Regal Edwards Grand Teton
2707 S 25th E, Ammon, ID 83406, United States

Review №1

I think if you pay $8 for a refillable popcorn, they can throw in an extra bucket for a refill. Im pretty sure they will still make money on the deal! Same with the $6 drink...what does a cup cost? Unfortunately, during the shutdown they switched to Pepsi products! We wont be buying concessions again (usually spend about 25 a movie) until they realize this is an inexpensive gesture!

Review №2

Great Theater experience as we saw the new Star Wars movie. Clean theater. Popcorn was good! Staff was very nice to everyone!

Review №3

Its been sad times and the movies had to close. But no worries everyone because one the classic movies THE BEE MOVIE is coming back soon. The Bee Movie 2 will soon be out for all children and girls to please themselves with.

Review №4

Friendly staff, very clean. Nice place. I absolutely love coming here, it helps me forget all my troubles. So glad you guys have re opened!

Review №5

Great time! It’s an inexpensive theater with great staff.

Review №6

Im hear on vacation from California. My kids wanted to see Godzilla so I came here. This theater is very nice with spacious seats.The popcorn n sweets were pretty good...

Review №7

It was quite pleasant overall. New item there is no refills on popcorn and drinks, anymore. Darn COVID-19.

Review №8

One of the best theaters Ive ever been too! They have multiple screens (upwards of 20) and show a wide variety of movies. The restrooms are always very clean and the employees helpful. The real reason you should go here is that it has 50s theater vibe with neon and everything. The only reason it doesnt have 5 stars is because it doesnt have a discount day like other movie theater chains.

Review №9

Came to watch Frozen II with my family. The staff were courteous and helpful. The theater was clean and comfortable.The only thing missing for a perfect movie experience was Kettle Corn. Im not a fan of salted popcorn. The staff helping me offered Kettle Corn flavoring salt, which I purchased, but that was no adequate substitute.

Review №10

It was wonderful. Cant wait to go back.

Review №11

The building is beautiful and the seating is nice. You now have to purchase your seats at the time you buy tickets. They also inspected the inside of my purse. When purchasing concessions, bring lots of extra money. A small popcorn and a water cost over $12.00. The environment was nice but not sure its worth the price.

Review №12

This theater is nice. Usually clean, friendly service. I tend to have to wait awhile in line for popcorn, even when its not long, so leave time for that before the movie starts. Theres not a bad seat, and the temperature is always comfortable for me, sometimes theaters get cold, but Im good, its not too hot either. Enjoy the show!

Review №13

Hot girl at the entrance closing soon would recommend

Review №14

Ive gone here twice and its awesome! The lights and size of the place is amazing, a real nice movie theater. Its never too packed as far as crowds go and the seats are great, super cozy.

Review №15

Definitely AWESOME place comfortable chairs LOOOOOOOOOOVE their unlitimed pass where u pay $25 a mth and see all the and i mean alllllll the unlimited movies u wanna for free plus 10% discount at the concession stand we saw 1 the 1st night 2 the second night amd looooooved it definitely a plus on downtime at home thanks to his 2 brothers for introducing us to regal definitely dont regret it and u can use ur membership nation wide at any regal theatreDONT WORRY PICS WERE DURIMG THE PREVIEWS AND WE WERE THE ONLY ONES IN THERE AT THE TIME LOL

Review №16

I definitely am liking the seat reserving. You no longer have to worry about getting a seat. The theater w were in was definitely much nicer than they used to be. The seats appeared cleaner. Staff was very helpful.

Review №17

Its really the only game in town, so they have no incentive to step their game up. Staff are really nice. Facility is mediocre at best. Hopefully the price of tickets and concessions reflect what it costs to pay their staff a living wage and not what it costs to line to pockets of others.

Review №18

The theater. Itself, was good. My issue is that we arrived at the theater at 620 for a 6:40 movie. There were some previews showing of up coming movies. The previews stretched on and on for 30 minutes!! I got so tired of the coming attractions and became irritated at the delay. The movie that was supposed to begin at 6:40 actually began at 7:10!! SO FRUSTRATING!!

Review №19

Saw 1917 there and that was the first time in the theater. Very nice to purchase on line and the snack bar was inexpensive and courteous. Very professional and comfortable seating. Strongly recommended!!

Review №20

Really good theatre I love the staff here they are always super friendly. Tickets are about the same if everywhere else and the seats are super comfortable for movie theatre seats. I did notice the other day though that one of the theatres looks like the screen was folded and then rolled out and you could see the creases.

