Astoria Gateway Cinemas
1875 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103, United States

Review №1

Amazing experience. We did a birthday party package- The staff was attentive, polite, inviting, and very friendly. Definitely makes you feel special. Would highly recommend to anyone. The theater was very clean and not crowded at all.

Review №2

Nice theater. Screens are good size. Staff is very nice.

Review №3

Nice first run theatre with decent prices on admission. Concessions is where they make their profit and they are a bit high as would be expected. Still not as bad as Portland and its suburbs. Theatre is clean with comfortable seating. None of the frilly recliners or couches like some have, but it was comfortable. Staff range from very friendly and professional or have deer in the headlight looks when you speak with them.

Review №4

Great place to take the kids for the movies. Popcorn is usually pretty stale, though, and of course you spend more on drinks and candy then you do to get into the movies but thats pretty normal. The place is clean, though, and the sound and quality of the movies is good.

Review №5

Very nice, clean, friendly place with a good selection of movies.

Review №6

Its real cozy! The staff is fast and friendly. I appreciate the service!

Review №7

The theater tend to be cool so wear layered clothes. Seats are comfortable but could be updated. Clean and reasonable prices.

Review №8

We dont have a lot of choices for movie theaters at the coast, but this one is definitely my preference. Clean, and the people there were nice. And it is bigger than any of the others around

Review №9

The staff at Astoria Gateway Cinema are always cordial and efficient. Their first-run movies run without a hitch, and the seating is comfortable.

Review №10

Great little cinema door a small town. Lucky to have such a selection.

Review №11

The staff was amazing. Very account to our family needs. Very understanding and amazing. They went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and comfortable. The only reason not 5 is because the seating didnt make us feel comfortable. Otherwise it was amazing.

Review №12

Comfortable seats, friendly staff and clean theater. Lots of parking spaces. Handicap access.

Review №13

The theater was quite cold, dress in layers or bring a blanket! Im old and I miss the OLD GIANT SCREEN THEATERS & DRIVE-INS LOL So there you have it but I was happy to be there with my family!

Review №14

Great sized theater, very well kept and usually really clean. Never seen anything in disrepair. All food handling and equipment seems in proper order. Never had a musty tasting soda so thats a clear sign that cleaning is done regularly. Floors are almost always perfectly clean. No sticky drink messes to step in and no old torn up carpet. Also doesnt ever have a serious odor like a sweaty gym sock or carpets that smell old. Restrooms are in good condition as well as regularly cleaned. Definitely worth the price of dropping in to see a movie. The staff is always friendly and inviting. A very relaxed atmosphere generally. Family friendly and its right next to the aquatic center!

Review №15

Great sound, good concessions, reasonable prices

Review №16

Its a really nice theater, it just costs too much money to go very often.

Review №17

Dont even bother asking for hot dogs. Apparently the oven that they have only fits one at a time and requires two clerks to run around as if on an episode of Iron Chef. By the time I got my hotdogs I felt like a jerk for having even ordered them. If its really so difficult to make hot dogs then just remove them from the menu.

Review №18

Small theaters, but generally clean and comfortable. Expensive concessions, but of course thats the norm.

Review №19

Thankyou...I love 2 feed the birds down in the parking lot;Especially the pigeons, which hardly get to eat anything people might throw for them cos the gulls get it all normally.Pigeons are a type of Dove actually and these are pretty tame and used to eating from car windows... quite an amazing experience..I used to raise many colours of Cockatiels, so these are not much larger than the birds I used to have at own birds used to crowd around like these do....( they were also freeflight birds & not caged...)Thankyou so very much...TodaySparked some really nice Memories & happy times with all my bird flock...Thankyou GOD & JESUS...These guys are very friendly & cool birds...Thanx so much!!

Review №20

A very nice place to see a movie

Review №21

Been going here for years with my highschool friends. Wonderful memories. Pretty standard movie theater but never had any terrible experiences.

Review №22

Clean theatre, nice screens, the best popcorn EVER

Review №23

Fun times at the movies plus theres discount tuesdays

Review №24

Good place to see new releases. Pretty much your average price and quality cinema as found everywhere. No exceptional pros or cons.

