DEFY Nashville (Previously AboveAll)
1647 Mallory Ln, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States

Review №1

Love this place!My family loves coming here and always has a great time! I need to give a shout-out to a very nice young man named Larson - He has been very good and polite to my kids the last several times we have been here. Now they both know Larson by name and they always ask if he is working when we come in. The entire team here is very good and engaged overall! Thanks for a great time!

Review №2

Really loved this place! Great for smaller concern as well as older ones. Very clean, offers party rooms and all the amenities that go with them if you want to host a birthday here.

Review №3

My family loves Defy! It’s always clean, and the staff is very helpful and kind. I have younger children, but there are enough obstacles to keep them entertained for the full hour! We are considering signing up for a membership!

Review №4

Above All is always fun. They have recently added some new attractions and trampolines, and are finishing up some more exciting things, including an indoor zipline. The new stunt fall tower is a blast where you jump or fall into a huge airbag just like movie stunt doubles.In June 2019 Above All is changing its name to Defy. It is still under the same ownership, but the new areas and rebranding are giving patrons much more to look forward to!

Review №5

We had a wonderful time. The staff was friendly and super accommodating . It was such a workout. I loved it.

Review №6

I used to do trampoline competitively and have been looking to relearn what I used to know. Defy is a great place to do that! Its a lot of fun. If you enjoy it, I heavily recommend looking into their memberships

Review №7

Great fun! I hope they make it through the pandemic. Really enjoy it. They are practically giving away monthly passes.

Review №8

My son loves this place. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. Not to mention the prices are reasonable.

Review №9


Review №10

Very cool place with a lot of rides and attractions. You’ll get your money worth for sure here . I loved walking over the rope and parkours looking like ninja warrior parkours . They’re also very popular

Review №11

Covid procedures were practiced. It was clean and the kids enjoyed the zip line. It doesn’t have the variety of activities that we are used to.

Review №12

Fairly clean fun atmosphere. The employees seemed miserable in their masks while everyone else ran and jumped and played without them...and a couple of things where roped off because it was too much touching..but all in all Ill definitely take the kids back again.

Review №13

Absolutely love it! So much fun and great way to burn energy .

Review №14

My children ages 2-14 had a blast here! It was our first time visiting and we will definitely be returning.

Review №15

My 5 year old son is obsessed with defy. We think the monthly membership is an awesome value. You get your money back with 2 visits a month. It’s a great rainy day activity to burn energy.

Review №16

My grandkids loved it!!!! So much fun they didn’t want to leave. Can’t wait to go back

Review №17

This place was awesome kids loved and adults did as well. Martha was great at the front desk

Review №18

I like the environment but the service from one of the managers there it wasn’t at all good but other than that I like to take my kids there because they love it

Review №19

We always have a blast at DEFY! The kids wear themselves out. Plenty of attractions for our little guys (ages 2.5, 3,5, and 9.5). The prices aren’t astronomical which we appreciate. Before going check Groupon! Typically there’s a deal!

Review №20

I went here with my school’s soccer team about a year ago before they remodeled and changed their name. It was really fun and we had a great time. However, we came today and it was not the same. Maybe one or two members were nice and would have a conversation with us which is fine. The only problem we had today were when all the employees group up and stand almost right behind us while we’re trying to learn double flips or do something creative. We didn’t know if we were in the wrong or what it was. I don’t mind workers having a good time but we really did feel uncomfortable because we sat there thinking we were doing something wrong. We moved stations and they would still group up to stare at us. I get that it’s their job to watch but not like this the whole time :/

Review №21

My experience at defy nashville wasnt bad the only problems I had was that the safty wafer had trouble loading in my phone (which is more my providers issues, but its a good idea to fill it out online before you arrive) also masks are not required anymore in nashville and thus defy is also not requiring the use of masks (so keep that in mind when planning your visit)

Review №22

My 3 year old had the best play date here. There is a wide variety of activities for all skill levels. The only issue was keeping an eye on bigger kids that were not considerate of the littles so had to keep a close eye.

Review №23

My oldest son is 6 years old and absolutely LOVES this place! Very laid back and fun atmosphere. Lots of room for parents to sit and watch their kids play or get in there and jump with them because anyone can jump! I also have a 9 month old so we just sat on a roomy couch and watched big brother play. You have to buy socks (around $3) which are available at the front desk because they have grippers on the bottom of them. It was under $20 for my son to jump for an hour. Not bad at all!

Review №24

Both the children and I always have a great time; they wanna know when we’re going back as soon as we leave. Staff is excellent!

