Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
2829 S Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50023, United States

Review №1

I was pleasantly surprised with this place. Full of fun obstacles, zipline, climbing walls, and more. It even had some crazy extra bouncy trampolines for going really high on a wall. Overall this is a fun place to visit and my kids really enjoyed it.

Review №2

Urban Air Trampoline park has everything they claim on their website. A lot of it is geared toward children but there was also things like the rope course or the warrior course or the zip line that was fun and challenging for adults. For the 2 hour time frame you get, the price wasnt too bad. It was definately a good time and would recommend it.

Review №3

Great staff, ensuring that all guidelines are followed! Worth the money for sure.

Review №4

The kids had so much fun! The staff are very careful with covid. Some of the staff need to learn to be nice though & use their manners.

Review №5

Our family had an absolute blast on our 1st trip. It was so great we signed up for the annual membership. There was something for everyone. Then COVID hit. We continued to be supportive even though we werent using the membership due to restrictions from COVID.We are a busy family and sometimes things are forgotten.Well BEWARE! If you dont cancel your membership at the end of the 12 months you will automatically be locked in for another 12 months. You are not able to break this contract. So I give the facility and all the activities 5 STARS but I have to drop this to a rating of 1 because of their membership agreements.

Review №6

What a fun place!! This is NOT like other jump zones; it is a hundred times better. Staff was friendly and helpful. All staff were wearing masks, social distancing and taking precautions necessary for Covid-19. There was no crowding of guests. Tons of room to feel comfortable yet have fun. They even use a thermal imaging camera to take Temps as you enter. This is a superior example of how to be open safely. Membership options are available in varying levels which I think is genius and they are a great value. Urban Airs website is very user friendly, with an excellent FAQ section. We ordered a pepperoni pizza which tasted better than I expected for an amusement business who does not specialize in making pizza. Prices are very reasonable. We ended up purchasing a membership which I am certain we will use often. A great family friendly entertainment option for Ankeny!

Review №7

Great place for kids and adults to be active obstacles courses zip lines trampoline dodgeball, and rock climbing etc. Alot of activities to do fair price kids love it open year round.

Review №8

Wonderful staff. Great activity for the family. They have monthly passes and with covid a lot of open time to enjoy yourself. Great time for the family with teens.

Review №9

The kids loved it. First time there. For my grandsons birthday. Will be back.

Review №10

Very pricey. The place can be really packed. Not a lot for comfortable places for parents to wait. With the covid it has been nice because it has thinned out. If you know your kid will go a lot I recommend the pass. Staff is friendly. Lots to do.

Review №11

Bought my tickets online to get a discount and with covid they are doing amazing keeping things clean and as packed as it could be the amount of people allowed in is kinda nice it gives everyone a better chance to do things more than once.

Review №12

Would like to give this place 0* and I highly DO NOT recommend this place. Being a first time customer, staff didn’t consider to help or explain how they operated. Kept being told to not do certain things every 5MIN so that really took the fun out for everyone. Not to mention what’s the point of paying for a parent pass when you can’t jump or even go into certain areas with them. So parents with toddlers don’t bother bringing them, you’ll be paying $10 + $2.50 (for socks) for them to be in one area most of the time. Will not be back.

Review №13

Kids had lots of fun! Great environment!

Review №14

Have a membership, and its so worth it! Free snacks with every visit, no waiting in line either. Pictures below is my favorite attraction

Review №15

Beware of going during busy times!! They have the right to cut you off at 1 hour for basic, 1.5 hour for deluxe and 2.5 hr. for ultimate and if it is busy you could spend the majority of that time in line.Just want to let you know. We went yesterday and were extremely disappointed in the wait lines for the rides. We understand the lines due to the amount of people. This would not have been a problem but we purchased the $25 tickets and then were told the due to the amount of people in the park our wrist bands were expired!!? We paid $140 and I feel that should give you the ability to stay longer than 2.5 hours.Some ideas would be to let your patrons know that you are near capacity and will be cutting time to 2.5 before paying so they can have an option to return on a less busy time for more play time. Also does it depend on who is working? When you feel like it ? Or is there an actually process and procedure for knowing you are at capacity and starting to limit time? I have reached out via Fb message and heard nothing but would appreciate some feedback.

