AMC CLASSIC Desert Star 15
1301 Kalahari Dr, Baraboo, WI 53913, United States

Review №1

Overall a bad experience. Popcorn was cold, no salt, no butter. Butter was given out in a little container, which didnt even start to flavor the popcorn. We asked for the large popcorn and two large soda combo and was told that was unavailable. I can order it online for this theater for convenient pickup. Difference in price, $8.00. No napkins to be found, except for in the cupholders around where we were sitting, it was the first showing of the day. What did they clean? I havent visited any other theaters, but if this is what is to be expected, Netflix here I come.

Review №2

It was an amazing and a new experience for me and my family. It also a good place for families gathering and to have fun with friends. It a place to relax and to enjoy a funny or scary or even a romantic movie. They have so many different snacks to for you to enjoy your favorite movie.

Review №3

Many options and always clean. A bit pricey on the food and drink, but everything is at least very good.

Review №4

This place is very nice !! employees are really nice and helpful . place is very clean also . they are doing really good with everything going on right now

Review №5

Movie was great but they were sort staffed and unorganized almost missed the beginning of the movie and we were there early. I felt bad for the people thats movie started at 11:30 am and were still standing in line.

Review №6

Good business practice would be to take all the money you can from whoever is willing to spend it, even if they don’t have a mask on. I will never spend my money/time at this theater again in my life.

Review №7

I Love it Me, Amir Bay Bay, and Deja Saw Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation it was funny the characters dance to The Macarena i was Like: Oh Boy...

Review №8

Not telling me if they open or not wasted my time to drive here from chicago

Review №9

* Pre Pandemic Review* A-list member bought my ticket online. Still had to stand and wait while people decided which movie they wanted to see. Actually helped a family pick out a movie for their kids. Anyways super inefficient process that Ive only seen at a handful of theaters.

Review №10

Nice place overall. Way over priced compared to all the surrounding movie theaters. Seats are surprisingly comfortable. Could definitely get cleaned more often or better. Definitely needs work on customer service. The girl working at the ticket counter was playing on her phone while everybody was waiting or paying.

Review №11

This movie theater needs a update done that would include more comfortable seating, the recliners would be great. Also, the theater was dirty, popcorn all over the floor and this was at a first movie of the day. More importantly tho, why do you not have earlier movie times. Id rather go in the morning to avoid crowds. I truly hope, you can fix some of these issues, thank you.

Review №12

There was no wait..I loved it

Review №13

Movie was good. Staff was nice. The snack bar closed 5 min after our showing started and the snack prices are just insane.

Review №14

This is a great movie theater. The best part for me is, they have a Coke machine where you can select many different kinds of soda. I cant drink caffeine. This is the only theater that has a Diet Caffeine Free Coke option. I love it. Usually my options are, Root Beer or Sprite.

Review №15

We go to this theater all the time and always go the day after Thanksgiving. They definitely need to improve the management and operations of this theater. The line on Friday Nov. 29th was ridiculous!! You need to open the door more than 10 minutes before the first show starts especially when you have a lot of people waiting outside to get in the building. They had one person working the front end to buy tickets for movies. People were standing in line that already bought tickets on line. If you buy tickets on line you should not be standing in a long line. There should be 2 different lines( people who paid on line and people buying tickets). We were standing in line so long that we missed part of the movie. They had 2 people in the concessions( not enough). The place was a mess. Popcorn all over. This theater needs to improve in a lot of areas and its been like this for years. Spend some money and hire some people and run a good theater.

Review №16

I like their seats. I maybe in the minority but I dont like lounger seats. Theirs rock and are super comfy. The theater is angled well so all can see.

Review №17

Lady at the front was nice and helpful. Theater was dirty even though we watched the cleaners walk out. All the armrest padding was ripped on the seats and there was a blown speaker in the theater we were in. Place needs maintenance. Gets 2 stars only because the staff was nice

Review №18

As someone who lives in the area. I worn you do not go to this theater. The employees are always rude and non caring. Always their phone, and despise talking to anyone that isn’t each other or their phones. The theater is extremely old and decayed. Nothing works and the seats are not modern.No money gets put into it so don’t expect anything special. Theaters are ALWAYS dirty and slimy. And not to mention the food and drinks are extremely overpriced due to the area compared to other ones. Please save your money and take a little longer trip to the one in portage which has everything you should expect for what you pay for.