Review №25

Upon entering the building I thought “Wow did above all sell its soul to the devil?” What’s up with all the creepy symbolism?? Anywho, your older man at the counter was rude. I know how to over look that I’m a people person. And I thought I was crazy but I seen multiple reviews discussing his behavior and nothing has been done. Wow. Anywho it’s a bounce place you get what you pay for not for the little ones but mainly 6 and up! May come back

Review №26

Fantastic Staff, great facility, very clean and tons of fun! We love it

Review №27

The people were great but the facility could use more safety features getting out of the pits the black borders were very hard on knees i lost alot of skin on my knees and the pit under the swinging rings does not have enough padding my husband swung off and his leg went straight to the bottom no foam caught him and he damaged his foot also there were no long tracks for gymnast to do any runs which was disappointing

Review №28

Played till our time was up and promptly got a membership to keep bouncing!

Review №29

Great place for kids of all ages! Highly recommended!

Review №30

WHAT A BLAST!!! The kids and I had so much fun and will definitely be returning soon!!

Review №31

The man at the front was rude and didn’t help and could’ve spoke nicer.

Review №32

There was a man harassing children during dodgeball. He yelled at my son for “throwing too hard” and the employee didn’t do anything about it. He continued to harass everyone so we just left.

Review №33

Great facility and we’ve been many times. This last time was Saturday night and lots of kids were there. The supervisors didn’t even try to make kids follow the rules. Saw two kids with shoes on. Tons of kids running around like crazy with several small children very near getting wiped out. Supervision was non-existent when it should have been heightened. There was also a fight that almost broke out and not a single supervisor said a word. Very disappointing.

Review №34

Lots of fun for young and old. Some areas are blocked off for use because COVID19; All foam pits are closed off. Pricing is a little steep when things are normal, but still a lot of fun.

Review №35

AboveAll Extreme Air is a huge facility by comparison to nearly all of its Middle Tennessee competitors. AboveAll is 2 to 3 times as big as the other trampoline venues with 4 to 5 times as many activities. The price point is comparable to the other facilities, again, with AboveAll having much more to offer.This is our new jump center going forward.

Review №36

Very cool place! Excellent equipment and great staff.

Review №37

Really fun time. Great experience. The crew could do a bit better job enforcing some of the rules and jumping lanes.We kept having to stop mid jump because kids would run in front of us over by the foam jump near the front.Overall definitely would go again.

Review №38

Awesome time! Great way to spend a birthday!

Review №39

Perfect place to act like a kid again . Family friendly and very clean too.

Review №40

Great experience and the kids love it and it made a 31 year old man (me) feel like a kid again. Love it and we will definitely be back.

Review №41

Very clean and people are so very nice and helpful

Review №42

Went with a Groupon, so price was good, but even without, its probably usually worth it. We did not opt for a monthly pass, but we might consider it in the future. The space was not crowded first thing in the morning, but with COVID, so Im not sure what its normally like.We went during COVID, and a bunch of the things to jump and play on were off limits, but Id say more than half was still open and usable. That being said, there was a lot to do here! There are a number of basic trampolines, but there was a dodgeball setup, basketball, obstacle courses, ninja warrior courses, trapeze, rope, and slackline setups -- the works. Kids had a blast and the experience was definitely worth having.However, the staff working the floor were not the friendliest. I wouldnt say they were unfriendly, but they were certainly aloof. For a good portion of the time we were there, there were a handful of employees glued to their cell phones. This is nothing that would spoil the fun, but I didnt see the need to have the staff there to just do that.

Review №43

Great atmosphere friendly staff and able to social distance very well kids at a great Time

Review №44

So much fun! The best trampoline park around!

Review №45

So much fun! Best indoor park around. We hosted my sons 3rd birthday here recently and they did a very good job if helping it go smoothly. Everyone had a blast and we will be back. The jumping area is huge and divided into different sections. They have a ninja warrior area, Dodge ball, foam pit, little kids area and much more. If you are a parent watching right now they have massage chairs to sit in and watch! A must go!

Review №46

Great place for kids and families. Price is reasonable for the entertainment. Glad they are open again!

Review №47

Great place to take the family, there was something for everyone to do. It was really fun exploring our abilities on the Ninja Course. It would have been nice if there was a snack area but over all we had a great time.

Review №48

Took my son for his birthday and he had a blast! And it was fairly priced.

