Marquee Cinemas, Galleria 14, Beckley, WV
200 Galleria Plaza, Beckley, WV 25801, United States

Review №1

Our family loves going to the movies and we are SO happy, grateful that Galleria is open again. The theater has never looked better. It was shiny & clean. I think the staff was happy to be back too. We usually get good service but it was almost over the top tonight. We cant wait for new releases to start coming out again.

Review №2

All around clean and well maintained. Hosted by a gaggle of eager, and customer service oriented staff. I am impressed with the attention that is given to the moviegoers.

Review №3

Like the movies and sound setup.. Chairs and armrests that move are a nice touch... Price is good for movie concessions are ridiculously over priced considering selection and quality.. Popcorn specifically Staff is fairly friendly and eager to help altho theater is in desperate need of some cleaning!!

Review №4

Overpriced and staff is hit and miss. Fun theater atmosphere. Ideal location as the focal point of a small, triple-sided strip mall. Seating is elevated on each row so you never have to worry about sitting behind a tall person. Easy to find.

Review №5

Always very pleased. Its clean, good snacks, & they keep it updated. Always prefer Beckley over Summersville.

Review №6

Great movie theater. Comfortable seats to watch a movie. The Marquee Cinemas in Beckley carefully follows the guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. I am glad they reopened.

Review №7

We rarely see movies when they first land in the theaters these days, but I was itching to see the 2019 version of Disneys The Lion King and hubby granted my wish on a whim - no planning required. It was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be 25 years after the original. Hakuna Matata!

Review №8

Glad the movies are open again but with limited seating ...watched let him go with Kevin Costner and Diane lane

Review №9

Love the arcade section and seating in lobby. Tickets are affordably priced but food is slightly high. Always friendly. Great location and good hours.

Review №10

Surround sound was not working and it was extremely muffled. The air was not on for what seemed like the whole movie, it got very stuffy very quickly. I will not be returning to this theater anytime soon.

Review №11

Looks small from the outside but huge inside. A lot of parking spaces and restaurants around it. Good location. Customer service is standard and food they offer is what you expect in a movie house. Hope they had some varieties of popcorn in the future though. Overall, the experience was clean and nice.

Review №12

A bit expensive but for the experience cant complain. The food is yummy. Always cleaned theaters. enjoyable

Review №13

My daughter and I love going here to see movies. The popcorn is always fresh and the seats are comfortable as heck.

Review №14

Nice cinema! Clean restrooms, great food and service. They have a party room I can rent out too for birthdays.

Review №15

It was easy to find the roadside and it had every You needed to find what area you wanted to go to what movie to watch and The Times and you could even reserve your seat I had a time it was easy to use I loved it

Review №16

Nice place to go. Employees & management are always friendly. Clean cinemas.

Review №17

First let me say that I do not habitually complain, but when something is broken, then fix it. I attended a movie at this theater on 01/27/20. Upon entering the lobby I found the line for tickets was very long, reaching all the way to the entrance. There was only one cashier on duty at the ticket kiosk and the line was moving very slowly. As I got nearer the ticket kiosk I could see that each and every patron was being required, when purchasing their ticket/s, to select on a touch screen the seat/s they wished to sit in. This was totally unnecessary as there never seems to be a problem with seating selection at this cinema and this process just inconveniences patrons by making them wait in line longer than should be necessary. in fact, on that day, the particular movie i was there to see had only three other people in attendance at the showing i attended. This whole thing reminds me of the very slow checkout lines at KMart during the year before they went under.

Review №18

Nice facilities, clean, seats are recline and spacious. Get to pick your seat, which is a plus. Concessions are expensive but in line with other competitors.

Review №19

Comfortable seats, reasonable ticket prices. Nachos were pretty tasty.

Review №20

Nothing special but food is overpriced and the seats are so so. Typical theater.

Review №21

Would like to see more Family Featured films and films without curse words.

Review №22

Great theater, good ticket prices, comfortable seating with a great view of the screen.

Review №23

Very clean and well-run. Awesome seating. Little bit pricey.

Review №24

Absolutely love this theatre. Staff are always awesome. Popcorn fresh and theater is clean.

Review №25

The prices are ridiculously high and also dont watch Hansel and Gretel terrible movie

Review №26

Nothing bad that I can say. Came on Tuesday discount ticket day early. Lobby and theater were nice and clean. Concessions reasonably priced from others Ive been to. Again not a bad thing to say abiut the place. Will be seeing more movies here.

Review №27

Very nice and comfortable

Review №28

Very Good place to watch new releases.

Review №29

Great theater! Clean and nice seating.

