The Swim Revolution
2859 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States

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The owners of this place are generous and kind people. And it reflects beautifully upon the staff they hire. Glad that this place exist.

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Excellent facility. Clean environment, fun and quality coaching, and great customer service. Our son loves Coach Cole, who we think is an excellent coach! Would highly recommend!

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Very clean and coach Katherine is great with our son

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Good to see that they are maintaining good hygiene...

Review №5

The friendly staff at TSR taught my daughter to swim quickly. The coaches are on task and keep the lessons super fun. Summers at the pool are so much more enjoyable with a confident swimmer. We would definitely suggest lessons here!

Review №6

What an excellent swimming school! I had the pleasure of watching my niece swim. Madison came over to check on us and I found her to be friendly and kind. Both of my children had private swim lessons and I felt like my niece is getting a great experience. I would highly recommend the facility.

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Very personable staff clean pools never late always kind to my kid. Totally worth sitting in traffic for such a good lesson Where I know my kid is having fun and feel safe

Review №8

We went to competing swim lessons last year, and decided to try Swim Revolution this year based on other peoples recommendation. For the same price as we paid last year for 2 kids to have private 1 on 1 lessons, we would have paid at Swim Revolution for 2 on 1 group lessons. The area that each group of 2 kids is supposed to swim in is tiny. Theres no room to actually go anywhere or swim much. They also are a little over the top with their swim diaper rules, but thats understandable since one small accident is a big deal. There are no showers for the kids after their lessons. It feels like theyre trying to cram way too many lessons / kids into each time slot. Unimpressed

Review №9

This is a Awesome place to take your baby, for lessons ️

Review №10

We had a very good experience at TSR. The instructor (Miss Ashley) for my kid was very nice and encouraging.

Review №11

We took a couple of months of swim lessons and unfortunately it was a waste of money. We started the first Saturday in June and ended last Saturday in July. You have to pay a registration fee plus class fee initially and they require a 30 day notice so youre pretty much locked in for 2 months. The initial cost is approximately $200 then $140 per month thereafter. The kids pretty much have ONLY 25minutes and SHARED with another child....of instruction which hinders the the time to get comfortable and instruction. For the cost, it should be longer or single students (at least for beginners). The instructors are really nice. My daughter is 5 and was scared of the pool so she never seemed to get past holding on tightly to the instructor who didnt seem to offer any special techniques to make her not afraid...but yea they are nice. If being nice is worth the money then this is your place. If not I would suggest to spend the time teaching your child in your own pool or find someone for less to teach. I did offer this feedback to SR team but I got a bunch of subjective excuses.I wish I would have gotten this type of honesty before spending that amount of money :( But have an amazing day!

Review №12

We have been swimming with Swim Revolution for almost three years now. Our boys love going to their swimming lessons each week. The oldest (5 years) can swim without a vest and loves to go swimming whenever he gets a chance. The youngest (3 years) started lessons 6 months ago and loves the approach the coaches take. Its very kid-focused and fun!

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My boys have been taking with Jim and Jeff for over 2 years now, and while we take breaks, we always return to this team. You cant go wrong with their methods, and kids really do love them. Theyve got something special that makes the kids feel safe and proud of their accomplishments. Highly recommend The Swim Revolution!

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We had a fantastic experience at The Swim Revolution! My son started his first Parent & Me swim class this past spring when he was 9 months old. He is now 14 months old and has learned so much! He loves attending his classes and gets so excited to get into the pool. His instructor is amazing and spends lots of time with him. She knows him personally and he adores her! We sing nursery rhymes as we do our lesson, which makes it extra fun and engaging for the babies. We will definitely be back this spring!

