Cinemark Movies 12
1317 Buckeye Ave, Ames, IA 50010, United States

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The best I hope to he soon

Review №2

My wife reserved a private viewing (our own theater for 20 friends/family) for my birthday. The movie was great, the theatre was comfortable and clean, and popcorn, for the first time in months, was awesome!

Review №3

There seets are amazing I love going there its a grsat thing to do with friends or family or anyone or by yourself its always amazing

Review №4

When I go to the theaters its to pay for a movie experience. When I can hear the songs/sound effects/dialog of other movies, thats not what Im paying for. Having to listen to all the commotion of people in the hallway and consession area is not what Im paying for. The cleaning crew vacuuming is not what Im paying to listen to. If I wanted to deal with all that Id stay home and save money. Ive never been in a theater that bad before. All the others close the doors and ensure maximum outside noise cancelation. Rediculous.

Review №5

Dirty. Takes 3 people to collect tickets. One concession person, no slushies. Popcorn was stale. Not my favorite cinemark

Review №6

They have the lounge chairs that are heated!! Love this!

Review №7

The only seats left were front row.... The new reclining leather heated seats were amazing... The view from the front row seats was not the best... The staff was courteous and quick. I did not care for the gold peak tea and they refilled my drink with an alternative with no problem.

Review №8

Great movie place with recliners

Review №9

Poor service. Unprofessional employees.

Review №10

This was a nice place. Clean restrooms and theaters, comfy reclining heated seats. Lots of choices and I didnt think prices were anymore expensive than other theaters.

Review №11

The new seating is very comfy albeit a little snug. The prices are a bit high, but the Starbucks coffee is fairly priced. We go about every other month.

Review №12

Not a bad movie theater. Glad they updated their seating. But I gotta say North grand cinema is even more awesome, and then youd be supporting a local business.

Review №13

Nice, clean facility. Chairs are pretty comfortable but just don’t quite go far enough back and it feels a little weird to sit in. I would recommend not getting a small drink as it is extremely tiny (the small popcorn is plenty for one person, though).

Review №14

Awful experience the last three times we have came. Six people behind the counter, lines to the door and only two registers running. But they have four registers up front.... Explain that?... Not good for business.

Review №15

Love the newer chairs, reclining and heated option. Also, plenty of leg room; you dont have to stumble across others feet to get in and out of your seat. Also love the newer option of buying tickets online and getting to pick exact seats. No more stress to get there early to get good seats!

Review №16

Recliner seats are comfortable. Popcorn was good. Only recommendation would be the seats need trays. I was in theatre 8.

Review №17

Decent sound and picture quality, the non stadium seating with reclining chairs is just...a funky combination that leads to not great sight lines for many in attendance.

Review №18

Love it. The reclining, heated and large seats make watching a movie much more comfortable than it used to be. Taking 4 kids and 2 adults was very responsibly priced when done early in the day. The theaters have been clean and the food/drinks were good. The bathrooms are always clean and the staff friendly.

Review №19

Comfortable seating. Movie started 30 minutes later than advertised. Not good when youre trying to plan your day.

Review №20

If you enjoy motion pictures, especially talkies, this establishment allows you to watch then for a fee. It is clean and comfortable. Typical prices on refreshments for a motion picture house.

Review №21

I Absolutely love the Reclining Chairs..that Actually Heat Up....First Class Movie Watching

Review №22

We went to see Frozen 2. The theatre was great,movie was great. I would recommend seeing the movie.

Review №23

Great theater with kind workers and comfortable, warm seating. Popcorn is amazing and you can add more buttery topping at a self-serve station. My family and I always enjoy our visits.

Review №24

Great place to go and enjoy your self. Previews are fun to. The seats are nice to relax in and most of the time is quite like it should be. Keep up the great work. Well be back very soon. Love everything about the theater.

Review №25

Great. Me and 6 other people saw The Way Back in the middle of the afternoon. And we were way farther than 6 feet apart.

Review №26

Nice, comfy seats. When did it get so expensive to go the a movie?

Review №27

Lil warm in theatre. I was actually sweating a little. I told a worker and they told me theyd make it cooler. It never got cooler. Not a huge deal but we were uncomfortable the entire time

Review №28

Great place to watch a show. Has the bigger chairs & wider aisles...

Review №29

It was Jethros AWESOME

Review №30

Love the assigned chair system. And I hope they continue to add more food.

Review №31

Fantastic screen and sound, lots of room, and staff keeps it pretty clean. If you watch movies often, the subscription is a must.Wish the seats in Ames reclined just a few more inches... Theyre JUST short of really comfortable like Altoona.