Review №30

You know what made seeing Avengers: Endgame a truly unique experience? The klanking, squeaky fan vent in the ceiling of the theater. Nothing like a rusty squeal during the quiet, heart felt moments of the movie. Heres a little tip: Get it fixed.

Review №31

This Marquee is a super nice theater: comfy seats, clean bathrooms, tons of arcade games, reasonable priced food, and awesome screens!

Review №32

It was 30 something for 3 tickets and 33 for 3 drinks and some candy... the movie was great but the price is a little much

Review №33

Nice and clean. All theaters overcharge for drinks and popcorn, so I wasnt shocked.

Review №34

Nice seats, excellent sound system, clean.

Review №35

Wonderful picture quality of the movie great seating and wonderful employees

Review №36

No pre-show show; just trailers. Popcorn was not really fresh and the movie almost put me to sleep.

Review №37

Workers are nice and courteous. Admission prices are high. Refreshments are too expensive for my family. Seniors on fixed incomes could be some of your best customers. Good atmosphere, colorful but only special occasions for me unless I come into an inheritance.

Review №38

We go here for quiet and comfort for a good date movie

Review №39

I personally have a great time every time I go to this movie theater. My most recent visit was with my family to see detective Pikachu (great movie, by the way)The reason I counted down 1 star is because both my family and a few other movie goers found the popcorn overly salted and the soft pretzels absolutely disgusting.Otherwise I highly recommend, unlike smaller movie theaters you can select your partys seats on a screen before entering and you can see where other people are sitting.

Review №40

Clean with friendly staff. Never had a bad experience.

Review №41

Saw the newest Jurassic Park movie. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great atmosphere and amazing sound system. Its been awhile since I was here last. Seats were comfortable.

Review №42

Marquee cinemas - where do I start? The movies are current and the food is good. However the prices are astronomical!!

Review №43

Place was all closed up like 2 months back and all ( Whats happened to the world ) ?

Review №44

Sound was not the best in Toy Story 4. I had to tell someone to turn it up because everyone was complaining. Overall it was good.

Review №45

Good theater. Seats are leather and comfortable. You have to select your seats at time of purchase. Prices arent the greatest but thats the way it is at all theaters.

Review №46

Nicest theater around!! Great sound and huge screens. Comfortable seating with cup holders. I enjoy myself every time I catch a flick!! Video games to occupy the kiddos and wonderful snacks to munch on. Everyone needs to check it out.

Review №47

Concession Stand Prices, must be set by the IRS or such .... Ridiculous! A Popcorn & 2 Small Drinks ... $18 ! Its a shame the closest Drive In, is closed through the Winter! Other than those prices, there are too many people, Playing on Cell Phones or Talking, instead of enjoying the movie!

Review №48

The new lion king is awesome a must see old or young alike

Review №49

Excellent experience and good snack bar. Very expensive, but what theater isnt? Glad they offer free refill on the large size popcorn and drink though that way the family can share and you dont go completely broke! Restrooms and theater were both clean

Review №50

Great place. I had a problem with a. is it and contacted customer service and they solved the problem.

Review №51

Clean place, friendly service, good food at the concession stand.

Review №52

Its usually really nice, but every now and then you got people talking and on their phones and constantly getting up through the film

Review №53

Love this theatre but I didnt like the movie we chose for the evening....we seen the new movie little it was funny in some parts but overall IT WAS THE WORST MOVIE Ive seen in a long time!

Review №54

Awesome very comfortable was a slight problem with A/C but it was fixed immediately

Review №55

The seats and screen resolution here are good. Never had a problem with the staff and when we went, the employee at the concession stand was very helpful. One reason for the four stars is they leave some lights on while the movie is playing. Also, the theater could use a little sprucing up.

Review №56

Good, clean fun. Good service. Comfortable seating.

Review №57

Love the experience! Concessions are way too expensive!

Review №58

Great place to see a movie. Wish it were closer but otherwise...great.

Review №59

Pleasant and Professional Operations, the people were courteous and dressed smartly....The area clean with new look.

Review №60

Staff was great!! Took my students on a field trip to see the Grinch...the staff was excellent, helpful, and very indetstanding of my kids. Thank have my return business.

Review №61

They treated us like royalty! Our kiddos had a blast! Not sure who the manager was this morning, but he needs a pay raise! Super nice staff and the theater was amazing!

Review №62

I used to really like Marquee Cinemas, but theyve recently started making people sit in assigned seats and Im not a big fan of that. Usually, thats something they do in bigger cities and for them it makes more sense, but for Beckley I just dont feel like we have the population to justify that. I would understand if they did it on the opening night of a movie, when they know its going to be crowded, but I dont see the importance of doing it always.

Review №63

OMG hanging out with my bestie ️ going to make sure that I have fun and not get scared to bad...