Review №19

Being used to Marcus DreamLoungers, it was a pretty big letdown from a seating perspective. Still using old style theatre seats here with no recline, no movable arm rests, and no big chair. Also you can’t reserve your seats, so you have to show up super early to watch hours of commercials just to get a good seat. The only plus is that they have butter dispensers by the napkin area, so you can put on as much butter as you want! Otherwise an average theatre.

Review №20

This is a nice big theater with many more options than surrounding theaters, but everytime we go the line to get tickets and concessions is brutally slow. It can be a little messy at times too. I am glad that the Dells has a nice big theater for locals and tourists, but some of the smaller ones in surrounding towns have better customer service and seem to keep up on the cleaning.

Review №21

You cant tell what movie is playing in which theater as the marques are all broke. The night manager was mean and intolerant towards people with questions. The seating is old and worn. The bathrooms were unkempt with old plumbing. The prices of snacks were outrageous. No crew members checking tickets or helping people to their right theaters. No one entered even once to check sound levels and warmth. I worked at an AMC years ago and this place was totally substandard.

Review №22

This theatre is the dirtiest I have ever been to. They clearly do not clean anything! The restrooms are disgusting. The theatres are full of garbage behind the seats. If you are going to charge so much to see a movie it would be nice to know your in a clean environment. Ill just stay home in my clean house and watch movies.

Review №23

Nice facility. The seats could be a little better. Otherwise, I drive the extra distance from my city to Desert Start 15 because the quality is tremendously better.

Review №24

Teens playing on their phones have zero customer service skills. They glare at you in annoyance the moment you reach the counter.Would be a great theater if there was a better staff.

Review №25

Clean comfortable seats. Great sound.They have had a $5 coupon for a small popcorn and drink.

Review №26

The screen was blurry from mid left all the way to the right. It was clear only for a portion of the left side. Otherwise fine. The self ticket devise was also down. I did pre-purchase but still had to wait in line.

Review №27

Had a very displeasing experience at this theater on the fourth, enough so that I contacted corporate. Love the AMC in my hometown. This one did not live up to standards. I had 5 dollars in bonus bucks, which were not honored because the rude employee had no clue how to look them up, nor did she want to make the effort to ask a fellow employee for help. Instead, she flippantly told me to call corporate because I dont know whats going on. OK. Called corporate. Needless to say, I will not be back here again. Also, during the previews an employee was walking around with a flashlight cleaning up the floors. How annoying. Not to mention the bathrooms were disgusting.

Review №28

Screen and sound were great. The concession area is a brutal bottleneck. The bathrooms smell and look like a herd of buffalo were entrenched. Back in 98 this place was cutting edge. Now its in dire need of an update.

Review №29

Dirty floors and bathrooms, multiple card readers not working, soda dispensers out of half the soda flavors. Theater 11 was garbage left over from previous movies on chairs, in cup holders and in floor. Ick.

Review №30

This is a nice movie theatre along the highway. They have a promotion for large popcorn as unlimited refills. Just get one and go back for more. Then the price becomes very reasonable.

Review №31

First time in Years we went to a theater. $20.45 for Two and a small bag of popcorn and small soda with one Refill. Midway was a Great Memory Move for those that Have There ALL !

Review №32

Yikes... I’ll start with the good, the screen was large and in good shape along with good sound. Seats were comfy, but the older style, so upgrading to the dream loungers would be a huge plus. Staff was decently friendly. We came for a 11:45 showing of toy story (first movie of the day in this specific theater) which is was leads me to the bad. The theater was DISGUSTING. I’m not one to be picky and I understand they don’t have a ton of time to clean the theaters between shows, however this was the first movie of the day and for all the food and cups and garbage on the floors, you would think that they had shown back to back movies with no cleaning at all. Soda that was black from sitting and getting sticky, enough popcorn on the 3 rows I looked at (the one we were sitting in, on front of us, and in back of us) that you could probably fill a large bag of popcorn per row! We will seriously be considering going to a different theater the next movie we go to. Such a shame considering it’s right next to the Kalahari resort.

