Bow Tie Cinemas
1020 Annapolis Mall Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Review №1

My visit on 10-16-18 was diminished due to the renovation they have going on. Currently they dont have any fountain drinks only a limited selection of bottles Coca Cola products. The renovations are supposed to be completed soon. Didnt find the staff overly friendly either. If my review or photos are helpful give a thumbs up

Review №2

I was visiting from Pittsburgh, PA and decided to see a random movie while I was here. The guys at the cash register were super polite, even gave advice about getting items cheaper individually instead of a package deal since I was going to pass on the candy any way.They delivered the food directly to my seat, only a few minutes too so it was before the movie started.As for price, compared to my local theaters, Bow Tie Cinemas is less expensive, and has more amenities.Overall great experience, comfy reclining chairs with trays. If it wasn’t hundreds of miles away I’d be here every week.

Review №3

Seats were comfy with a little table thing. Self-serve ticket kiosk was very convenient. The attendant told me the wrong auditorium number, but I remembered what the kiosk told me and all was well. If you dont do stairs, you should park on the second level of the red garage though.

Review №4

This is a very nice theater and you get what you pay for. The tickets are $13-15 a person and the concessions are insane, but in exchange you get an intimate viewing experience in very comfortable seats. Every seat reclines fully and they are all leather and very comfortable. However each theatre only seats around 40 ppl so shows fill up quickly.A nice theater but certainly not a budget option

Review №5

I love the new makover and upgraded seating! Just went and saw the new Avengers movie. As you can imagine, the place was packed but reserved seating and the new upgrades made it like we were the only ones in the theater. They even upgraded the food options. I got popcorn, soda, candy and a kids pack for 3 adults and 1 kid for $40.50. Not bad for the movies.

Review №6

I love it. Awesome theater awesome comfortable seats I havent had a bad experience there and Ive been more than a couple times. Not to mention the convenience of it being at the mall were you can get a decent bite to eat and even do some shopping if youd like to thumbs up.

Review №7

The ticket buying process and concessions are easy. The seats themselves are comfortable, but DO NOT sit in the front row.Went to go see Knives Out and the only seats left were in the front row. This has not been a problem at other premium theaters with reclinable seats. This is not the case with Bow Tie. The front row is mere feet from the screen. You have to strain to see the entire screen, and, because you’re so close to it, it distorts the screen. They need to remove that row or reduce the cost of the ticket for those seats.Otherwise, the theater was fine. Not great, not terrible.

Review №8

I had an issue with my seats. I purchased tickets online as did another customer. Somehow we ended up with the same seats and went to the service desk to sort out the issue. The ticket salesperson (her name started with La) was rude and did not listen. She repeated several times that it was not the theaters fault but the purchaser (that was irrelevant). We explained the situation and all she seemed focused on was moving seats and sending us on our way. When I explained that the alternate seats were occupied, she continued to tell me those people were not supposed to be in the seats. Her response, Well the boxes are white on the computer so that means theyre available (even though I told her twice that they were occupied). The manager eventually came over and apologized for the seat mix-up. That salesperson should NOT be working with public, especially when there is an issue.

Review №9

Reclining seats are great! and having the small tray for food and drinks its handy. We didnt order food to try out the new options, but I did enjoy my highball- love the bar added next to three snack section.

Review №10

This place is awesome. It has all the newest movies and great seats. There candy may be overpriced, but that is a small sacrifice compared to the quality of their sound, picture, and seats. The seats are fully reclinable with foot rests, and have ample room. Everything youd ever need in a movie theater.

Review №11

I had bonus tickets I got a good deal on. So far so good until I find out that there is a $4.50 surcharge for bonus tickets on all Disney and 20th century fox movies. My tickets didn’t have any restrictions noted on them. I ended paying full price for my tickets. That whole experience was just awful and I hope Bow tie fixes it.

Review №12

This cinema has better seating than any of the cinemas Ive been to. There is ample space in each of the rooms and the screen is huge. In most cinemas you wouldnt want to be in the very last row, but now you can sit there no problem. On the contrary, I wouldnt recommend sitting at the low rows because of the size, just a heads up. Great cinema regardless.

