Consolidated Theatres Pearlridge
98-1005 Moanalua Rd #600, Aiea, HI 96701, United States

Review №1

If you are like me, and you like to sit as close to the screen as possible, dont. Sit further back than you normally would, because the seats dont recline far enough. Other than that, its alright.

Review №2

Great quality and atmosphere.

Review №3

Awesome Ohana day! #justalittlehawaiian, #justalittlehawaiian808

Review №4

Very disappointed tonight. Going to the movie has changed due to COVID-19. Consolidated THEATERS in Hawaii currently a has no eating and drinking policy in the theater which is dumb. Funny though, the couple behind us brought their own popcorn and are eating it. I guess if you have a big bag you can get away with it.️

Review №5

Went to the movies for the first time since March. We figured it be fine because when we bought the tickets, 15 minutes before showtime, the theater was emtpy. Entering the theater, there was only one other couple sitting 4 rows from us. Wasnt sure if they were wearing masks or not. The couple started eating snacks which was disappointing. Whe ended up staying because we were pretty far from them since each row was far apart. When we left, of course they werent wearing masks.

Review №6

Just got out of stay at home quarantine. You cant eat or drink inside the theater but theyll give you concessions after the movie for 20% off for take-out...nobody was there after the movie and they had already cleaned everything up and emptied the registers. Dont offer something if youre not willing to provide it.

Review №7

I didnt go to the Theatres, I went to Sears an Jeansware house!!!... Its was fun good to see all the stores open again!!!...

Review №8

Very good. Recommend. Friends and i go all the time;)

Review №9

It took us a minute to find the theatre. Theres no signs from the parking area. The inside was fine, its not anything fancy. Staff was really nice! Would recommend.

Review №10

Love this movie theater. Staff is nice and helpful. Seating is so comfy with the leather reclining seats

Review №11

This theater is in a great location being in a mall I enjoy the new recliner seats. The seating layout is a bit strange but as long as you sit center it is fine.

Review №12

So I am here asking for help. Does anyone know this hot and cute guy working in pearl ridge theatre ? He’s working there night shift. I think he’s 5’6. Didn’t have the chance to ask for his name. Help me, Thanks

Review №13

Great place to catch a movie. Newly renovated and a fairly descent food court at the entrance.

Review №14

Good little movie theater. I really enjoy the seats and you can make reservations ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in line. Nice job Pearl Ridge.

Review №15

I loved the experience I rate this place a 5 star because the movie that I watched was clear words were clear graphics were great! The movie I watched was Spider-Man homecoming I loved it!!! It was funny, romantic, weird, and the movie had a lot of action!! It was awesome I totally recommend (Spider-Man homecoming) Also the food there was great, the custodians were nice and showed class I feel like this theater brings so much memories in many people ️ and I bet so much kids love this theater I give this a 5 star

Review №16

Being a large theater, Consolidated Theaters definitely has a wide range of movies at any given time. You will probably be able to find almost any movie there, wether youre looking for a kids movie like Abominable or an adult film like Joker, you will definitely be able to find any movie you would like to watch here. Concessions are also great along with equally great service from the people at the concessions stand. Overall, definitely recommend this theater for any of your movie-watching needs!

Review №17

Theyre super sweet there and the seat are comfortable but theater 1 has a pretty big spot on the right side of the screen and I could see it on parts of the movie I was seeing but other than that its cool.

Review №18

Went to see STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. Was really good watching the movie (except) Dont sit in the last few rolls in the back. They have a light in the back for the walkway that shines in to the theater. When the screen is dark. It lights up in the back and you get the light on the back of the seats and lights gets in your eye. Needs a small shield just for the walkway area. Stop it from lighting up parts of the theater.

Review №19

I like the clean floors, reclining chairs and connected tables. None of them were sticky like other theaters. The snacks and drinks are still very expensive so I cant blame the people who snuck in food. You hear them opening their food as soon as the lights dim down. hahaha. Smart. Survival. Only way to afford a movie. Bring own snacks.

