- lots of trampolines and a variety of ways to play. Usually we go for toddler time, but the last visit the referee kept blowing his whistle at my 5 year old and her friend for minor issues (stacking foam blocks, climbing up the ramp trampolines, swinging on their stomachs on the swings) all stuff theyve been doing for the past year, but this kid with a whistle was tripping on his authority and now the 5 year olds dont want to go back. But up till then- no problems.And during this visit- kids definitely older and taller than the toddler time guidelines were let in, grown men were jumping flips, and older kids were jumping with their water which was spilling out on the trampolines. But he just focused on the 5 year olds playing in a corner

Review №21

Such a great place my kids love it! They have an area safe to jump for my toddler!

Review №22

Kids have fun and burn a lot of calories.

Review №23

I Came here for a birthday party, I had a blast! I want to come here again!

Review №24

One of the BEST experiences with the family...great prices

Review №25

The family had a blast! Great place to burn some energy. The staff was very friendly. You would think my kids knew the staff the way they interacted. We will keep coming back.

Review №26

Great place for family good pizza to

Review №27

Super fun, kids and parents get a work out!!!

Review №28

Great atmosphere, kids had a blast!

Review №29

Dont know why this evening, this business was open!!!!The air conditioning was NOT working!!! Attended a party and the place was terribly HOTTTTT for everyone!!! People were sweating kids and adults just sitting there. Smh, in my opinion someone has to go do an inspection at this cant really blame the keeping up with the heat at 8pm? Party was from 8pm to 11pm ...thanks

Review №30

Great place especially to get out of the heat. We hadn’t been here in about 6 months and we realized immediately how clean it was. Even the restrooms were clean and smelled good. The kids jumped for two hours. Only thing missing is food. You can get snacks from the vending machines but overall it was a great time.

Review №31

Not bad, they seem to have gone a lityle down hill. few of the areas in the back were missing the foam cubes

Review №32

My son and grandkids have so much fun and the price is affordable

Review №33

Levis party was a great success. Everyone had loads of fun.

Review №34

I would like to make a complaint about Get Air located in Brownsville, Texas. The first thing we notice when we get there is that it’s really hot and the employees are sweating like crazy. If that wasn’t bad enough, they inform us that there’s no sock to jump. Shouldn’t this be handled by the manager ? And last but not least the water fountains don’t even work . It’s 100 degrees outside & it’s probably the same inside get air because the a/c doesn’t work. Terrible!!!Never again going!!!!

Review №35

Kids had so much fun!

Review №36

Fun place for kids and adukts

Review №37

It took Brownsville a while to open up a trampoline warehouse but it was worth the wait. Fun, spacious, designated areas. They have several small party rooms foe intimate parties. Great deals too.

Review №38

Friendly helpful staff! Excellent experience with our kids today

Review №39

Very good place to hamg out

Review №40

Always a great time and good customer service

Review №41

Love this place we had a blastI recommend this place

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Review №43

Im an adult and I had a fantastic time jumping around with my friends. Jumping into the pit of blocks is possibly the softest thing I have ever experienced. There are employers at every corner so your children will be kept safe while having a great time.

Review №44

Play the game of fun. KIDS Luv it all

Review №45

We threw a birthday party there for our niece and the kids had a great time. Staff was awesome and Jay was a great host. We will be booking another party soon.

Review №46

Great place...Our kids love it!

Review №47

Kids had fun but its too hot,

Review №48

It was fun good for the proce just not a dan of the loud music but just me

Review №49

Nice place, could have better customer service.

Review №50

They need to be a little more strict about people just going and dropping off their rowdy teens and kids. Weve gone different days at different times and a lot of the times you hardly see parents. (And no theyre not at the party rooms) Saturday night we went for the glow on the dark and all the party rooms where empty and a bunch of kids. So annoying, its not your daycare peoples!

Review №51

Good for the kids. Equipment starting to need maintenance. But my kids love it.

Review №52

The place is clean and fun. It’s alittle pricey but well worth the expense.

Review №53

Fix water running from faucets and stop giving excuses. Water is getting wasted for months!!!!!The water from the faucets were running and nobody is doing anything to fix them for weeks. The receptionists would do nothing about it and the manager suggested to put a bad review saying it was the construction workers fault.

Review №54

Its too hot, very little vents

Review №55

It is they have so many great games .... Best place ever ️

Review №56

Awesome place for childrens party. Good clean fun and exercise!!!

Review №57

My Kids always have lots of Fun!!

Review №58

My kids Loved it! Very Clean and Safe!

Review №59

Lost of money and time...better take your kids to movie or library.