Review №16

Great, stress free birthday party. Kids loved it and want to go again.

Review №17

Good food and nice people and clean and safe places

Review №18

The place is awesome!! long as you arent a family of 5 or more that plans to eat while your there enjoying the park. They have ONE table that seats a group of more than 4. All other large tables remain unused but reserved for birthdays.

Review №19

Felt safe and the kids had fun. Capable staff.

Review №20

Great place for kids. Time is limited to 2.5 hours. Minus 2 stars for time limit.

Review №21

Unique take on amusement parks. Completely indoors so you dont have to depend on the weather. Tiered bands of activities let you access certain areas of play. Many activities have minimum height requirements so best for kids 4 ft. and up.

Review №22

Kids had a blast going here. Pretty busy, kids had to wait to do some things for a little while but otherwise awesome. They need more available seating, there was a lot of reserved tables in the middle for birthday parties but I never saw anyone sit in them while we were there.

Review №23

Great place for kids birthday parties and to burn off some energy.

Review №24

My kids had a blast. My only complaint is we paid the 24.99 for all the courses YET 3 of them were closed down. They really should discount ticket prices if not all the courses are opened especially the ones for the higher dollar amounts. Kind of felt ripped off on that

Review №25

We love it here! So clean and a wonderful place for family entertainment

Review №26

Phenomenal pretzels, *very* clean and fun

Review №27

Awesome place! Lots to do for different ages!

Review №28

My son and I had a blast amazing place

Review №29

Urban air is so fun and I really enjoy going there. The only thing I dont like is the snack shack is expensive. 1 dollar gets you nothing. Popcorn is $5, bag of chips $2, water is $3, energy drink is $4.95. I can buy an energy drink for no less than $3. It is ridicules.

Review №30

The kids had a good time. I think it’s a little small. And the lines took up most of the time. We went on a Saturday(super busy), next time we’ll try a weekday.

Review №31

Lots of fun! Employees so helpful!

Review №32

Kids liked the activities that they had. However, we had a lot of issues. Nobody said anything about using sky zone socks and I asked when I came in. My kids were then kicked out of line after waiting for over twenty minutes because they didn’t have Urban Air socks on. Our ticket number wasn’t called to do the ropes course and sky coaster and our time was almost up. They told us we would have to wait for our number. We ended up running out of time and the kids didn’t get to ride or do ropes. I also waited 40 minutes in line for a Gatorade. They had two kids taking orders, money, and filling the orders and a line twenty deep. Definitely wasn’t their fault, as they were working as fast as they could. Overall, not a good experience. I don’t think we would recommend it come back .

Review №33

My son went to Urban Air in Ankeny, Iowa with friends and his friends parents. They had a fun time but I am totally discouraged with what transpired after their visit. On their way home (10:15 pm), after realizing he had left his air pods behind, they called Urban Air to see if they were there. The employee who answered the phone verified what the air pods and case looked like and said yes they were there. This conversation was on speaker and heard by others in the vehicle. That employee was told that someone would be back in the morning to pick them up. Upon return in the morning (10:00 am) to pick them up ( which was only 12 hours later) the air pods were nowhere to be found and no one will acknowledge anything about the air pods or the phone call. I do realize that Urban Air is not responsible for lost items but this employee who answered the phone clearly verified that they had been found and I think Urban Air is then responsible to hold that item until the customer can return for pick up. We have called numerous times, sent emails and nothing is being done about this. Clearly, an employee is responsible for the disappearance of those air pods and I am still waiting for them to look into this matter and waiting on a response.