Review №49

Do the waiver at home, the line can be long. We were there for a birthday party which was very well run, however, when we left there was a sign that they were sold out for the next two hours so keep that in mind if you decide to drop by rather than buying your ticket in advance. You must buy their socks for some reason (we had ours from a docent place and my daughter was told she had to go get theirs.)

Review №50

Loved it! Kids had a blast. A great place for families.

Review №51

Awesome much fun

Review №52

Allot of people, the older kids made it hard for the younger kids to enjoy their time there. it is a pretty neat place but I do not plan on going again due to the amount of people, the price and the time allotted for the price. I spent more time stepping in to ensure my children were able to participate as the older kids would cut line over and over again. You also have to pay $3 for a pair of socks for each person who is jumping.

Review №53

Good place to visit if you’re looking for little kids to watch and play with but I would put 6 stars for all the six year olds that I could put in my van.

Review №54

My family and I went here when we were traveling in Nashville. The place is packed full of excitement and fun for all ages. They have foam pits, silk ropes, a ninja course, basketball and the list goes on. The staff was ok, not the best service received but we enjoyed the parks. We all had a blast

Review №55

There is so much to do and I love the membership option as a mom on a budget. Plus I can jump with them, I have fun too! And if I dont feel like jumping theyre is a parent during area, very hop and comfy!

Review №56

Check in process was lacking in attention to detail, initially. I brought my daughter for a birthday party. First one person have her the wrong wristband. We went back and another fixed it. Then, we went to jump and they asked for my wrist band that I didn’t know I needed. So we went back again to get me an observer wristband and were able to enter the okay area after that.But, beyond that detail, it was a mostly positive experience. My daughter and I stayed following the party and paid for an hour session. That check in was smoother. The purchase of my required jump socks (she got a pair at the party), and each of us to jump an hour, was about $33. The socks are only a one time purchase and they felt like good quality. So the price for the jumping itself was fair. Basically what I expected to pay. The facilities are really great! They have something like 10 different jumping areas and they are very cool. A great variety of stuff. Even a Ninja Warrior style obstacle course in the back. Challenging, but fun! Probably best for just adults and older kids, but my daughter played on it with me for a bit before wanting to move on, and she is only 5. So unless you go with a real little one, I strongly suggest trying the obstacle course out! We will be back to play another time.

Review №57

The new renovations are awesome. They have a new zipline which is super fun. They also have a huge airbag that you can jump onto from a platform.Great for everyone

Review №58

I did a membership here for my two children and it’s a nice indoor trampoline park. The problem I have encountered is with the service. This place isn’t consumer driven or customer service driven. For example they withdraw my monthly membership from my debit card and said it would be on a certain day and it ended up being way before the date they had told me, so be very careful if you decide to give this place access to your bank account or credit card ect.The front counter people are rude and always try to up sell me as something. You are a number to these people instead of a customer. As a member I expect customer focused service at consumer driven cost. They also have a ton of paperwork to sign for just being a member. Full disclosure to protect themselves for sure. Your just a number be careful!

Review №59

Nice facility. The guy at front register Extremely rude. He asked me what kind of socks I wanted, which was an unclear question. I didnt know what kinds of socks they even offered and he did not step aside so that I could see the different kinds. He just kept telling me that we had to buy special socks. (Which I already knew). He was very unprofessional and made me very uncomfortable. We almost walked out because of his incredibly apathetic, impatient and rude attitude. We had considered paying for a monthly membership, but after this experience that will not be the case. We liked the facility and had a good time. We may come back.

Review №60

Very clean and it didnt smell like most of the other jump places.

Review №61

Bought tix online, neglected to tell on the website that everything was closed except trampolines. Then paid 13.56 for three slushees and they would not accept cash. What if cash was all I had ?? Done with this place !! Employees were consistently rude...the place was virtually empty but they wouldnt let anything slip by. No water fountains, no Come machines were in working order so you are forced to buy the overpriced drinks...

Review №62

Not much to do. The staff was very stuck up and weren’t not nice at all. I don’t think I saw one smile. To bad there aren’t more jump houses around because I would have left !!!

Review №63

Overall fun good place to take kids.

Review №64

Awesome place for all ages. If your a kid at heart like me, you ll love it. I recommend you purchase a membership if your looking to save. You ll definitely want to go back again and again.

Review №65

My 3year old son and I both went together. All the staff were kind and patient and the trampolines were perfect for all ages. And the foam pits were clean and Easy to climb out of for my son. We will be back.

