Aviator 10 - Allen Theatres
3651 Mesa Village Dr, Alamogordo, NM 88310, United States

Review №1

Not open, good place for a lunch stop, wide open space & easy turnaround..

Review №2

Very clean, cool, good seats. Great customer service, kids had kids meal deal, popcorn, soda and candy. Good value for an afternoon out. Great seating in an almost empty theater room. All was great. I would recommend they turn down the sound, had to plug my ears numerous times.

Review №3

Quaint little theater, clean and friendly staff. We went in the evening and tickets were $9.00 for adults. The concessions were the cheapest Ive seen in a long time. Candy is either small, medium or large ranging from $1.50-$5. The popcorn ranges from $4.50- $9 and there are combos for popcorn drinks and candy. Would recommend.

Review №4

Its nice but I dislike having to choose where to sit when you just want to go and watch a movie. Its ridiculous and especially for this small town. It would be nice if they didnt have the assigned seating like we are all kids. Other than that the staff are always nice. The cashier that was helping is tonight was a rude one. I just let it go and went about our business. The movie we watched was Adams Family and it was funny and just a 5 stars. Loved it.

Review №5

We walked into a fairly empty theatre, and this was how the front row looked. No one was there just the trash from the last movie. Definitely should invest in a manager to be on the employees to clean in between movies. The kids were friendly and were quick with service at the concession stand.

Review №6

The place is like new, always clean. People are really nice. I would go even if its one time passing thru. I love that its close and its by rocket center so you can play games or eat.

Review №7

Reasonable prices. I was not squished into a small seat. Ample parking.

Review №8

Seats arent terribly comfortable. The ticket booth out front is rarely open. When buying tickets inside, I had a clerk give me a ticket for the wrong showing- he never double checked the time with me to prevent confusion. The other visits were fine. Its an alright theater- nothing particularly nice about it. They did adopt assigned seating, though, and selecting it from the screen is kind of a pain because it isnt a touch screen- you have to tell them the coordinates you want... just for someone to probably be sitting in your seat when you get in the theater. Not the theaters fault though.

Review №9

Very nice theater for our small town. Stadium seating and now doing assigned seats like the bigger markets which makes it nice (just have to buy tickets earlier). Usually pretty clean with many movie options. Great way to escape the heat!

Review №10

Okay movie theater. Only in town. Fairly outdated, but not terribly. The seats in our room did not recline. Sound and picture were great.

Review №11

This theater keeps getting better. Every time i go visit, its never dirty or messy. The employees are on top of it. I appreciate the job thru do here. They are always nice and professional. I definitely recommend this place.

Review №12

Pretty good little theater. Clean big loud screens. Was unfortunate they didnt turn the lights all the way off in a horror film. Food was fresh and tasted good. Staff were your average friendly teenager. Ill definitely be coming here rather than the nearby theatres.

Review №13

I always enjoy myself here at Allen Theaters. The price is understandable. The seats are very comfortable. My only problem was with the food prices. Very expensive for a small town but I do understand it does cost money to have a great building and keeping up with cleanliness everyday. I will surely be returning.

Review №14

Took my boys to see Spider-Man in 3D and it was great. However, 10 mins after the movie started, they completely shut down concessions and they left the lights in the theatre on which took away from the whole movie theatre experience. But ticket prices were reasonable- $33 for the 3 of us. And my boys loved the movie so overall, we had a good time.

Review №15

Projection for better detail on screen. Update projectors. Line too long to pay at snack bar. Get more help or have line for tickets only. Still love place!

Review №16

Absolutely disgusting. Had to stop my boyfriend from sitting in his chair because there was a open soda in it because ths theater hadnt been cleaned between showings. There was popcorn everywhere. The lens was dirty so the screen had a constant blob in the lower right corner that was over 3 feet around. The mens bathroom smelt and looked like someone had vomited on the seats.

Review №17

My girls love the movies and getting off the mountain for awhile...

Review №18

The need a new screen put up in #6 .Other then that very nice place .

