NCG Battle Creek Cinema
Lakeview Square, 5775 Beckley Rd #208, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States

Review №1

I think it was A Great experience Every time go

Review №2

Purchased our tickets online. ☆Roomy, wonderful, relaxing and quiet atmosphere. The large, amazing seats recline fully and are ultra comfortable.Very clean.0?● My only suggestion is to bring something to prop your head upon if you enjoy reclining. I found my head rests too far back, causing neck and eye strain, when reclined.

Review №3

Clean and easy to navigate, currently walking with a cane. I was really impressed that the bathroom and the theatre (#3) were both very clean. The price for a large popcorn was $6, very reasonable. Drinks are also $6, which seemed high. Good experience. I appreciate that kids under 16, after 8pm, must have an adult with them. Very nice!!

Review №4

Employees were nice and the different areas were clean, including the bathroom. However theatre walls are thin and we could hear the movie action scenes next to us. Also the new recliners were small and not very comfortable, I wouldnt complain being that its a movie theatre with recliners but there are better options in battle creek with nicer cinemas.

Review №5

We where only people in the theater. Prices are high. Chairs not bad. Not cleaned up from earlier.

Review №6

I love going to the movies here. The seats are comfortable. The popcorn and beverages are awesome. The staff is friendly.

Review №7

First time going to a movie theater in Battle Creek. Not bad, but some of seats didnt recline. Prices are great and the service is great. I will be back

Review №8

Good movie theater has good air and seats

Review №9

They have comfy seats and the movies are on time. It makes me sad they dont have drink and popcorn combos anymore, but I still go on date nights here with the hubby when we have the time and money. The movies arent too loud and the screens are clean.

Review №10

6 dollar matinee show is what drew me and my friend in. Not impressed at all with this theater. Concession prices are ridiculous. 5 dollars for a small drink is crazy. Nachos were seasoned with something other than salt and it tasted weird. Cheese wasnt good. The theater could only hold a max of 54 people which is oddly small. They have recliner seats which is always cool, but theyre not nearly as comfy as they look, and theyre not power seats. And the seats are not designed for tall people. My feet were hanging off the edge of the seat. It just wasnt a good experience. Probably wont come back to this theater ever again.

Review №11

The girls that helped us buy our tickets and concessions were very sweet and helpful. The theater was clean and the paper towels in the bathroom were awesome! The recliner seats were not super comfortable compared to some of the other reclining seats in other theaters. I love their drink options!

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Review №13

Nice theater to visit. Place looks nice and clean and has a great staff working here. Seats were comfy and I did not feel crowded or crunched up in the seat and. I would recommend this place to watch a movie.

Review №14

Very good visual and audio quality, but the theater had not been cleaned before we went in, so it was a tad messy, but when the movie started, I didnt care. Everything else was just fine.

Review №15

My friends like to watch movies here, and they bring me along. Usually a nice experience. The employees are generally friendly and helpful. My only complaint is that whoever is running the sound always has it way too loud. Not sure if its one person, or a bad training policy or what. Overall, would recommend.

Review №16

The popcorn and drinks are good, little pricey but most theaters are nowadays. The seating is too close together. Very hard to get between when people are sitting in the row in front of you.

Review №17

Good service, seats are almost too comfortable, auditorium was clean, popcorn was overdone a little, good salt and drink selection

Review №18

This was my first visit and I would rate the theater as follows:Seats: 4/5. The seats we had (I think theater 9) rock/lean slightly backward, but they do not fully recline and they didnt have a footrest. The space between the seats (legroom) is a little small. I am 6, 2 and felt scrunched in my seat.Sound Quality: 5/5.Sound Volume: 2/5. This is only because the volume was way too loud to the point my son nearly wanted to leave. He had his hands over his ears a few times. I winced a few times during the loud parts of the movie too.Drinks: 5/5. You can get a regular drink or a slushie with the cups you get. These also include free refills.Ticket Price(Matinee): 5/5. The price was great for the quality of theater.I will definitely go again in the future, especially during the matinee times.

Review №19

Nice clean theatre. Popcorn is great. Drinks are very sugary. They have updated movies showing.

Review №20

Very safe and friendly environment, service comes in a jiffy with grins from ear to ear. Popcorn like delicate gold nuggets that dissolves in your mouth along with movie quality that puts you right in the film. Id greatly recommend to anyone who has an hour or two on their hand.

Review №21

The movie was great and the popcorn was fantastic. The staff was very pleasant.

Review №22

This movie theatre is very nice. It is newer. The prices are pretty reasonable. The drink prices can be a little high but they have a huge selection of things you can choose from including a variety of icees and flavored sodad and they have free refills that you can fill up whenever you want. They also have a station for your popcorn where you can get more butter and different seasonings. The only bad thing about this place is the seats arent as comfortable as other movie theaters. The seats dont go back as far as west columbia 7

Review №23

The new seats are very comfortable. Everything was great. Concessions are a little pricey, but that is how they make their money. We went on Tuesday night for $5 a piece, so that was a good deal. Slushies and popcorn are about all we ever get and they are both good.

