AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6
400 W Disney Way, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States

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I highly recommend this movie house! We go there with my family but not so often. Their food was pretty expensive but worth it. The place was so clean, at the same time, the restrooms. Also, they have so many food options, and the seats were very comfortable, so our whole experience there was enjoyable. Till next time!

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Came here to see Midway on 11/18. Finding parking was easy as the parking lot was basically empty. Getting my ticket scanned was quick. Started watching my movie after a few minutes of trailers. About 20-30minutes the movie froze for about 5 minutes. I went and told a staff member and he told me the movie had been having issues through out the whole day. A few seconds later he told me that the movie was playing again and that once the movie ended i would be granted a readmit pass. No problem right? Another 30 minutes pass by and the movie freezes again except this time for only a second. No problem. So i was at the home stretch probably towards the end of the movie where its getting good and you are waiting for what will happen next and then BAM! The movie froze once again. This time i waited patiently hoping it would come back on its own. After about 15 minutes i had enough and walked out. I told the same staff member about the issue happening 2 more times and informed him that i was not interested in watching it anymore. He apoligized and proceeded to give me a readmit pass. I felt bad complaining but a theatre this new shouldnt be having these problems.

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A beautiful theater and an all-around delightful experience. The AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6.From the moment we arrived to the Saturday night showing of Casablanca a few weeks ago, our experience at the AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 was exceptional. The theatre makes you feel like you stepped into a different era - very appropriate for the old movies they often play. There is also an organist who plays songs from the movie while you are finding your seats.

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Im so happy the theaters are all open again this is the best

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Nice and so comfortable

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Very clean and the staff is very helpful and nice. Also they validate parking.

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A peculiar little theater. But, very quiet and clean. We bought tickets online and no one ever checked them, which is not a bad thing just seemed odd. Enjoyed the reclining chairs. And liked the location near Disney in a nice little shop area.

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The theatre is a small but pleasant place with useful workers. The test happens after the doorway so that you can get popcorn or snacks out of the front instead of even watching film if you prefer.

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I enjoy coming here! There are so many restaurants to chose from and love going the the theaters here. It is a nice hang out spot.

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On many respects its typical AMC quality - first-rate. But kind of unusual once you get inside. The concession stand is before the ticket-taker; there restroom is beyond the lobby and very close to the individual theaters (which is actually convenient); although there are 2 sets of doors marked enter here, only one is operable from outside. All in all, unusual, but not bad.

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Beautiful new location, fresh and clean! And butter machines for the popcorn actually work! Manager needed to validate our parking as the front ticket counter was closed when we got out of the movie. She was very nice and welcoming to us. The theater we were in was very small, but did have the reclining seats at the $6.00 Tuesday movie price! Such a deal.

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This was a nice theater like the rest of the AMC recliner theaters. This one was a little smaller than the rest to fit it in to the Garden Walk in Anaheim. It was clean, easy to get to, and no lines when we went. Would recommend this one if your in the area.

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Gaby & I go to see movie name is Breakin his movie with Polar Bear doll and my baby bear dolls.

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All of the theaters have signature recliners, they have two self-serve freestyle Coke machines, and a nice little seating area outside. Now that everything is set up, they have a full snack bar too. I could easily see this becoming a new regular spot for me

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Only thing holding back the five star rating is limited number of theaters so less movie options and showtimes, but the heated recliners is a nice touch, AMC recliners dont usually have that. Oh and purchasing tickets can be a little confusing since there isnt an actual box office, you need to use the app or go to the concessions inside

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Seats are good line was quick

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This AMC is really small, did get to see The Invisible Man, which was a really good movie and will see again for sure but overall this AMC is really small didnt like the fact that the chairs dont go all the way back like AMC 20 Fullerton but sound was good and the Quality of the picture. Just hope the seats went all the way back like Fullerton.

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Really nice location, validated parking, and the swankiest seats Ive been in yet!

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The theaters have stadium seating with large reclining seats. Everything was very clean & fresh. Did not use the concession stand. And the GardenWalk shopping center is really nicely decorated.

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The theater is a small but nice place with helpful workers. The check in occurs after the door so you can get popcorn or snacks from the front and not even watch movie if you like.

Review №22

Love to watch movies here and take a stroll afterward.

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Small place but very clean

Review №24

Great new small theater! Great location for a date night as there is a lot to do at the gardenwalk. Right next door is the house of blues and different dining options.

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The seats were super comfortable. They were heated and super new. Only 6 movie spots inside and they were regular in capacity. I liked it a lot.

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Its a great mix of food and shops and entertainment!

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Great theater, friendly staff and very comfortable heated recliners. Only thing its missing is a Dolby screen/room

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Great theater. Love the heated seats!

Review №29

Very clean and new. Good shops in there as well

Review №30

Fun, and the seats recline, so it made it even more comfortable.

Review №31

Nice new theater, clean and people are friendly. Only wish it had heated seats like the district.

Review №32

By far the best movie theater I been too.

Review №33

Its too bad more people dont come to this location, great venues and could be good retail.

Review №34

I enjoy this theater. They have recliner chairs in all the auditoriums not to mant ppl.

Review №35

The movie was ok (but thats not the theaters fault) but the service was great. Sadly the seats dont recline that much

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A good place with fam

Review №38

Great seating, power recliners.

Review №39

Great location and very clean theater!

Review №40

Great theater with very helpful employees.

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Review №42

Love the heated recliners!

Review №43

Great seats, great service, great film

Review №44

It got me to the employee parking, you have to change that

Review №45

Great place to have fun

Review №46

Small theater with leather layback chairs

Review №47

Great movie theater

Review №48

Loved the seats the most!

Review №49

Really Nice experience love it !!!!

Review №50

Came to the movies show didn’t start till 1015 and by 1024 the girl in the front said they were closed and didn’t sell anything anymore. I paid for a movie that I couldn’t even get popcorn. Never coming here again. Worst experience ever!

Review №51

No escalators were working

Review №52

SEATS ARE SO UNCOMFORTABLE, they dont recline enough

Review №53

Is there free parking nearby AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6?

Review №54

Ample seating

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  • Address:400 W Disney Way, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 657-276-0227
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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