Review №19

Smaller theater, concessions line goes quick usually because they actually have most if not all the registers manned.

Review №20

Class Act! Avengers 3D wasn’t working quite right, theater staff handled it perfectly, communicated well with the audience, polled our interest in watching the movie in 2D, and everyone was happy. Great people here in Alamogordo! Well done!

Review №21

Went with my grandchildren and daughter to see Frozen. Love this people in New Mexico.

Review №22

One of the better theaters Ive been to, I suggest you go in the mornings, and early afternoon to beat the noisy kids and kissing teenagers. Most mornings the place is nearly empty, you end up getting fresh popcorn, and so it doesnt go to waste they sometimes give you a larger bag than you order! also, the staff is always friendly, and i have never seen this place dirty, with the exception of bits of popcorn that people drop rushing to their movie. EDIT: Recently there has been a special price on Tuesdays $5 movies!

Review №23

Its fine but nothing special. All their workers look like they are forced to work here, no one is happy here.

Review №24

They need to attract more people by taking a look at Synergy Theaters. Reclining seats helps people with poor circulation. Better choices at snack bar and the 1 pump oil butter is horrible. Put flavor choices for salt. STOP PLAYING THE SAME ADS MORE THEN ONCE! IT MAKES PEOPLE HATE THE PLACES!!! FILMING/EDITING & MUSIC OF THE ADS ARE NOT GOOD. DRIVES THE AUDIENCE A BIT NUTS.

Review №25

Very slow employees from ticket sales to food court. Floors in theater was very messy with popcorn and butter.

Review №26

Friendly and helpful staff. Popcorn is fresh. Love it. Today they had a power outage. We got a rain check. Didnt get to see the new Tom Cruise movie. Another day. Very gracious it isnt their fault. Will go again.

Review №27

Needs to refurbish their seats. Then it would be 5 star. Also when we went it was muggy and hot in the theater.

Review №28

Very good. Had good and comfortable seating. Good food and great staff.

Review №29

Great service. Great movies. Clean. Love coming here. Wish we could buy their shirts. Lol

Review №30

Pros: You can pre-buy or select your seats, convenient show times, customer service/staff friendliness, and affordability.Cons: Restroom is in disrepair and the popcorn is a bit hit or miss.

Review №31

Floors are clean, seating is comfortable, prices for drinks and food are exceptionally expensive, ticket prices are acceptable, staff are friendly, overall experience meets expectations