Review №66

So much fun for our little one and us. We were worried about bringing a 3 1/2 yr old, but early on a Sunday it was perfect and we got a workout, too. Great family outing!

Review №67

We love going early during the week. No crowds and my girls can jump on everything. So much fun

Review №68

Defy is the best trampoline park ever! The staff are super nice, friendly, and the building is always clean! They even added new attractions over the summer. Defy is the best of the best and anyone that says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about!

Review №69

Great place for the family! Wish some of the items they had were open and available instead of roped off. Other than that we had a great time.

Review №70

I had my birthday party here and it is incredible. Probably one of the best trampoline parks in Tennessee. They have very bouncy trampolines and some stuff in the back that is like the tv show American ninja warrior.

Review №71

Missed my appointment time and they worked with me. Great customer service, very much appreciated.

Review №72

Was a great place, plenty do for the kids. Kids loved every minute of it. Wish they had a set time and day for just smaller kids, so they dont get tumbled by the older kids. Also the staff are not very friendly at all. They just stood in the middle with annoyance written all over their faces. Pretty sure I even heard them make a few remarks about the kids. I guess thats what you get when the place is ran by teenagers.

Review №73

It is a great place for the kids to run and burn some energy! My only complaint is that they got rid of the toddler friendly section. It needs to state on the website that it is not friendly for young kids. It is more suited to older children. I will still take the kids back but only when it is slow.

Review №74

Great place for kids and adults! Very fun and a better workout than the gym! I’d love it if they were open after 9p!

Review №75

Not enough crew for the amount of kids here. Rules not enforced. The well behaved kids get ran over by the ill-mannered ones. Mad house. Free for all.

Review №76

Such a great place to get to actually play with your kids instead of having to just watch! Such a family friendly atmosphere!

Review №77

Workers are very nice. Overall an enjoyable experience. I do feel like some parts of the facility should be closed off for some young children who like to bounce continuously, especially in the back where the wall walkers/runners are. I, myself am an experienced wall runner but find it a pain to wait up to 5-8 minutes for a toddler to make their way off the trampoline. Truly is an amazing place though.

Review №78

I’m a member of the highest tier package. This place is great, I love training into the foam pit and such. I’d love love love to see a very long trampoline track like that at Jumpstreet... that would really complete the experience.

Review №79

Fun, pretty clean, typical trampoline park. The ninja warrior course is small but challenging. The foam pit options are nice. It is pricey and kinda lame that they make you buy their socks. The bathrooms were pretty gross and had no paper towels, and it was super busy, but otherwise was a fun time for my toddler and my teen.

Review №80

Loved having a Groupon, but stinks that you can’t go ahead and reserve time slot online. The man at counter said “it’s double dipping”- I mean really?! Overall my boys love it!

Review №81

Today was not the best experience...the older guy at the register had an unfriendly attitude. He questioned me about signing a waiver after I told him I was there in June. He asked was I sure...bad service....he also encouraged me not to use my current coupon and use the promotion they daughter already had since nearly forced me to do the promotion because it was cheaper. So now we have two pairs of socks....lastly, he said the coupon included a drink...he should have went into more we go get the drink and they ask if we want Pepsi or water...paying the same price for a can as the slush I had to purchase...the younger guy went to get my daughter a slush after I told him he could keep the can...but when he got the slush for my daughter, he left it on the counter with the straw and walked I emailed to file a complaint and they blocked my bad is that...otherwise the other staff on the floor were nice and friendly...they need to find more help at the register.

Review №82

We all had a great time young and old. Lots to do, super fun! Something for everyone.

Review №83

The manger was rude but the employees were nice. It was decent but it’s a lower end of a trampoline park

Review №84

The workers were great, the ropes course was great, overall definitely an awesome experience would come back any time for fun or for an event.

Review №85

Great activities for kids and adults! A lot of fun and challenging. The staff are very friendly as well

Review №86

Not good for kids under 5. No area set aside for kids between 2 - 5yrs old. Pretty much a free-for-all so be careful taking younger kids.

Review №87

Staff made my guest and I feel very uncomfortable. From the purchasing of the socks, to us walking around the park they were eyeballing us weird. African Americans clearly aren’t welcomed here. Don’t waste your time.

Review №88

20 dollars a month for a membership makes it a great place to bring small children during the week for a fun place to be active and energetic.