Review №20

I wish the seats were more tiered as Im small and had to watch a movie with part of the screen blocked out by the silhouette of the head of the person in front of me, but I know that cant be helped. The service was lovely though.

Review №21

Didnt go there

Review №22

Parking was no problem and there were many places to eat after the movie. And they had reclining chairs!

Review №23

Nice theater and the temperature was comfortable during the movie. Popcorn was hot and fresh. Its next to the food court so ti can eat before the movie. Best of all the staff was friendly lots of Aloha.

Review №24

Comfortable seats and I have been able to get in a handicap seat with my family and its got room for a walker. I only have their hotdogs they are good. Also they have Handicap accessible bathrooms & parking spots.

Review №25

The Pearlridge theater is just like any other theater, they have some big theater rooms and some small theater rooms. They have snacks there like popcorn and candy and other things. At the Pearlridge theater you get to see any movie that is playing after you pay for the one you or your family would want to see. I would recommend you to go to the Consolidated Theaters Pearlridge!

Review №26

Has the seats that kind of like LazyBoys. Enjoy going there with my friend to catch a movie. Right in front are eating places so also can grab some eats & drinks but eating area get crowded at times.

Review №27

I loved it. Clean. Great customer service.

Review №28

This movie theater is old and it does the job!!! No complaints. Happy 4th of July 2019!!!

Review №29

Very conformable, reclining seats! Huge, clean bathrooms. Whats not to like?

Review №30

Clean, comfortable with reclining seats with swivel table that have cup holders and convenient..Food court is directly outside, makes it easy for family members to find each other if you watch different movies.

Review №31

Love this theater!!! If you have a little baby/toddler look up the CRYBABY MATINEE!! They dim the lights, turn off the surround sound so it doesnt hurt their little ears. Theres a changing table in the back of the theater, and a place to valet park your stroller! Game changer for the movies for sure! Plus the babies can make all the noise they want! Dont have to worry about kids throwing tantrums because thats what the theater is literally for! That way parents dont have to worry about a babysitter and can stay up to date on the latest movies.

Review №32

Pearlridge great, but the pic is kapolei was is terrible and in need of a make over. And all have a non soda refill unless you get the extra large ridiculous when there soda start at $5

Review №33

Always great to eat and look around at my favorite shopping mall at food court with all the best local grinds in Aiea.

Review №34

Very nice and clean with comfy seats! U get to pick ur own seat prior to the showing. The womens restroom was big and clean.

Review №35

Clean, comfortable reclining seats with attached smal table, nice employees

Review №36

Mainland theaters concessions could learn a thing or two from this place.

Review №37

To start off on a good note: friendly helpful staff! And the saving grace if coming here was the movie! Hallelujah.The tickets were way overpriced for an awful sound system, continuous strange high pitch noise through entire move, disgustingly dirty seats, walls bathrooms..... dont waste your time or money here!I am so confused with what is going on with this place! Its a good location, great flow of people.... time to start stepping it up about a million notches and make this place a fun, clean, cool place like it most likely once was!!

Review №38

My family enjoyed the exspirience at Consolidated theaters at Pearlridge affordable and comfortable seating.

Review №39

Great movie theater with reclining seats. Seems clean too

Review №40

Great chairs. Meh popcorn...

Review №41

Staff was awesome. Movie was great,! Love coming to this theater. We will be back again.

Review №42

Great service

Review №43

Recently remodeled, the seats are great. Ticket prices are getting expensive though. And so is the food. Your better off eating something outside before you see a movie.

Review №44

Clean, comfortable seats, sound not too loud, polite employees

Review №45

I am in love with the new seating they upgraded to! Comfortable, reclines, and has a built in tray! Ive never had any problems with the temperatures in the theaters but some of my friends say it is a little cold so just incase you may want to bring a hoodie or light jacket you can easily cover with if need be. The assigned seating that you select when purchasing tickets makes it easier to ensure your group can stay together.Please dont be That person to play on your phone during a movie... just because you think your brightness is low enough to not bother anyone doesnt mean no one will be bothered...