Review №32

A little pricey but the kids love going to movies! Nice comfortable seats!

Review №33

Clean & enjoyable...This longtime location has been upgraded with generously sized heated recliners, an extended menu & tshirts. You can prepurchase tickets here & even choose your exact seat. Three is plenty of parking but with construction nearby & two empty storefronts that could change. The womens room could stand a new coat of paint but it is ok. Overall a nice upgrade.

Review №34

Much improved with the reclining seats. More food choices and alcohol at the bar now.

Review №35

I like it, it is fun. I like the heated seats. The popcorn is good. It has a big movie screen. I would prefer this movie theater Than anyoyher movie theater in Iowa.

Review №36

Always a good place to watch movies and kind of expensive popcorn like the rest of the theaters but reasonably priced. Good selection of movies and has the comfortable reclining chairs.

Review №37

Great movie. Went to the matinee for a great price.

Review №38

I dont care for the new seats. First of all, its not a full recline and the seats are heated. Why? On top of that, the button to activate the seat warmers are inside the chair by your thigh so its too easy to accidentally turn on the seat warmers and by the time you realize it, your butt is on fire. Horrible design.

Review №39

Nice theater. Just wish the reclining seats reclined more than 25%

Review №40

We go to this theater all of the time. However, today when we went and saw IT Chapter 2 in theater 6 we saw two rats running down the aisle, under chairs. We alerted an employee and they said they were aware they had a mouse problem. So we alerted management and all they had to say is they were aware and that it was due to construction. I understand issues like this happen but we were given no explanation of a solution or a solution in process. This really freaked me out and is quite unsanitary considering people eat there. Until we are made aware of a solution we will be taking our business elsewhere.

Review №41

I go here several times a month and the staff is always friendly and speedy!

Review №42

Great seats but man they played 40 minutes of ads and half of them had to be Cinemark ads. Dont be afraid to show up a little late

Review №43

Great movie theater. Love going there when looking for something fun to do and have a good time. Comfy seats. Good prices.

Review №44

I had a blast never want to leave because it felt so great like i was at home but in a great spot and want to stay here forever!!!

Review №45

The best theater seats I have ever sat in

Review №46

Cleans and comfy seats my go to movie place here in Ames.

Review №47

Comfy seats! Alcohol is available.

Review №48

Good theater. Kind of small but it gets the job done.

Review №49

Having been to this location twice, I am very impressed with the experience they provide. The seating is extremely comfortable, with arms that can be moved up out of the way for if you want to snuggle up during date night or cling to your unfortunate friend at a horror film. You can also lean your seat back without interfering with other peoples personal space. The floors have been impeccably clean, which is always a bonus for those of us who are not a fan of that sticky just-stepped-in-soda feeling.

Review №50

Great experience. Theater is wonderful and workers are nice.

Review №51

The reclining seats were absolutely amazing!

Review №52

Love the recliners. Good atmosphere.

Review №53

Midway was a good movie. I thought it was a little load.

Review №54

$5 Tuesday is a great deal for this theater!!! A decent snack bar, beer for the adults, heated recliners for seating, clean bathrooms and good service from the staff. All in- a great experience!!! I did a double feature. Two movies, a large refillable drink and candy- about $20 with the Tuesday deal. BUT- I will gladly come during regular priced movies. Definitely worth it.....

Review №55

Always enjoy the seating and the food options; but standing in line for food is crowded. So a little more space and an attendee at the food counter where the movie theaters are would be helpful.

Review №56

Great experience. Nice staff.....

Review №57

Love how the outside resembles an old school movie theatre! The seats are comfortable. Only odd thing in my opinion would have to be how the seats are placed. They are below the screen and you kind of have to look up to watch the movie. Not sure if this is a norm but ive never experienced a theatre like this. Overall good experience!

Review №58

Seats very comfortable, relaxing great movie!

Review №59

It has been several years since we have been to this theater and were pleasantly surprised to find they now have the lounging chairs! The theater was clean with plenty of options for snacks. The variety of times available for each movie worked out great for us! Will definitely be back!

Review №60

Comfy seats... Cheaper than other theaters.

Review №61

I enjoy the upgrade of preselected luxury seats.

Review №62

The concession and popcorn to expensive. Is better in north grand cinema

Review №63

It’s so nice and comfy in the reclining chairs! Love it would go there any time.

Review №64

The seats at North Grand Mall are better.

Review №65

Love love love this theater. The staff here has always been gracious and happy. Even when I dropped my extra large popcorn and made a horrible mess. Great seats too!!