Review №60

Not going anymore, too many kids unsupervised and employees not really paying attention most of them talking to each other or messing with there phones but theyre real quick to tell you the rules! Also my son has cought a cough after going out there multiple times.. i understand theres kids everywhere but they might need to think about sanitizing better. PLUS its expensive!! Just buying a trampoline for home!* spoke to my pediatrician about how i think he got sick and she had too many stories of kids getting sick, braking limbs and getting gashes.

Review №61

Great place for my kids to have fun and get some geat exercise. Loved it!

Review №62

Great place to spend time andhave fun

Review №63

Place is great but got my phone stolen and they say they cant do anything a little not cameras wouldnt hurt

Review №64

Kids had a lot of fun. We went early on Saturday so it was not crowded. Also there was a special price before noon.

Review №65

Pretty cool place to take the kids! Highly recommended!

Review №66

My kids had a great time !

Review №67

It was a fun place to go to

Review №68

Can u add more games to it plz.:/

Review №69

Its a good place and theres a section for little kids and for grownups and everyone I loved it

Review №70

You jump like crazy!!! Kids let out all their energy and have lots of fun. You need special socks to go on there but you can reuse them!!

Review №71

Great place to bring your kids. Lots of fun jumping on those trampolines

Review №72

Not much to do. Ok for small children

Review №73

For being our first time this place was ok regarding cleanliness of the trampoline. We get there and the 2 clerks were chatting and gossiping to each other for about a minute before we had to say something for them to notice us. After about and hour my kids needed water so I bought some thinking I could fill them back up at the water fountain they have, but guess what? They were not working and no sign on them about being out of service. I told the employee thats suppose to be supervising the kids but spends most of the time on the phone texting and on social media about the water fountain, but he never came back to even apologize about the fountain and maybe say that they were going to fix them. This place is definitely a hazard for kids with no water and employees that just dont care or even take their job serious. Lucky we have to put at least one star on this review because this place doesnt deserve any. Oh and as expensive as this place is, it is definitely not worth going. Theres safer places for your kids where they charge less.

Review №74

Music was way loud. Bathrooms were very very dirty.

Review №75

Good place to take your kiddos

Review №76

Really fun place for the kids and family

Review №77

Great place... everything tip top

Review №78

Kids love this place...forget about the day care just drop the kids there ...they will be tired and sleepy buy the time you go for them ...

Review №79

I go there only when I have friends come over, it is a lot of fun I suggest kids 10 and up should go

Review №80

Good place for kids to have fun

Review №81

The employees were friendly. The ambient is suited for children as what this establishment is built for. The music is modern which helps keep the place lively and is not overly filled with people. The prices are a bit high but is ok nonetheless. They might consider serving food as most of the adults were just sitting around waiting for thier children with nothing to do, or anything to eat.

Review №82

Great work out for parents and kids to have fun

Review №83

A very fun place to take your family. The staff there is fun and attentive.

Review №84

Its ok. But the place smells like feet Air freshener would be nice.

Review №85

Good place but need cleaning. Theres dirt on trampolines.

Review №86

I wasn’t going to even give it 1 star! IT IS A LIABILITY TO HAVE 2 EMPLOYEES ONLY TO BE LOOKING OUT/ GUARDING THE KIDS. Especially for the amount of kids that are out jumping. 1 of the employees was listening to her IPod & texting the whole 1 1/2 hours I was there, she walked to the area where the other employee was guarding just to go talk to him,And stayed there for 20 minutes leaving the area in the back completely unattended. A child could get hurt or need help and the area is unattended. Need I say that we walked around to keep an eye on the kids, which a parent should be vigilant of their children. But GET AIR should have their employees looking out as well for the children in case someone gets hurt instead of hanging out with the other employees to talk. It’s pitiful to say that as I’m writing this review 3 employees get together to talk instead of being in their post. And the trampolines are dirty. (Are they ever sanitized or cleaned?)

Review №87

It was awsome theres alot of trampolines and foam pits. Best experience ever!!! Definitely go!!! Your gonna get sore but its awsome!!!

Review №88

So much fun.

Review №89

It was very clean very organized & da staff was knowing there surrounding

Review №90

Lovv it 1st time with my 3 bbys boys great excersize a!d great time

Review №91

I love going this place its fun and having fun for all familys

Review №92

My son enjoys going and playing to get air..

Review №93

I had fun. I jumped. Duh. People were so rude. Expensive. Little time to jump.

Review №94

Very fun! Definitely works the cardio.

Review №95

Great place for family fun!

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Review №97

Nice place, great prices

Review №98

A good and safe place to jump on trampolines with friends

Review №99

Expensive but worth it

Review №100

GREAT place for kids to be active.

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  • Address:2940 Boca Chica Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78521, United States
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  • Phone:+1 956-429-3782
  • Amusement center
Working hours
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  • Wednesday:10am–8pm
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  • Friday:10am–10pm
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  • Sunday:10am–8pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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