Review №32

For Birthday parties, I absolutely would NOT recommend this place. No one, not even the General Manager knew what to do! Our hostess was not information at ALL!, and did not guide us through the process at all. There was no prompt time for when the movie was going to start, and it felt rushed! The hostess neglected to tell us that the maximum capacity in the party room was not to exceed 43 guests... also she did not show us around the room. Half way through the party we learned that there was a bathroom located in the party room, which was hidden behind a side wall in the corner. Also if you have a loved on who is coming to your party, but they can only use a walker, cane, or wheelchair, they will NOT be able to attend. There is no way for them to climb the 15 steps it takes to get up to the party room. And I certainly did not see an elevator, unless the hostess/ General Manager neglected to tell us they had a special way for handicapped guests to be able to attend. They only give you an hour for the party room, and you have to make sure all your goodie bags, cake, food and/or decorations is cleaned up and put away before you go see the movie. Really? An hour. We live In a real world! No one shows up on time! So an hour gives you barely enough time to set up, sing a song, do a couple presents then your out the door! And really, how are kids, who already have a hard time carrying their kiddy pack, filled with popcorn a candy and their drink, you really expect them to carry their souvenirs from the party as well? Then when you are just about to sit down to watch the movie, they call you to go pay for the party.... therefor, you miss the beginning of the movie! When paying for the party, you must put a $50 deposit down which is deducted from your total price of your party.... at least that was what I was told... and guess what, well that did not happen. And it seems that their system to ring people up, there is always something wrong with using it!? So as I waited for, the General Manger mind you, to ring me up, she had to find the list for my party group and individually ring up every item that each person received for their kiddie pack.... and she did not deduct the $50 deposit...but told me that price was with the 50 included? Ummmm 11 times 14... minus 50, is not $143.18 even with tax! . well I am not a rocket scientist but I do know basic math, and I do know I was over charged. I felt hurried and disorganized because they were disorganized and did not know one thing about customer service! She could have tracked down our party hostess and rang up the list while I was in the movie, then after the movie I could have paid. Instead I missed 20 minutes of the movie. They need to have a better manager who knows customer service and knows how to train their staff, and get a grip on how to run things smoothly. This booking was a nightmare from the beginning! I went through three different people who couldn’t tell me exactly how the party schedule went, what to expect and overall, not very thorough on ANYTHING! This is including with speaking to the General Manager who handles the parties! I would recommend 1) more time for parties, 2) training for staff so they know what the heck they are doing so that they can actually be a party hostess and not just come up for refills of drinks and collect a list! . 3) collect payment at the time the list is filled for guests who are attending the movie and picked their candy and drink for their kiddi pack. 4) have a place (a room or a locker) that the Guests can leave their belonging and goodie bags, cake, decorations etc, so that no one has to struggle to carry everything just to go watch the movie! I work in customer service everyday! And I certainly know bad services when I see/ experience it! I am very well involved with the community and it would be my pleasure to deter people from using this place for any celebration! Unless, changes are made. I intend on getting a hold of the higher up from the General Manager, and not only get my refund, but to give my advice as well!

Review №33

Love this theater, I like how easy it is to see movies even new releases. The only things that could make this better is if you could choose your seats and if they were recliners. Being a small town, I get why the y do not have those amenities. Still a great place to watch a movie!

Review №34

The seating arrangement sucks now, it was better the other way, where you pick your own seats....

Review №35

Each and every visit is pleasant. I truly enjoy the friendliness of the staff. This is a small town theater, but it is well kept and pretty spacious. Normal snack and drink amenities, prices are fair, and seating is pretty average.

Review №36

Good place: lots of room for other people-big movie theater- cool-and they set up pic of movies in the lobby

Review №37

Only place in town to go to the movies. Its kept very nice. The staff is always very nice and helpful.

Review №38

Well, I will never know how good this movie theater is because the young manager trespassed me forever FOR MY CAR BREAKING DOWN AND BLOCKING their entrance! Sure wish I knew who owns Allen Theatres, LLC., so I could make a formal complaint to the owners! However, I got the last laugh when the local and state police had to push me down the road to the Forestry Service parking lot! God love them and those Smokey Bear employees. Thank you so much for your help. You rock! Of course the police thought it was very strange that there was NO public entrance to push me to OUR NEW FAMILY COMMUNITY BOWLING CENTER! Thanks guys for your extra mile to get me to safety! Give these men a raise! P.S. Sure was nice to get back to a good old chicken fried steak at the Rustic and to be home with my family. And, really glad I didnt break down on the highway! Always nice when God had your back!

Review №39

The nachos suck but the popcorn is good and the chairs are semi comfy. Not a bad theater but it can improve.

Review №40

The projector is very dim and obviously the air was not working or broken! Dont bother. Maybe if they fixed that projector.

Review №41

I went to a late showing, never been there before, friendly staff but not helpful. No where did it say you buy tickets at the concession stand, a sign would be helpful thats all. Other than that, great.

Review №42

Hadda wait on popcorn but it was 9pm on Tuesday so Im ok with that.

Review №43

Caught the 2.00 show. Ample parking. Not a lot of movie goers at this time. Very clean. Super friendly staff. Me and my wife got to see a great movie and a big pop corn. Under 20 bucks. Super!

Review №44

Comfortable seats but not recliners! Clean bathrooms...concessions...typical prices

Review №45

I really think this place is comfortable for a family to go enjoy a movie... It has very helpful employees which provide snacks and popcorn at a reasonable price. To all you out there, I really recommend this place.