Review №46

Food court after the movie? Awesome

Review №47

Great fun

Review №48

Comfortable and good quality video/audio. Chairs did not recline or move around, which I was grateful for. Plenty of leg space and armrests werent too high.

Review №49

Went to see Avengers End Game. Great movie throughout until the last 10 minutes. An alarm was activated that required evacuation. Wasnt able to see the end.

Review №50

Ticket purchase at the window was quick. We didnt do online purchase as we hadnt decided yet. Love being able to choose seats and recline with snacks. At a short 52, its nice to know I can see the screen from any seat. Took advantage of the anniversary special; you cant beat $7!

Review №51

I love how they have recliners now instead of those sit up straight chairs they had. Yes food is still expensive, so its better to eat in the food court before heading into watch your movie. Food Court is also being upgraded and it is looking lovely. The mall alone is coming along. I love it cause if we have about an hour before our movie we can do some shopping or window shop too. Its never too packed either like Ala Moana Mall. One of my favorite places to go to.

Review №52

The theater upgraded its seats and had the carpets replaced which is outstanding! Their personnel needs more customer service training especially if their working in the box office. The snack bar needs an upgrade and a better system to pay. Why is there only one cashier during peak hours?

Review №53

Were just hanging around and landed in the movie, we enjoyed watching & munching popcorn.

Review №54

Cinema is tucked away up in the food court of the lower section of Pearlridge Mall. It was clean and has reclining seats. Not much negative to say other than what appeared to be a water stain on the screen that was hard not to focus on. Once the action scenes kicked in, it was a little better. Other than that, only gripes about things the cinema cant control like watch alarms, talking, giggling, camera phones flashing, etc...

Review №55

Not traffic and organized and good parking area. Very convenient.

Review №56

Super comfortable lay back couches with pivoting tray to put all your snacks. Just hit the button and down you go. Small rooms and reserved seats. Just the best. Absolutely loved it.

Review №57

2 years ago the theaters were in need of renovation. Dirty and lots of bugs.Today most of the theaters have been renovated! Its almost like a totaly different theater. Paint on the outside was in major need of being scraped and repainted. Today all those little things have been repaired.The only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because of my last visit 2 years ago.

Review №58

Loving it. more discounts is requested please

Review №59

I always love the movies. Although this last time service was a bit questionable. Especially dealing with people with disabilities.Other than that the older gentleman who took our tickets was very nice and friendly.

Review №60

Theatre is nice, but too cold. Bring a blanket or a sweater.

Review №61

Sister took me out to the movies and simple concession stand. Clean and staff are friendly.

Review №62

This place is deceptively huge. Latest movies, plenty of parking and has military discount

Review №63

Always greeted by employee Billie with a warm smile and greeting. Excellent customer service provided by staff, especially Employee Billie.

Review №64

The movie I was watching stopped 2x times.

Review №65

Its a shame they got rid of the auditoriums downstairs but nonetheless I enjoy coming here. The seating are comfortable and the staff are friendly. Some of the condiments are served old fashioned but I dont mind. The only complain I have is I wish they had a menu like Olino, that serves real food, and offer a Titan Luxe experience as Olino, Mililani and Ward.

Review №66

Love the new seat set up. Now I can lay back eat my snacks I snuck in and watch great movies. Just kidding about the sneaking snacks in. Lol not with borats voice.

Review №67

Love the reclining chairs and saved seats.

Review №68

I went to the theaters it was fun

Review №69

Very empty, clean employees friendly

Review №70

Pearlridge Mall is the best but expensive but also worth for some family time

Review №71

Loved it...seats its so other ppl making so much noiseFREE POPCORN oh its amazing but the POP SODA...HOT DOG...NACHOS..are pricy... but its all good we ENJOYED so much...we will comeback soon

Review №72

Theater is nice, but almost every time youd see people use phones during movies, and talk too.

Review №73

I had a really good service and really understanding people there, also the best chair E-v-e-r in a theater!!

Review №74

This movie theater has by far the best adjustable recliners in any movie theaters that I have ever seen!