Review №25

Came in for a movie at 9 45 and literally couldnt buy anything at 10pm because they closed the tils. What a joke. Ill be complaining to the manager also. This ticket was $9.50

Review №26

Although it is a small complex, its comfortable, normally very clean. If one attends the earlier shows (Wyeth the exception of kids movies), you can almost have the whole theater to yourself.

Review №27

Hey... its what we have here. Not bad. Usually pretty clean. Never really crowded.

Review №28

I love the Astiria Gateway Cinemas. The only thing that they might want to check is their pop machine, I wanted a Diet Dr. Pepper and instead I got a Root Beer lol . But the cinemas are nice and clean and the workers are wonderful

Review №29

Never overly packed. Saw Spiderman: Far From Home opening night and there was maybe only 20 people in the theater.

Review №30

It is in need of repair,busted seats and stairs. Tired of the caution tape thats been up for over a year. Who owns this dump?

Review №31

The staff was really good, friendly and fun to interact with. Viewing experience was good but seating good be improved. Was bare and unfriendly feeling

Review №32

Nice and warm theater. Good experience.

Review №33

Enjoy the place. Clean.. Friendly staff!!

Review №34

They advertise that the theater opens 30 minutes before the movie starts but thats not true today movie is supposed to start at 12:10 and they still werent open by 12:30

Review №35

Im only giving 4 because they do need to update their seats. Theater is actually very nice, updated, and has friendly staff. Its just the seats are dated and quite hard. Most movies you probably wouldnt mind, but after 3 hours of Endgame, I noticed lol.

Review №36

Very nice small town theater.

Review №37

Second time Ive spent $50 to see a movie and there is no picture but sound... they fix it after someone complains but it probs shouldnt happen. Annoying.

Review №38

Was taken to the new Avengers, movie.! Pretty good and had super sweet good company to watch it with! Thank you again..

Review №39

Love this theater. Had a great time with my date. Staff is very friendly. Nice atmosphere.

Review №40

They are the best they have pizza that is good all there stuff is good I like them

Review №41

Clean lobby, decent seating, great staff. My husband and I came here to watch the incredibles 2 the other day and the staff was friendly, very personable, and one employee even offered to cover the couple dollars we were short in cash so we didnt have to use our card again. Even though we had already got to our card to pay for the snacks, I thought that it was very kind of the young man to offer. On top of that the young lady behind the counter was great during the transaction and very patient with us, thank you! It restored some hope (: We will make sure to pass on the kindness! Also, Decent amount of parking, And clean rest rooms. We will be back.

Review №42

Nothing like being in a quiet emotional part on the opening night of A Star is Born when employees start yelling in the lobby to bring you right out of the movie. It happened 4 times, maybe you should train your people to be quiet.

Review №43

Great movie theater in the area; staff is very nice, courteous, and helpful. Dalton was very polite and humorous, would come back again!

Review №44

Pretty old cinema, and could do with some updating. The folks working here are very friendly and helpful. If youre going to see a new release, make sure to show up fairly early, they only have two people who do both ticket purchases and concessions.

Review №45

Fun medium sized movie theatre with a small arcade room. Popcorn & other traditional snacks are available.

Review №46

The place is clean friendly and very nice in appearance and employees. Great place.

Review №47

Love going to this theatre. Always a good time!

Review №48

Seats are not comfortable and they seem to have a high frequency of thier theatres not starting or working. Sadly one of the few places to go to see a movie on the coast. Hopefully they improve someday so its a more enjoyable experience.

Review №49

The Astoria Gateway Cinema seems to have a very pleasant crew and technically sophisticated theaters. Thats the good news. I have complained to them formally about the lack of public information on when films run are planned to end. We have been eager to see a couple of recently engaged films only to find that they have moved on after a week here. Due to our schedules we were unable to get to see them before they closed. In one instance (Dunkirk) we were assured by a staffer that the film would certainly be playing into the next week, as it had just arrived. It didnt and we missed it. As rare as quality films arrive in town, missing them is really irritating.We recently watched the Star Wars release in a frigid, unheated theater that has been inoperable for some weeks. We decided to bear with it as we could not know when the show would be closing its run here. We wont do that again, and will likely continue to avoid the movie house in the future.