Review №46

Loved the movie and selection at concession stand. But the theatre itself was dirty. Always trash on the floor. Never set my purse down cause the floor was sticky.

Review №47

Always a great experience at the movies.

Review №48

They charge you an extra $1 per ticket to buy tickets online and then you still have to wait in line outside to get your tickets before you can go in. Do not give them an extra dollar per ticket for zero reason. If this theater was anywhere else it would go out of business. It’s lucky it’s in Alamogordo.

Review №49

My great grandchild and I really enjoy the movies and super buttery popcorn.

Review №50

Always clean,,great place to take in a movie or two!

Review №51

Aladdin 2019, with the two loves of my life my husband and our precious daughter. Loved it!

Review №52

The only problem is that at six foot five inches tall I can hardly get comfortable in the provided seets. Other than that great experience.

Review №53

Nice place good movie

Review №54

For the size of the town its alright. Wish the popcorn was better tasting though.

Review №55

Nice, clean theater. Could have been a little cooler, but thats my only complaint.

Review №56

Clean, polite, comfortable. No complaints

Review №57

Hate the ads each time you check for movies. They get in the way. Get rid of them!!!

Review №58

Would be nice to have more Christian movies. Wont be back until one arrives.

Review №59

Only place to go see a movie a little pricey for food but take extra due to the high cost of refreshments.

Review №60

Great theater just wish they had the recliners that other theaters have now

Review №61

Nice theater. The bathrooms are always nothing short of a nightmare. Very dirty.

Review №62

Saw great movie, restrooms were horrible, need better attention paid to them, very reasonable matinee prices

Review №63

Great place to see a movie with really comfy seats.

Review №64

Nice stadium seating. Sound system excellent. Air temperature perfect for me. Some times popcorn taste a little stale. Still enjoyed this theater.

Review №65

Only movie theater in town that shows new movies. There are times when the theater is prepared and they get the line through quickly. Other times its almost like they put all the new employees in key positions and the lines get crazy long. Management jumps between gift certificates and not excepting them. There is no presale of tickets.

Review №66

Saw Star Wars here, this place is a great place to see a movie in Alamogordo.

Review №67

Great movies/good times, and awesome popcorn/drinks, and sweets 4 ur sweet tooth

Review №68

It was good alot better then last time last time i went they put on End game instead of La llorana so this time it was alot better.

Review №69

Not too bad of a theater for the area. The seats aren’t super comfortable and they’re definitely outdated, but it wasn’t awful. There were three employees working and they seemed to be stressed. Cashier didn’t seem to be too happy to be working there but maybe he was stressed. The bathrooms were nice and clean.

Review №70

The theater itself seems well maintained but the plumbing and cleanliness of the restrooms is an issue that should be addressed. As frequently as people come in and out of the theater, especially Friday through Sunday, their should be staff assigned strictly for that purpose of making sure it stays clean. This past weekend I went to the movies twice once Friday evening and another on Sunday afternoon and one particular stall in the mens room had the same fecal matter splattered in and around the bowl and lip.

Review №71

Went to see that movie alita battle Angel today. I really enjoyed it havent been to The aviator 10 in a long time because its like 45 miles away.

Review №72

Wasnt impressed, terrible snack counter and way overpriced. The employees failed to offer a lower price alternative for family and or large groups that was publicly displayed but misunderstood for first time visitors/customers.

Review №73

The theatre was super comfortable and the movie Shazaam was Off the chain. Shazaam is looking like a number 1 in our families book...

Review №74

I went and prepurchased tickets online. It says that you either show the reference number, credit card, or online print out, and you can pick it up. I went to pick up the tickets, and was told that I already picked them up. That was impossible as I was at work at the time they told me that I did. I can even prove it by email conversation at work, timecard, etc. Then they told me that I had someone pick it up. Again, impossible because I would take care of it myself (that way if there is a messup, there is no one to blame but myself). So, I asked what is there to be done about this? The answer I received was, Nothing. No refunds, exchanges, or anything. I understand that it was opening night, but they gave away tickets that I paid for. Credit card. I doubt they can verify that from my back pocket at work. Printouts. On my phone with me at work, and me listening to Fleshgod Apocalypse Minotaur at that time, discussing with a coworker a problem. I was not asking for much, just to watch the movie that I paid for with my friends.