Review №33

Why are there never any matinees anymore? I work on shifts and the fact that the earliest movie during the week appears to be 2 PM is a real downer

Review №34

This place was a total dive today. We drove 2 hours round trip to watch Annabelle Comes Home at 2:45pm.First, they had NO POPCORN. The theatre was packed. People filled the lobby and they were trying to make popcorn with one machine that was not even functioning properly.Second, we get into our theatre and there is a blown speaker causing a high pitched whine so you could not hear anything but the whine. After complaining multiple times they sent someone in to our theatre to announce they were shutting the theatre down. Of course that was the only theatre showing our selected movie.We were sent home with vouchers for a free movie in the future. Ya, I just cant wait to go back and risk wasting another two hour trip to be told we cant have popcorn and be sent away without getting to even see the movie.This is unacceptable!

Review №35

Ive waited a few months to post anything as I was hoping the theater would make some obvious changes, but nothing has changed.Bathrooms are always a mess, garbage overflowing, no paper towels to dry your hands.They are always seemingly understaffed with subpar customer service.There is a new theater that is being built in nearby Reedsburg, we cant wait to take our business there.

Review №36

Great time. Expensive food. All in all nice

Review №37

Absolutely filthy theater! First showing of the day and there is trash, food, drinks, spilled all over the floor and left in the cup holders and on the seats.

Review №38

Sounds was great. Picture didnt seem very good for what I was expecting. Big place. Seats were comfortable but the rows were a little close together for my comfort.

Review №39

Lots of parking. So many screens and movie choices, including 3D. Comfortable seats that are raised by row so you dont have to worry about seeing over the person in front of you. Personalize your beverage station. Had a great experience here. Great matinee pricing as well.

Review №40

By far the dirtiest theater I’ve ever been to. Piles of popcorn and spilled sodas under the seats. Floor was super sticky. You can tell they rarely clean up between movies. Bathrooms were super gross. And the seats are uncomfortable. Considering the price and location, you’d think they would have a higher standard.

Review №41

Nice theater! Well maintained overall. Staff was friendly and helpful. Film was on time and uninterrupted. Concessions forgot to cut my pizza and didnt have any extra plates or plastic silverware. Not a big deal, but annoying. We had a Fandango gift card to pay for our tickets, but they couldnt apply it to our tickets at the ticket booth. Had to go online through Fandango to redeem. Would recommend AMC make their partnership a little more flexible for the customer. Overall, this theater was very nice and a great place to watch a flick :)

Review №42

Everything was good but...25 minutes of previews. A 1:30 kids movie shouldnt start at 1:55. And maybe they have no control over that but seriously 25 minutesI remember that if you wanted to see previews you showed up early.Again everything else was great.

Review №43

Eh. Theres nothing impressive about this movie theater. Staff was a bit on the rude side. Seats are uncomfortable. And as always you pay too much for stale popcorn.

Review №44

Very nice theater. My family does not often purchase popcorn and drinks because of the price, but i wouldnt say the prices are a whole lot different from any other theater. The tickets are generally a little over $10 unless there is a special going on. The theater is clean with friendly staff. There is not reserved seating yet at this location.

Review №45

Feel like it has been left behind. Windows were boarded up. Ticket counter was shuddered. Staff was nice and directed us to our theater as the sign was inoperative. Concession were fully operational. Theater had stadium seats, and was all right. Wouldnt be surprised if they either leave, or renovate soon.

Review №46

Horrible experience! Finally got to take my 6 year old granddaughter on a special movie day,and they seriously didnt have popcorn!! Sign in front said 20 minute wait,but everytime that we tried to buy some....they would say a half hour! Yet people that just showed up were able to buy it! I get that the machine was down,and they were dealing with a smaller machine, but it should have been organized better! How do you explain to a 6 year old that she cant have popcorn at a movie?

Review №47

Very comfortable seating. Good popcorn!! Good movies!! We go there often.

Review №48

Nice place to see movies. Concessions are a little bit high, but not outrageous.

Review №49

Not happy with the entrance you come in get your ticket then you have to turn around and go through people to get to the food stand, why not just open the gates. And some of the people at the concession stand need some better when you asked a question you dont disappoint you actually try to help.

Review №50

Like any movie theater, overpriced concessions and a sticky, yet oddly slippery, floor. Highly recommend becoming a Stub member to save on tickets and concessions

Review №51

Besides having a good selection of movies to see, there isnt a huge reason to go there. As other reviews say, this place is dirty. Bring a flashlight and look behind the seats. So much garbage on tge floors. The carpeting is very worn and the seats all feel dirty. It really needs a renovation last week.