Review №15

I preface this with - I usually don’t write reviews but you need to know how amazing this group really is and how they go above and beyond. Look no further.Swim Revolution have their priorities and that’s to teach people to swim and have them learn to love it!! Their enthusiasm, excitement and proving to be trustworthy gives their students a sense comfort, eagerness to do better, excitement, and ultimately accomplishing your goals and more.We had a life changing experience with this group. My child loved the water but was afraid to swim. He had ear problems early in life then a tromatic fall into a pool (he popped himself right out of the water and I was right there but it scared him) these lead him to not wanting to get his head into the water or getting on his back. I’ve tried everything even private lessons and family helping for years. A friend told me about Swim Revolution, reluctantly I gave them a try.1st lesson - we walked around the pool and got my son familiar with his surroundings.2nd lesson - he didn’t get out of the car.3rd lesson - got him to put his suit on and sit at the edge of the pool watching the lesson. At this point I spoke with Matt and Jeff (little did I know, but he is one of the Owners) and I told them what happened to my son. Jeff’s immediate response was - we have the right instructor - we can help him, you just need to trust us. He asked us to stay for an another lesson. The next thing I knew, Jeff walked out with his suit on and began talking with my son. I stepped away (which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done). After 10 or less minutes, Matt came to get me and as I walked in - my son was on his back in the pool with Jeff - WITH A SMILE on his face! By the end of the lesson, my son was swimming strokes with his head in the water. Jeff swam my son to his new instructor to introduce them, show the instructor what my son could do and to make sure he would be comfortable. To top it off - my son jumped into the pool by himself 3+ times!!!Life changing. Didn’t give up. Turned it into fun. Made the extra effort. Went above and beyond. They credited me $ for lessons (unheard of). Will continue to go back.Thank you!!

Review №16

My daughter has been apart of The Swim Revolution since June 2015 and her progress has been amazing! I tried several other swim companies before coming here and none of them compare to TSR. My daughter just made the swim team and I am so proud of how far she has come. The Swim Revolution team of instructors are GREAT with all the children. I would not recommend any parent taking their child any place but THE SWIM REVOLUTION.

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We love the new location! We just restarted swim lessons for our 5 year old, and started our 3 year old for the first time. Our 5 year old has already progressed to Level 2 and he is swimming without any flotation device. The instructors are great with kids. My kids look forward to going to swim class each week!

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My daughter Natalie started at The Swim Revolution a little before she turned 3.5 years old. At first she was terrified of the water - she screamed, cried, and refused to even get into the pool. Luckily the instructors were trained to deal with a petrified toddler. Within two lessons, she was swimming! She has now graduated to Level 3, and she loves going to her swimming lessons. We are so proud of her progress. All of her coaches have been nothing but fantastic and supportive. The Swim Revolution is a wonderful way to have children learn to swim in a safe and fun environment.

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Worth every penny! My daughter loves going to swim lessons. The pool is a great size for the amount of kids and it being heated really helps too.

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The instructors are terrific and really seem to enjoy what they are doing. Weve been pleased with the progress and the kids enjoy it.

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Great place for kids to learn how to swim. The instructors make it fun!

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Jack loves swim class and has learned a lot. The other parents with older kids there all rave about how much their kids learn at Swim Revolution vs. other places they tried first. This is Jacks first time taking swim classes so I dont have anything to compare it with, but we are happy with his progression. My only complaints are:1. I wish I could do private lessons or 1 hr lessons since 25 min divided by 2 kids + down time of talking = 10-12 min of actual swim time. That being said, the same would be true of any other two-child 30-min classes at other swim schools.2. I wish they still offered open family swim on the weekends so that the kids could practice what they are being taught in between lessons. But Im not sure other swim schools offer this either, so still giving them 5 stars.

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Back in 2014, I talked with several friends to get recommendations for swimming lessons for my kids. Every single one recommended TSR and it was close by, so thats where we decided to go.Weve been a part of the TSR family since September 2014. My kids instantly developed a love for swimming and counted down the days until their next lesson. A few months after starting with TSR, we moved to Alpharetta. When faced with the decision of continuing with TSR or starting somewhere new, the decision was an easy one - we stayed with TSR.For 2+ years, weve traveled 30+ miles each way for our kids to continue their lessons with TSR. TSR is that good. Their instructors are that good. Coach Jim and Coach Jeff have created an amazing organization thats complimented by an amazing team of instructors. Their teaching style and genuine interest in each childs progress creates an atmosphere thats second to none.

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Highly recommend. Gina is a great teacher!

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They do a great job with the kids and are very accommodating to shifting schedules.

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Who is the best in the ATL for swim classes for your little (or not so little) one? Hello ....its TSR - The Swim Revolution. We totally like their approach, their facilities are uber awesome and their customer service is great. We are in level 3 now and moving on up. Great working with them from level 1 until now. I am so proud of the confidence my child has gained since starting back in the winter. Sometimes I wish I could get a lesson in for myself but I will live vicariously through my little otter lol. Call them or pop by, youll be glad you did.

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Great teachers, warm clean pool, my kid loves it.

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Staff works wonders.

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This Swimming class looks amazing

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