Review №24

The seating is all at the same level and the the screen is hight up so everyone on can see but you neck gets tired. It was clear and easy to navigate, but even when you seat near the back you still feel like you have to look really high. Not a fan.

Review №25

Clean. Great popcorn. Super friendly staff!

Review №26

Very comfortable seats. The theaters are good-sized not too big not too small. Matinee prices are reasonable. One large popcorn in one large drink cost as much as two tickets though.

Review №27

Great theater. Clean. Great seats. Free refills.

Review №28

The popcorn is good the recliner seats are great and the pop machines are out of this world

Review №29

Wonderful new recliners. Sound is fine. Popcorn is expensive.

Review №30

Very clean. Extremely comfortable seats that you can lounge in. Handicap spaces available. Awesome surround sound. Out at the Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek.

Review №31

Good people. Popcorn quality was spot on. Love the new drink fountains. Went to see Hereditary and my only grievance was how small the theatre was. And I could hear the adjacent theatres effects through the wall. Only sat 45 people and funny enough we were the only 2 in the theatre. So that was a unique. Overall I enjoyed the experience.

Review №32

Really enjoyed NCG Battle Creek Theater. The theater was clean the staff was extremely helpful and the seating with absolutely comfortable. Will definitely make it my theater of choice.

Review №33

Tonight was my first time in theater 1. It sucked. Im guessing it was the A/C turning on and off, ridiculously loud. So loud in fact that during quiet or soft talking parts of the movie were un able to be heard. Having been in other auditoriums here several times, this place is usually great, but not this one. If the loud piece of equipment gets fixed, Ill change my review.

Review №34

Clean theaters, comfy seats, and good staff

Review №35

Well I was going to see it chapter 2 and they declined me Im 15 years old I should be able to to watch a movie that my dad to the people I could watch but no! I mean why is it a big deal people are so stupid these days

Review №36

The Price is Right the women are fantastically gorgeously beautiful as employee workers great hospitality restrooms are clean theaters are clean great sound quality and value from the movies 100% satisfaction guaranteed and I give this theater a 10 star rating

Review №37

Seats are very comfortable. Screen and sound are good.

Review №38

Watch a movie with my nephew

Review №39

Been a year since I have been back but no issues when I went.

Review №40

A very nice smaller movie theater, with very comfy seating

Review №41

Really love going here. The seats are so comfortable and popcorn and drinks are fair price.

Review №42

NCG theater Battle Creek is located inside the Lakeview Square Mall on Beckley Road. The theater is clean and comfortable and the staff friendly. I do have a little trouble with the cost of $10 for a popcorn and soda. Otherwise nice theater.

Review №43

Amazed at this place having not gone there since its last ownership let it run into the ground. It was clean, the sound and video was very good. Staff were friendly and both popcorn and drinks were really good. We will def keep going there

Review №44

Loved the theater had reclining seats and made me very relaxed

Review №45

Ni e reclining seats, good consession and okay pricing. However they do offer free movies in the month of August for the family

Review №46

The movie was great, but all I could focus on was this weird spot on the screen/projector. Gave me a blurring headache. Driving home afterwards was not fun at all. Thinking twice before our next theater trip. Theater 4

Review №47

NCG is still a nice place to catch a movie. A few seats could be fixed but overall its a nice place to go.

Review №48

Ridiculously comfortable chairs, but mine had a strong body odor lingering on it. Service wasnt great. The person taking our tickets didnt know what he was doing, the manager was very rude, and we just walked right into the theater without anyone taking or checking our tickets.

Review №49

Got kicked out all because guys behind us were being loud and because one of my friends flash lights went off on accident. This place is horrible.

Review №50

3 ☆ because of the cashier issue I had -_- she over charged our popcorn and pop but said it will automatically refund -_- that was 6 days ago and I see no refund. The popcorn was fresh and the theater was clean, that is awesome! My only suggestion is PLEASE CARRY DR PEPPER!!!!!!!!!! Then Ill change to more ☆☆☆

Review №51

Its ok here. Some pros and cons.The prices are reasonable. Staff has been very helpful and friendly.Seats are tight and the cleanup between showings can be hit or miss.Overall its a great location with lots of other options near there. Food, shopping, etc.

Review №52

Very comfy seats, friendly service, and the most current selection of movies.

Review №53

Very comfortable seating. Reclines back with a foot rest and cup holders. Popcorn was fresh and unlimited. The beverage is self serve with over one hundred different items you can choose from Coke. They also have frozen drinks unlimited at no extra charge. Bathrooms are clean and I recommend this theater.

Review №54

Less expensive than Celebration, comfortable recliner seating. Nice atmosphere.

Review №55

Great seating. Good staff. Clean theatres.

Review №56

Movie prices are becoming outrageous.The only reason we went here was because they were the only ones to have The Russian Five in our area.We prefer to go to JC Cinema for half the price!

Review №57

The kids loved it and the seats are great!