Review №13

Very nice theater with decent lounge seating, leg room, cleanliness, and customer service.About 6 of us attended a show and really enjoyed the relative luxury of the seating. But, we were especially happy with the on-premise bar that served wine, beer, and mixed drinks.Movie-going has come a long way since I was a kid!

Review №14

Now has recliner seats with tray tables. Nice but now you must buy a ticket for an assigned seat. Good feature is being able to see regardless of who is in front of you.

Review №15

Movie was supposed to start 15 minutes ago. Several people have informed employees that there is no video. Still waiting. Might move this down to 1 star.

Review №16

Very clean and well kept theater. Awesome choices at the concession stand. Any place I can see an early Sunday movie and have warm cinnamon sticks delivered to my seat gets a good rating in my book.

Review №17

Comfortable chairs and clean. Pleasant decor. Beware of kitchen hours. Wanted food but kitchen not open yet. Went to early show.

Review №18

Comfortable spacious reclining seating. Theatre was super clean and staff super friendly. They have a ton of food variety. Not just popcorn and candy. They have like full on meals. I will not be going anywhere else from now on.

Review №19

Its been a long time since I have been to the movies! Reclining seats! Great sound!

Review №20

A very large improvement with comfy chairs, good lighting, surround sound, and even your favorite adult drink right there at the movies. Good job people!

Review №21

Movie selection is great, service is adequate and the screens are awesome. My only complaint is about the sound system in the theaters themselves, which are sometimes too quiet to capture the action in some movies

Review №22

I was in the BTX theater for Deadpool 2 tonight. I love the sound of this theater. The booming effects of this particular film was loud. The reclining chairs are nice but firm. The bathroom was very clean. The theater itself, for the price of that particular auditorium, they need to do a better job of cleaning the seats as popcorn was in each side and the trays at the seats too. I could return as I enjoyed this style of movie watching on a larger screen.

Review №23

Nice movie theater with a food court!

Review №24

Great location. Park on 2nd floor of elevated garage for after hours access. They lock the mall doors when the mall closes and you HAVE to enter by the parking garage entrance.

Review №25

Love this theater. Well maintained and now have a bar.

Review №26

Love the upgrades, food delivered to your seat through the bowtie app...

Review №27

This cinema is amazing! They have a great option of enjoying an amazing meal in your own skybox sort of deal and it is worth every penny. Me and wife watched Stephen kings it there and will surely be back if Baltimore ever gets its self together and we decide to visit.

Review №28

I love it all the personal was nice .. restroom clean!!! Seats was clean and nice we enjoyed the movie.

Review №29

The pic is right outside the cinemaIts a very nice, modern and attractive facility. I noticed the kiosks have the ability to purchase concessions right when you purchase tickets. There are menu choices with pictures to make a selection.The theaters design was good and sound was great.

Review №30

A big theater. Nice reclining seats. A little pricey though.

Review №31

The seats are comfortable and recline. My favorite place to see a movie. And the prices are great. FYI.. $7 Tuesdays

Review №32

Its amazing. The first thing that you smell is delicious popcorn and the food there is great! The theatre itself is super comfortable, the reclining seats was a great design choice in my opinion.

Review №33

Great place to see a movie and great places to eat!

Review №34

Neat & clean. Loved the experience. The movie was great

Review №35

Very nice theaters. Comfortable seating, good sound, good view.

Review №36

Friendly staff, power recliners, and reserved seating make the experience very enjoyable.

Review №37

This is a nice theater. You can reserve seats and they are reclining seats. Food is good and prices are not so bad for theaters.

Review №38

Aladdin was pretty good. Parked on 2nd level so just walked right in.

Review №39

The young lady selling tickets was very nice.