Review №34

Lots of things to do. Nothing like it anywhere in DSM. But only giving a 3 star because they obviously need some work with managing staff/capacity,etc. We came on a busy holiday break from school very crowded, expected but there was no seating for anyone, lots of reserved tables but no apparent party happening at the 8 empty tables. The concession workers could have benefited from a manager helping them with flow, problem solving, etc.

Review №35

Took my family to the new Urban Air in Ankeny while visiting friends. It was a blast for everyone. My girls loved the Warrior course and the adults liked the Sky Rider. Food was good and staff was great. Highly recommended!

Review №36

Kids had a great time. Food service was slow but I assume itll get faster. Dont go if its too packed, the lines can be long!

Review №37

Fun place! The kids were worn out when we were done for sure!!!!

Review №38

I hate to do this but I have to give Urban Air 1 star.I came with 4 kids under 41” tall.Getting in the door was just shy of $60.00, but that’s not the reason for the 1 Star.If your child is under 41” tall, there is virtually nothing for your child to do.They can jump on the trampolines, but there is no Toddler Area like there is at Get Air in Urbandale, so your 3-4 year old is playing in the same area as everyone else in the building, essentially being knocked and bounced all over the place.I saw at least 6 kids 41” and under crying from being pounced on by bigger kids.If your kids are under 41”, ABSOLUTELY do not bring them here.This place has tons of cool things to do, has a black light ball pit/obstacle course, zip line, climbing wall, and much much more!...but there is nothing to do for kids 41” and under.My children spent the whole time trying to do things they were too small to do, pouting because they couldn’t do them, and I’d say the staff are less than friendly to little kids.When I purchased my passes, if they had told me there was no toddler area, I would have went to Get Air in Urbandale.If your kids are under 41”, ABSOLUTELY do not bring them here.If your kids are older, they will LOVE this place and you will want to give it 6 stars.The food is excellent and it definitely deserves 5 Stars. We ordered a cheese pizza and dipping dots. The kids devoured it!Hopefully this place is still around in a few years when my children can enjoy it!

Review №39

Good variety of activities for all ages and abilities. The skyride was the highlight, but be prepared to wait in line for a good while. The ball pits were good fun, with a nice assortment of obstacles and challenges. Nice place for the whole family.

Review №40

Dont recommend for children under 5 or less than 41 inches tall. Youre not allowed to play with them or jump next to them! They also cant do a lot of what this place has to offer. There is a play area they can climb in but adults cant leave the bottom of the climbing area even if you have a parent pass. You cant see your kids and you just sit and watch the 4 ways they may come down to try not to lose them. Will be much more fun for independent kids who are 5 years old and/or over 41 inches tall. Still not a family place, more of a one at a time place.

Review №41

I am usually not one to give reviews but we just had my son’s birthday party and it was a great time. Pizza was great, service was awesome and kids where wore out when the party was done. Anyone looking for a venue for their kids party I would highly recommend.

Review №42

Terrible rude staff! They run around blowing their whistles and supervising what everyone is doing to the extent that it absolutely ruins the fun. My daughter couldnt take 3 steps without being told to slow down. For example they have a trampoline park but you cant jump from one trampoline to the next which completely negates any point of having one at all. I understand the need for safety. What I dont appreciate is the rudeness in which it was delivered and thee overboard nature of a few of the staff members.

Review №43

It was very fun for kids ages 5 and up but younger there is only a few things for them to do. It was definitely super busy on a Saturday but thats expected. After 2 hours my kids were spent.

Review №44

We bought a membership here and have gone every day for the last 5 days, The memberships have amazing value and the park is so fun. There are so many options and fun things to do, my favorite are the Olympic trampolines.

Review №45

Kids loved this place. Was a little busy but staff have people tickets to wait for the bigger attractions so ran very smooth.

Review №46

If you want business let people actually do stuff on the trampolines or just get rid of them.