Review №21

Have the best showings and love their service

Review №22

Great place, great people, but the prices are horrendous!!! Way too much money for tickets but they are usually overpriced no matter where you go in this area. The food and drinks though..SO OVERPRICED, WAY OUT OF LINE!!! They are robbing the people of Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. They need to drop the prices by at least 50% !!! Clean and nice seats though...

Review №23

Very nice seats and decent restrooms. And not to say they didnt just slip up in snack security, but they let my very pregnant self being in my cup full of ice from Chick-fil-A across the street. It was pretty great

Review №24

Concessions staff there is awesome. Super friendly and helpful. Movie ticket prices are ok, a little pricey. Seats are ok, generally pretty clean. Sounds is good too. Currently best option in Idaho Falls. Doesnt compare to larger metro movie theaters though.

Review №25

I lost my keys in the sticky seats while setting Avengers. Luckily, they didnt complain when I came back inside to look for them. The seats are pretty good, but the floor is sometimes sticky. Dont buy the concessions, because its a theater. Who can afford those prices?

Review №26

Sarah, the manager, was extremely helpful with my regal club app issue. She really went out of her way to help me. I love coming to this theater and the staff is always friendly to me.

Review №27

The price is way over the top and not worth it in my opinion. I am not a fan of assigned seats. I like to see what type of people I am sitting near so I can decide. We ended up sitting next to someone who smelled like they bath in an ash tray.....but we couldnt move because the seats are assigned. Next time we will just go to the theater down the street.

Review №28

I go to this theater pretty regularly. I usually dont buy my tickets from them (Im a big fan of fandango) but Ive never had a problem getting in. The staff are nice and the popcorn is always super buttery, how I like it, but it is not always the cleanest. I understand that it cant be spotless, especially with movies playing all the time, but when you walk down a row and cant step one place without hearing a piece of popcorn crack under your shoe, there is a problem. It would be a 5 star if not for that.

Review №29

We went here to watch Lion King and celebrate a birthday. Always a great experience. Ive never had an issue here and have enjoyed it everytime Ive been here. Friendly people, awesome movies, and Ive never had access issues with my Service Dog. Edwards is a top notch place and I will continue to come here!

Review №30

Service and food offerings are great. The thing they do not have going for them is the seats. Seats seem comfortable, and service is great. I love that they have reserved seating.

Review №31

Great theater. Always has the newest releases, with lots of choices. I have always been able to see the movie I wanted when I wanted.

Review №32

It was comfortable and well priced. I brought all of my employees here for part of our Christmas celebration and they handled everything perfectly.

Review №33

Prices are jacked up on everything during covid-19. Not forth it

Review №34

It always takes way too long to get tickets in line.Not everyone can use the app to order tickets so a faster line would be appreciated. The theater seats are comfortable enough and appear clean. The lights need to come on faster after the movie is over so that you dont have to use the stairs in the dark. Some of the movies can be very loud so if you have a child or someone who is sensitive to sounds please do not take them.I do not like that theaters allow parents to take their children under 13 into rated R movies and children under 10 into Pg-13. No one likes to spend money on a movie to listen to a screaming child or having the back of your chair kicked repeatedly.Good selection of movies. You can no longer call to hear the movie selections.

Review №35

Nice venue and pleasant people. In Maps the address navigation takes you to a parking lot across the state highway.

Review №36

The staff is great, and the venue is always spotless. Ive never had an issue here. Its well worth spending a bit of extra money in my opinion.

Review №37

I love this place but holy cow the concession prices are nuts $9 for a popcorn and $7 for a drink ouch my wallet.

Review №38

They have definitely made some upgrades since we were there last! When you purchase your tickets, you can pick your seat as well! That is such a cool and helpful feature! The popcorn was better this last time as well, probably all that extra butter!

Review №39

My feet stuck to the floor at my seat from someones spilled soda. I really liked that I could pick seats. However I had to drive to the theater to purchase the tickets to avoid the $11 convenience fee

Review №40

Yes this movie theater was pretty good. Did not have to wait long to get my popcorn and drink. They had nice reclining seats that were comfortable. Overall experience really good

Review №41

Great place to watch movies, but you will need to take out a loan if you want dinner or snacks.

Review №42

Always a nice place to watch a movie. I love the fact that you can reserve your seat.

Review №43

The picture quality and sound were great! The lines were short, and staff were very friendly. Only downside was the floors as we walked into the auditorium; popcorn all over the place. Our seats were in good condition and clean though, so maybe it was a recent spill.

Review №44

They have good movies and they try to keep as clean as they can. I go here every time. And their prices are ok for everything.