Review №40

This is my go to movie theatre. I live in Calvert county so there are a couple of movie theaters that I can go to but this has the best of all the new movie theatre options that many people are looking for( stadium seating design with big recliner chairs, reserved seating, updated digital screen and sound, and step up in food and drink options (cheesesteaks and wine and beer) which can be delivered to your seats. The staff is always friendly and the theatres are always clean. The price is good for this experience. It is a step below theatres like the Ipics theatres or the new theatre in the kentlands area in Montgomery county but for those living in southern maryland the bow tie cinema in the annapolis mall is going to be your best bet to watch a movie.P.S. this may sound funny, but one of the things that also makes it the best is the large popcorn tub with the cover that can double as a second popcorn container to share. This allows for the tub to be closed after adding butter and shaken for even distribution. Small but genius things like this is why you go here.

Review №41

Had a nice lunch in the food court, had left over Chinese food sealed in a to go bag with no utensils. He theater would not let my wife and I in because we had outside food. I tried to explain that it was just leftovers with no utensils. Wouldn’t let us in, absolutely ridiculous. Talk about family friendly

Review №42

Popcorn nice and fresh. Loved the seats.

Review №43

Went to Annapolis mall movies 2 times in the last 3 months. I love their new leather reclining seats and tray tables. There is so much room from the person in back or front of you. Ive always had a great experience here. Staff is friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend a visit here to catch a movie. The only bad thing is I feel theyre a little high on their price of movies. They do have a decent price for their matinee that I believe ends at either 5-6 pm take advantage if you can youll save more than just pocket change. Enjoy!

Review №44

Movie was good my seat was not great

Review №45

Great seats, clean theatre, friendly staff

Review №46

Just as I said in my Westfield mall Annapolis review this theatre is very comfortable & you can even have certain menu items delivered to your seat! I would recommend this theatre to anyone!

Review №47

The best popcorn is at Bowtie Harbor Nine. The movie selection are great and Super Tuesday have the best price for movie tickets and popcorn.

Review №48

Great experience! Assign seats that you choose! New chairs that recline back with swinging tables! Dolby digital DTX movies are insane! I just saw Deadpool 2! I seriously recommend!

Review №49

Bow Tie has really improved lately and the reclining seats continue to be a signature feature compared to other nearby movie theaters. The new menu items look really interesting and apparently can be ordered to your seat if theyre not immediately available, which is a huge improvement from their previously limited menu. The staff is friendly and has always been helpful, and that hasnt changed since the theater has gone through several rounds of renovations.

Review №50

This movie theater is better than I thought. Great reclining, electric seats. Assigned seating. Loved it.

Review №51

The theaters are clean and comfortable. I love the reclining seats. The theater layout is very roomy. The BTX theater is great for big block buster movies. My only complaint would be the price of the concessions. But that is standard for all movie theaters. Bow Tie is my first choice when I want to see a movie.

Review №52

Food was decent, but pizza tasted like it was made for a school. Otherwise I had a grand time.

Review №53

As modern as movie theaters today should be but 5 because they serve alcohol And.....Theyll deliver your food to your seat.

Review №54

Big comfy chairs to recline in plenty of room for legs. But the real joy. They now have a full bar. Its epic

Review №55

Good service and really nice people there

Review №56

The revamped theaters are amazing! Reclining seats and trays, and food delivered to your seat! Came a long way since I worked there as a teenager.

Review №57

Great theater; living room comfort; recliners are comfortable; seat/leg spacing is ample, Amazing Sound System!

Review №58

Great theater after the renovations. Prices are absurd, as with any theater. Moviegoers are still pigs that lack proper etiquette with texting, talking, FARTING and what-not. Annapolis has more than its share of winners, no doubt. I love the person that checks their texts! I lean over (shoulder touching shoulder) and read it with them, look them in the eye and smile.

Review №59

The recliners are amazing in this theater. It has very spacious leg room, trays for food and assigned seats. So, when youre checking out using one of the kiosks, make sure to pick your seats if youd like to do so! They sell a giant bin of popcorn (170 oz), so bring some friends to help you get to the bottom of it. It was a better visit than the last time I went to this theater, for sure! So, if it has been awhile, go check it out.

Review №60

Ever since the renovation its very comfy and a good movie experience. The only thing i would change is the price of the food. I spent $4.50 on a bottle of water! Too much.

Review №61

The movie theater was great service was just wonderful great workers from the front door all though the movies popcorn was freshly popped bathroom very clean and smelling good I love that Bow TIe Movie .I would give it 10 stars.