Review №47

My son was looking forward to a few hours here and he really was looking forward to the sky coaster. We paid our $24.99 & $2.50 for socks. In order to ride the sky coaster and do the ropes course you have a ticket number. A friend in front of us got ticket numbers 85 & 86 and we were right behind them and the boys got 245-247. So they call the sky coaster in ticket number order and our numbers are so far apart?? Checked in at 11:15 & supposed to be here 2.5 hours. It is now 1:15 & they have only called ticket numbers thru 175??? So I have gone to the line twice and they said talk to a manager. So I did but first I talked with a kid twice at the desk and the 2nd time he walked away from me...nice. I finally got the manager and told her I would like to make sure my son gets to ride the sky coaster and do the ropes course and she said there is nothing we can do for you we go in number order. She told me they only pull from 1 roll of numbers at a time. I said how did my friend in front of me get in the 80s and we got on the 240s then? She continued to say we only pull from 1 roll and would not budge on letting my son get in line cause they go by numbers. I just want my son to ride one ride that I paid the extra money for.....and there had to more than 1 roll up there to get the numbers we got.Also not well staffed at all.Will not be back at all.Now 1:20 & only at number 190.

Review №48

Awesome! My kids loved it. I like the variety of activities. I just wish they had a little more for toddlers. That is the only reason I give them 4 stars.

Review №49

Really cool stuff but so incredibly loud. Theres no way that level is safe for the little ears in there!

Review №50

I havent gone I am 13 and I am going there for my birthday this Sunday I think its gonna be a great time

Review №51

Are you looking for some adrenaline action? Look no further. Urban Air offers variety of activities that will guarantee excitement to you and your group. Food and drinks are available at fairly reasonable price.

Review №52

We love the place for all the fun activities, but one thing I would love them to do is lower the volume a bit when playing music & announcements. I could not understand the announcements because they were so muffled.

Review №53

Great place for fun, though the lines are a nightmare. The reason Im giving two stars however, is because I broke my ankle while jumping on the trampoline, and their execution of getting medical treatment for me was poor, and were more worried about their trampolines getting dirty than my health when my dad was carrying me off the trampolines. They gave me three free tickets, expecting me to come back after they pulled that bs. Never coming here again, and I wish I could sue you guys for your poor actions.

Review №54

I would recommend the membership. Its a lot cheaper. New place so it was clean. Staff was nice.

Review №55

Coolest trampoline park (and so much more) in town! Membership is an amazing deal!!

Review №56

Kids will have a blast here

Review №57

Completely unorganized and chaotic. The staff are very nonchalant about assisting, lines are outrageous for food and takes nearly 45 minutes to get to the front, then you find out they are out of all the things you wanted. Kids could not really enjoying their time because of all the waiting.

Review №58

Zip line wasnt open much during our visit

Review №59

Lots of fun! An attraction was out of service. The line for the Zipline attractions was long.

Review №60

Great place to let the kids (and adults)go run around! We had a blast!

Review №61

A lot to do here! Nice to have area for smaller kids. Food isnt great for the price.

Review №62

My 11 year old son went there with friends. He didnt have a good time. It was very crowded and the lines were super long. They spent more time in lines then enjoying themselfs. Waste of money.

Review №63

Went during winter break yesterday right at 10 when opening. Was about 25 deep in line and another 50 behind me. Waited in the cash line for 15 minutes then was told to do the waiver on the self check line. Would have been great to know that walking in. Check in process was 25 minutes of chaos. My kids went straight to the glider and took another 10 minutes to wait. Then more activities then everything turned into waiting in lines. They only give you 2.5 hours of playtime for $25. Long food lines and no open tables due to 8 of them being reserved.Wipeout attraction was broken but still pay full price. Dodge ball area does not let you wear glasses and both my kids wear glasses so it was something they couldnt do.Overall just not as fun as expected and expensive.

Review №64

The play areas are amazing. But if you want food eat somewhere else before or after you go. Their food is slow, not very cheap, and barely edible.