Review №64

The movie selection is good, however the concession prices are steep. Also, they need to better enforce the assigned seating policies.

Review №65

I absolutely love this theatre. The stadium seating is very comfortable and enjoyable for viewing pleasure. This was my first IMAX experience and I have to say it made the experience of the movie a lot better.

Review №66

Great theater experience. Seating is comfortable. Sound is good. Much to choose from

Review №67

Great place to watch a movie!

Review №68

Always love movie night!

Review №69

Nice theater. Enjoyed it when me and my wife went

Review №70

Good theater. Like most some theater rooms need redone, but nothing that makes it uncomfortable.

Review №71

Great! Good movie.

Review №72

Clean, well maintained. Current movies and also offers specials throughout the week with competitive prices nights and weekends. Foods include the staples of popcorn candy and nachos. Young friendly staff.

Review №73

A nice place to take your family

Review №74

Awesome place, they have a military discount and will hold your helmet behind the counter if your on a motorcycle double win!

Review №75

Newer place with stadium seating. Prices were average. Pick your own seats when you buy tickets seems to be the norm in the new larger franchises. Movies we selected were not packed in. Concessions were up to par with freshness and as usual we spend more on that than the actual movie tickets but hey got to get the “whole theater experience”. All in all, even though it’s a drive from where we’re currently located I know we’ll be back when the new movies come out.

Review №76

Very nice movie theater. Staff was nice and helpful

Review №77

I got kicked out for throwing wet toilet papaer at the wall

Review №78

Its very cold can you turn the heat up where the movie takes place and its a very nice place but its very cold every time I come I have to bring a hoodie and a blanket. But very nice place

Review №79

Good theater, good prices. I dont know why everyone says their prices are high, every other theater outside of West Virginia sells popcorn for like $14. Seats could be cleaner. * 2016* They have gotten new nicer seats ️ 5 stars now. 2020

Review №80

Great movies and faculty. Very friendly, but prices are kinda high. Understandable though because it costs a lot to run something this big.

Review №81

This theater is just my opinion it’s overpriced. Go to Lewisburg and check out that theater!!! You will flip! The prices are lower, too!

Review №82

We went to see I can only imagine. The place asked were we wanted to sit did not like that. I want to pick my seat when I get in the movie theater not before. But it was a little pricey for an early viewing. The place was clean and the staff friendly.

Review №83

Nice theater, comfortable seats, all that..but even arriving 20 mins early we missed probably ten minutes of the beginning of the show due to only three people working at concessions on a weekend day, so that was disappointing.Also as others have noted, prices for snacks are really high.

Review №84

I love coming to this theater everything is always clean and the foods great

Review №85

Not happy with this visit and probably never will use this theater again. Took my 3 kids to watch the new lion king, kids age from 4 years to 8 months. Got half way threw the movie and my 8 mo daughter got fussy and started to whine a little bit. The manager came in and was very rude to us, told us we had to leave cause of the crying and then proceed to talk about us as we are walking out with another worker. Went back in to get our money back and the same manager told us that if we didnt leave then she would call the cops on us. All I can say is this was the last we will ever go there. Plus the place was very filthy. Toilets clogged to the brim in used pee water, trash and popcorn everywhere.

Review №86

Willing to show 10 religious movies at the same time, but as soon as a culturally significant, and much needed diverse movie is added. It only gets screen time for less than 2 weeks. Really shows the priorities and ignorance of the people who work for these establishments.

Review №87

It shows feature length films at a semi affordable cost. The chairs suck.

Review №88

Nice but, kinda pricey.

Review №89

Best cinema in Beckley.

Review №90

Food is pure garbage. Pretzels are dry and microwaved . Popcorn is old . Seats are not comfortable. Very horrible experience overall!!!

Review №91

Matinee on a weekday is the best time. Price is great too.

Review №92

Was one of the better theatres Ive been too. The seats were very comfortable and the sound was amazing

Review №93

Quite clean.Good variety of types of movies.Pretty good schedule for movies.

Review №94

The seats are very nice and the employees are friendly

Review №95

A homeless guy snuck up behind me when i was getting into my friends car to leave and i didnt have any cash so i gave him a half eaten burrito.

Review №96

25.00 for a large popcorn, 2 large drinks and 2 candies?!?! Thats ridiculous and I was stupid for paying that price. You are making a killing on concessions!! Popcorn is not that expensive!!

Review №97

Great movie theater!

Review №98

Always a good time

Review №99

Very clean with quick service. Prices could be cheaper that way more kids would be able to go

Review №100

Below alright seats were greasy from prior peolpe with popcorn and restrooms were hideous good srceen though

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  • Address:200 Galleria Plaza, Beckley, WV 25801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 304-252-7469
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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