Abilene PREMIERE LUX Cine 10 Abilene Mall
4310 Buffalo Gap Rd #1344, Abilene, TX 79606, United States

Review №1

No pickles for popcorn! Concession people not friendly at all.... First time here and did not enjoy this place. The movieLET HIM GO was Great though.

Review №2

Large self service popcorn bin. Stale and crushed popcorn pieces served due to auger that spins to dispense. Standard convenient store nacho cheese dispenser for fresh nachos that have been in a counter top warmer all day. Go for the movie and comfortable seats, dont waste money on refreshments.

Review №3

You can fill up on popcorn anytime for free after a purchase!! Fast service and clean area everywhere!! Good food and drinks and cheep tickets!!

Review №4

If u like the movies Id go there

Review №5

All chairs are reclining, with USB ports, we always get the $6 meal box, and it to has free refills. Always clean and friendly service. 8 viewable movies on site. Come and enjoy a date night tonight.

Review №6

I absolutely love this movie theater! It plays all the best movies and has the absolute best seating, which includes Leather Reclining seats that are super comfortable. Lots of snacks to choose from, although they are a bit pricey. But thats how most movie theaters are. This is a great place to go on a date. Best movie theater in town!

Review №7

Its a good movie theatre but could use a few upgrades on stuff!

Review №8

Went to see Jumanji. Enjoyed the movie. Had a great time. The only request or suggestion is to be careful walking in after movie starts. Entrance is dark. Did not realize floor was sloped.... Nearly fell. And for a person with prosthetics,losing your balance or falling is not good.Theater was clean. Reserved seats. Experience overall was good.

Review №9

The seats were very comfortable, but the soundproofing between theaters was poor and the neighboring movie drowned out the sound track. Also the air handler was too noisy and set too low for comfort. Im sure the movie was good if I could have heard it.

Review №10

I absolutely loved it. free refills on popcorn and drinks. Nice comfy chairs. Reserve the seats you want online and then scan bar code to have them printed there in the front. It was really nice. Enjoyed the movie as well.

Review №11

For me it was difficult to get to BUT the experience overall was great. Recliners were very comfortable and clean. I can’t WAIT TO GO BACK.

Review №12

We cant wait to go back. The recliners are so comfortable and you get free refills on drinks and popcorn! Ive never seen that in my life. The theatre was very clean and the staff were wonderful!

Review №13

Sound system is great. Seats are very comfortable. The facility is clean. The only thing that is missing is a large screen, probably due to the fact its in a Mall but dang.

Review №14

Went here after not going for a while but they had a movie other places didnt. Looks like they renovated and the new seats were great. I am 350lbs and it was plenty big and comfy for me. Recline was nice and these even had an adjustable headrest that goes up and down as well. Screen was nice looked easy to see from any seat. Very good experience and I would recommend it a good place to watch a movie and relax.

Review №15

Super comfy seats. Best price in town and the theaters are smaller than the bigger guys which I like. Clean seats and plenty of refreshments. Unlimited refills on drinks and popcorn.

Review №16

It had been a long time since I had gone to the Movies. I truly love the Theater. It was comfortable setting. The Employees were very nice. I will go again.

Review №17

Very nice seating and even charging stations. However, according to an elderly woman working at the front counter, Im not old enough to purchase tickets to an R rated movie at 19. Came here every week before then. Oh well. Im sure it doesnt matter to them but theyve lost my business.

Review №18

Nicely refurbished with stadium seating, including reclining seats with adjustable headrests and swing out tables. The concessions are modest, but do include things like hot dogs and nachos in addition to the standard popcorn and candy. The projectors are nice and bright and the sound is appropriately loud but clear. Lots of leg room so people can get around you without needing you to stand up which is handy since you can reserve seats. For what it is, its as nice as you could hope for.

Review №19

Its a small size theater, which is nice because it wasnt packed. The seats recline and the theater was clean. They do not show all movies playing, but its still a nice theater.