Review №75

Very helpful. handicap accessible

Review №76

They took away my moms cart that she needs to use to walk. And it is very expensive here to.

Review №77

They should have a scanning device for those who buy their tickets online.

Review №78

The workers are nice and the sound for the Theaters is beautiful you dont have to worry about not being able to hear the movie cause you can hear it perfectly and the best part is they have amazing deals for example on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesday there is $7 movie tickets also $2 popcorn and hotdogs. Love this Theaters so much. Thank you Pearlridge West Theaters for making this Theaters the number one Theaters in my book to go to watch movies.

Review №79

A good little theater in the mall but you have to be careful with evening shows because the mall closes before they let out. Then youre stuck finding which door is available. The upper level doors usually are open. 4 stars because it has obviously seen better days but the people are usually friendly and the bathrooms clean.

Review №80

At least they had reclining seats!

Review №81

The Coke fountain drink doesnt taste like regular coke.

Review №82

Very clean theatre with recliner seats!

Review №83

Great location next to a food court. You can choose to eat at the food court before a movie or purchase from the menu in the theater. Chairs are recliners.

Review №84

Like the renovation comfortable love the reclinable seat its the only place where I go movie always.

Review №85

Its not as nice as it used to be. I got a smelly seat with a sticky floor.

Review №86

Enjoyed the movie Bad Boy Bad Boy

Review №87

Best Movie Theater Ever. Awesome Reclining seats. I went to see Hotel Transylvania 3. It was great.

Review №88

The movie was Great. The theater had nice reclining seats with assigned seating. You can only get regular movie snacks nothing special.

Review №89

The food is expensive granted its a theater but still. Other than that good quality films.

Review №90

Hands down the worst. I have a Movie Pass and watch 3+ movies a week. Friday night. Stale popcorn. Drink lid spilled on me. Went to bathroom to clean up. Actual feces on the floor. Didn’t walk in. Sat down to big screen tv. In sticky chair. The audio was a second late and was difficult to enjoy. Left about 30 minutes in because the sound bleed from the next theater.

Review №91

It was fun my wife she so noisy when the aligator they comings and eat for them

Review №92

Service while getting pop corn was great and fast.

Review №93

The movie screens are not very big, just enough to let my child watch movies whenever theres a kids movie out. Seating is not very great either, if youre tall, you can barely fit in the seat. The elevation of the theater is poor. If youre short and sitting at the back, all youll see are heads of other people in front of you.However, the only theater that is consistently playing Filipino movies! Kudos on this one.

Review №94

Ever since they upgraded their theater seats, its been a great movie going experience. When they upgrade the snack bar, its going to be one of the best

Review №95

Excellent place to see a the reclining seats!!

Review №96

Nice seats, good food.. Very expensive food.. But that goes for all the movies now.

Review №97

Today i went to see as showing at 12:10 pm with my kid. worst experience ever... There were kids next to me, making out and wont stop talking, there were 8 rows of high school boys laughing and mimicking at the movie... there were these 3 high school girls that keeps running in and out of the movies laughing and giggling. I paid a good money to watch a good movie... these kids are so disrespectful and literally wanted to slap each one of them at the same time... NEVER AGAIN ... I did say anything to get up because I was already pissed off as it is... I did mention the kids to shut up but still... no respect...they were quick to be on there cell phones too... atmosphere was ok.. seats were ok prices at the concession stand was RIDICULOUS.

Review №98

Convinience! They need to upgrade but, we love this theatre, the staff are very friendly and courteous. We always enjoy ourselves. Movies are on time, if they are showing a popular movie they will show it in multiple theatre rooms. They have a great rewards program too.

Review №99

Got a show that was later and arrived early enough to earlier showing, they switched us and got a good seat no problem, even added the military discount and got money backrecliners and assigned seats thats a plusStaff are super nice and keep place clean

Review №100

Love the food and the service

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  • Address:98-1005 Moanalua Rd #600, Aiea, HI 96701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 808-483-5339
  • Movie theater
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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