Westwood Cinema 6
2100 US-290, Brenham, TX 77833, United States

Review №1

This is our favorite theater to go see a movie at! The staff is always wonderful! And they absolutely, without a doubt, have the best popcorn of any theater. Wonderful business to support!

Review №2

Okay food. Great for kids!

Review №3

I would like to personally thank the staff at Westwood Cinema for making my son Joshua feel like a king on his birthday. Although things didnt go as we had hoped, the staff went above and beyond to make his day one he will never forget. Thank you all for being so sweet and so helpful. And very attentive and polite. We appreciate yall. God Bless

Review №4

Awesome awesome experienceThey opened their parking lot to One Way Church and they had Trick and treating for the kids

Review №5

We were the only ones there, staff friendly, food was good!! Support our local businesses!

Review №6

Excellent family venue. Very courteous staff.

Review №7

Friendly faces and exceptional service.

Review №8

The people are friendly but the concessions are horrible. The microwave the pizza so its rubbery and doesnt taste good. Same with the pretzels. Dang at least get a pizza oven

Review №9

Very clean with troubling conditions that are happening right now. Most courteous staff. A very pleasant experience.

Review №10

Small town movie theater feel. Employees are super friendly and courteous. Took one star away because Ive definitely been to more comfortable / updated theaters, however for the price Westwood Cinema 6 is a good time.

Review №11

Popcorn is always good and fresh! Staff is friendly and helpful

Review №12

The theater is great to go on the weekdays, not crowded and great service. A bit pricey but you could always sneak food in ;)

Review №13

Loved this theater. Nowdays when every place wants seating chart determined and pay online, This is BETTER, comfortable and friendly theatres where can enjoy popcorn and movies the way it was intended!

Review №14

Very nice.clean,friendly..I had taken my mother(she hasn’t been to a theater in 20+yrs.) she was totally comfortable! She ate all my popcorn! :) thank you,Westwood!

Review №15

Love this place. Perfect for my husband and I to get away for a quick movie. People are always very friendly.

Review №16

Like most of the larger movie theaters in town, they have installed lounge chairs. This is a good thing. On the other hand, they now require you to reserve your seats. Of course, this raises the ticket prices. Also, want butter on your popcorn? Forget it. However, they do provide some golden yellow grease as a substitute.

Review №17

Good service, small town ethics, pretty good choice of movies, everyone is friendly.

Review №18

Had a great time at the movie here. Great location, easy to park and get inside. Concessions were reasonably priced.

Review №19

Good movies but works were not very inviting

Review №20

Friendly service clean seating and restrooms

Review №21

What a cool trip in time. Its an old style theater, from my childhood in the 80s, but its equipment is well taken care of and kept clean. Has a little arcade for the kiddos too. And they have hot dogs!

Review №22

The only thing for blinn students to do when they cant go home for the weekend.

Review №23

It was an amazing experience! Fun for the whole family!

Review №24

Great place to take the family for movies!

Review №25

Ok, price is beyond reasonable! I bought 2 movie tickets, popcorn, candy, 2 drinks and 4 white castle burgers(more to come on those burgers) for about $24 total which is fantastic( I live in a bigger city where $24 gets me 3 popcorn kernels and a drop of Mr.Pibb on ice.) WINNING!!!!!The theater is outdated, and so so was the burgers. They looked liked they had been around since the age of Methuselah and the smell was right up there with a rancid kitchen towel. Recipe for a nice intimate evening with the toilet.If Im ever in this area I would not not come back. Ill stick to popcorn and candy.

Review №26

Good prices, friendly staff and clean restrooms

Review №27

I had a very good time going to the movies. Price of admission was fantastic as well. Move theater were very clean and neat looking. Great screen and sound quality as well.

Review №28

Good hot popcorn, good hot dogs, open seating.

Review №29

Always smiling faces... Clean theatres and restrooms!

Review №30

Was shocked ... pleasantly ... senior movie tickets only $3.00! Movie was ok, but wasnt expecting it to be a red carpet show. Theater was clean, no stale smells and staff was very amicable.