Review №75

I suppose its a normal theater but the prices for me are too high, both movies and concessions. The seating is dated and kind of dirty. It needs a remodel and updated fixtures.

Review №76

Comfortable fun like setting, a little pricey. But excellent screen and surround sound system.

Review №77

I saw I can only imagine today. What a great movie I highly recommend it. As for the theater, spacious seats but the popcorn was cold. But to be fair they had just opened.

Review №78

Always have a great time.

Review №79

Great place to see a movie.

Review №80

Great place to catch a movie Tuesday is 5 dollar movie night check it out

Review №81

The movie theater was clean and well staffed with very nice folks. The movie screen was very small and the 3D did not line up so I kept seeing shadow movement, blurry at the edges and weird lighting effects. It was very hard to see and after a couple min we gave up and left, the manager gave us passes to come back to see a different refund. I would not recommend seeing a movie here unless u have no other option. Then stick with normal viewing, the 3 D is not set up properly.

Review №82

Its a great place to go watch new movies great service

Review №83

Avengers Endgame... this google rating may be influenced by the movie, so congratulations.

Review №84

Lots of parking and clean bathrooms. Comfortable seats too.

Review №85

Worse theater I’ve been to in a long time. This theater is still living in the 90’s. Where do I even start. No assigned seating, have to wait in the line outside even if you purchased tickets online, seats are the itchy cloth material from back in the day, and they were going to charge me $4 for just a cup of water...the only way they have customers is because it’s the only theater in this entire city.

Review №86

Everytime my family and I go here we enjoy our experience Thank you so much!!!

Review №87

Close by. Convenient start times.

Review №88

Lots of screens, reasonable prices and a HUGE parking lot allow for a lot of happy guests. Wish the concession prices were lower though.

Review №89

Nice and clean. Employees friendly.

Review №90

Clean and comfortable, very nice theatre

Review №91

Love it. Great seating. But they need to sell the tickets outside again. Would have done 5 stars if not for the ridiculous inside ticket sales set up.

Review №92

Friendly staff, great selection in concession, and promt service.

Review №93

Its good does get hot though

Review №94

Great place to stop by on your way to Ruidoso NM..

Review №95

I ordered tickets online before going to my movie showing, just to get to the theater (where there was a huge line of people waiting to get tickets) and be told that I had to WAIT IN LINE to get my already ordered tickets printed off, even though I already had my tickets I ordered from earlier printed off and in my hand. On top of that, I had to pay a $1 fee per ticket in order to get them online. Yet I’m still having to wait in the line at the theater. So what was the point of that? I paid extra money for nothing. And to top it all off, I missed the first 20 minutes of the movie because I had to wait in line for 45 minutes.

Review №96

TIME FOR AN UPDATE.. The place STINKS.. Im giving all of the workers five stars..The seats stink and theyre very uncomfortable.. the rugs smell old and they look dirty!!!! The manager needs to STEP UP and tell the owner its time for an update in that theater!!!! And they need to bring Raisinets back!!!!! Ive been to a lot of movie theaters in a lot of different states this is the only theater that does not have Raisinets!! The people that work there at the snack bar and that takes the tickets GOOD JOB!!!!!!

Review №97

Comfortable seating and they offer a senior discount

Review №98

Staff was very nice and movie theater was clean. Would give it a 5 but the restrooms need to be maintained

Review №99

Very nice theater. No stadium but comfortable.

Review №100

Like getting out once in a while & seeing the Hit Movies on the big screen with the sound effects that make the movies happening& exciting Yah....Baby....

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  • Phone:+1 575-437-9301
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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