Review №45

Nice movie theater for this area. We moved here from Austin, TX so coming from a big city we werent sure what expect as the theater options there are vast. I was pleasantly surprised.

Review №46

The theater we were in was dirty! Popcorn and napkins etc... all over the floor and this was on our way to find seats for the movie. If it werent for the lack of cleanliness Id have given 4 stars.

Review №47

Melificent 2 is quite enjoyable. Of course, special effects are impeccable. Acting was good. Of course, all had to get very bad before the darkness lifted revealing the happy ending.

Review №48

Great to get back there

Review №49

Nice facility but way too expensive. Equal quality and p movies are more expensive here than in Utah. Im afraid the new theater coming to town will put them out of business.

Review №50

Theater was clean. Seating sound and picture were good. Enjoyed my movie going experience .

Review №51

I took my grandmother out to see Aladdin Saturday June 8 theater 12 430 show. Issue 1 we had to wait for the theater to be cleaned, because other movie patrons are too lazy to take out their own garbage or clean up after themselves. Issue 2 there were projector issues. Issue 3 that we had to put with parents that had to bring in their babies, which fine but hard to enjoy when the babies were crying and screaming. So this is my first negative experience all others have been great.

Review №52

Great selection of movies. Always friendly staff to serve.

Review №53

Too pricey, but nice. With more competition coming, I expect prices to moderate. Both concessions and tickets are over priced. It just currently is the best venue in the region.

Review №54

Havent been here in almost 20 years. It has kept up with the changes in technology and still does a great job. In my opinion the screen feels bigger than other theatres in the area. Went and saw the Avengers End Game and the only thing I felt was lacking in the theatre was really good speakers. I mean, the ones they have are OK, but when you pay $30 for two tickets to a show, Im expecting a top notch experience and this is the one area that they fell short in.

Review №55

Great theater. Got to see Frozen 2. Loved it.

Review №56

Were from out of town just visiting Idaho. Decent theater. I have no complaints. I do prefer reclining chairs, but not a huge deal. Thanks to the staff for keeping it clean and friendly.

Review №57

Were open this friday5$ each movie at regal

Review №58

Place is always great people are friendly seats are good facilities are good... Prices as with most theaters are dreadful

Review №59

Great place and myself and 10year old Jeremiah really loved the movie theater.

Review №60

Popcorn is so overpriced. Concessions are double the movie price so much better off waiting and buying the DVD. Stay home !!

Review №61

Great movies. We wish the concession stand was not as costly as it is...

Review №62

We signed up for Regal unlimited and go to the movies alot...great atmosphere!

Review №63

They now have assigned seating which I dont understand when its a theater. This is not like a luxury theater where the seats recline. I enjoyed the movie. Loved they had multi lines open to buy tickets. Concession was good choices with great pricing.

Review №64

If your going. To be playing a movie late then keep concessions open.just as late! Will make me double think driving clear to.idaho.falls to watch one!

Review №65

The theater policy on NOT answering a door at night after the doors are locked is for the employee safety. There is NO method of communication available between personnel and anyone outside the building. This means that given external circumstances, law enforcement is required to show up! Should law enforcement NOT be readily available a serious situation has possibilities for negative results. Had there been a communication method available, the requirement for law enforcement may have been avoided. What Edwards management is telling their employees is that they can not be trusted to evaluate a situation and make a decision. I was going to wait for a movie to finish and enter when patrons exited otherwise. I was able to retrieve my identification with the assistance of law enforcement. A more positive possibility may have helped??? Thank you.

Review №66

We enjoyed the movie and the atmosphere at Edwards Theater. The surprise of BOGO tickets was great. What a great experience!

Review №67

Clean and great seating. However, tickets and concessions are extremely over-priced, even for maintinae movies. The unreasonable expense is why I only give 3 stars

Review №68

Im not sure I like the reserved seating. We could not tell where are seats would be located when we picked where we were going to sit. I can see reserving seats being helpful in a large movies setting, there were few people in the movie theater and we did not like where our seats were at because we could not tell from their map where they would be located. The movie and the sound were terrific.

Review №69

Comfortable seats, fast service wonderful sound and lighting, food drinks candy, pretzels, all sorts of treats there, wheel chair accessible and easy to navigate.

Review №70

Lots of screens, plenty of parking, many restaurants in the area. Popcorn, soda and lots of other food at concessions

Review №71

Came from out of town on the holidays. Place was crazy busy but the staff didnt seem fazed. Would be 5 stars if they had the luxury seats that we are used to back home.