Review №20

Clean movie theater, great location . always come here with the family

Review №21

Good theater, seats are spacious. They had Mr. Pibb. Like Mr. Pibb when I go to the theater. Got Nachos. They use that nasty cheese that comes in the can. Not cool. Only reason I didnt give 5 stars.

Review №22

Good sevice got to see sonic for cheaper than anywhere else.

Review №23

Im glad I didnt let the reviews sway me. I went in early just to check it out first. Every seat reclines with adjustable headrests. The screen is the right size, and its not too many seats, so sets more of an intimate vibe for date nights. The 1 star missing is because, the bathroom did stink and was unkept and the food prices are high for food that had been sitting a long time.

Review №24

Great new seating. Lots of space in the front of my seat for my service animal. The ticket availability is also pretty good for just 10 theaters.

Review №25

Great theater expensive food but good ticket prices for early shows

Review №26

Great remodel. The self service with the popcorn and drinks is a great idea.

Review №27

Abilene Premiere Lux has really stepped up their game! The website was very easy to navigate, the tickets were easy to pick up, the staff was nice, the theaters were clean, and the whole place has been updated. It was much easier to get in to than the other nice theater in town and cost less too. How nice! Ill be coming back if the movie Im looking for is being shown here for sure.

Review №28

Super comfortable seating with an unobstructed view even when packed full.

Review №29

Love the seating (recliners), ayce popcorn and cokes.

Review №30

Comfortable, too many commercials.Felt like I was at home watching tv

Review №31

Great seats that recline and have adjustable headrest. Nice screen, and good sound. Not too cold or hot. Popcorn is $8.50, there’s one size and it’s unlimited refill.

Review №32

We love the price and the new updates! Great deal for bringing the whole family to see a movie!

Review №33

The renovations and changes have made Abilene Premiere Lux my first choice theater. The seats are literally the best and most comfortable seats in town, they recline and the headrest adjusts to your liking. All you can eat popcorn and drinks... Their rates are comparable to the other theaters and the customer service has even gotten better. They have improved everything they possibly could.

Review №34

I had a great seat. Theater was clean and comfortable. Must have a great manager. So many good changes have been made in the last couple of years.

Review №35

Honestly I grew up with this theater and it was outdated and dirty. They have remodeled everything so it can easily compete with the big Dallas and Houston theaters. Big plush comfy recliners and reasonable prices. Honestly better than the XD theater on other side of town.

Review №36

Love the reclining seats, makes watching movies more enjoyable. Large self serve popcorn bar

Review №37

People who work there are so sweet and the theaters are clean its awesome.

Review №38

Walked by it in the mall of Abilene, did not enter it. It looked like a great place for a family night outat the movies.

Review №39

It was AWESOME!!! I love the chairs. They can recline and they have little side tables that can swing so when u ho to get up u can swing it out from in front of you. They even have plug-ins to charge ur phone.

Review №40

Always nice and staff are polite and movies are good.

Review №41

Decided to do a girls night out and watch a movie. I was really impressed by the new renovation. The seats are very comfortable. Its almost like your sitting in your own home relaxing.

Review №42

Nice theater but I like Cinamark best.

Review №43

Esa makes this place 5 stars! Keep up the great work!

Review №44

Remodel is awesome. Comfortable seats and concessions moves alot faster since you get your own drinks and popcorn. They also serve alcohol now which is pretty cool.

Review №45

Nice clean theater, reclining seats and swinging arm tables. Only thing that would make this better is in theatre food and drink service.

Review №46

Seats were pretty comfortable, recliner seats and trays were available. Wish the headrest moved forward a little more. Prices were reasonable and was fresh. Everything is self-serve now.

Review №47

Great snacks while watching a good movie. Comfortable seats too.

Review №48

Love the seating. Kids snack box is a perfect size with a drink. Well be back!

Review №49

Great seats. My husband loves the limit-less drinks and popcorn.