Review №52

Theater was just filthy...also Restrooms....very poorly maintained .....Employees were very pleasant

Review №53

It’s apparent that the ownership does not have the funds to keep the facility updated. Electronic signage is not operable, cleanliness is an issue and comparing sound quality to other theaters operated in the Milwaukee and Madison areas it’s outdated. Price/Value not in line.In the Dells your only choice

Review №54

Great theater and customer service. Just wish concessions could be more affordable.

Review №55

Hell it was like a desert place was ok though for the area plus price wasnt bad

Review №56

I love the size and layout of the theater but the staff is always just okay. Most of them dont seem to be very happy to be there and arent helpful if you have any questions.

Review №57

Love the movie I saw and lots to choose from and great deals for concessions and great deals with the app

Review №58

Beautiful entry. Good service

Review №59

Very nice seating. Fast to get in. Lovely building

Review №60

Good picture and sound quality; theater floor was crunchy and sticky in multiple rows we tried. Gross.

Review №61

Good. Just wish chairs leaned back a little

Review №62

Love this theatre! Clean and comfortable.

Review №63

After sitting in recliner seating in almost every other movie theater we go to these days, I was greatly disappointed that AMC Desert Star 15 in Baraboo, WI does not offer recliner seating. Whats worse is that their website says they do have recliner seating. Truthfully, the seats they have are horribly uncomfortable in comparison. Maybe Im just getting spoiled, but if our theater (in a smaller, much less touristy town), Portage, WI can offer recliner seating, AMC Desert Star 15 should certainly be able to, especially at higher priced tickets! Next time the movie we want to see is not currently in Portage, we will find somewhere else to go!

Review №64

Mediocre, bass bled through from other theater into ours. Uncomfortable seats that are behind industry standards.

Review №65

Beautiful place, but no popcorn. They said that it would be 45 minutes until it would be ready. We went to a 6 pm movie and talked to others that went to a 9 pm show and the popcorn never materialized!!

Review №66

For the area, it has the most showings/screens. However due to the area, pricing seems to be the highest for surrounding theatres. This makes since being a tourist location... but besides that everything else is meh. Seats arent very comfortable, staff doesnt seem excited about anything. Honestly best I can describe it is meh. Definitely not the first choice for theatres in the area, but they show more movies and show them into later dates.

Review №67

Nice customer service! Main lobby was clean. The theatre we were in could have used some cleaning. Would recommend and will go again.

Review №68

Its a decent theater, but could definitely be more up to standard.

Review №69

Its for kids not adults too loud

Review №70

The floors in the cinema were dirty. Garbage all over, our feet stuck to the floor. Part way through the movie the lights came on.

Review №71

This is the kind of AMC that I miss. This the good classic style AMC. The early bird gets the best seat. The concessions was great. Staff are customer friendly when we went. Also, remember this posted during the off season. The coca-cola machines kept going on the frizz saying no powerade, but had to keep clicking it over and over again to work.

Review №72

Always alot of fun. Popcorn was good. Movie was fabulous. Everything was clean.

Review №73

Good movie choice have always met with friendly faces

Review №74

Nice chairs to set and watch the movie in...

Review №75

As far as AMCs it was nice. The seats dont recline though and one of the armrests was broken and quite sharp

Review №76

Seating is great and I LOVED the movie !!!!! Someone tall can sit in front of you & NOT block your view! GOOD popcorn too

Review №77

Was a great movie. Only 4 of us watching. They DID have popcorn this time. $5 movie is a plus.

Review №78

Nice theater with good food menu! Had a good time.

Review №79

Good movies! The place could be kept cleaner and the concessions more affordable.

Review №80

Saw the new lion king and should have read the reviews first. After 4 days..... still no popcorn. What movie theater doesnt get the popcorn machine fixed after 4 days? Only 1 oven to cook orders which makes you wait a long time with 2 families in front of you. Not worth the price for anything.

Review №81

People bringing their babies to the movie and them crying the whole time. Both times I went the last month.

Review №82

Good sounds and screens but chairs are stiff and no assigned seating or recliners

Review №83

Pricing could use work but its a nice movie theater.