Review №58

Clean and excellent seating and good audio quality

Review №59

AMAZING. This place has big comfy recliner chairs in every theatre and theres not a lot of foot traffic during the week days. The prices are fair for tickets and concessions. I travel 35 minutes to this location instead of the one in coldwater because of those seats

Review №60

Its been 2 years since I went to see Almost Christmas on Thanksgiving of 2016. I enjoy the movie. It was just really cold. Do they ever turn on the heat? I went to Columbia 7.

Review №61

If you like theater with fair prices and super comfy recliners, then this is definitely the place for you. I love being in town to catch a flick.

Review №62

I have never disliked or hated anywhere Ive been and this is another pretty convienet Movie Theater!

Review №63

Great to see Matinee, as you will have the theater to yourself, but wish they would make fresh popcorn more often.

Review №64

Great movies and clean rest rooms

Review №65

Manager needs to get some people skills! Very Rude! Will NEVER BE BACK! I will tell EVERYONE that i Know Not to Come to this Movie Theater!

Review №66

Love the chairs and sound quality is great.

Review №67

Stood in line behind someone buying 6 gift cards. Dont mind waiting if there wasnt 3 other employees that could have at least acknowledged our existence and how long we waited to purchase movie Tix and food. One employee was on their cell phone even. Love this movie theater but this was not a good experience. Customer service was terrible.

Review №68

Place is wack. No real adult stores. When Macys and JC Penney left them, so did I.

Review №69

Ever since they revamped inside, I love it. Prices are right, food is good, and seats and viewing are awesome! Always has a great movie selection too!

Review №70

Rude customer service, realized at the last minute that I was in the wrong theater probably because the concession worker never told me what theater to go in so Im going by some number on my ticket. The worker seen me going in the wrong direction I guess she could have said something at some point in time I then asked her am I in the wrong theater she said yes, SMH wow

Review №71

Its remodeled, very nicely and welcoming. I enjoyed the theaters and the warm comfortable seating. The refreshed theather is wonderful. I cant wait to go again.

Review №72

So its 10:55 and me and my girlfriend go to the movies we see wreck it Ralph breaks the internet, nobodys in the place but us and they checked on us twice nobody is here to report a problem or anything they just randomly check on us and not to mention the concessions staff was beyond rude. Ruined my whole night never coming here again!

Review №73

This theatre is one of the best Ive been to, very clean and attractive. Awesome snack deals and most importantly the staff have a friendly attitude and courteous. Id recommend this theatre to others.

Review №74

The movie was so loud you leave with a head ache if you can sit through thev whole thing. The theater was small the seats were alright.

Review №75

Liked the recliner seats with foot rest cause you can have feet up without being tilted back.

Review №76

This place is fabulous!!! Incredibly reasonable pricing for the extra comfy seats! It’s well maintained and the team is friendly

Review №77

Im not impress the popcorn Is really bad seating a not great.

Review №78

Nice and clean. Has shown much improvement in the last year or so.

Review №79

Enjoying Yesterday at the theatre, well worth it. Left the theatre singing

Review №80

Great place to watch a movie! Recliner chairs, reasonable prices, very clean and they show current movies. I am very pleased every time I attend.

Review №81

We love going here with the reclining seats and great drink and popcorn toppings variety.

Review №82

Much better than the previous theater

Review №83

Great place nice service

Review №84

I love this movie theater! Its so comfy with their wide reclining seats!

Review №85

Spend the extra dollar for the large the other 2 sizes arent worth it

Review №86

Nice theater with reclining chairs. A little higher in price than the other movie theaters in town but reasonable. Overall great experience.

Review №87

Food and drinks are average price for any theater. Overall its pretty nice. The chairs in the theaters are quite nice.

Review №88

After the construction and such happened the theater has really improved, the free refill on drinks is nice and the machines and new products they use for drinks are pretty amazing. The seats are a lot more comfortable then before, although there is a lot less sitting. But I dislike the fact that now the bucket you have to buy overtime if you want to use it, which it use to be get the bucket and use it all year without paying extra for the bucket every time.

Review №89

Low key, clean, and the seats were leather recliners. Get a couple beers at buffalo wild wings first and put your feet up for the movie.

Review №90

Great place. Extra comfortable seating.

Review №91

The seats are comfy and reclining. The popcorn was burnt.

Review №92

Super comfortable seating, a nice little drink station and stuff to put on your popcorn!

Review №93

I love this theater. Clean. Modern. Decent prices for concessions & movies.

Review №94

The manager Mason is lacking costumer service but other than him the theater is really nice and good environment

Review №95

Love the recliner seats. This time the volume wasnt so loud. Theres been times when it has been.

Review №96

Cashier offered to tell us all about the movie that we couldnt get tickets to!!! Are you kidding me??? I didnt think people that stupid were real... SMH!!

Review №97

Very comfortable recline seats, cheap tickets but normal movie theater snack prices.

Review №98

They have nice reclining chairs!The building is nice since it was remodeled.The only thing Id like to see would be better screen clearity and better subwoofers.

Review №99

Very nice theater. Very clean.

Review №100

It is sad to see everything that has left from around this place . this mall used to be a fav. I am glad to see what is here .located in Lakeview Square Mall ..

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  • Address:Lakeview Square, 5775 Beckley Rd #208, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 269-719-8440
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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