Allure Gentlemens Club
2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
Review №1

Overpriced & rude staff & dancers. If you’re not a celeb then you don’t get respect. If you’re not an ATL socialite then you better go somewhere else smh THE WORST

Review №2

Traveled from out of town to enjoy on 09/27. Everyone was completely rude including the manager, door man, and bartenders! Will not return.

Review №3

Don’t go there scammers, overpriced, small af

Review №4

Never been there but I think this is where Shirley (@Fav_foreign) works she can have all my coins when I visit atl lol

Review №5

They are starting to charge $50-$100 for admission like magic city. You used to have to only pay $20 to get in parking starting from $40-100 it’s ridiculous the front door people are very rude never smile and look like they hate their job. The one star goes to the waitresses they are very nice.

Review №6

Best club in Atlanta. Im from Miami and this club reminded me of home. G5 type vibe, The Office and G5 type girls, G5 prices. Stars in the building. Monday 08/19/19 was the day I went.

Review №7

Gave a dancer $500 because she told me she would take it to the bar to change it to ones. Im waiting and waiting and this girl never comes back! I start wandering the club (which isnt large) looking for this woman...its like she disappeared into thin air. I was irritated, now looking for the waitress, but she was up to her eyeballs in drink orders. I know I looked distressed; another dancer approached me and said shed help me find this other girl whos disappeared with my cash....FOR A FEE OF $100. CHEATERS AND SCAMMERS! 2 stars because the waitress eventually caught up to me and apologized for the dancers behavior... you didnt need to do that baby girl. Dancers there are scammers.

Review №8

Never been but I seen it on Lil Baby’s music video so 5 star here.

Review №9

Nice waitresses and accomendating. Dancers are a hit or miss

Review №10

This place was by far one of the best strip clubs Ive been to in Atlanta in a long time and I live here as far as beautiful women. Expensive though

Review №11

Best Gentleman’s Club in Atlanta. Amazing atmosphere and and superior adult entertainment!

Review №12

Lying crooks. I lost my phone and went back the next day. My GPS said it was in the building, however, when I got there I was told that they didnt have it. I remotely set my loud ringer off and they magically found my phone.

Review №13

Extremely rude security staff. The securtiy staff pointed finger towards me and said hey u come here i need to check ur id. Is that the way u talk to customers. Never going there again and make sure i dont suggest this place to anyone around me.

Review №14

Everyone here treats you a certain way. ! It’s not becoming or welcoming. Horrible vibe from waitress they were all on their phone never acknowledged either of us. I’d prefer the original clubs of Atlanta Any day

Review №15

These one stars trippin, this the best strip club in Atlanta

Review №16

If I could give a 0, I would. My friend had a section through “Boo”. They made us pay 20 to get in for each of the 13 girls we had with us. That’s 260 dollars. We get in and everyone pays, then they proceed to tell us they didn’t have a section for us and that we were welcome to walk around so we asked for our money back since we just stood at the door the whole time and they refused. Janelle told us about the section and we agreed to pay, after she was no where to be found. The light skin working the door was rude as hell and told me I “was doing to much”. The customer service was terrible. Never would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №17

No matter what day or night it is a great Gentelman Club compared to the others. No disrepect. My favorite in the city! The mixture of women are like fruit gushing with flavors and the constant walk throughs are phenomenal. Always more women than men and even the waitresses are polite and keep the drinks coming. I love it! One of the top quality supreme Gentleman Club in Atlanta. Must check it out if you haven’t, you dont want to miss such a great atmosphere.

Review №18

Best ever

Review №19

Terrible customer services,will try to rip you off from parking to cost of admission.very rude workers Really want to take away the entertainment elsewhere.!!!!

Review №20

Worst club in Atlanta!!!!!!! Never go here the women are not worth the the 20 to get in. They are not polite and the security are similar to drunk bullies with a complex. I’m so disgusted with the management and lack of business that goes on in this place. I really wanna protest. I didn’t know you could get a business license to treat paying customers like trash. Never go here. Fox five iteam channel 46 somebody has got to expose the horrendous business practices going on at this place. The sad part is even though I left my honest opinion and shared my horrific experience nobody is gonna change it.This place is the worst

Review №21

Over charged for everything. Rude front door staff. Not enough variety in the women. Weak drinks.

Review №22

The baddest girls in Atlanta! Girls everywhere even hanging from the ceiling!

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Worst club ever I wont be going back there the dancer look like they aint even 18 years old and they try to sell you drugs you pay $40 before you even get in the door everyone is trying to sell you drug the dancer,the front door people, sercuity i would not recommend no one to come here but what would recommend that someone should launch an investigation before someone loss something value to them

Review №26

$40 to park.

Review №27

Horrible customer service

Review №28

My first experience at at gentleman’s club and it was everything!

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3.1 Rating
  • Address:2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 678-697-4913
  • Adult entertainment club
Working hours
  • Monday:9pm–3am
  • Tuesday:9pm–3am
  • Wednesday:9pm–3am
  • Thursday:9pm–3am
  • Friday:9pm–3am
  • Saturday:9pm–3am
  • Sunday:Closed
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