Review №84

Great sound and picture, also has a good variety of snacks and food! The only thing missing is recliner chair seating.

Review №85

Always a great place to watch a movie.

Review №86

Classic theater with old fashioned seats.

Review №87

Please please clean this place up! Walking in there is trash all over. The tile and carpet need cleaning or replacement. Bathrooms need a good deep clean. Trash cans are overflowing every time we come. This has been going on for years.

Review №88

Very nice theater with good snacks. No recliners but the seats are nice and comfortable. The staff was friendly.

Review №89

Great theater but pricey to say the least. I guess I’m just used to purchasing movies at home and having a family night for a lot less of a cost. But it is nice to be able to get out and see something new on the big screen.

Review №90

The movie I watched was awesome. Since I didnt have a problem with that, I didnt feel it was right to leave a review on the movie. This is my review of the theater.The tickets are already 12 dollars a piece.... You get to the counter and a container of popcorn that would literally cost you less then a dollar to fill at home....... Is 8 dollars. A drink? HA. ICEE THATS 2 DOLLARS ANYWHERE ELSE? 6 DOLLARS!2 dollar bag of candy? 5 DOLLARS.I dont think the manager of the theater understands, Id go watch a majority of the movies and buy popcorn/drinks for every one and convince my friends to come with me if they were about half as much as they cost now. Hell, if the snack foods were reasonably priced, Id skip dinner and fill up on freakin pretzel bites.I think this is just another issue with the Dells being overpriced for tourists who are use to the prices. If thats the case, I wish another theater would open up for more local traffic so we didnt have to overpay for everything so hardcore. Or get a better local discount or something.

Review №91

Comfy and clean. Friendly staff. Great movie memory!

Review №92

Good selection of movies, good popcorn. Filthy theaters and awful seats. They have duct tape on armrests, the seats are uncomfortable. AMC definitely needs to do better with this theater. And they should be able to with the exorbitant prices they charge.

Review №93

Our family has visited their theatre for five plus years on out vacations. We actually looked forward to watching movies at this theatre. At out last visit a few days ago, this establishment had food all over the floor, the attendees were not attentive on cleaning the theatres before movies. AMC Theatre was dirty and disgusting as not only food but sticky things on the floor and the bottom of the chairs look to be uncleaned for years. Unfortunately we will not be going back.

Review №94

Dirty, broken soda machine. Long line out door for tickets, only one workerNow prices or signs of items at concessions

Review №95

Could be cleaned better between shows.

Review №96

They had no one at tickets so after standing in line forever a customer on his way out told us to go to food counter to get tickets. The staff was unfriendly to say the least! Then the movie to sound was So loud that it hurt your ears. The bathrooms were filthy. Then when you went to get food n treats the line was so long with people getting tickets you would have missed 1/2 the movie standing in line again. Only 2 people working the counter. In my opinion it was a lot of money to be so disappointed.

Review №97

The movie picture and sound quality were good. The prices for admission are ridiculously high (2 adults =$23). The soft drink prices ($6 for a regular size) are high as well but you get refills from the Coke freestyle machines. The seats havent been updated since the theater opened and are not very comfortable. I wish they would remodel this location so the price you pay would better align with the experience you get in return.

Review №98

Staff was clearly on drugs, pupils were dilated and sweating profusely while dancing and playing loud trance music on their phones IN THE LOBBY! Will never bring my family here again. Stay away if you value what type of interaction your children see in what is supposed to be a family environment next to the Kalahari Resort.

Review №99

Why does the website show recliner seating when they dont have it?? Being in large cinema in the Dells, this place is behind on upgrades have even smaller theaters have.

Review №100

Everything is disturbingly dirty. From the carpets in the entrance to the overflowing garbage falling on the floor in the bathroom. The concession floor was full of popcorn being walked on by the servers. Theres a reason each theatre is dark; to hide how gross it is! The floors are sticky, black with spilled soda thats never been cleaned up, garbage & popcorn all over. I turned my flashlight on to check if where we picked to sit was clean & couldnt stand the thought of sitting down anywhere. There was gum stuck to the armrests & all of the cupholders were filthy with previous spills that were never cleaned.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:1301 Kalahari Dr, Baraboo, WI 53913, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 608-253-4728
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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