Review №62

Excellent experience! The theater is Clean and the staff is professional, polite and very helpful. I plan on returning soon. The food options were the best.

Review №63

Feels like youre at home watching a movie very comfortable very nice

Review №64

Bowtie Theatres at Westfield Mall are nicely arranged with comfortable seating but the day we visited, there was one person selling tickets with a long line of people. Due to traffic we were late but the four people at the refreshment counter didnt seem to care when I asked them to open a second register. Nor did the person who seemed to be in charge and walked over to the line. I mentioned the long line and she walked away. Another employee returned from lunch drinking his soda and just shrugged when I asked if anyone was coming to help. Twenty minutes to get through the line and into the theatre!

Review №65

Love the stadium seating and reserve plus the 7.1 Dolby is always clean, comfortable PS. Moviepass is AWESOME!!!!

Review №66

Ended up driving over a hour to see It 2 here because of the reclining seats and the seat didnt even recline we couldnt switch seats as it was sold out. It was a waste of time and money for us to come all the way there for a feature that didnt even work...

Review №67

Good vibes

Review №68

Now that this theater has reserved seating I go to the moviesmore often. The theaters are usually clean and theres no waitwith the reserved seats. The concessions stand also uppedtheir game apparently. I dont usually get food but my friendsactually enjoy their food rather than just tolerating it.Bowtie also does a good job maintaining their presentationhardware. I have only seen one screen issue since theycompleted the renovations and it seems like they put in effortto ensure the architecture doesnt rattle during crescendos inthe moviesFinally, the entrance is convenient from the red garage.Management added an entry door in the second level so thatyou can enter there easily.

Review №69

I love the newly designed/renovated seats! I do not like that they dont accept the regal points! I guess I understand. I love coming here on Tuesdays because it is $7/person for a movie. All day matinee prices definitely will attract a higher audience rate!

Review №70

Great theater with awesome electronically reclining comfortable seats. Do not go there tired, because you will fall asleep in these chairs. Worth the price.

Review №71

I love the new seating at this theatre!! They all recline fully and are fairly plush. Each seat has its own tray and when you order food at the counter they have someone bring it to your seats. Very nice upgrade they have done!! Staff has been friendly also.

Review №72

Love the bar available at concession now. Theater was comfortable with reclining seats.

Review №73

Its not too busy and the employees are very helpful and polite. I love their comfy reclining chairs, but you might need to bring a blanket because it can get cool at night.

Review №74

Comfortable chairs and clean. Dont get to go out to the movies often so it was a nice treat

Review №75

The seats are comfy, and the table is a nice feature, but one thing that stays the same every time I go there is that its not cleaned. The seats always have popcorn bits on them, and dont even get me started on the cup holders, they are somehow the most disgusting thing, and look like they havent been cleaned in years.

Review №76

Fav MT r in the area. need better food options though

Review №77

Great movies but the prices are very high on snacks and drinks.

Review №78

Theaters are clean, food is good. Had and issue with my Atom ticket purchase, customer service (CJ) took care of it immediately with a smile, even thanking me for my patience and understanding.

Review №79

Facility (5)Restrooms (5)Movie Optins (5)PERSONAL (1) TRAINING SHOULD/MUST begin on 08-26-19MON!I joined some insiders CLUB I was told, 1st FREE MOVIES 2nd DISCOUNTED (WKLY) & consumables-DAILY!(NONE of the ABOVE)PERSONNEL, APPEAR TO BE WELL INTENDED, BUTT KYLE WAS CONFUSED BY A CUSTOMERS, AFTR PURCHASING TKTS FOR HIS SELF AND VERY SR.BRIDE, he asked when his SHOW would END, KYLE did not UNDERSTAND the question,SAD! Two People white female & male were hesitant to tell me that RARELY, butt SOMETIMES FREE PopCorn:bottom LINE questionable if my Movie was WORTH $11.00=USD!The PEOPLE part of my first person experience was TITILATING!The Avenging Angel of REALITY!02:05/mo 8 28 2019

Review №80

Family time is always important. My father used to take us to the movies and it made a lasting impression on me. So, Im doing the same thing with my kids now.