Review №50

Watched a PG13 almost 3-hour movie. Movie was good, seats werent the best but decent. Unfortunately, these parents decided to bring their five children ages ranging from 5-10. Suffice it to say there were plenty of annoying and distracting issues but I wont waste your time. Usually an usher will walk the aisle a few times throughout the movie. This didnt happen. I did talk to management afterwards and they were very understanding, apologetic, and comped our tickets, which was helpful. I know not everyones experience will be this, but management did their best to make up for a bad experience which was nice.

Review №51

Clean, friendly staff and $5 Tuesday!!! Marvelous

Review №52

Love this theatre! Friendly staff and top-rated movies. Very comfy seats and I like the stadium seating.

Review №53

This is a very busy place, at least on the night I went there. Must say it was new movie release date. The cost is reasonable. The food served is like all movie theaters. The seats were comfortable enough. This place would be good for family movie night, date night, or just going by yourself.

Review №54

Not a bad theater, but the seats are not very comfortable. They are not in bad shape, they are just low quality budget theater seats.

Review №55

Very clean, friendly service, good movies

Review №56

I really enjoy watching movies here, never over packed, food prices are great compared to Portland. Get the kids pack and its just the right size for one person. Makes going to the movies affordable and easy. Good atmosphere. The 2 small screen rooms could use better sound system but the 2 main theater screens are solid.

Review №57

Is this place bigger on the inside? From the outside it looks like a Small Town Movie Theater, but on the inside there are a lot more screening rooms then you would have imagined. The ladies working the concession counter for all super sweet, too. They were the very Pinnacle of small-town hospitality hand made us feel at home. It may not be the touristy thing to do, but go see a movie. Youll be glad you did.

Review №58

Why does a theatre sell tickets and concessions in the same line? If you just want a ticket youre stuck waiting for indecisive eaters. Why does it take two managers and a worker to ring up one customer? Inefficient. On the other hand the movies look great and well-balanced sound. It would be nice if an usher could people to SHUT UP during the showings.

Review №59

Fun little theater, it was what we needed on a rainy day trip to Seaside.

Review №60

This theater is good it has good movies the people there are really nice and respectable staff the service is good

Review №61

Always easy to see new releases, here. Very friendly and patient staff. We come here every winter when spending holidays on the beautiful north coast. Very close to Ft. George brewing and Pilot House Distillery, too, which are great ways to warm up for your cinematic outing!

Review №62

Run of the mill theater with overpriced concessions and overly buttered popcorn but there arnt many options in the area. Yay Monopolies! Its your standard American theater with out beer options.

Review №63

3 bottles of water cost more then 3 tickets.

Review №64

Had to wait in a very long line just to get tickets because the only way you could buy them was to go in to the concession stand. We had to wait for each person/group to buy tickets AND get their snacks. It is conveniently located and had a good selection of movies. Clean and comfortable.

Review №65

They had everything you need for a great movie experience. They have a small selection but they do have the major releases

Review №66

The movie was great. The staff at concessions was a different story. Girl messed up on a drink and had attitude fixing it. Even tho her manager told her she was wrong. After the movie...she proceeded to glare at my family as we walked out. GREAT HIRE!!! SMH

Review №67

Just saw the Last Jedi. The theater is nice, clean, restrooms too. Refreshments are pricey, but typical for the movies. The sound system is just ok.

Review №68

2nd time this happened. Movie did not start due to malfunction of projector. Waited 5 minutes and told front desk and they said that they would take care of it. After a few trips getting told they fixed the problem, still no movie. To add insult to the situation, when we asked for our money back, they said that they could not do that unless a manager approved it. The manager had to be called to the front and then they just want to sell you tickets for another time. Avoid this theater.

Review №69

Called twice in advance to see when they were open to purchase tickets to see a movie tonight I was told by Brian that they were open at 2:25 walked in at 2:25pm was told they the are not open by two girls! They would be open at 3pm.. one they should not have the doors unlocked if not open and two I called twice to see when they were open..super frustrating I have my son with me and we now have to wait 30 more mins

Review №70

Its a nice cinema for the area we live in. They dont have IMAX movies but they rewards for all the movies you see are pretty good.