Review №31

Its great place to watch a movie and relaxing

Review №32

Nice place to see movies. Cheaper than big chains. Dont have 30 reviews to watch. Only 2 today. I like that. Only drawback is sitting in front of stupid couple that have to figure out movie and discuss it

Review №33

This movie theater place is so awesome! I went to see Aladdin with my Mom and my sister named Danielle. I shared a popcorn with my Mom and my sister as well.

Review №34

Always clean and well maintained.

Review №35

Greatest theater ever most comfortable seats that fold all the way back wonderful experience with the family enjoyed it very much well go back it is now my favorite theater

Review №36

Small, but quaint. Usually has good movies playing. Decent food selection as well

Review №37

Great movie theater. Love the popcorn and most of all, the service.

Review №38

Really nice theater. They don’t accept credit cards though.

Review №39

Very pleasant. Great facilities. Only concern was tickets are not sold at door, you come in no signage no communication. Turns out you go to snack vendor and buy your ticket, a bit odd or a rouse to get you to the snack counter.

Review №40

The movie I saw was great

Review №41

Theater is almost decent, and the employees i’ve encountered are nice, but every time i come here the movie either skips around like a scratched DVD, or stops playing halfway thru. maybe i just have bad luck at this theater but i swear it’s happened the past 3 times i’ve been here and i don’t even live in this town! yes they’ll reimburse you, but you probably won’t leave at the scheduled end time.

Review №42

Nice pokie stop

Review №43

I go often, Movies are great and sound is great. Love the local movie theater

Review №44

It was hot inside the theater, it was descent. Would rather go to College Station but they have only reserved seating now. Guess I will just wait till things hit Redbox so I can be in my own home. Might go again to this place if something good was there but I would go way in advance for seating.

Review №45

What can you say about Westwood Cinema my grandchildren love going there and I do too we had the best time

Review №46

Not bad, but needs updating. The seating area stinks badly, the seats are too low as I observed a couple having trouble sitting and the seating is too narrow. The movie started nearly 15 minutes late yesterday.

Review №47

Would like better chairs

Review №48

Hometown folks running a home town cinema. Always friendly. Always clean. Seats are old cinema type, so not overly comfortable, but weve been spoiled by the big chains. Totally worth it for the service.

Review №49

It was hot u pay high dollar formelted candy just rediculou

Review №50

Ive been coming here for years. They typically have a good blend of current movies to offer. Snacks are hot & reasonably priced. Parking is free and very close. Good family entertainment.

Review №51

Nice small town movie matinee price

Review №52

Great place to watch movies! Popcorn is good but watch out on the drinks, theres more ice than drink so ask for easy ice or none at all.

Review №53

For a small town theater there really isnt much to complain about. Sure, I wish they had true stadiums seats that recline, better picture and sound but everything is decent and the prices are good. They also are usually friendly as well. Overall positive

Review №54

It;s a wonderful, friendly, clean place with movies that are playing currently everywhere. Its also the only show in town and we are grateful for it.

Review №55

Love this theatre. Family run. Great food and prices are outstanding.

Review №56

Always clean, friendly atmosphere.

Review №57

Excellent independent, family owned theater. Staff are always friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

Review №58

A little slow on weekends. But its fine other than that.

Review №59

I Enjoy Movies Everytime I go to Westwood Cinema 6... Blessings to them... Coming back again soon!!!

Review №60

Friendly staff. Great movies. Enjoy going here to relax and enjoy the latest releases.

Review №61

Love this place always has good movies playing!

Review №62

I love going here not having to worry about being too crowded. Also usually able to get a great seat.

Review №63

Comfortable, reasonably priced, current movies.

Review №64

Great prices -- clean location -- not too busy. Love this small town cinema feel.

Review №65

We have always loved this theater. Reasonable ticket prices. Concessions are high but so they are everywhere else. Staff is great and friendly. We usually do a double feature and get our popcorn sack refilled.So, I am very disappointed to see that they are now banning purses from being brought in! Backpacks, I can see. But purses? Come on? What is the reason? Security? Guns can easily be brought in without being carried in a purse. Most likely they dont want people sneaking in snacks.Well, they could sell more snacks if they werent so expensive but Im guessing very few people bring in outside food.Its a major inconvenience for ladies. Some ladies slacks dont have pockets. Where are they going to put their glasses, and chap stick and money/Credit cards? What about needing lady plumbing products? Are you going to make them run out to the car to get those in time of need? What about about the car burglaries that might happen when word gets out that there are all those purses left in cars.Someone didnt think this through and I expect there will be lost revenue over this stupid decision.