Review №81

Went to see Midway. Love that movie.

Review №82

Very friendly employees. Seats wear really comfortable. Too expensive on food and drinks.

Review №83

If I could give this a zero star I would. If not for the old gross seats, sarcastic and uncaring staff, then for the infestation of rats. I heard scratching and other odd noises and dismissed them as my imagination but what I could not have imagined in a thousand years was the life of a daring young rat who crawled up the arm of my chair and proceeded to try and drink from my open lemonade cup. Too disgusted to shoo him away I sat in disbelief as another rat crawled onto the chair next to me. This was my last experience at this movie theater and I wont be back for another.

Review №84

Love this location. Very clean and comfortable.

Review №85

Best theatres around. Chairs that recline with the touch of a button, privacy wall in front of the row of seats and behind so no-one can sit immediately behind you, let alone put their foot on the arm of your chair. Amazing place to go see a movie.

Review №86

Great seating, very comfortable place to enjoy a movie

Review №87

Great place to watch movies. My son and I went here to watch the lastest Spiderman movie. So easy to purchase tickets online then picked them up at the customer service desk. I reserved premium seat( at least my preference) first row upper level center. To my surprise they have big reclining seats that were very comfortable. Also parking in the garage has a dedicated entrance directly into the theater lobby. Recommend this theater.

Review №88

Havent been here for a few years but the theater has since upgraded its seating in each room. Very comfortable, reclining seats with movable table top to place your snacks. And now with the option to reserve your seat ahead of time. This is now the place we go for movies.

Review №89

Very nice movie theater with great management and staff. They recently renovated the entire theater with new leather reclining seats and you can now reserve seats which is fantastic.

Review №90

Great theater. Prices arent horrible (for a movie theater at least) and wide selection if concessions, not to mention conveniently located above the malls food court. Best part is the theaters seating is leather recliners!!

Review №91

Nice people great atmosphere

Review №92

This to me is the perfect movie theater. I show up, buy my ticket at a machine(or reserve online), have a problem using my member card at the ticket machine, walk to customer service and meet with someone who is either in a good mood or bad (I dont mind either way, people are allowed to have bad days), get the card problem sorted, give someone my ticket to tear and they tell me which theater to go to. Super simple and easy. Theater are usually pretty clean and staff arent overbearing. I tried to walking one time with an outside ice cream cone, they said no and didnt let me. Fine with me, its in their rules. They also underwent a refurbishing of the old place so now it has vinyl recliner seats and food and stuff, very cool. Like I said, perfect place, run by real people. My ONE complaint comes from occasionally a speaker will be out in the surround sound and MONTHS ago it caused me to miss ONE line of dialogue, really, no other problems. The speaker issue is the only thing keeping it form 5 stars. Thank you for reading this and good night.

Review №93

Love the new reserved seating and that they will deliver food to your seat when you order from their kitchen menu. Pretty nice. Great renovations done here.

Review №94

Best theater. seats are very comfy and overall a clean environment

Review №95

The theater looks great now and I like the assigned seating and the option to order food. I think staff could be nicer and the manager as well. He seems to be new but inexperienced in handling situations. Took him ten minutes to figure out we were returning two tickets we already purchased and just wanted our money back, but keeping the other 4 tickets. Then the young man collecting tickets ripped them so that we didn’t know our seats. Luckily we ordered them online.

Review №96

We arrived on time got my monster tub of popcorn, nachos and soda. Sat down to view the movie for about an hour and the electricity went off and they evacuated everyone. It was nice until then. What a different experience!

Review №97

Comfortable seating. expensive. i do not like that one needs to reserve a seat. they made improvements that made it worse.

Review №98

Great!! I go too both but my first time at this since renovated great even has a bar.

Review №99

Decent movie theater without many of the frills weve gotten accustomed to, like a reclining chair or anything... but oh well. It served its purpose

Review №100

I believe they should offer military discounts. Movies are designed for people to spend as any other establishment, but there needs to be relief somewhere

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  • Address:1020 Annapolis Mall Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 410-224-1145
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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