Review №72

Assigned seating sucks. Takes FOREVER to buy a ticket by the time everyone looks at the screen and asks questions. First come first served is way better so you can pick your seat based on the theater and comfort while you are standing in it. The screen to choose seats did not even match the theater. Very irritating before ya blow $50 for 2 to see a movie with popcorn and soda. Make Redbox sound much better.

Review №73

Has good picture, sound, and good seats. a little expensive and bring a jacket it can be a little chilly.

Review №74

$9 for a matinee? Must be good to be the Monopoly in town. Most other theaters Ive been to are $5 for a matinee

Review №75

Staff was friendly. We had no problems. Good theatre.

Review №76

I can now give you a 5 star. Assigned seating is the best because your guarenteed the seat you want so no getting there 1 hour early to get the one you want. Also one of the best overall staff i have seen. Friendly and nice and keep the theater clean

Review №77

For the area that it is in, it eased the cramped feet syndrome that you get which the others in the area when you have a frame of 62. The rooms for the least popular films are still too small to my liking. But that is my fault for going to them after they are moved from the big rooms with the giant screens. I will go back if it is the comfort I want, but I must plan on near 20 bucks.

Review №78

Im going to see Jexi tmrw. I love you guys! I am a Regal Crown card member since the end of September, best decision ever!

Review №79

Prices are a bit too steep. Especially for having such uncomfortable seats and the theaters having poor heating and cooling. Our theater was much too warm, especially for a packed theater for a day or two after a movie premier. Snack prices are higher than most movie theaters are as well. But very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №80

Clean, fresh popcorn is great! Very pleased with assigned seating. Only thing I wish they had is better chairs, the aisles are close together & cramped, so sitting in one position for length of time is hard for some people

Review №81

The staff is friendly and helpful. They get new movies when they release. When they have problems (which is rare), theyre fixed promptly.

Review №82

Edwards is a good theatre. Ive been here many times and never had complaints. The staff always has been helpful and the theatres clean and comfortable.

Review №83

Good clean place, but the service at concessions stands needs improvement to be more efficient.

Review №84

I bought a ticket for a wrong day and Mike helped fix it fast and without making me feel dumb. Quality service

Review №85

Come on with the special edition tins. Man I wont every see a movie opening weekend because people. But other than that. Not too bad there. A little pricey for a matinee though.

Review №86

I was super excited to see they did planned seating when you bought your tickets. I do wish the chairs were more comfy. Everything else was pretty good though!

Review №87

Always satisfied when I come here. Snacks are expensive but what movie theaters snacks arent.

Review №88

Ever since I got regal unlimited Ive been coming here so much Ive seen movies I didnt even know I wanted to watch

Review №89

While the cinema part is great, Im sorry but the concessions are just way too overpriced! $6 for a large soda?? $5 for a bottle of water? Thats pretty steep and quite frankly just ridiculous!

Review №90

Its nice but the amount u pay for a movie and treats is ridiculous. Ill just wait to see the movie when it comes to paramount. I can see it there and pay 3 times less

Review №91

I wish they had better seats and nicer staff. Besides that... its perfectly fine!

Review №92

Theyve got great, comfortable seats, handicap accessible options, decent prices on both tickets & food, & the staff is always friendly!

Review №93

They have good movies and there popcorn is the best

Review №94

This theater is nice but behind the times on concessions. They need to get the refill your own drink stations, although I did see one customer butter station. It would also be nice if they got the yearly refill bucket for popcorn. If Pocatello can have the bucket for YEARS, a larger city should be able to figure it out & make money on it.The seating in the theater we went to was very comfortable. It was clean. The floor was not sticky.

Review №95

The staff was top notch. The seating/picture/and audio quality were sub par.If you were to have larger screens and better sound systems with nicer seating, this would easily become 4.5 stars.Also, my wife paid $17 for a small popcorn, a $1 box of candy, and a water. I expect concessions to be overpriced, but not THAT overpriced.

Review №96

I love that they added assigned seating to this theater. Service here is great. The theater is clean and well maintained. We enjoy coming here for movie premieres.

Review №97

Awesome theater. The speakers are perfectly balanced. Not too loud or quiet. Just right. Great employees and I always look forward to watching films here.

Review №98

Large theaters with comfortable chairs. There are a lot of food options including pizzas, street tacos, and wings - plus more traditional choices like soda, popcorn, and candy. Large bathrooms.

Review №99

This is a huge theater! We loved it

Review №100

Great Theater! Download their app for monthly and weekly deals!!

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  • Address:2707 S 25th E, Ammon, ID 83406, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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