Review №50

The theater itself is nice. The screen is big and pretty. But the assistant mamger there was one of the very worst customer care I have ever received. Me and my daughters won a gift pack from our church and it included 4 lg drinks and lg pre paid popcorn. The manager on duty that evening screamed at me repeatedly that they do not do that! Dispite me having the receipt. She refused to look at it and kept saying theres no telling when those were purchased. Very embarrassing! However I was able to get a hold of the head manager and he allowed us to go see another movie at the other theatre.

Review №51

I have not gone in here myself but Im always passing it from the sole access the arcade. Popcorn smells wonderful and the promotion of the movies they have are definitely noticable.

Review №52

Went to see Avengers and it was awesome. The whole experience was great. No crowding just easy in and out.

Review №53

I feel like they are trying to be a cinergy theater. We chose this place because online pictures. Seating looks like a cinergy. And walking into the mall looks like it would be a cinergy. But, missing some steps. The seating is comfortable and love they have the trays for our food. But, when it came to menu options. Not much. Unless you love just nachos. Hot dogs. And of course popcorn. All have that. Anyways we just said oh well. We got the popcorn. Well when it came to clean. I give this play a negative 10. Bathrooms was disgusting! Even my husband said. Men’s was the same. Smelt like a wet dog peed everywhere in the bathroom.

Review №54

Great theater but saw the worst movie Ive l seen this year there. 47 meters below uncaged. Dont see this movie. Its not the theaters fault that its awful.

Review №55

Love the comfy seats, great picture, and great sound

Review №56

Loved it!! There theatre is awesome, they have reclined seating with a folding table plus outlets to charge your phone and it is quite clean.

Review №57

The movie was great the service was awesome the popcorn was great really enjoyed this place

Review №58

Love this Movie Theater Premiere Lux!.. :)

Review №59

This place has the best seating in Abilene, wide seats that recline,and lots of space between rows means if someone is sitting next to you its not uncomfortable, nor do cell phone users bother you because you cant see them. Love being able to choose my seats before entering too.

Review №60

Huge theaters, great seats, friendly staff

Review №61

Really nice theater with reclining seats. I love them because my feet usually dangle on regular theater seats.

Review №62

The movie I saw sucked but this new theater is awesome. All you can eat popcorn and drink refills. And the reclining seats are so cool so much roomier than it used to be

Review №63

Great place to enjoy a good movie and all you can eat popcorn. Just make sure to not go on a full stomach. The small popcorn is around 5 bucks but its all you can eat. The recliners are comfortable.

Review №64

The screen was very small compared to other theaters Ive been too. Seats, are nice and popcorn like always is overpriced.

Review №65

Seats where comfortable and Could see even from the side. The movie was absolutly disappointing. We saw DUMBO and I cant believe they took such a classic and flopped so badly. Nothing like the preview and it felt like a scam and a money maker. I cant believe all those great actors even agreed to be in it. Somethings are better left as classics. A Dad leaving the theatre with a few little ones said loudly That was a horrible experience after laughing more at that comment than I did at the whole movie I couldnt have agreed more......

Review №66

Awesome seats, very clean and nice staff.

Review №67

Stadium seating is nice but I really prefer more seats so they are less likely to sell out. I guess the real issue is reserved seating. It seems like a real pain.The seats are comfy. The updated concession has better flow and seems a lot faster. Parking sinks but it is in the mall.

Review №68

Great movie experience, dont miss,out on the new technology us ed to bring your viewing experience to a new level

Review №69

Loved how comfortable the seating and the popcorn is fresh nice and warm - Teresa Hildebrand

Review №70

Love this place because its always clean and fresh popcorn. Good service.

Review №71

Its pretty nice the way they updated it. It felt like I was at home. Comfortable, but the screen seemed small. I will go back if the other theaters dont have the movie. But other wise I will be going to the others in town. To get the full experience of a theater.