Review №66

Comfortable sitting.Tuesday package is as less as 5 bucksNormally one ticket costs more than 8 bucks

Review №67

Good theater. Needs more bathrooms and stadium seating. Otherwise it’s nice.

Review №68

After watching teens buy tickets for Zombieland, I was told my son and his friend couldnt attend without an adult.... Funny they were the only black children at the theater. This is not my first time facing discrimination in Ames, so sadly Im not surprised, but my son has seen R rated movies before without me when we lived in Houston so I know this is a racial matter. Thank God for firesticks.

Review №69

You can get a beer and ice cream cone while watching a movie - what else is there to achieve in life? XD

Review №70

I dont like this theater for the seats. They hurt my back! I used to love going here but when they changed I tried it and its not for me. I find I have to stay away from Cinemark theaters for just this reason. Its just too bad!

Review №71

Friendly employees and comfortable seating!

Review №72

Expanded services. Now you can enjoy a beer or wine...margaritas are coming. Comfortable, heated, reclining lounge chairs.

Review №73

Great place to see a movie. All seats are reclining and heated. Popcorn sucks though.

Review №74

Great place to see good new realses

Review №75

Nice seats! Great comfort!

Review №76

Movies, snacks, and alcohol are all cheaper at North Grand Cinema in the mall. The seats here have a heat option which is nice, but i think the seats are more comfortable at North Grand Cinema. They go back farther and are a little wider.Overall, you can get everything cheaper at the mall cinema with the same experience.

Review №77

Love seeing movies here. Everything about it is perfect! My only complaint is the distance between the bathroom and some of the theaters. As an older individual with a disability.. it can be a challenge!

Review №78

Great service at a great price.

Review №79

Very Good but sound too loud for preview

Review №80

Nice theater. Expensive concessions.

Review №81

Have been going to this theater for years, and have always had a good time. They upgraded all the theaters so all the chairs recline, and are heated! Plus, theyre oversize and comfy. They also just redid the front entry, so they’re offering alcoholic beverages! Multiple different types of beer, plus margaritas and daiquiris! Oh, and you now pick your seats ahead of time. You don’t have to worry about getting there early for a good seat.

Review №82

Movie experience was good. Bit of trouble getting help before the show.

Review №83

I like this theater, its conveniently located and easy to get to. They have matinees running all day long, sometimes beginning as early as 9:50! The seats are comfortable with electronic recliners. The popcorn always seems fresh, although like all theaters the concessions are far too expensive to get all the time. But for a treat its okay. They have 3D and 2D version of the same movies sometimes. Plenty of parking spaces!

Review №84

Slow service at snack bar, wasnt very loud during movie was looking forward to good sound system during war scenes.

Review №85

Love the recliners and nice young staff.

Review №86

Nice place. I get alot of popcorn from here, even when I dont go to the movie.

Review №87

Comfy chairs. Decent screen. Good sound. Terrible bathroom location. Seriously, what movie theatre put the only bathrooms in the entire theatre at the freaking exit as far away from the movie screens as possible!?

Review №88

Excellent place to take in a flick.

Review №89

Went to Angel Has Fallen. Intense but good.

Review №90

Went here to see Detective Pikachu with my girlfriend and the service and experience was great.

Review №91

Great location, clean and selection.

Review №92

Great movie theater, seats lean back, though not as much as some other movie theaters. Their seats have a button that you can press to heat up your seat. Good concessions, currently updating part of their lobby. You can still go there and watch movies though.

Review №93

This was my favorite theatre when I lived on the Ames area. Always great staff and the best popcorn! !!

Review №94

Comfortable seating, easy ticket access

Review №95

Pros - Not bad for small town. Service was good. Ticket prices reasonable.Cons - Floor lay out in cinemas not desirable. Sound little lack luster

Review №96

Very nicely updated theater. Comfortable seats. Although I do miss the ugly tile and arcade in the lobby..

Review №97

Perfect seating, chairs have been updated

Review №98

The chairs are so comfortable and have a heating system and can recline nicee

Review №99

We went to see a movie on Friday at 7pm. They only had two people working the concessions. No one manning the ice cream bar area. Which was frustrating because it was our first time since the remodel. We requested a closed caption device, and they must need maintenance. After the second one I tried I gave up on them and watched the movie with much confusion. Then the chair my husband got was broken and couldnt recline.

Review №100

Very nice seeting

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  • Address:1317 Buckeye Ave, Ames, IA 50010, United States
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  • Phone:+1 515-232-5066
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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