Review №65

Walked in, there was an employee who helped me. We told her it was our first time there she helped us pick a package which my son wanted to do everything so we selected the best which was $25 to do everything socks not Included in that price either. Get to the zipline and my son is told he is too short. Went to the front desk she apologized and said there is height restrictions. Get my money back ( she gave us a free popcorn)with my son in tears to the lesser package which then we get to the rock climbing. There is one kid working for 9 people allowed in that area . My son waits around for him to come to help him get hooked up/ unhooked. Finally I left that area to go to dodge ball where there are no restrictions. Grown adult men throwing balls at little kids as hard a sthey can. Pretty much waiting for an accident which of course there was. My child got hit square in the eye by a grown adult with full force. Definitely need rules for dodge ball where No GRown ADULTS should be allowed with children like get air there is age guidelines. And one area for little kids and one for older. Not slot for smaller kids.

Review №66

Super fun place. Lots of different things! Decent price also.

Review №67

Great other than swing a kid taken out in a stretcher because he wasnt paying attention really fun .

Review №68

Great place but docked 1 star due to slow registration and not enough terminals. The registration should also be in a quiet area so you can hear the staff talking to you. A bit unorganized getting started. If they could do 90% pre-registration (except waivers) it would go fast with an barcode to scan on an email or app. Have parents that didnt pay for a birthday table stop slowly creeping into the reserved areas. Have some areas divided by age. The play area would go smoother if the same age.

Review №69

Nice place for the kids

Review №70

Its a great place, fun to be there the staff are fun, and really helpful, just love going there really.

Review №71

Kids loved this place, plenty to keep them busy. Staff was really friendly.

Review №72

Better than get air as far as things to do, seating for parents..

Review №73

The membership is great! So many things to do!

Review №74

It was fun and me and my kids could jump and play

Review №75

Had a great time with my 10 yr old and 2 year old.

Review №76

Super fun like that they had just a spot for the younger kids

Review №77

Best thing that came close to des moines definitely worth it

Review №78

Such an amazing place to go to have fun on a weekend or even a weekday!

Review №79

It was really fun, much different from the other two trampoline parks in Iowa. I accidentally spilled one of the drinks I got and my friend and I told one of the workers, he was happy to clean it for us. I look forward to going there again!

Review №80

Good place for kids to burn off some energy.

Review №81

Younger workers most who just stand around during busy times and when your paying for time (really thats how it works there in case you havent been ) they should maybe try to help the ones that are productive and get the people in line done before you try to plan a play date with another worker anyway alot of work to be done here is a fun spot but so was Incredible Pizza

Review №82

Cool place for kids they had alot of fun. But dont order from the Urban cafe we waited 35 mins for chicken tenders when there was no one in front of us another couple ordered at the same time ate their food and we still waited 15 additional minutes for chicken tenders and they where burnt as well as the fries!

Review №83

My kid was beat up today at Urban Air. The other kid was thrown out. But you didnt even offer his money back. Still determining if we are pressing charges.

Review №84

Great family fun center. Lots to do!

Review №85

Birthday party for 11 year old girls was wonderful!

Review №86

It is amazing and super fun but after jumping for a while your back hurts for a few days after. I suggest you go but for a short amount of time.

Review №87

The check in process is not smooth at all.

Review №88

Great place to keep kids entertained for hours!!

Review №89

Kids loved it! Well worth the it.

Review №90

Very expensive but it wasnt disappointing at all! I will be back!

Review №91

My Grandsons had so much fun.

Review №92

Food is really pricey, but so much fun.

Review №93

Kids loved it. Super busy place!

Review №94

We had a great time here

Review №95

Love it it is soooo fun and alot to do

Review №96

They did nothing for the kids running rampant and not following the rules. The place was in chaos

Review №97

Lots of fun unlimited pass is worth it

Review №98

Excellent place for the whole family!!

Review №99

Load and intense, but a blast for kids.

Review №100

Great place for families of all ages.

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  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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