Review №89

A lot of cool stuff here. Super busy and crowded on weekends though but still fun

Review №90

Myself and three friends purchased the summer passes for $65 each to use advertised equipment, the aerial silks (or spider web as it is called at Above All?). The summer pass video was made to look far more epic than the place actually is, but this is besides the point.The silks were damaged. At our first visit, one silk was knotted beyond repair. There is a sign smaller than a piece of paper with about 14 pt font on the far wall that says not to knot the silks, but its too far and too small for any adults to see and not eye-catching enough for the kids to notice. Staff dont brief the kids on any appropriate conduct (all they are told is no running, feet first).The second time I visited, one of the three silks was removed completely, and the other two had unremovable knots in them. I did one obstacle on their ninja course (its tiny) and spent another hour sitting around waiting for my ride since I couldnt do what I came their for (silks). I searched their website and social media immediately after the visit to see if they had notified customers of the equipment damage; there was nothing. There was no email sent to season pass holders.The line was too long for me to say anything to management as I was leaving, but I have sent two emails since (August 26 and Sept 6), neither of which have been responded to. I have tried to call multiple times and have not been able to reach a staff member. One of my friends called about the issue and said the staff were rude and told her they wouldnt do anything.Poor care of their own equipment, no communication with season pass holders, and completely unresponsive customer service.

Review №91

This place was awesome! Came here on a Saturday with our entire extended family. Easy to get in and register and sent several hours having a blast. My kids loved the dodge ball, as well as the American Ninja Warrior section. So fun! Will definitely return!

Review №92

My son had a birthday party here on 7/27/19. We booked the Epic package, which included: pizza, a t-shirt for the birthday child, drinks, and socks. For 10 ppl, I paid $307(including tax).Our party time was at 4. We got there 20 min early to our party like our reminder told us to do.. When we got there we were told that we couldnt access the room until 4:30 because there was another party. I told them that we had reservations for 4pm and everyone would be here at 4. We were told to just jump until the party finished.. At least, they put our cake in their fridge. We waited carrying our stuff around and Our guests carrying their presents they had bought for my son because there was no where to put anything. The party before us did not leave the room until 4:55. My husband and I were rushing to put the decorations up. The pizza that came with the package was old. My son never received his shirt. Honestly it was a mess. I do not recommend this place. It was too much money for such very poor service..

Review №93

Great time with my daughter. School field trip. Tried out the Ninja Warrior course and it was a lot of fun. Dodgeball was great! Only 4 stars today due to the fact that they are doing a lot of construction inside so half of the facility was off-limits. Will be back again!

Review №94

So—we got two gift cards from nana for christmas and went to defy. They said only one worked, even though I had receipts for both. They admitted that one of the employees probably didn’t load the card properly. When I asked them if they could fix it they said no. What??!!This place is not only run by incompetent managers that don’t understand the service industry but also improperly trained and distracted teenagers that sit and watch a bunch of kids get hurt.I’m not sure if the name change was to rebrand due to a bad image, clearly nothing has improved (possibly even worse than before).There is a term for this type of establishment—a racket!

Review №95

Best trampoline park I have ever been to. We have kids of all ages and there is something for everyone. Our kids loved it! I loved it!

Review №96

Super fun place! So much to do! Way better than the trampoline places in California. Glad I got to visit and come check this place out!

Review №97

Soooooo fun! I highly reccomend going there. Its a workout tho.

Review №98

We booked my 6 year old daughters birthday party here and had a good time. There was plenty of room in the private party room. The pizzas we ordered were there on time and the drinks were cold. My only complaint is that things felt rushed. The check in process was very confusing! The staff assumed adults werent jumping without asking to confirm so a lot of our party had to check in twice. By the time the entire party was checked in and jumping it was like we wasted 10-15 minutes of out time. Be sure to get there a few minutes early when you go. I wish the paperwork would have mentioned that. 45 minutes in the party room is also not a lot of time to eat lunch, eat cake, and open gifts. Again, it felt very rushed. Perhaps extended the party time to 2.5 hrs with an hr in the party room. Also, our party helper was nice and helpful when prompted but was very timid and I would have appreciated a little more from her. This was our first time so I had to ask her a lot of questions.

Review №99

Really fun. We have a 2yr old and a 4yr old. A little overcrowded, but still fun.

Review №100

The staff and facility are fantastic! I’d highly recommend taking the managers advice (if you live in the area and your child loves the place like mine and his buddies so) and sign up for the monthly 25.00 unlimited membership.

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  • Address:1647 Mallory Ln, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States
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  • Phone:+1 615-823-5585
  • Amusement center
Working hours
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  • Friday:9am–10pm
  • Saturday:9am–10pm
  • Sunday:11am–7pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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