Review №72

Absolutely loved our visit! Very clean environment, comfortable seating. Great staff! Definitely will stick with this theater!

Review №73

From the guy at the counter who helped us check in to Jim, the attendant taking tickets...............great experience, very helpful, WONDERFUL seats with a tray! Temperature was good min the theatre too, sometimes you freeze! Really like the changes they made to this theatre. It used to be dark, dreary and a little scary! I will be back!

Review №74

This is my least favorite theater in town. They’ve upgraded the seats, and everything is clean and comfy. The problem is the screens (aka the main attraction) are small, too far away, and sometimes not even centered on the front wall. I don’t really know how they can change this without major remodeling, but until then it will always be my last choice in Abilene theaters.

Review №75

Best place ever! Reclining chairs in the theater self serve drinks and popcorn

Review №76

Love the new seats and concessions!

Review №77

Pleasantly surprised! It was a small theater in the mall so we weren’t expecting much, but the seating was incredibly comfortable (reclining chairs with attached food trays), popcorn/drinks were refillable (free), they offer alcohol, facilities were clean, & staff were friendly.

Review №78

I liked the additional adjustment settings on the reclining seats and also the addition of the table with cup holder at each seat. Nice theater!

Review №79

Love the new theatres, super easy. Did you know they sell beer?

Review №80

Definitely enjoyed going to Abilene Premiere. They remodeled the whole theater. And it now has comfortable reclining chairs. Definitely will go again.

Review №81

Great movie great customer service at food counter

Review №82

It is nice for sure, being from Houston, you know, the big city fancy pants. I’ll never give a theatre a 5 star when they rake you over the coals on their dang food/drink prices.... enough already, we’d buy more if it didn’t cost so much & the movie goer would enjoy it more.

Review №83

The seats were so comfortable!! Did not care for the self serve popcorn too much got a lot of kernels but great experience overall

Review №84

This theater update is amazing.Such a difference from before. The staff is amazing, the seats are comfy and they havhave little tables connected to the seats so you can put your food on top. Amazing place!

Review №85

Comfortable seats we only go to this movie theater because the all you can eat popcorn and all you can drink sodas.

Review №86

Love what theyve done with the place. Will be coming back for sure

Review №87

Very spacious. Comfy reclining seats.

Review №88

Nice theater. Only one soda machine working at the time I was there. Love the stadium seating with reclining seats!

Review №89

Nice clean and love the adjustable headrests

Review №90


Review №91

Love this movie theatre and the awesome selection of food and snacks. Tuesdays are my favorite days to go since the movies are $5!

Review №92

I really enjoy this movie place I like the new seating as well as the swing table that handy for your things just lean back and relax and enjoy the show.

Review №93

Love the seats and nicely air conditioned. Great customer service.

Review №94

Seriously, only coke products? That made me want to get a refund and leave.

Review №95

The seats are very comfortable the movies are great but be sure to have plenty of money to buy snacks there very pricey but other than that a very nice place to go watch a good movie.

Review №96

Great comfy seats, popcorn a little stale towards late night films.

Review №97

Love the new seating and serve your own popcorn is great! They also have the best fountain sodas.

Review №98

All the pop corn! Theatre was clean and seats were comphy.

Review №99

The refills on soda and popcorn make this movie theater above the other theater around town. You dont have to wait for anybody to show up at the register, you serve yourself.

Review №100

Awful. Went to see a movie advertised as starting at 12:30pm, then was told we couldnt see that movie until 10pm! My family had already purchased concessions so we were in a dillemma trying to find a suitable alternate. Manager came out to speak, and told me we then couldnt use a coupon that clearly said, Sunday thru Thursday only. Manager told me, Sony pictures wont allow passes, to which I replied, Then why do I have a pass from your theater that says I can? No answer to that one and no customer service in trying to find a reasonable remedy. We wont be back anytime soon.

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  • Address:4310 Buffalo Gap Rd #1344, Abilene, TX 79606, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 325-695-2122
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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