Review №66

Always a great experience.

Review №67

Great place for a movie

Review №68

Seats do rise up levels but chairs are basic. Caption assistance is a available.

Review №69

WOW! Movie was great! Very clean theater.

Review №70

We watched Widows it was totally awesome movie! Go see it if you can!

Review №71

A! still Open............

Review №72

Local favorite for an uncomplicated movie experience. Great service

Review №73

Best prices for a small town. Sometimes it gets a little cold in the theatre but i would recommend this place to everyone.

Review №74

Had a blast watching Jurrasic World. Very clean and family oriented.

Review №75

This place has the absolute best hospitality i have ever encountered, I was stranded outside of their movie theater for most of the day not only did they let me in and they gave me refreshments and they let me use their charger and facilities. The shift leader went out of her way and found me a ride to the nearest hotel because there is no taxi service in town, they offered me to stay and watch a movie unfortunately I couldnt, these are the sweetest most humble group of people I have ever met and they brought a smile to my face on a really bad Monday. Id come back in a heartbeat just to say hello!

Review №76

Very friendly employees and very clean. Would definitely come back. Thanks for a great experience.

Review №77

Great movie experience comfortable and they dont tolerate teenagers acting up. Comfortable for adults. Quaint and old fashioned.

Review №78

Close to home. Makes a quick fun night

Review №79

Good theater. Oh and guess what? Its not over priced.

Review №80

Decent theater but I prefer college station.....

Review №81

The people there are friendly & the theatres are kept clean. Not very many screens, movies dont stay for long- this isnt one of those fancy new places with recliners, waitstaff, & menus- but its a good little theatre. It does get crowded on opening weekends- go on a weekday if you dont like the crowds.

Review №82

Cute little theater. Very clean.

Review №83

It’s great and there are friendly people

Review №84

Real nice theater for a small town halfway between me and my sis

Review №85

Well staffed. Clean. Good concessions. Security checks to make sure people arent on their phones....great movie watching experience.

Review №86

It was very pleasant. I should have picked a better movie, but theatre is always nice.

Review №87

This place is OK to go to. Though they do need to upgrade to better seating

Review №88

Always a great experience. Just wish I could get a coke that didnt taste funky. Maybe the distributor can fix it.

Review №89

Love the movies here!

Review №90

Its a nice little theater in Brenham,Tx.

Review №91

They keep going up on their prices. They dont always have all the movies out. But what irritates me the most is 1) they dont accept duel credit as a blinn ID . 2) they dont have that many showtimes. To me, its almost worth it to go to college station where they have recliners for seats.

Review №92

We love watching movies over here, although it would be nice to have those recliner loungers

Review №93

The screens are unfocused! Trying to watch 3d with it blurry is a guarantee head ache. I told them several times, and nothing was changed! Will not go back! Everything else is fine, but you go there to watch a movie.

Review №94

Really nice small town theater. The theaters and the restrooms were clean. Nice staff.

Review №95

Saw Hereditary. Wow. Deal. $16 for two. Another $20 on drinks and snacks. Was a good night.

Review №96

My boyfriend and I go out to see movies all the time in Bryan at the very nice, big and fancy premier. And it only costs $18 for the more expensive night time show. But here it was $18 for me and 2 kids at a 12:30 show. What happened to the kids priced tickets and early bird prices?! I just think it is ridiculous that I have to pay that much for 2 kids, and myself in the day time. At night I would understand, but really.

Review №97

Brand Customer service, too many old people that work there, need to hirer younger people to bring the theater back to life. They serve old Popcorn

Review №98

Its okay, good and drinks to high for what you get.

Review №99

I love the intimacy of this theater!

Review №100

Go to Cinemark in College Station because they have a better selection. Westwood only appeal to a certain group of people, therefore I refuse to support them. Cant get my money if I cant see what I want to see.

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  • Address:2100 US-290, Brenham, TX 77833, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 979-836-7656
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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