Review №71

Best Theater ever

Review №72

Good place

Review №73

Middle of the road..... Picked a lame movie and over paid for a single drink and medium popcorn. Movie choice is my wifes fault, 5bucks for 12cents of soda?

Review №74

Great customer service. Honestly though over priced products. Upgrade your seats and I can see charging those prices.

Review №75

This is a very small theatre with a large theatre atmosphere! Very good quality seating and friendly staff with a close quarters, yet not crowded feel. Lots of fun!

Review №76

Clean. Latest movies so ok.

Review №77

Its the best theater n town

Review №78

Great cinema for the coast area well worth the drive from home if we want to grab something at the wet dog Cafe or fort George brewery. Great seats and sound. They have a ticket booth outside, but its never in use, seems a waste. You have to pay inside at the front counter.

Review №79

Decent place to stop by for a movie. Smaller theaters, but not overrun with people. Friendly staff and comfy enough seats.

Review №80

Hidden gem and amazing popcotn!

Review №81

Always a great experience!

Review №82

Great theater! Very small and cozy with 6 theaters. Its never crowded. Excellent popcorn with lots of butter!

Review №83

They always have the best movies there. Ive gone many times and the service has always been great. Of course the snacks are a bit pricey but what movie theater doesnt have that? The ticket prices are very reasonable and it gives discounts to students and seniors which is very generous. It isnt very crowded which is good and they recently put in 3D movies which is a fantastic addition for everyone. This, in my opinion, is a very good theater and I recommend it to anyone who lives in the Northern Oregon and Southern Washington area.

Review №84

Comfy, close to home and always a great experience. Seating is starting to show its age but its not uncomfortable or dirty...but hey, its a movie theater those chairs see a lot of abuse!

Review №85

A place to go on a date with you honey

Review №86

I love movies

Review №87

The movies are always great, nothing bad about staff or cleanliness. Just like most Theaters the food is amazingly overpriced. I know thats how they make theyre money and all. But its like $5.25 for a small small and $8 something for the large. Heck even two tickets to a PG-13 movie was $21, thats too bad, but with popcorn and drinks, turns it into a $30-$40 trip.

Review №88

Great theatre!!! Love this place!!!

Review №89

Its a smaller multiplex Cinema, but, they have all the amenities and the customer service was par excellance!

Review №90

Themovie theater was relativity small, but few people were available so I was able to see it by cash!

Review №91

Awesome throwback to the golden age of cinema in my opinion... but hey maybe thats a bit overly ambiguous. In my experience this place had great customer service, tons of charm, was clean, and decent selection of showings.

Review №92

Small quaint local movie theater. Small rooms, but still has a good theater vibe. Plays most major movies out. For the area it gets the job done, but dont expect anything to blow your mind away.

Review №93

Works ok as a local theater if you are desperate. The seats suck big time and could use an upgrade. I try to go to Kelso for the bigger movies since the quality is much better and the seats are light years ahead of the ones here. But it works in a pinch. Screen and sound are acceptable, though I wish they had at least 1 IMAX screen.

Review №94

Ive noticed it depends on the day and whos working, they have a lot new people, most are good but theres a girl who works there that has no people skills and very rude.but all in all the place is great and prices may seem high but when compared are not bad.

Review №95

A good small sized theater. Comfortable seats and a courteous staff.

Review №96

Finally a theater that knows how to properly set up the sound. I hate how other theater turn the volume up to 11 and try to impair your hearing. Comfy seats and typical, high concession prices. Inexpensive tickets when compared to bigger places like Portland.

Review №97

Maybe its just my age, but damn near 8$ to get in, NOT to mention the cost if a drink and popcorn... personally Ill wait for dvd, but if youve got the cash its a comfortable place to sit for 2 hours and enjoy the HUGE screen

Review №98

Just drove by. Didnt go in

Review №99

The screens are small, the manager is a B.S. artist and the floors are always sticky

Review №100

Clean and comfy...we love watching movies here

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  • Address:1875 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 503-338-6575
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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